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Episode 22- You'll Never Regret Having Done It

Lucy O’Connor is a lot of things, but more than anything she is human. Giving up a day job with an approved career path and a secure income is not a luxury that all of us can afford, but it’s exactly what she did. I know that running off to chase a dream is something that a lot of us fantasize about doing, but are afraid of the ramifications. Almost a year ago Lucy quit her 9-5 to chase her dream of working in a new field all the while documenting her story on her Monday Hustle website and...


Episode 14: Curiosity in Conflict

Being armed with the right skills is critical to face conflict without creating even more hurt feelings. Lane Sherman is an expert mediator and author who has focused his career on making functioning teams and fixing broken ones. His first book, The Keys to Collaboration released in 2015 and was the result of more than 20 years of industry experience. Despite this passion for heated situations, Lane remains calm in the most turbulent of environments. In this episode he discusses how...


Episode 13: Gettin' Lucky

Welcome to Episode 13, this was originally supposed to be a guest post, but they have some stuff going on in their world so instead I'm going to talk to you about a couple of things that I think are important instead and you will hear from them on another day. So what's the haps? The importance of asking for what you want and how to ask for and apply feedback are key parts of my life AND are showing me that the more I focus on each of them, the better my life gets. It doesn't matter if I'm...


Episode 6: Make the choice

Inspired by the latest The Oatmeal comic talking about moving away from FOMO (fear of missing out) and over to being able to celebrate the choices we make to do or not do things with our friends and families. The truth is, IT GETS BETTER, there is life after the obstacles you are facing today. Making tough choices on how we invest our time can be suffocating to a lot of people. The reality is that once you do make a choice, good or bad, you become free again. Unfortunately, it is that time...


Episode 2: I did the thing

When we want something bad enough we are willing to walk through fire to get to it. Tackling a new skill or finding our personal best is hard. This is where failing fast is important for all of us. What is even more important when we stumble is admitting we were wrong. #dothething

Episode 1: Minimum Viable Product and the importance of community

Discussing the minimum viable product and the evolution of content based on feedback from the digital community, this podcast dives into the idea that creating something in a beta version and choosing to improve it is more important than questing for perfection and never putting it out to the universe. Ideas for the day are fueled and unfiltered by the outstanding Hallertau number four. A local favourite and fantastically flavoured schwarzbier.

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