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Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.

Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.
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Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.




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Alexander Ludwig of 'Vikings' joins Derringer to talk show's upcoming season - Ep. 145

Alexander Ludwig, who portrays Björn Ironside on the TV series Vikings, made a stop at the Q studio this morning to sit down with Derringer (a series fan) and talk about the second half of Season 5, which begins airing on November 28. Alexander gives some insight into the writing process of the show, the choreography behind the battle scenes and hints at some story threads for the upcoming season. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Tuesday November 20th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at...


50 Things A Gentleman Must Do Before He Dies - Ep. 144

With today being International Men’s Day, Ryan has a list of the “50 Things A Gentleman Must Do Before He Dies.” Some of the items on the list are doable, like drive across the country, vacation without the internet or get an old-fashioned straight razor shave at a barber shop. However, some of the other items on the list are utterly ridiculous -- what gentleman is living of the land for at least a week?! Needless to say, we still have a lot of items to check of our lists… The Daily...


Jeff Woods joins John Derringer to share rock n' roll stories - Ep. 143

Long-time rock and roll legend, Jeff Woods crashed the studio this morning to catch up with his old pal Derringer. The two reminisce upon the ol’days of radio and the music scene, and Jeff shares some stories from his book Radio, Records & Rockstar. The 15.5 hour audio version of the book is narrated by Woods himself and features original audio of 28 conversations with the who’s who of rock. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Friday November 16th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Fatherly Advice - Ep. 142

Johnny Garbutt is a little bit of a defeated man right now, getting about three hours of sleep a night, feeling like he’s carrying a weight on his shoulders in anticipation of the arrival of his first child. Derringer and Ryan are getting a little bummed out seeing how tired and worn out Garbutt has been looking, so on this episode they wanted to pass along some fatherly advice to help him get through the beginning stages of ‘dad life.’ First piece of advice: avoid being in a strip club when...


Great Figures in Sports Movies: our fictional hall of fame - Ep. 141

We were on the road today broadcasting live from the Princess Margaret Lottery grand prize showhome in Oakville, valued at $6 million. At last year’s live broadcast, we put out a poll asking what’s the one thing you’d love to have in your dream home? The overwhelming popular vote was for a bowling alley. So this year’s home had a bowling alley installed in the basement – since we were playing bowling in between breaks all morning and talking sports, on this episode of the podcast we created...


Stan Lee: a superhero in his own right - Ep. 140

Very rarely is there great surprise when someone at the age of 95 passes away. And rarely is there such an outpouring of love and admiration towards someone who lives such a full life. Stan Lee is an exception. There’s a visceral feeling for so many that Stan Lee was able to access a certain part of the human psyche through his work that few others were able to do. His super hero creations we’re flawed like each one of us and through those flaws, inspired us to strive for greatness in our...


Sing me a lullaby - Ep. 139

Today is the due date for Johnny Garbutt's first child. Derringer, Valentyne and Parker give Johnny some advice and parenting tips that scare him more than encourage him. They go through the first-time parent check list and get into lullabies and nursery rhymes that are much more sinister than they seem... The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Friday November 9th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Facebook has entered the dating game - Ep. 138

Even though we tend to believe now that the stigma is gone around online dating, according to friends of Derringer that run online dating services, people are still very uncomfortable admitting they met their partner online. When a new relationship goes into a social situation, people inevitably ask, “How did you meet?” and many who met online are not comfortable revealing that information. -- Facebook just launched a new dating platform in Canada. The social media giant has a...


Bad Interviews & Bad Publicists - Ep. 137

Deadwood is coming back! One of our Top 3 shows of all time is returning, but this time on the big screen. The conversation goes from great casts and characters to stuck-up celebrities. In this episode Derringer, Ryan and Jenn share stories of odd interviews with past guests on the show – going way back to the days of the 6 o’clock Rock Report and some of the rock stars John got to interview, and kick out of the studio for being complete and rude idiots. Why is it though, publicists always...


The Collector - Ep. 136

It’s an interesting world when it comes to collectables. It appears that for every facet of life there is someone out there willing to collect something. From an original pair of Levis from the 1880 worth more than $60k, to an original copy of Amazing Spiderman valued at $40k, there are definitely people willing to spend money on the things they love. On the other hand, Ryan has a fascinating list of things you would expect to be worth a ton of money but instead, have significantly low price...


