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The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians

The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians


Calgary, AB


The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians




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Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday May 13

On today's show: senior backbench member Todd Loewen, in a letter posted on Facebook early Thursday, called on Kenney to resign, saying he no longer has confidence in his leadership. We get reaction to that letter; it's the perfect time right now to see mountain bluebirds and a lot of their resurgence is traced back to a man named Don Stiles. We speak with Don's son, Andrew; how cheugy are you? We find out what it means and why Gen Z'ers are using it to fire shots at Millennials.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday May 12

On today's show: Federal Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O'Regan, talks about the future of Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline; it was once the set for Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon and now you have a chance to own it. We find out what makes the Last Chance Saloon and Rosedeer Hotel so special; the colourful journey of spawning suckerfish in the streams of Southern Alberta; we hear all about The Alex's Stuff the Bus campaign.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday May 11

On today's show: we get a closer look at how voter lists work; we speak with Gian-Carlo Carra, the city councillor behind the motion to allow some drinking in Calgary parks; we hear about thousands of letters that a well-known Banff resident sent to her mom between the 1930s and 1960s; how a mix-up on Spotify gave a Calgary social-worker's song the biggest bump she could ever hope for.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday May 10

On today's show: we check in with the doctor leading Alberta's vaccine taskforce to see if the rollout can meet the demand and when more folks can get second shots; Alberta truckers can now get a free COVID-19 vaccination in Conrad, Montana! We get the details from the head of Montana's vaccine task force; how students at the University of Lethbridge can have their shot at free tuition by getting a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday May 7

On today's show: the once-called Guidebook for Great Communities is apparently not great enough to reach city council. We hear a developer's point of view; why banning nuts at school might not be the best way to manage food allergies; the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions put an end to the Calgary Reads book sale this month. We check in with CEO Steacy Collyer.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday May 6

On today's show: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney talks about the new COVID-19 restrictions and the latest on vaccines in the province; Michigan's governor says Enbridge's Line 5 must shut down. We speak with Canada's man in Detroit; a controversial planning document is back in front of city council. We hear what's changed in the Guidebook for Great Communities; want to try something other than walking circles around your block for this latest lockdown? We talk to a Calgary mom with all the...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday May 5

On today's show: an infectious disease doctor's take on Alberta's new COVID-19 restrictions; we hear what a criminologist thinks of the new enforcement rules for public health violations; as this province leads North America in active cases, our Unconventional Panel debates what's going on with Alberta?


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday May 4

On today's show: we hear about the difference vaccinations could make for child care workers in the city; five years since the wildfire in Fort McMurray, businesses have had to deal with a flood, low oil prices and the pandemic. We hear how they're doing; for this week's Karchut on Cars, Paul digs into the federal government's new clean fuel standard.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday May 3

On today's show: what to make of the recent record-breaking COVID-19 numbers in Alberta; we hear how local bar and restaurant patios are making sure that guests aren't breaking the rules about who they can grab a bite or a drink with; happiness columnist Jennifer Moss talks about the meaning of a happiness set point and how it impacts the way we experience good and bad times.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday April 30

On today's show: Mayor Nenshi talks about the third wave of COVID-19 battering Calgary and the new round of restrictions in the city; we speak with a former school resource officer in Calgary about what it's like wearing the uniform in a high school; betting on a horse named Keepmeinmind! We talk to a Calgary trainer at the Kentucky Derby this weekend.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday April 29

On today's show: we hear about Banff's new vaccination plan; some schools are staffed with police officers in this city, but that may be changing. We talk about it; Calgarians with a green thumb are dropping more green than usual on gardening supplies. We find out why.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday April 28

On today's show: money well spent? Or just another cash grab from the province? Our Unconventional panel is ready to go about pay-to-play in Kananasakis; would you give up some of your privacy to get a lower auto insurance rate? We take a look at the pros and cons of user-based insurance on this week's Karchut on Cars; from multiplication tables to imaginary numbers. We hear what critics love and hate about the proposed new math curriculum; we hear from the head of a property company with...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday April 27

On today's show: the province is expected to announce a new fee to play in Kananaskis Country. We hear more about it; we take a look at the the role vaccine passports could play in kickstarting international travel; we speak to the first ever associate vice-president of indigenization and decolonization at Mount Royal University; our food guide Julie van Rosendaal talks nostalgic food trends of Gen Xers.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday April 26

On today's show: with vaccination efforts well underway in Alberta, we hear what's going on with the second doses; we speak with one of the lawyers involved in several lawsuits against Alberta care homes now that the UCP wants to protect those care homes from lawsuits; a local drummer takes all those hi-hats, cymbals and snare drums, and finds the rhythm in a new teaching tool; a conversation with Mrs. Kasha Davis, the star of the new documentary "Workhorse Queen" screening at the Calgary...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday April 23

On today's show: Canada has banned all flights from India and Pakistan for the next month. We speak to a Calgarian with family and friends in both those countries; it isn't just home renovations and new builds hit by the high cost of materials, the next box of pampers will cost more too. The CBC's Kyle Bakx has the story; why Banff has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 in Alberta.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday April 22

On today's show: why Alberta is delaying the vaccine clinic at Cargill's meatpacking plant in High River; why Gen-Xers are all in for AstraZeneca; have you ever listened to a Canadian country singer and thought, why the Southern U.S. accent? Our Paul Karchut tells us why.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday April 21

On today's show: to make its vision for cheaper childcare work, the federal government needs the province's to pay up too. Alberta's Children's Services Minister Rebecca Schulz explains; we talk to the CEO of a Calgary tech company that just landed an investment of 500-million dollars U.S.; why Alberta Parks wants people to stop hiding troll dolls in K-Country; why the gigantic tanker that got stuck in the Suez Canal is impacting how bubble tea is made in Calgary.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday April 20

On today's show: the mayors of Invermere and Fernie tell us what they think of the strict travel restrictions B.C. is bringing in; why so many people are still hesitant to take the AstraZeneca vaccine; you've heard of the man of steel, well now there's also a pig of steel. A piggy bank, that is. And it can only be opened by a welder. We hear that story.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday April 19

On today's show: the province made the decision on Sunday to bump down the age for the AstraZeneca vaccine from 55 to 40. We talk to an infectious disease specialist about that; more people needing a COVID-19 test is good business for private testers in the city. We speak with one of them; we hear about the cicadas about to swarm the eastern U.S. and their Alberta counterparts.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday April 16

On today's show: hopefully the Flames like the Saddledome, because the new arena deal is on hold. We get an analysis on that; when you're feeling tired, you might think the solution is to get more sleep, but there are actually seven types of rest and each of them plays a unique role in helping us feel energized. Happiness Columnist Jennifer Moss joins us to explain; we hear from the Drumheller couple that's turning an old horse trailer into a tiny, mobile Honky Tonk.