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Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.

Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.
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Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.






(S2E56) Remembered

This episode is in memory of Dave Ballentine from the Surging Forward Podcast. Sometimes we never get a chance to tell those who had a lasting impact on our life and career. Mentors play a huge role in our career and life. One of David's mentors, Dave Ballentine, passed away only a week after his final podcast episode on May 13th, 2018. David shares throughout our journey as a leader everyday we choose what kind of lasting memory others will have of us. Compassion was the last thing he...


(S2E55) Keep Your Promise

In this episode David talks about keeping your promise. The promise you made to yourself in career and life is important to keep. He shares he isn't sure he kept his promise to his listeners. The last few months have been difficult balancing his commitments. David takes a deep look into how challenges in life can affect our promise to ourselves. Email questions or comments to Thank you for all your support!...


(S2E54) Remove The Emotion

In this episode David shares a recent incident with a disgruntle customer who was extremely offensive. David discusses how difficult it is to remove the emotion while its happening. He shares how he needed to remember his roles is to resolve the problem not escalate it by allow emotion in. During his phone call, the customer continued to belittle every party involved. David had to keep his cool and find a solution. If you ever felt extremely frustrated by a customer or clients this is a...


(S2E53) Cut Loose

David shares the need to "cut loose" and have some fun. We often view vacations as a way to return from our work. But what if we found a way to have fun at work, even when its filled with pressure and frustration. David shares his new appreciation for just rolling with the punches and laughing when things get tough. Don't loose your sense of humor because your team could benefit from it. ********************************************** Check out our Family Project: Team Rubalcava Network:...


(S3E52) Trust Your Instincts

In this episode David talks about learning to trust your instincts. He shares 3 reasons he used to fail at trusting his own instincts. Experience seems to be the #1 reason people may not trust their instincts. Early in his career he was afraid to make decisions because he lacked the experience and confidence. David shares there is trap tied to experience because leaders become comfortable and no longer have to push the boundaries. The second reason is making “bad” decisions creates fear...


(S2E51) The Great Debate Pt. 2 (Leader Vs. Manager)

Free ebook offer from Joshua Kangley for the next few days. His Amazon best seller book "The 7 Principles of Success: How To Use Them to Live The Life of Your Dreams" is free for a limited time. Check it out:…/B…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_LpM2Ab2Y7B8YS Josh was also on Ep. 44 listen now: ************************* In this episode David shares he recently attended a leadership training. During this training...


(S2E50) The Dreamer-Motivation Pt. 9

In this episode David celebrates a milestone with his 50th episode. He decided to share how a motivational speech that talks about how hard the road was to reach this goal. As he shares the hardships he realizes that people may never support our goals or ideas. But that's ok. In this memorable episode he explores his courage, motivation, and persistency to never give up. David discovered his passion through the process of the journey. He identified his passion as the tool to keep him...


(S2E49) Narrow Your Focus

In this episode David share's how you must narrow your focus to achieve your goals. He shares how he rally's himself as he struggled with accountability and then delivered results. Narrowing your focus helps remove all the noise and harness your energy to very specific goals/metrics to gain momentum. David share's how he did this by choosing 3 focuses, level setting with his leadership team, communicating expectations, and chasing these goals...


(S2E48) Are You Accountable?

In this episode David revisits "Accountability" using the 7-Values of leadership. He talks about why accountability is difficult and we sometimes want to lay blame on others. Another side to accountability is holding your own team accountable as well. David shares the last few months he fails to hold his team accountable for lack of results. This leadership value is extremely difficult for new leaders. He shares insight to what these conversations look like. We often choose not to be...


(S2E47) The Power of Connection

David shares an experience that helped open his eyes to the power of connection. He was the key note speaker at Orange Grove Middle School for career day. David shares how this experience changed him. His leadership journey was primarily focused on helping adults and professionals. But during this event he witnessed the power middle school students wanting to grow and excited about learning. David begins to realize these students are the future of our country. He also shares later on that...


