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The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians

The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians


Calgary, AB


The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians




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Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday September 24

On today's show: relationship therapists in the city say more couples are going to therapy over COVID-19 related conflicts. We hear from a marriage counsellor about what that looks like; why it may be difficult to get your hands on winter tires in the coming months; we find out why you might be waiting a lot longer to get through to a 3-1-1 operator these days; we check in with the organizer of tomorrow’s Orange Shirt Day Walk.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday September 23

On today's show: we hear from two restaurant owners on how they're dealing with the province's Restriction Exemption Program; many of those dying of COVID-19 in this province have pre-existing conditions. We find out more about those losing their lives to the virus; why birds haven't minded us all staying home more during the pandemic; a short documentary about the pandemic’s impact on migrant workers is making its debut at the Calgary International Film Festival. We talk to the Calgary...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday September 22

On today's show: we hear from the Vice-President of the United Conservative Party on why he wants Premier Jason Kenney to resign; why Alberta has a new minister of health; the Alberta Children's Hospital is delaying all but its most urgent surgeries. We speak with a mom whose son is waiting for brain surgery; an Airdrie bartender is earning praise, and cash, for his tropical twist on the humble caesar. We have more on the drink and the man behind it.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday September 21

On today's show: it's a Liberal minority, but Alberta has changed ever so slightly. Pollster Janet Brown weighs in; we speak with re-elected Calgary Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie from the riding of Calgary-Midnapore; George Chahal has traded his city council seat for a chair in Ottawa. We speak with Calgary-Skyview's new Liberal MP; the Maverick Party's first election is in the books. We speak with candidate Josh Wylie; we hear from a firefighter who ran the Calgary Marathon in his uniform.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday September 20

On today's podcast: an ICU doctor describes what it's like to care for some of our city's sickest COVID patients; we'll find out how Quebec restaurants are faring with a QR code system; and we'll hear about the bid to create Mammoth-like creatures.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday September 17

On today's show: what happens if ICUs exceed capacity? We hear how Alberta's triage system will work; we explain the Restriction Exemption Program; we talk to a couple of Calgary business owners about Alberta's Restriction Exemption Program that comes into effect Monday; we hear about a new park beneath the flyover into the downtown.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday September 16

On today's show: why the Premier and Chief Medical Officer of Health are apologizing to Albertans and why the province is once again under a state of emergency; what the Calgary Chamber of Commerce thinks about the province's new version of a vaccine passport and if it understands how it'll work; two former cabinet ministers take us inside the room for how a decision like the new set of restrictions is made and what it's like for a premier whose leadership is under fire; we check in with the...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday September 15

On today's Walking Show from Northeast Calgary: long-time Northeast resident and soon to be former mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, joins us; we hear from the federal NDP candidate for Calgary Skyview, Gurinder Singh-Gill; we hear from city councillor turned Liberal candidate for this riding, George Chahal; our Unconventional Panel talks us through what they think are the issues facing their communities; we hear from some of the students at Bishop McNally high school.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday September 14

On today's show: we hear from Calgary's Police Chief on how officers keep the peace when protests land on a hospital's doorstep; the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care in Alberta is at its highest ever. We find out why and what it could mean for all health care; nine post-secondary institutions across the province have decided to make vaccinations mandatory on campus. We hear what the students' union at Mount Royal University has to say about that; and a new pedestrian and bike...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday September 13

On today's show: a look at Calgary's new role as a hub for Afghan refugees making their way into Canada; we look back in history, and elsewhere in the world, as we ask the question: when will the pandemic really be over; we hear from a Conservative incumbent in Calgary about what Albertans stand to benefit by voting Blue. Stephanie Kusie joins us; and today is the last city council meeting this term and for some councilors, the last of their careers. We speak with retiring Ward 7 Councilor...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday September 10

On today's show: Calgary's fire chief speaks about vaccine hesitancy and some of his firefighters rallying against vaccines; elective surgeries in Calgary are all postponed as our hospitals fill up with COVID patients. We speak with a man whose heart surgery is on hold; a look at the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and how they changed counter-terrorism in Canada; and we hear how the power of "Skinfluencers" is causing a generation to talk about and purchase sunscreen.


National Tea

A conversation about food insecurity with a panel of CEOs from four of the largest food banks in Canada. Hosted by The Eyeopener's Angela Knight. ** Please note the audio is not studio quality as this conversation took place via Zoom.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday September 9

On today's show: the first in a series of interviews we're doing with Calgary candidates running in the federal election. Liberal Sabrina Grover in Calgary-Centre joins us; what to consider if you're one of the many who've thought long and hard about switching careers during the pandemic; why Komodo Dragons are now on the list of endangered species and what that means for the two that live at the Calgary zoo; and cars are back on the Bow Valley Parkway after the second summer of cyclists and...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday September 8

On today's show: the Bow Valley is short thousands of workers. We talk to a couple business operators to see how they're keeping the doors open without a full staff; we hear how far 200 dollars per breeding female cow goes as the government tries to bail out ranchers; we tell you all about a new species of invertebrate found in the Burgess Shale; James Marsters, who played Spike on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" joins us ahead of the Calgary Comic Expo.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday September 7

On today's show: why Alberta is expanding its wastewater monitoring programs; with less than two weeks until Canadians head to the polls, we check in on the federal election campaign; half price wings once a week is about as North American as it gets, but now, half price is looking more like full price. CBC business reporter Tony Seskus has the story; for this week's Karchut on Cars, Paul digs into the battery woes at General Motors that are shutting down production of its Bolt E-V.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday September 3

On today's show: why Calgary is moving from a renter's market to a landlord's market; why a group of Canadian researchers are embarking on a five year study of the psychology of retirement; we head to a family-run Filipino restaurant to get a hint of the delicious eats being prepared for this weekend's Fiesta Filipino.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday September 2

On today's show: we dig into the Premier's first appearance in weeks; we take a closer look at new COVID-19 modelling for Alberta that's projecting cases will go up if the province maintains its relaxed health restrictions; we tee up the India Film Festival of Alberta which is on for the whole month of September in Calgary, Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Fort McMurray.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday September 1

On today's show: why nurses are wearing out, and in some cases, leaving the profession here in Alberta; who has healthier teeth, kids in Calgary or Edmonton? We hear the results of a new study; it's Pride Week in Calgary so we have a conversation about pronouns and why they matter.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday August 31

On today's show: third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in Alberta starting September 1. Where do you stand in the cue?; from facial reconstruction to a foot facing the wrong way, we talk e-scooters and the injuries Calgarians deal with after a crash; as we head for September, we look at just how hot and dry this summer was and what's coming next.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday August 30

On today's show: Alberta feed stores say they've been inundated with calls asking to buy ivermectin over false claims that the livestock dewormer can be used to treat COVID-19 in humans; the provincial government won't recognize the new National Truth and Reconciliation Day as a statutory holiday, leaving it up to individual businesses to honour it. We speak with a TRC commissioner about that; we speak with the owner of a downtown bar to see how its first weekend of using a vaccine passport...