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Wheeler in The Morning – July 16th 2018

A box showed up with Wheeler's name on it, there's no return address, and no one knows who it came from. Do they open it? What's inside? Dave Turnbull tells all on a bachelor party he was at over the weekend. Rena Jae recaps the show @ the Garrick over the weekend. LOTS of stuff to give away and another concert announcement ('tis the season) on the docket. Please take a sec and review the show if you have a chance! It helps out our analytics and lets us create more unique and original...


Wheeler in The Morning – FRIDAY THE 13TH of JULY

Intuitive Medium and Occult Specialist Rachel Stiles (www.risingmoon.ca) joins us for a chat between the occult and Friday the 13th (you can hear more from Rachel on the Word of Wheeler Podcast), Bright Righteous comes down with a new track to debut for us, The Minnesota Vikings are in the house taling Play60 this weekend (http://www.nfl.com/play60). Speaking of the NFL, here's the Madden letter from Ethan Albright Wheeler was talking about in 'What's Trending':...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 12th 2018

Croatia is going to the World Cup Finals! They will face off against France for the title... meanwhile, London England is drowning in tears, so they gang calls some pubs to see how they're holding up. Is there a limit for how much you can order at a drive-through? That's discussed and so much more on the BONE Phone. Rena updates us on her sleep paralysis, and a real life witch joins the show tomorrow (she'll also be on the Word of Wheeler Podcast Tomorrow, you can subscribe here:...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 11th 2018

Rena had an episode of sleep paralysis last night and shares her harrowing story (coincidence that we're approaching Friday the 13th?). The gang plays a round of "Who'd You Rather?", today it's the 'Smart' Edition. Do you post on the social media pages of friends that have passed on? Butler Burger from Brazen Hall is up for grabs and a chance to get into 'Wheeler in the Morning's Most Dangerous Game' with Splatters Paintball. Here's the SNL bit about Harry Potter Wheeler was talking about:...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 10th 2018

Kelly Butler pooped his pants... Luckily, he's not the first, or the last that will do it. "Pulling a Butler" is more common than we though, and the BONE Phone proves that. The gang went out for dinner with the big bosses last night, and of course there's a story to go along with it! Trying to find out who's cheering for who in the World Cup semi-finals this week. Russia got knocked out of the World Cup, the gang tries to call to Moscow, and here's the video of the comedian with the great...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 9th 2018

Rena Jae is back from Folk Fest with tales of music and mushrooms! Wheeler and Turnbull engage in a Roast Battle inspired by last weeks Roast Battle at Rumors Comedy Club (congrats to Ryan Ash on the win!). The gang calls the Big Boss Lady in T.O. to check on their jobs (never nice poking the bear). Wheeler has some stories from Golf over the weekend (here's the link to the gofundme page he was talking about: https://ca.gofundme.com/new-hope-nepal), the gang gushes over the return of Matt...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 7th 2018

Candace Rae Wheeler fills in for Rena Jae on the show again today! "What's for Dinner" is on the menu today to win some Butler Burgers. Andrew Harris, RB for the Big Blue joins the gang to talk about tomorrow nights game vs. the Lions. Justin Trudeau is dealing with some groping allegations from almost 2 decades ago. Tips to beat the heat this weekend and some audio from Wheeler's stand up set last night at Rumors. Have a great weekend! Please review and subscribe! Last Words: "...stay in...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 5th 2018

Kelly pooped his pants... legit. He tells the harrowing story about having to drop trou in public. Comedy veteran Lars Callieou drops by and plays "What's for Dinner" for a Butler Burger. Weed shops are starting to retro fit their future locations, the gang chats about the upcoming legalization of Mary-Jane, and the gang plays "Yo Mama" jokes getting ready for Wheeler's judging at Rumors tonight for the 2nd Annual Roast Battle! Last Words: "...bye everybody."


Wheeler in The Morning – July 4th 2018

The show gets a new boss, the gang calls to make some demands before he sits in the corner office. Candace Rae Wheeler joins the show, and her and Wheeler play "The Newleywed game" to learn a little more about their marriage. What's a Hippie? Lots of giveaways and NO EVIL CRAIG today on the BONE Phone. Whew. Here's the Star Wars video Wheeler was talking about in Ent City: (https://youtu.be/8yy3q9f84EA). Follow on Instagram: @Wheelerj28 @CandaceRaeWheeler @TurnbullDave @Rena_Jae Last...