(S2E46) Re-Introduction of the 7-Values of Leadership

In this episode David re-introduction of "The 7 Values of Leadership." Throughout his career David used the Values to help him identify which part of his leadership is failing him. He took a blend of values from all the organizations he worked with over the last 18 years and identified the most critical. David breaks down each of the values and explains their purpose. Their purpose is to look at your performance through a reflective lens. Success or failure can be contributed to these...


(S2E45) Take A Break-Motivation Pt.8

Every 5 episodes David focuses on motivation. In this episode David shares some learnings he had on his trip to San Diego. He shares how after a long rainy drive a random act of kindness from the restaurant "Hash House A Go Go" to seat them even though they were already closed. David was so grateful and reminds us that when you put out kindness it comes back (Ep. 43). He also shares while during Sunday lunch at Old Town Mexican Café he notices a couple who doesn't speak a word to each...


(S2E44) Interview w/ Joshua Kangley

In this episode Joshua Kangley from joins David to discuss finding your path. Josh is an author, speaker, and podcast host who wrote The 7 Principles of Success. His book became an Amazon top seller. Josh shares his journey of self discovery after a major life setback. From this set back he found his path and began sharing his learnings with the world. ****************** Joshua Kangley Email: Website:...


(S2E43) The Simple Act of Kindess (Customer-Focused)

In this episode David shares a strange experience with a customer. He shares initially he debated whether to ask the gentleman to leave because he was rude and agitated. But he realized something was going on in this mans world and he's at his breaking point. As David helps the man they begin to chat about his day. David comes to realize this customer had an extremely hard week and an even worse day. When the customer is checking out at the register he begins to sob. Unsure of what's...


(S2E42) Progress Equals Happiness w/ Devin Panganiban

In this episode, David invites his first guest Devin Panganiban from Positive Game of Life. Devin is an entrepreneur, investor, and life coach. At an early age, Devin's brother was shot and paralyzed which affected him deeply. By the age of 13 years old his mother passed away. These events had a profound affect on him. He began selling drugs which lead to a prison sentence. During his time in prison, Devin realized he needed to change. Night after night he read books to change his mindset....


(S2E41) Re-Engerize Your Focus

In this episode David shares how to re-energize your focus. He shares how his positive focus began to dissipate over the last few months. David began to fall into the trap of allowing an event to derail his focus. As he sat down with his own leaders they all recognized the level of energy needed to change. David explains he woke up one day realizing this isn't the leader he wants to be. And like a light switch he turn the energy back on. There are 3 focus that can help you do the same. 1)...


(S2E40) The Crossroad-Motivation Pt. 7

David talks about how difficult the journey of leadership and life can be. The journey is what will help strengthen our courage to overcome fear. There comes a moment in everyone's life where we must make a choice in life. One path is safe and easier while the other path is scary and unpredictable. The episode digs deeper into why people choose to stay unhappy because of the unknown. Today is the day you choose to find your path at the crossroad. Change your mindset. Facebook...


(S2E39) In Over Your Head

Welcome back! David launches Season 2 sharing a personal story about him taking on a project way over his head. It was a reminder of why fear can paralyze our personal growth. David took on a home repair project and during this project he discovered he needed to acquire a new skill set to do something he's never done before. As he shares his memo he realizes the parallels between fear in life and fear in leadership. David shares his courage and confidence began to change as the project...


(S1E38) Choose Your Attitude **Bonus Ep. 2

This is a lost episode David never released. In this episode David gets an email asking him, "How did you always stay positive?" He shares how difficult it was to always stay positive and he learned choosing your attitude matters. In the beginning he allowed everything to affect his attitude which damaged his career. David shares insight that being negative creates an environment of people not wanting to work with you. He learned to make a conscious choice to stay positive. Learn to step...


(S1E37)**Bonus Memo #1

In his first bonus episode, David shares a deeper look into how the show has changed him. He shares how he is standing at a cross road of pursuing this project on a professional level. Everyday he wakes up with passion to help people and its become is fuel. It takes a deeper look into the man behind the microphone and his personal goals. Life is beginning to influence the show as well as our listeners feedback. We all face a moment in our career when we must decided what to do next. David...