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Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!

Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!


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Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together -- your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!




Over 40 Fitness … It isn’t Too Late to Get in Shape

Your metabolism is slowing. Menopause is setting in. There are a ton of valid reasons why it is so hard to lose weight. But you don’t have to resign yourself to weight gain and a lack of fitness. Jay Scott is the man who can help you take control of your health. With no-nonsense advice and practical step, he is stopping by to show you what you have to do to take your health and fitness to the next level. He is also the owner of iScienceFit where you can benefit from personalized coaching...


Is your EQ More Important than Your IQ

Do you know your IQ (your real IQ, not one you got from a Facebook quiz). Well, even if you have a high IQ, in and of itself, that isn’t a key to success. Your IQ might matter but your EQ (Emotional Quotient) definitely does. How you manage your emotions matters. Your ability to correctly read the emotions of others matters. Joie Seldon helps professional and accomplished women rid themselves of limiting beliefs and past trauma. Listen in and find out how she does that, and what exactly...


Life after Perfection … Putting It Back Together After It All Falls Apart

Like many of us, coach Christine Catoggio grew up doing exactly what she was supposed to do. She got good grades. She went to school. She got married. She lived the life she was supposed to life. And then it fell apart. At the age of 50, she found herself in a painful divorce and had her carefully crafted life crumbing around her. And a funny thing happened as she made her way through the pain. She found new passions. She found new perspectives. She found a new purpose and now she helps...


Stop dieting and start living … and I mean, really living

Climbing the corporate ladder, raising kids and just living a life filled with overwork, overwhelm and overextension can take its toll. Often the first major sacrifice is our health and physical well-being. Have you ever: Found yourself running through the grocery store, sans list, and just throwing things in the cart, being more concerned about getting out of the store than what you are putting in your cart?Found yourself repeatedly at the drive-thru or eating a steady diet of...


Creating a Life that You Will Absolutely Love!

Believe it or not, as hard as we work towards our goals, we often sabotage our chances for success. We create our own self-created prisons. Well, our guest Allison Moore is America’s Prison Break Coach and she works with professional women to help them stop repelling their success and start living their dreams. And, Allison isn’t just a coach, she is someone who has lived exactly what she is talking about. She is a coach, she is also the owner and managing director of Pamper Perfect Mobile...


You can have a Superlife and No Cape or Tights are Required!

From the quiet and scenic British Channel Island of Alderney, Jane Aireton and her friend Bridget Postletwaite inspire women and men over 60 to aspire to live their best lives right now … and not just any life but their superlife! They exemplify the idea of a superlife writing, travelling and experiencing life on their terms. On their website, they spotlight others over 60 who have embraced their own superlives. And they stop by Get It Together Girl to show you how you can start living...


Passion, Purpose and Road Ragin’ Drivers!

No matter what Ken Hayes did, writing and speaking were always there for him. As he grew up in Long Island, as he pursued a corporate career and raised a family, his two passions never left him. He wrote poetry, captured spiritual thoughts and expressed himself through the written and spoken word. So how did he end up writing about distracted drivers and people who suffered from road rage? I have no idea but I will definitely find out during this engaging, entertaining and eclectic show!...


It’s Time for a Change. Setting Off on Your Own Exciting Adventure

When your life changes, what will you do? Some changes you might see coming but others will catch you completely off-guard. You might not control what life gives you, but you do control your response to it. And after taking the hit, the Get It Together Girl will roll up her sleeves and tackle these events with her own unique brand of fierce fabulousness! Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel entered her 40’s facing divorce and work redundancy. A change was being made with or without her. So, she...


An Unexpected Diagnosis, then Depression and Devastation, and finally Triumph

The name of Twana Lawler's autobiography is My Life: From Tragedy to Destiny and what a life it's been! And what a story she has to tell! She spent 10 years completely celibate and then was diagnosed as HIV+. The diagnosis was so devastating that she refused to even see a doctor for the next three years. When a seizure finally sent her to a doctor, she had progressed to full-blown AIDS and dementia. According to the doctors, she wasn't supposed to live but not only has she lived buy she...


