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Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.

Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.
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Join John Derringer & company daily as they deliver news that matters to Toronto, interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts & gags, exclusive performances not heard on air and LOADS of laughs.




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Toronto's Best and Worst Mascots - Ep. 107

The talk of the internet yesterday was the Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot, Gritty. It was interesting to see no one online defend the choice or design of Gritty. Even more peculiar about the new mascot is his backstory, which explains that Gritty's dad was a bully and Gritty himself picked up some of those tendencies -- it is Philly after all though, so… maybe this makes sense. Let's not throw stones though because we in Toronto have had some pretty funky mascots of our own. We talk the...


The Comeback is Complete - Ep. 106

Tiger Woods is good for the game of golf and people love a good comeback story. Tiger was the only thing people were talking about online yesterday after he won the Tour Championship by two strokes and claimed his first victory since 2013. In the early 2000s an entire generation of young boys and girls picked up the game of golf because of Woods -- so on this episode we look at his career, his life and his impact on golf and culture. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Monday September 24th,...


House of Marley - Ep. 105

We're on the road today for the first of six Mobile Morning Shows -- our first outing doing the show from our Q107 mobile home took us to Mississauga where we stopped at the House of Marley. The company produces headphones, turntables and audios systems, and uses proceeds from product sales to support global reforestry through their foundation, Project Marley. So we thought it would be very fitting to talk about the man himself on this episode of the podcast -- we share some interesting...


Danielle McCarron joins Derringer to discuss Recovery Month - Ep. 104

September is recovery month and Danielle McCarron, authour of Journey Back to You: A Guide to Meeting Your Authentic Self joins Derringer to discuss stigmas around addictions. More and more people are being vocal about their past struggles with addiction and their recovery process, which continues to inspire more to make the changes needed in their own lives. Danielle shares her story with Derringer and gives a deeper perspective to the words written in her new book. The Daily Derringer...


The Best Duos of All Time - Ep. 103

After the story of Bert and Ernie potentially being a gay couple divided the internet yesterday, we thought we'd look at some of the other great duos of all time. Ranker has a great list that we go through and debate. Guess where Bert and Ernie landed on this list -- it's pretty high! Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry, peanut butter and jam; so many amazing duos to rank. It's Talk Like A Pirate Day and Ryan totally abuses this -- this should only be a 5 minute thing, not a whole day. And the...


Hockey is back - Ep. 102

Hockey is back and we don't think we've ever been this excited for Maple Leafs pre-season action before. Hockey is the most superstitious of games, so we can't make 'that' prediction but we are making a ton of others for this NHL season, which begins tonight with pre-season action. Coach Babsy makes a return to the Q studio to update us on how the boys in blue are feeling. It's National Cheeseburger Day and we have the great hamburger debate: cheese or no cheese? Also, BBQ burgers vs...


Quit at Halftime - Ep. 101

Sometime you snap and just say I'm done -- "why am I putting myself through this?" Usually it's not a professional athlete that does this, mid game... but Vontae Davis quit the Buffalo Bills at halftime of their eventual loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. This got us taking about the things in life we quit. We share some of our stories of quitting past jobs, including one first job that lasted a whole 27 minutes… The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Monday September 17th, 2018 Check out...


The Greatest Canadian - Ep. 100

It was back in 2004 that the CBC came up with the idea of ‘The Greatest Canadian,’ according to Canadians. Tommy Douglas, considered the Canadian father or medicare was voted number one and Terry Fox ranked second. We have some interesting facts about Terry Fox that you may have never heard before, but what is so incredible about the ongoing success and growth of the Terry Fox Foundation is that we share this great man with the world. The foundation has risen over $750 million dollars, far...


Toys that should definitely be in the Toy Hall of Fame - Ep. 99

Children are all over technology in 2018 – video game graphics, iPhones, texting doesn’t impress them. But put an Etch A Sketch in front of them and it’s fascinating how captivating it can be for them. We go over some of the great toys that are currently in the Toy Hall of Fame, talk about our favourite ones and then debate over the Top 12 National Toy Hall of Fame finalist for 2018. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Thursday September 13th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Don't Climb the Bluffs - Ep. 98

Toronto Fire Services are now getting pretty serious, saying DON'T climb the Scarborough Bluffs. Two more people avoided all the signs and warnings this weekend, and decided to try to climb the bluffs. leading to one of the most demanding and tactical rescues Chief of Toronto Fire Services Matthew Pegg has ever seen. Most reasonable people would look at the height of the bluffs, see the signs and fines for attempting to climb and just say "nahh." But there's always that cowboy who says, "I...


