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The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians

The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians


Calgary, AB


The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians




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Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday October 21

On today's show: a First Nation in B.C. sued the province over resource development and won. We hear about the Alberta ramifications; the Old Man River ran low this year and farmers had a rough ride during the drought. What the future holds for a dry Southern Alberta; why some people in Vulcan County are against a major wind farm project in their area; why something that's popular is called a hit.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday October 20

On today's show: we speak with one of the top two unofficial senate nominees now that a few cities are reporting their results; a look at what the looming end of some pandemic subsidies could mean for business in Calgary; we speak to Canadian astronaut turned novelist Chris Hadfield about his new sci-fi thriller; a mom's efforts to bring a Canadian road trip to her son via licence plate has a happy ending thanks to a good samaritan's recent trip to Nunavut.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday October 19

On today's show: Calgary's new Mayor-elect, Jyoti Gondek; a close look at the results of the municipal election with pollster Janet Brown; we speak with one of the few incumbent councillors to be re-elected, Ward 9's Gian-Carlo Carra; incumbent Diane Colley-Urquhart is voted out. We meet the new councillor-elect for Ward 13, Dan McLean.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday October 18

On today's show: we hear why so many kids are winding up in emergency rooms in mental health distress; the climate crisis will be the focus at COP26 in less than two weeks. We look at what's at stake in Glasgow and why many are calling the conference crucial; Albertans may not have noticed it, but the fall migration is underway! The birds are packing up and heading south and we're chatting with an expert to hear more about it; on this week's Karchut on Cars, what's behind the incredibly high...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday October 15

On today's show: why you should care about your school trustee, even if you don't have kids or they're all grown up! We speak to two retiring trustees; we hear why the Calgary Humane Society has too many critters and not enough space; the Calgary Flames play their first game of the season tomorrow night. We talk hockey with Sportsnet's Eric Francis; we ask shoppers if they've started their Christmas shopping yet considering the ongoing supply chain issues.


Special: Mayoral Debate Show

Calgary Eyeopener host David Gray brings top three mayoral candidates Jyoti Gondek, Jeromy Farkas and Jeff Davison together for a one-hour special mayoral debate.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday October 14

On today's show: CBC's City Hall Reporter, Scott Dippel, tells us about his one-on-one interview with outgoing mayor, Naheed Nenshi; why a professor at the U of C is analyzing millions of tweets with COVID-19 misinformation every week; our happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss talks about how to alleviate chronic anxiety brought on by the pandemic.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday October 13

On today's show: some shelter and nonprofit workers in Alberta are unionizing to protect themselves from trauma in the workplace, which has gotten worse since the start of the pandemic; our final interview with mayoral candidates, today Brad Field joins us; on this week's Karchut on Cars, what's behind the rise of turbo-charged engines and what are the pros and cons?; why there are concerns about wild boars in one of Alberta's national parks.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday October 12

On today's show: ward 2 councillor Joe Magliocca has been charged with fraud and breach of trust. We speak with his lawyer about it; we continue our series of conversations with mayoral candidates. Today Jeff Davison joins us; she's one of Canada's top criminal defence lawyers and now, she's written a memoir about her life. Marie Henein joins us; a look at the celebrity space race and William Shatner's upcoming rocket trip.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday October 8

On today's show: we speak with another Calgarian running for mayor, Jeromy Farkas joins us; a look at the possibility of another surge in COVID-19 cases in Alberta after the Thanksgiving long weekend; we continue our conversations with community associations from each quadrant. What the election means to the community of Edgemont in the Northwest.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday October 7

On today's show: the Calgary Catholic School District has voted in favour of a vaccine mandate for all staff. We hear from the Chief Superintendent of the Calgary Catholic School District; we start hearing from community associations from each quadrant in the city ahead of the civic election. We head to Ward 10 in the northeast first; we speak with another Calgarian running for mayor. Jan Damery joins us; our What to Watch columnist weighs in on whether the new Netflix series "Squid Game" is...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday October 6

On today's show: twenty-seven people want to be Calgary's next mayor. Today we begin a series of interviews with some of those candidates. Jyoti Gondek kicks things off; a petition to allow fans back at Calgary high school football games is gaining traction after limits are placed on who can be a spectator; we hear from retired Alberta senator Doug Black about why you should care about the upcoming senate election; how Calgarians feel about life in the city. We chat with the Calgary...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday October 5

On today's show: Alberta's slow leak of people moving to other provinces; last week, the pharmaceutical company Merck issued a press release about a new anti-viral drug to treat COVID-19 infection. Dr. Raj Bhardwaj talks about why some people are calling it a game-changer; we speak with a Calgary podcaster who's hosting candidate debates for the wards in Calgary; an update on the city's mobile vaccination stations and where to find them when you vote this civic election; with the season...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday October 4

On today's show: we crunch the COVID-19 numbers with our data journalist Robson Fletcher to see what they actually say about the state of our province and our healthcare system; we hear all about the newest portion of Calgary's ring road to open in the Southwest; we tell you about a local caterer who's delivering food and messages of gratitude to ICU staff in Calgary hospitals; we hear about a mom's effort to bring the Canadian road trip to her son by crowd-sourcing licence plates from every...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday October 1

On today's show: what difference will 20 ICU-trained Canadian Red Cross staff make at the Red Deer Regional Hospital? We ask a doctor who works there; we hear about a new documentary that looks into the human impact of orphan wells in Alberta; why bears in the Rockies are having a hard time fattening up for winter; we have a good news story for you of a years-long Calgary art heist investigation with a happy ending.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Thursday September 30

On today's show: we hear from Cowboy Smithx and the executive director of Alberta’s only Indigenous women’s shelter about the importance of this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation; why voting in next month's referendum is going to be a pain in the neck for some Albertans, including those living on First Nations reserves; we hear from the lead academic of a free online course meant to educate Canadians about the history of Indigenous people; we hear how several First Nations youth...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Wednesday September 29

On today's show: CBC Reporter Sarah Rieger looks into a major privacy breach with the vaccine app that was used by the Flames at the Saddledome; now that the federal election is in our rearview mirror, we ask our Unconventional Panel how prepared they feel for our upcoming municipal election; what the return of international hunters means for outfitters in Alberta; we chat with Calgary playwright Eugene Stickland about his new volume of plays about medical conditions.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Tuesday September 28

On today's show: a Calgary man shares his story of being intubated in an ICU for almost two weeks and why he's now encouraging others to get vaccinated; with surgeries on hold, some Albertans are looking at paying for private surgery outside the province; a sleep expert makes the case for permanent standard time; why some stage musicals bomb on the silver screen. Calgary film & theatre critic Louis B Hobson dishes on the disappointing Dear Evan Hansen film.


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Monday September 27

On today's show: an update on the COVID-19 situation in Lethbridge with the medical lead for the ICU at Chinook Regional Hospital; we tell you about a nightmare property in the southeast and how it reveals a complicated and dysfunctional system for dealing with these situations; almost three years after China arrested two Canadian men, including Michael Spavor of Calgary, they are both back on home soil. We talk to former diplomat Gordon Houlden about Canada's relationship with China, going...


Calgary Eyeopener podcast - Friday September 24

On today's show: relationship therapists in the city say more couples are going to therapy over COVID-19 related conflicts. We hear from a marriage counsellor about what that looks like; why it may be difficult to get your hands on winter tires in the coming months; we find out why you might be waiting a lot longer to get through to a 3-1-1 operator these days; we check in with the organizer of tomorrow’s Orange Shirt Day Walk.