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Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth

Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth
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Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth




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The Scoop on Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison

Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD is the Health Director for The Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison weight loss program which is said to be a fun and engaging weight and diet solution. They offer a 30-day kit designed to help you achieve your goals: Rescue Me works to reduce cravings for sugars and carbs; Release Me is a calcium/magnesium mineral beverage mix; and Nightingale offers sleep support. The program's philosophy is explained in a support book, which also offers calorie counts, recipes, and...


French Paradox: Enjoy food and stay thin w. Sally Asher

Sally Asher is a health scientist, weight loss coach and Francophile who has been featured in several radio shows, blogs and magazines. She wrote LOSING IT IN FRANCE: Les Secrets of the French Diet to share her story and help others discover the secret to living the good life while losing weight naturally. After four years living the sweet life in Paris, Sally now resides in Melbourne, Australia with herhusband and two children. Through her online weight loss coaching, she personally helps...


Author Terrie Williams Candidly Opens Up About Her Depression, And Depressi

© Healthtopia Radio ( - Author and Publicist Terrie Williams has written a book called, Black Pain: It just looks like We're Not Hurting, and Bonnie Mechelle spoke candidly to Terrie about the book, her personal journey out of depression and what she is doing now to raise awareness about it on The Healthtopia Radio Show! Terrie Williams Author | Depression in Black Community | Effects of Depression | Bonnie Mechelle | Healthtopia Radio


Teen Pregnancy Intervention with Sue Briss and Angela Young on Healthtopia

Teen pregnancy is an important issue. There are health risks for the baby and children born to teenage mothers are more likely to suffer health, social, and emotional problems. Women who become pregnant during their teens have an increased risk for complications, such as premature labor and socioeconomic consequences as well. Sue Briss and Angela Young are advocates for teen health and are on Healthtopia to share some vaulable teen pregnancy advice. Sign up for Healthtopia's free...


Faith Filled Fitness with Donna Richardson Joyner - Oct 30,2010

Today we’re talking about Faith Filled Fitness with special guest, Donna Richardson-Joyner, she is the Pioneer in Christian health and fitness and she has created a brand new Christian fitness program, called Body Gospel, which is a total fitness program for people of faith who are looking to become healthy physically and spiritually.// Sign up for our free magazine at Donna Richardson Joyner | Body Gospel Program | Christian weight loss support | Bonnie MeChelle |...


Raising Well Disciplined, Healthy Happy Children - Sep 25,2010

Are you tired of screaming and yelling at your kids to get them to listen to you? Would you like to tips and advice on how to discipline your children so they will do what you say? Well you're in the right place because Erin A. Kurt is on Healthtopia to teach you an awesome 4 step method to get your kids under control! New News, Views and Celebrity Interviews right here on disciplining children | children behavior | parenting children | how to discipline a child |...


Christian Weight Loss Support with Gwen Shamblin founder of Weigh Down - Se

Gwen is the founder of the internationally known, Weigh Down Diet. She's been featured on The Ophra Show, Tyra Banks Show, Larry King, Woman's Day Magazine plus countless other publications. The Weigh Down Diet is a Christian-based program to lose weight and attain a closer relationship with God.New News, Views and Celebrity Interviews right here on Weigh Down Workshop | Gwen Shamblin | Christian Weight Loss | Bonnie Mechelle | Weight Loss Support


Shaquille O'Neal's mother, Lucille on Parenting and Perseverance - Sep 05,2

Being a teen mom is not easy, raising 4 children is not easy, going through a divorce is not easy, overcoming alcohol addiction is not easy, becoming a successful author and motivational speaker, is not easy. Yet Lucille O'Neal accomplised all of this, with the help of the Lord and a will to succeed. Listen to this wonderful story of parenting and perserverance with Lucille O'Neal! Shaquille ONeal | Lucille ONeal | battling alcohol addiction | teen pregnancy | Dealing with Divorce


Journey to wellness with Dr. A - Jun 06,2010

Health and wellness advice with Atlanta's own Dr. A News You Can Use 100% Support 100% Free!health and nutrition | holistic healing | weight loss tips | exercise help | motivation


God Wants You to Win, How to Put on Gods Armor with Thelma T Wells - Apr 24

Is stress, indecision, heartache, or fear zapping your energy? Stand tall and win against discouragement and oppression by putting on God's armor with this special episode of The Health Revolution with Thelma T Wells, popular author and speaker with a great message of hope and inspiration just for you. Building Fatih | Self-Esteem | Thelma T Wells | Christian Help | Bonnie Mechelle


The TRUTH about Prostitution, Jane McCormick pioneers a One Million Women M

Visit Healthtopia Radio ( - This is Jane McCormick and this picture was taken of her when she was being "kept" by a john who took her out for dinner at the Coba Cabana Night Club in New York. She was 24 years old and he was married and in his early 50's. She acted like she was not being used and abused but she was in denial of the abuse. Today, Jane wants to help other women in denial by starting a campaign for a One Million Woman March on Washington to speak out...