Where is Nylander? - Ep. 97

No William Nylander at the Maple Leafs training camp. The one player who's not signed with the club yet is missing -- could not showing up be a form of protest? We speculate over potential contract offers and how the buds will looks as the start of the NHL season inches closer. With Q107's Mobile Morning Show around the corner again, we talk road trips, the best way to do them and best places to visit and stay at. Do you use Airbnb when travelling? Well, a couple visiting Toronto says they...


Bizarre Places Strippers Get Hired - Ep. 96

There was a story that made the rounds this weekend and the headline was ‘The bizarre places strippers are forced to get naked’ -- there sure were some doozies in the article! Apparently, old folks homes like the strippers, male and female, quite a lot. 16 year-old birthday parties somehow end up with exotic dancers and even the sick in the hospital appreciate a good dance... This is all laughs and debauchery! Jenn went to her first ever TIFF movie over the weekend and it was not what she...


Sweater Weather - Ep. 95

While technically it still may be summer, the new school year signals sweater weather and the return of the autumn season. So today we talk all things to look forward to in the fall, from returning sports, to new TV shows premiering and tasty foods to start eating again. We look back at the career of one of the great moustache wearers of our time: Burt Reynolds -- you'll never believe some of the massive roles he turned down! The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Friday September 7th, 2018 Check...


Best Rock N' Roll Movies - Ep. 95

TIFF 2018 is officially underway but we want to mix music with our movies. We put out a poll and you voted on your favourite Rock N Roll movies of all-time. We count them down and mention a bunch more notable ones. There's a new term in the dating world -- you've probably heard of 'ghosting,' completely ignoring someone after a date that the other party thought went well. Well now there's curving, which is basically leading someone on so you don't come across as mean... And an interesting...


A NEW CAR! - Ep. 94

Ahh there's nothing like the feeling of getting a brand new car. No matter how many 'new car' air fresheners you buy, nothing will ever make it smell as good as they day you picked it up. Most of us set rules for ourselves when in the car to keep it fresh and clean: no eating in the new car, no smoking etc. But how long do those rules actually last? Usually they go bust before you make it back home from the dealer! NFL is back Thursday night and the boys are beyond happy about it -- we have...


Best High School Movies - Ep. 93

Back to School Day! The grind is in full effect again and we have your first quiz of the new school year. Entertainment weekly put out a list of the 50 best high school movies -- so we took 10 of the films, pulled some of their signature audio and came up with some trivia for a little quiz to celebrate going back to school. The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Tuesday September 4th, 2018 Check out more full episdoes at


Long Weekend Do's & Don'ts - Ep. 92

It's the last long weekend of summer before the other 'New Year’s Day' kicks off school and the real grind back at work. We have a bunch of advice, tips, do's and don't for you to make this last long weekend a memorable one. One thing you definitely don't want to do this weekend is get so loaded on a plane flight that you decide to strip and do cartwheels down the aisle, like the lady in this one story. And it was short and sweet for Aura Dolls, what was to be a new sex doll brothel in...


Banned Because Your Name is Too Offensive - Ep. 91

Some people don't like their name. Some people hate it so much that they change it. There are some unfortunate combinations like Rusty Kuntz, Dick Trickle, Pete LaCock but Natalie Weiner is not really one of them -- all Ms. Weiner wanted to do was sign up on a website but she was rejected from signing up because her surname was deemed too 'offensive.' Come on! Let Natalie sign up! We share stories of the worst name combinations we've come across. We play a fun little game of 'Headlines' -...


Things You Would Never Change About Your Life - Ep. 90

What are the things that you are just steadfast on and will never change? Things like your hair dresser or the side of the bed you sleep on? We have an awesome Top 10 list of the most popular things people refuse to change. Our answers definitely made the board -- how about yours? Fashion trends with the younger generations can be quite perplexing. The latest one that young girls have taken to is wearing 'dad shoes'. You know those thick, white New Balance's that every dad who knows how to...


Killing Off James Bond? - Ep. 89

Director Danny Boyle has quit ‘Bond 25’ following a dispute over the idea of killing off 007 in the upcoming movie, something he called ‘ridiculous’. We talk about our favourite Bond films, Bond actors and speculate over who the next 007 might be? Johnny Garbutt went to the Scotiabank Arena last night for WWE Monday Night Raw and gives a FULL report on the event. And there's a new trend -- men’s bras and knickers: for the male who wants to wear something a little sexier under their clothes....