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Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!

Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!
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Charlotte, NC


Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!




Over 40 Fitness … It isn’t Too Late to Get in Shape

Your metabolism is slowing. Menopause is setting in. There are a ton of valid reasons why it is so hard to lose weight. But you don’t have to resign yourself to weight gain and a lack of fitness. Jay Scott is the man who can help you take control of your health. With no-nonsense advice and practical step, he is stopping by to show you what you have to do to take your health and fitness to the next level. He is also the owner of iScienceFit where you can benefit from personalized coaching...


Want to Feel Good? Then Do Good!

My Aunt Bessie says if you want to be blessed, start by being a blessing. Regardless of your faith and even if you have no faith, doing something good for others helps them and it helps you. Jeff Rasleybuilt a successful career as an attorney ... but something was missing. Not knowing what that something was became the basis for a midlife crisis. It was on a motorcyle trip through Nepal that Jeff realized his calling.He found Basa Village, an area that was in clear need of help, help he...


A Kickass Marriage Can Be Yours!

Married people are healthier and live longer. While people focus on the 50% of marriages that end in divorce, very few talk about the 50% that stay together. This show is for them. Midori Verityis the author ofSecrets to a Kickass Marriageand she would know something about that because her marriage is approaching the 30 year mark. If you have been married for a while, your union might be in need of a little kick! A spicier, more connected, sexier marriage can be yours. Listen in and find...


Girls Gettin' It Together: Dating Over 40, Social Media Rudeness and Shoes!

Wekcine ti Girls Gettin' It Together. Join Get It Together Girl host, Karyn Beach, professional speaker Tawanna Kelley and psychologist Jean Day as we talk about a bunch of stuff and encourage you to call in (917-889-3205) and join us. On this episode we navigate the perils of dating after 40, the stunning lack of social media etiquette and the search for a comfortable pair of heels! Join us. It will be fun and we'd love to hear from you!


Life Lessons: Kickin’ It with Karyn – The worlds’s worst reality show.

While I watch a ton of trashy talk shows, I have never really gotten into reality shows. I don’t watch any unreal housewives, don’t care to keep up with the Kardashians, and am pretty sure there isn’t much love in hip-hop. Yet, I started thinking, what would a reality show featuring myself and Jake be like. A reality show about the real reality of a single woman (and her toy poodle) who works hard, kickboxes regularly and enjoys pancakes on the weekend. What would make this boring story...


Life Lessons: Social Media is Hardly Social and Barely Media

Social Media is destroying my faith in humanity. Regardless of the sites you use the most, Social Media has opened the door to rudeness, condescension, hostility and relentless barrage of offensiveness. The comments and posts you see contain thoughts and words the person posting would normally not say to your face. In the past, we were taught to agree to disagree and that politics and religion were not polite subjects to discuss in a social setting. Well, in the Age of Social Media, it’s...


Life Lessons: The Diva Mind Trick - The Secret to Making Changes that Stick

Welcome to Life Lessons which is all about lessonslearned on the road uniquely traveled! Like a lot of us, resolving to lose weight and save money hasn’t worked. So what does? For Karyn, small and enjoyable changes have begun to make a difference. Healthy and delicious foods. Fun workouts. What works for you is what is enjoyable and realistic for you. If you want to run, run. If you don’t like running, a regime of running is not going to work for you. Stop doing what you think you should...


Quit Your Stinkin' Thinkin' - Eliminating Negative Thinking Once and for All

Emiy Filloramo is a woman with a story to tell. This story starts when Emily was 49 years old and found herself the victim of a corportate layoff! What's a corporate woman to do when she finds herself facing unemployment? Well, Emily got busy ... really busy. It's been almost four years and she is a published author, sought-after speaker and entrepreneur. Now Emily has still faced her share of setbacks and failures but she has made it through the stormand is sitting in the sun? How did she...


Get Ready! We're Making It Big in 2-0-1-6!

Get It Together Girlwill be back at the beginning of January with a laser-focus, a few new things and, of course, a lot of fun, feisty fabulousness. Women in their 40s, 50’s, even 60s and beyond can be beautiful, sexy and vibrant. WithGet It Together Girl, my goal is to help these women make the most of this exciting time in their lives. So, while I am on this working sabbatical, I will be dedicated to creating a format and show that speaks to these women who’s needs and interest are often...


Adventure, Travel and Seeing the World ... All with the One You Love!

