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Black Magic Podcast Live ft Candice Brathwaite and Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers

Black Magic Podcast hit the stage for another live show at London Podcast Festival in September. Annika was joined by two women shaking things up in their respective industries - Candice Brathwaite, influencer and founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, and Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers, the FIRST Black Miss Universe Great Britain. @AnnikaAllen @CandiceBrathwaite (Instagram) @AsToldBy_Dee @Weareunedited For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Black Magic Podcast - Shades of Beauty Special

In this special episode, Annika sat down for a coffee and a chat with Christina Adesina, founder of Shades of Beauty Live, and media marketing expert Michelle Owusu. They talked about colourism, why diversity is an issue across all industries and more. @AnnikaAllen @ChristinaAdesina (Instagram) @MichelleShanti @SBlive2018 @weareunedited For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Black Magic Podcast Live ft Angellica Bell and Jessica Huie MBE

As part of Soho Music Month in June, Black Magic Podcast was live at Lush Studios in Soho. In this episode, Annika was joined by presenter Angellica Bell and author Jessica Huie MBE to talk career, motherhood and more. @AnnikaAllen @AngellicaBell @JessicaHuieMBE @Weareunedited @PlatformLDN @CMNWorks @CarnabyLondon @Lushlifeen For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Black Magic Podcast Live ft Yasmin Evans and Paigey Cakey

As part of Soho Music Month in June, Black Magic Podcast was live at Lush Studios in Soho. In this episode, Annika was joined by presenter Yasmin Evans and artist Paigey Cakey to talk about music industry pressures, colourism and more @AnnikaAllen @YasminEvans @Paigey_Cakey @Weareunedited @PlatformLDN @CMNWorks @CarnabyLondon @Lushlifeen For information regarding your data privacy, visit


I didn't realise I was black

Our season finale! Annika talks to founder of Nu Bride, Nova Reid, and presenter and founder of the Red Carpet Academy, Leah Charles-King. Nova and Leah discuss how they discovered racism, the importance of online privacy, and the realities of living with fibroids. We also hear from the legendary UKl singer and trailblazer Beverley Knight, on breaking boundaries and the value of authenticity. @AnnikaAllen @NovaReidOffic @LeahCharlesKing @BeverleyKnight @weareunedited For information...


He was the devil wrapped in skin!

Annika is joined by domestic violence practitioner Jenni Steele, and youth mentor Penny Belle. Jenni and Penny discuss ways of helping young people to identify healthy relationships, the importance of dealing with trauma and the lessons learned from their abusive pasts. Is receiving 50 texts in an hour normal? We also have the legendary 'Lady of Soul’s Jenny Francis. Ever wondered how she got her name? Tune...


Why we don't talk about miscarriage

Annika is joined by publicist Brenda Gabriel, and journalist turned author Davina Hamilton. Brenda shares the heartbreaking story of her recent miscarriage. She and Davina also talk about working closely with their partners, juggling motherhood and running a business and why it’s important to have representation in children’s books. Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent Central, talks about how she overcomes challenges, and why it’s important to keep it together in the face of those who are...


Every diva deserves a choice

Annika is joined by Tricia Blake, founder of Diva Choice, and Josephine Otuagomah, founder of The Black Hair book. Tricia and Josephine talk about finding strength after grief, making time for self care, and the problem with the term 'plus size’. Ever wished there was a 'Trip Advisor’ for black hair salons? Wish granted! This episode also features media powerhouse and Black Magic Awards honouree Jasmine Dotiwala. Jasmine talks about how she started out and her proudest moment in her...


LL Cool J changed my life

Time flies! Here's episode 8 of Black Magic Podcast, with another fantastic lineup. Annika is joined in the studio by BBC journalist Colleen Harris, and DJ Melody Kane. Colleen and Melody talk about family, dealing with dementia and being connected to their roots. You'll also hear how LL Cool J played a part in Melody deciding to chase her dreams! The soul singing legend Mica Paris also features on this episode, talking about why she would like to see more diversity in high places in...


How not to get sued by Pharrell

On this episode, Annika Allen is joined in the studio by musician and businesswoman Princess Nyah, and founder of House Gospel Choir Natalie Maddix. Nyah and Natalie talk about the hard lessons they had to learn when coming up in the music industry, and why they want to make sure newcomers are empowered with the information they need to succeed. Also hear all about how Nyah found herself in a very sticky legal situation with Pharrell Williams! Veteran presenter Angie Greaves is also on...


Mum's not the word

On this episode, Annika Allen is joined by stylist and empowerment speaker Denise Brown and Shirina Carstens, founder of Beauty from Within. Denise and Shirina talk about how being in care has shaped them, coming back from breakdowns and the lifeline of therapy TV host and author June Sarpong also appears on this episode to talk about why diversity is important to her and the biggest lesson she's learned so...


What's your #MeToo Story?

What’s your #MeToo story? Annika is joined by actor and writer Sophia Leonie and comedian Thanyia Moore. Sophia and Thanyia talk about how common and complex harassment is for women. Sabrina Washington, former lead singer of Mis-teeq, also appears on this episode talking about how they got together and what keeps her inspired. @annikaallen @Mssophia_leonie @ThanyiaMoore ‏ @sabzwashington @weareunedited Producer: Cass Denton Mastering: Bernard P Achampong Music: Silvastone and...


Too old for babies... at 30?

Too old to have babies at 30? Annika is joined by founder of Girls Talk London, Vanessa Sanyauke, and journalist and presenter Genelle Aldred. Vanessa and Genelle talk about why it can be hard to maintain a relationship for career driven women, the reality of breaking glass ceilings, and being bored of the word 'diversity’. Former Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller-Cole also appears on this episode talking about what success means to her, and what it felt like to be a black women on one...


Child's view of domestic violence

*Trigger Warning* Contains discussions about sexual abuse and domestic violence On this episode, Annika is joined by Natasha Benjamin, founder of Free Your Mind charity, and Kerrin Daniels, who is a counsellor and coach. Natasha and Kerrin share how they have managed to overcome the trauma of their early years, and how they now use their past experiences to help others. You will also hear from the incredibly talented actress Angela Griffin on how she started her career, and the book...


Angie Le Mar, Yolande Letshou & Cassandra Lokko

More Black women making magic. Comedian Angie Le Mar shares her journey which Yolande and Cassandra give insights on how they cope with challenges and how exactly a Social Media Influencer makes any money. Oh and that wedding video which went viral. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Alesha Dixon & Beverley De-Gale

You've heard the phrase 'Black Girl Magic', but what does it mean? This podcast explains with great British woman who work the magic every day - this episode with broadcaster & musician, Alesha Dixon, to anti-Leukaemia campaigner Beverley De-Gale. Co-founder of The Colour Network, Annika Allen hosts. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


What's the Black Magic Podcast?

Life stories of British black women. Their magic is turning adversity into success. For information regarding your data privacy, visit