Wheeler in The Morning – July 3rd 2018

Test Market Tuesday is usually food, and it is again this week as Dave Turnbull brings in the Jurassic World Dorito's Blue Steak flavor... More food on the way as Kelly Butler has his own hamburger at Brazen Hall! NHL and NBA free agency is under scrutiny. It's 92.1 CITI's 40 anniversary, and we add another name to help us celebrate: a MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT goes down with a chance to beat the box office for it. Rena is off this week, so the guys handle Entertainment City, and...


Wheeler in The Morning – June 29th 2018

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend! What do you love about Canada? The gang share their favourite parts of this great country! Wheeler and Turnbull debate Gary Bettman going into the HHOF, Grads are celebrated with some shout-outs for the last day of school today. Follow the show: @Wheelerj28 @Rena_Jae @TurnbullDave You can also download the Word of Wheeler Podcast! This week featuring HNIC Scott Oake! (http://www.921citi.ca/shows/thewordofwheeler/). Last Words: "...garlic bread ass" **Don't...


Wheeler in The Morning – June 28th 2018

Would you live inside the Marvel Universe if it was a possibility? The gang discusses the ups and downs of living with Superheroes. Should inmates with possession charges be pardoned when cannabis is legalized this fall? Turnbull's mom is retiring from teaching after 38 years, the gang calls to wish her a happy retirement. Maynard james Kennan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) is under accusations of sexual assault dating back to the early 2000's, Rena covers that story in Entertainment City. Some...


Wheeler in The Morning – June 27th 2018

Ever had to deal with a "try-hard" a-hole in beer league? Rena and Turnbull have recently, and Wheeler might be one! The new boss for WITM starts next week, the gang take some calls to see how they can initiate him into Winnipeg. Sir Paul McCartney was recently on Car Pool Karaoke with James Cordon, some audio is played, here's the link: https://youtu.be/QjvzCTqkBDQ Turnbull takes some heat on the BONE Phone, and the Portage and Main debate continues. Last Words: "...(Rena) byeeeee.)


Wheeler in The Morning – June 26th 2018

A 95 year old did the 100m in under 30 seconds, can Turnbull or KB beat that? We'll find out as they race outside of the studio on Osborne Street. Roseanne has done a podcast apologizing for her twitter screw up, the gang disects.


Wheeler in The Morning – June 25th 2018

Do you own a cabin? Is it YOUR cabin? Or someone else's cabin that you claim as "MY" cabin? The gang discusses the proper pronouns for cabin/cottage/lake life. Wheeler celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend, with some less than blissful stories to go with it. Netflix "The Push" social experiment is discussed, and some winning for some movies is in the cards as The Incredibles 2 (https://youtu.be/i5qOzqD9Rms) opened in theatres as well as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom...


Wheeler in The Morning – June 22nd 2018

Inspired by the new policies Netflix has released for its employees in response to the #MeToo movement, WITM is also looking to implement some new rules and regulations in the studio. Did you hear the acceptance speech Chris Pratt made at the MTV Movies awards? Is he the Christian Tom Cruise? Lots of winning on the show, and Evil Craig is suggested for the role of PD at 92.1 CITI! Foo Fighters and GnR: https://youtu.be/eDnaD-UVOnI Last Words: "...not coming in..."


Wheeler in The Morning – June 21st 2018

Rena is away with the sniffles today, the gang tries their hand at playing Jazz instruments in celebration of Jazz Fest taking place in the city this week. The new Creed ll trailer is online: (https://youtu.be/cPNVNqn4T9I), one of the gang hasn't seen a single Rocky movie?!?! It's Grad Week, some calls come in with advice for the class of 2018! Dave Turnbull tackles the Karlsson/Hoffman debacle in Ottawa. Lots of winning this week on the show, and the gang makes a call down to their...


Wheeler in The Morning – June 20th 2018

Chris Hardwick is dealing with allegations from a previous relationship under the #MeToo movement, the gang discusses the almost complete abandonment of 'due process' and 'innocent until proven guilty'. Wab Kinew is also in the news about his past and the mudslinging going on at the Legislature, Lots of winning and the crew from the Flatlanders Beer Fest pop by for a chat. Last Words: "...c-i-t-i"


Wheeler in The Morning – June 19th 2018

More and more and more giveaways this morning, Flatlanders Beer Fest, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Whispering Winds Golf Passes, Red bomb Fireworks for Canada Day, and BTBO for Jim Jeffries Stand Up Tour. Guns and Roses jumped on Stage with The Foo Fighters over the weekend (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDnaD-UVOnI), Winnipeg transit is discussed, and Turnbull tears apart the Bombers Defense (just like everyone else in the league has) in today's Load of Bull. Thanx for the sub! Last...