At the age of 37, Warren and Betsy Talbot made a decision. They decided that they weren't going to wait to retirement to travel and see the world. They were going to do it now. So they spent the next two years downsizing, getting rid of stuff and saving for their new life. They left their corporate lives behind and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Now, they are based out of Spain. They blog and write books. They podcast! So, how did they do itit? And how do they do it all together?...


Be about Your Business! Starting a Business Over 40 Has Its BonuseS!

We always hear about the business wunderkinds. The entrepreneurial phenoms that experience success before the tender age of 30 (and many times even younger). But wait a minute! Starting a business doesn't have to mean starting when you are young. In fact, author and blogger Lynne Strang says there are some benefits of starting a business later in life. Your Second Act can be the perfect time to pursue their entrepreneurial passions. Website:


Kickbox without Lifting a Leg! Kick Yourself Out of Your Own Box

LT Lewiswants you to kick yourself out of the box you are in. It could be a mental box, a professional box, an emotional box or even a spiritual box, but whatever it is that has you boxed in, it is time to kick yourself out of it. LT has four steps to help you break out of your box, rut or situation. Living life outside of the box is the goal for true fulfillment, happiness and success. So get kicking!


Making Your Second Act Your Best Act. It's Your Time to Shine!

Your first act was about everybody else. You built a career. You built a family. You defined yourself by what you did and the roles you played. However, as you embark on your second act, you are ready to do some things differently. This time it is about you. It's time to take your dreams off the backburner, turn up the heat and really start cooking! Nancy Collamer is the author of Second Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement. Even if retirement isn't on...


Confront Your Inner Critic and Kick Her A**!

We talk about bullies in the schoolyard and even in the workplace; but the biggest Mean Girlyou'll ever meet isn't in the playground or the breakroom, she's inside of you. You've got dreams you want to go after and things you want to accomplish but every time you try to, there she is. Jean Day and I are talking about the ultimate Mean Girl and how to put her in her place. Get out of your own way because greatness lies ahead! Website: Facebook:...


The Gift of Cancer: Healing and Hope in the Midst of Devastation

Brenda Michaels spent 14 years fighting cancer. When she was given one year to live, she decided to forgo chemotherapy and pursue an alternative treatment that spoke to her body, her mind and her spirit. That was 20 years ago and Brenda is here to share her incredible story. At a book launch event, she met Marsha Mercant who had lost her best friend of over 40 years to cancer. Together the two women forged and friendship and wrote a book, The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to...


Going to the Dogs with Pet Adoption

Marty and Jake (and Teddy, Fifi and Sodapop before them), I am a proud pet parent! Dogs (and cats if you are so inclined) are unconditional love and tons of fun. However, they are also time, money, responsibility and commitment. Once you decide to get a dog, I encourage you to adopt. There are tons of good and loving dogs (and cats) out there in search of a good home. Jake would love it if you would listen to this show. If you are looking for a pet, he would love it even more if you would...


Aren’t You Sweet Enough? Detoxing from Sugar

Too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing. Such is the case with sugar. Even if you eliminate the obvious choices, processed foods and foods eaten while you are out are filled with sugar. What is a Get It Together Girl to do? Whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier, listen to Roseann Zaft, author of The Sugar Detox, help you get control of your diet and break your sugar addiction. Website: Book: Natural Sugar Detox


Big Business, Big Heart and Even Bigger Closet!

She’s a self-made millionaire. She’s won several body-building competitions after the age of 40. She’s a philanthropist. And, she's the envy of a lot of women, with a closet to die for! Theresa Roemer has an incredible story to share. She shows how vision and a strong work ethic can take someone from rags to riches. She's got some advice to impart to women looking to reinvent themselves or take themselves to the next level. Website:


Professional, Personal and Spiritual Reinvention ... One Woman's Story

Sylvia Franklinis a natural-born storyteller. On this episode of Get It Together Girl, she shares her story of what she has learned, how she has evolved and what she is doing to make her second act her best act. New attitude, new outlook, new marriage, she is dedicated to living her life to the fullest with passion and happiness. Plus, she's got some great advice for others looking to start a new adventure.


Imagine Freedom – Free to Be Exactly Who You Want to Be!

If you have that nagging feeling that the live you are living could be more fulfilling, more authentic and more engaging then this show is for you. Coach Wendy Reese challenges her clients to Imagine Freedom and then work toward achieving that. Of course, we aren’t cookies born of the cookie cutter, so the challenge is to imagine what freedom looks like for us and craft our own authentic path towards wholeness. Yeah, that who paragraph sounded new agey and touchy-feely. Basically listen in...