Life Lessons: Good Grief! I Can’t Sleep

According to the Sleep Association, one in three adults occasionally suffer from insomnia and one in ten have chronic insomnia. It can affect people at any age but older people tend to experience it more frequently. It usually affects more women than men. I am one of the one in ten chronic insomnia sufferers. Although the inability to sleep is what insomnia is all about, the effects of insomnia are different for everyone. I share what insomnia looks like for me and what people need to know...


Helping Businesses Prosper ... 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Anyone who has started a business, or even known a person who has started a business can attest that it starts with a passion or a good idea, but it takes a lot more than passion and drive to take a business from the red into the black. At the age of 55, Ruth King, went from being a serial entreprenuer to helping other small businesses find the success that she found repeatedly in her career. After writing several books and speaking across the country, she knew there needed to be another...


Private Interview with Jay Scott

Private interview with Jay Scott


Four Questions Every Woman (and Man) Over 40 Should Be Asking

We ask ourselves questions all day, every day. But the questions we ask ourselves really do make a difference. When you ask yourself a question, your mind starting seeking an answer. And usually negative questions find negative answers. This show we talk about four questions designed to increase your confidence, improve your quality of life and propel you forward.


It’s More than Emotional – It’s also Financial When You Face the Unexpected.

We rely on friends, family and even clergy, when we are devastated by the unexpected. A spouse dies. Another spouse decided they don’t want to be married anymore. Maybe the job you expected to retire from lays you off. You have a team to support you emotionally and to offer you support during these hard times. But who is there for financial assistance or support? More than likely, you are on your own. Talk about scary! Oraynab Jwayyed has written several books to help women who are...


Living with Depression – What It Feels Like and How to Recognize It

Everyone has been down in the dumps or sad, but not everyone suffers from clinical depression. What makes depression so hard to understand is that the word itself is used interchangeably with sadness and just a general ‘feeling down’. After I was diagnosed at the age of 44, trying to explain clinical depression was that much harder because everyone thought they understood depression because they had all experienced sadness or disappointment at some time or another. It isn’t the same. I...


Girls Getting It Together - Old Boobs, Unapolegetic Cougars and What We’re Watch

It’s the last Thursday of the month so it is time for the Girls to Get It Together. So what are we talking about this month. First off, we are talking about Boob-gate. Gasp! Susan Sarandon set the Twitter-verse on fire at the beginning of the month when she wore a black bra and white tuxedo jacket to do the In Memorandum during the Grammys. Is she too old to bare breast? Was it inappropriate for the in memoriam? We’ll talk about Susan and we’ll expand our discussion to talk about what is...


Life Lessons: Celebrate Your Age, Don't Run from It

My name is Karyn Beach and I am 47 years old. I am proud of who I am and how far I've come. You see, I've earned each of those years and I wear each year with pride and distinction. To be perfectly honest, I don't have any desire to redo my thirties, twenties or teens. During this show, I want to encourage women to disregard society's youth obsession and celebrate who they are and how far they have come. Age gracefully. Age vibrantly. Age stylishly. But most importantly, age happily. The...


Forget Aging Gracefully, Age Healthily and Vibrantly. We’ll show you how!

Being blind since the age of two, no one would blame Kathy Strahan for staying in her lane and living a limited life. Yet, despite her condition, Kathy has chosen to live … really live. She is even on YouTube riding a bike! Kathy is passionate about living her life to the fullest and helping other women do the same … my embracing a gluten-free lifestyle. We talk about it all … owning your choices, overcoming your excuses and making your health a priority. Website:


Life Lessons: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Want to be happy? Be yourself … without shame … without apologizes. Let your freak flag fly! For a long time, I tried to be ‘normal’ and do what I thought other people expected of me. But it didn’t work. It was tiring and demoralizing to try to be someone else or meet someone else’s expectations. I finally let my freak flag fly and fly high! And I never looked back. I finally learned that it is my job to be me. It is not my job to make someone else feel comfortable with me. Song clip...


Want to Feel Good? Then Do Good!

My Aunt Bessie says if you want to be blessed, start by being a blessing. Regardless of your faith and even if you have no faith, doing something good for others helps them and it helps you. Jeff Rasley built a successful career as an attorney ... but something was missing. Not knowing what that something was became the basis for a midlife crisis. It was on a motorcyle trip through Nepal that Jeff realized his calling. He found Basa Village, an area that was in clear need of help, help he...