Trapped In The Dark - Ep. 135

What are the upsides of changing the clocks back to standard time? Are there any real benefits? Because it’s too dark, too early and it’s miserable after one day of Daylight Saving already. On this episode we take a look at a study that says half a million people suffer from seasonal disorders and the seasonal blues. The time change and lack of sun light causes some people to do some really crazy things… The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Monday November 5th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes...


Everything to do with sex - Ep. 134

The Everything to Do With Sex show is happening this weekend so Ryan brings a bunch of arousing facts about sex to the table in anticipation of the sex show. From the most popular places people have sex to the rise of sex dolls, we get down and dirty in this episode. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Friday November 2nd, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Red Dead Redemption 2: biggest entertainment opening weekend of all time - Ep. 133

In the history of recorded entertainment, every record for weekend openings has been smashed. No it’s wasn’t Halloween, not a movie, album or book – it’s Red Dead Redemption 2. The video game that was released on Friday Oct 26, 2018 sold $725 million worth in three days, beating out Avengers: Infinity War, which pulled $640 million at the box office on its opening weekend. To get some insight into the next phenomenon by Rockstar Games, Derringer invites Chris Bundas, who has been spending...


Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Past 50 Years - Ep. 132

You’re going see a lot of young dressed up trick or treaters tonight, so in celebration of the spooky season, we start all the way back in 1968 and go through the most popular Halloween costume for each year. From Elvis, to the Godfather and Jan Brady, to Hannah Montana, Scream’s Ghostface killer and Harley Quinn -- we go through 50 years of Halloween costumes. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Wednesday October 31st, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


First-Time Parent - Ep. 131

Johnny Garbutt is about to become a dad! His wife is full term and the baby is expected any day now. Derringer, Valentyne and Parker (being experienced parents themselves,) give Johnny some friendly advice and tips for what to expect and how to deal with parenting life. One thing is for sure, we all seem to care way more about our children than we do ourselves… The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Tuesday October 30th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Scariest Movies of All Time - Ep. 130

Looking at several different lists of the scariest movies ever made, there seems to be general agreement that between 1973 and 1977 was the sweet spot for the scariest movies ever made. On this episode we countdown the best horror flicks and what makes them so chilling. From The Exorcist to The Shining, there’s lost to watch again before Halloween passes for another year. Jenn also shares a personal story about a haunted house she used to live in… The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Monday...


The Most Iconic T-Shirt Logos - Ep. 129

We were on the road today for the last of our six Mobile Morning Shows -- our sixth and final outing broadcasting from the Q107 mobile home took us to Aurora where we stopped at 33 1/3 Record Store and perused their awesome vinyl collection. We talk a lot of music and the resurgence of vinyl in this episode and it leads us to some of the great band logos of all time. Derringer has a list of the 50 most iconic t-shirt designs of all time and in the top 12, 2 of them are related to classic...


Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan of Cottage Life join Derringer & Valentyne - Ep. 128

Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan have a new show on Cottage Life and joined John Derringer and Jenn Valentyne on this episode to talk about living the cottage life, renovating with style and on budget, the real estate market and how to flip your cottage investment and turn it into a Toronto property. Colin and Justin also share their story about how they were supposed to be on the flight from Scotland to Canada that made headlines around the world because of the drunk pilots in the...


Bad Business - Ep. 127

Many Ontarians are displeased with the Ontario Cannabis Store after placing their day one orders for pot and it still not being delivered a full week later. Some are even calling it a conspiracy that Canada Post happens to be walking off the job at this most “lit” time. Think about any other retail service -- we’re constantly looking for convenience and more than a week delay on your purchase order would mean you’re no longer a customer at that business. How many people will cancel their pot...


If I Had A Million Dollars... - Ep. 126

The Mega Millions down in the States has reached $1.6 billion – more money than one person would ever need. This got us thinking about what we would do with that money and the people that would come out of the woodwork asking for some of it. If you won the $1.6 billion, how much of it would you give to close friends and family? We also countdown the top 30 best Halloween treats in this episode and there are some major points of contention with this list. The Daily Derringer Podcast --...