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The Power of Naming

No matter how much we accomplish, we can still experience moments where we feel fake. I know. I've felt this way many times in my life. It doesn't matter if the moment is big or small. We just feel less capable, less worthy of notice and attention. But I've discovered there's a way to gain power over that feeling: we need to name it. Listen time: 4:00


The Personal Behavior Gap

Grab a piece of paper for this episode. I want you to get a sense of the gap between the things you want to be doing versus the things you actually end up doing. It starts with noticing that a gap exists. Listen time: 3:30


Reality-Based Financial Planning: Hit Repeat

In this final episode of Reality-Based Financial Planning, you'll be shocked to learn that now it's time to repeat all the good things we've discussed up to this point. But what does that mean? What does that look like for your advisor/client relationships? Listen time: 7:20


Precisely Wrong or Vaguely Correct

Real financial advisors are not defenders of an outdated map. Instead, we're guides in a changing landscape. But it can be difficult to separate the idea of being "wrong" with the reality that new information may require a course correction. In this fourth step for reality-based financial planning, we need to help clients understand that needing to make a change isn't a negative thing, but an acknowledgement that we're making the best guesses we can with a commitment to course correct as we...


New Information? Adapt Your Plan

When we're operating as reality-based financial planners, we need to help people understand how to include new information into their financial plans. Even more important, we need to help people remember that making a change doesn't need to be scary. Listen time: 10:14


We Need to Talk About Course Corrections

"Man, I wish I could give you a straight-line experience," said just about all of us in some form to our clients. But as real financial advisors, we know that's not reality. We understand that while every client needs a financial plan, we're also aware that course corrections must happen along the way. Listen time: 9:43


Strategy, Guesses and Reality-Based Financial Planning

Have you noticed how clients tighten up when you mention the words "plan" and "goal"? In this episode, I walk you through how to reframe the conversation to reduce the tension and help people get comfortable with the ongoing process of guessing as part of the financial strategy. Listen time: 10:34


Reality-Based Financial Planning: An Introduction

I'm starting a new series on what we really face in financial planning. To start, we need to address our false sense of precision. Listen time: 3:56


Advice To Young Advisor

At a recent event, a young financial advisor asked me a question I think will resonate with many of you: what advice would give to your 25-year-old self? I loved the question, and as I answered it, I was reminded that the advice holds true even after 20+ years in the industry. Listening time: 2:50


Mindful vs Painful

Most personal financial advice is centered on finding "tips & tricks" to make spending painful...that didn't sound like a good idea to my wife. Listen to find out what she suggested instead. Listen time: 4:15


Question Your Needs, Explore Your Wants

Often we act as if there is some pre-approved list of "needs" and then we hammer on ourselves or clients about "wants". What if we flip that and learn to question our needs and explore our wants? Would that lead to greater happiness around money? Time: 3:44


A Few Thoughts on Robo-Advisors

So called robo-advisors are not something to fear, but instead something that is giving us the opportunity to optimize for what is uniquely human: empathy and trust. Listening time: 5:58


Carl Has a Problem

Confirmation bias is super hard do deal with...and as financial advisor it is critical that we are at least aware of our own tendency to fall prey to it. Listening time: 12:03


Show Your Value

Instead of learning how to justify the fee you charge a client, get so good at your craft that your value isn't a question.


What It Means to be a Real Financial Advisors

This is Carl and you are listening to The Podcast for Real Financial Advisors all over the world and I want to talk about that statement, real financial advisors, there. I get asked about this like, "What does that mean? What does real financial advisor mean?" There are some really important things that it means and then there's a bunch of supporting stuff that I feel really strongly about, but isn't critical. I want to separate the two for a minute.


Field Report: Forget Selling & Try Listening

I am recording this in India as part of my tour of India, meeting financial advisors. I've met with hundreds of them in India. It's been amazing. I'm here to tell you that real financial advisors do indeed exist all over the world. I have met them in India, and they're amazing.


Field Report: Money & Happiness

One of the things that I have been thinking a lot about today and talked with a good friend here in India on walk today, we walked through a section of Mumbai, and while we were walking, we were talking about the role of money and happiness. This hopefully will just serve as a reminder to all of you, but money does not equal happiness, right.


Field Report: Conversations That Change You

I'm on day, I think three or four in India and it has been amazing and I wish I knew exactly how to frame my thoughts around it. Other than just to say, if you've got a chance to come to India, take it, come. You need to come and see this place. The warmth of the people, the energy, the contradictions that you're sort of faced with each day, amazing, amazing. One of the things that I had a really interesting conversation last night, my event that I was speaking up wrapped up at about ... I...


Field Report: Fear And The Little Old Man

I am on a trip, a business trip to India. On my way, I had a all day layover in Singapore. I left the airport and went to visit some of the communities in the city on a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I went and visited what was referred to as the Arab Quarter, Chinatown and Little India. In the Little India, I had an amazing conversation outside a Hindu temple. I don't know much about the Hindu religion, but I was blown away by the warmth, and energy, and light at the Hindu...


Field Report: Real Advisor from India

This is a field report, if you will. I am on a trip to India, a work trip so none of my family came along with me, and I'm here as a guest of some really incredible people doing some amazing work in the financial services industry, speaking broadly. This trip has reminded me of what I've learned, I don't know if it's a hundred times, but maybe it's more than a hundred times over the last couple of years. I'm reminded of it in New Zealand, and I'm reminded of it in Australia, and I've been...