Easing Holiday Stress with Jan Denise Author of Innately Good - Dec 20,2009

Do you feel plagued by embarrassment, shame, guilt, or jealousy? Do you strive for something that will make you happy, yet never seem able to find it? Do you fear that something is innately wrong with you? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then this show is for YOU. Author Jan Denise identifies the origins of the tainted idea that we're innately flawed and provides a solid framework to help us undo the damage created by the myth that you're not "good enough" Jan is coming to...


Total Wellness for Weight Loss with Jeanette Jenkins, The Hollywood Trainer

Visit Healthtopia Radio ( -Everyone please welcome Jeanette Jenkins, The Hollywood Trainer as she comes back to The Healthtopia Radio Show to talk about more wellness strategies that will keep you healthy fit and alive. Jeanette's clientele includes top celebrities, she has a wealth of knowledge and a brand new fitness DVD Bikini Bootcamp. celebrity fitness trainer | Jeanette Jenkins | Weight Loss Tips | Bikini Bootcamp DVD | Exercise and Fitness Guru


Tackling Teen Pregnancy with Michele Ozumba CEO of GCAPP founded by Jane Fo

On December 5th 2009 Michele Ozumba, CEO of GCAPP (Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention) founded by Jane Fonda will be on The Health Revolution Radio Show with Bonnie Mechelle, to talk about the positive initiatives their organization is taking to prevent young teens from having children too early. She's going to discuss the up's and downs of running a large non profit organization with Jane Fonda, exciting upcoming events and what we all can do to be a part of the...


Real Cookin' & Healthy Lookin' with Virginia Willis author of Bon Appétit Y

She's worked with Martha Stewart, Julia Child and Paula Dean. She's the author of Bon Appétit Y'all, she's professional chef and food stylist Virgina Willis. Join us as we talk about real cooking and how to make your meals explode with flavor. We're going to weigh in on reality tv cooking shows and share some valuable advice to future chefs. We're also going to discuss Virginia's controversial blog post that landed her in The New York Times and ABC News! Listen in and come join the...


Healing from Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders with God's Help with D Marie

D. Marie Monroe is the Author of Not a Word, a book about her personal story of growing up dealing with sexual abuse and the path of healing and advocacy that she takes now to prevent and protect other children from experiencing the same horrors. Studies show that 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual abuse at one point in their lives. This is a very serious issue - one that touches every family - let's learn how to heal on tonights show with D. Marie. +PLUS+ Heleen Woest has a ministry and...


Losing Weight with God's Help, Interview with Arian T Moore founder of Enli

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Arian T. Moore struggled with weight issues for most of her life. Like many others, she was teased about her weight as a child and young adult. As a result, she suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. With God’s help, she lost a total of 45 pounds and has made it her life’s goal to help others do the same. Today she is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach. Arian also publishes Enliven Atlanta Magazine...


Our Nation's Healthcare Crisis 1:1 with Kathie McClure founder of VoteHealt

More promotes guaranteed affordable healthcare for all U.S. residents through citizen education and voter registration. They educate citizens so they can be informed participants in the debate about our nation's healthcare crisis. Join Kathie McClure and I as we talk about Our Nation's Health Care Crisis and How we all can play a part in the solution. Come be a part of the health revolution club Healthcare Reform | President Obama | health insurance | cost of healthcare |...


Toronto Pictures Presents A Story about Trokosi and Young Girls' Slavery in

Welcome Executive Producer, Daria Trifu and Renowned Director Bruno Pischiutta of Toronto Pictures as they discuss their new film: PUNCTURED HOPE. Movie Synopsis: The story takes place in today's Ghana. According to Trokosi custom, if someone commits a crime, traditional leaders order that a young girl from that family be sent to the shrine as a form of atonement. The chief priest and his entourage genitally mutilate and sexually abuse the girl. Against all odds, the protagonist of the story...


Getting Focused on Fitness with Jeanette Jenkins The Hollywood Trainer - Oc

Visit Healthtopia Radio ( - Jeanette’s student and client roster has included Queen Latifah, Kimora Lee Simmons, Christina Applegate, Taryn Manning, Ian Ziering, Jordana Brewster, Jackée Harry, Amy Weber, Victoria Rowell, Mara Brock Akil (creator of UPN’s Girlfriends and new hit show The Game), Tom Arnold, NFL’s Ty Law and Brian Cox. Terrell Owens describes Jeanette as being "high energy, passionate and knowledgeable. Says Owens, “Jeanette knows how to draw you in and...