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Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth

Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth
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Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie MeChelle, is the #1 source for Inspirational Weight Loss, Health and Wellness for Women. Our focus is building self esteem, overcoming setbacks and living a healthier more spiritual lifestyle. Let's take a look at how we can revitialize our health, regain control over our cravings, lose weight, become better parents and attain financial wealth




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The Scoop on Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison

Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD is the Health Director for The Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison weight loss program which is said to be a fun and engaging weight and diet solution. They offer a 30-day kit designed to help you achieve your goals: Rescue Me works to reduce cravings for sugars and carbs; Release Me is a calcium/magnesium mineral beverage mix; and Nightingale offers sleep support. The program's philosophy is explained in a support book, which also offers calorie counts, recipes, and daily...


How to Detox the Body Properly Natrually w. Dr Carlos Viana

Dr. Carlos Viana on Bio-Compatible Medicine. Are you looking for a more natural approach to healing? One that is geared to you, your needs and your life? Dr. Carlos Viana's new book, Prescriptions From Paradise: Introduction to Bio-compatible Medicine. His book is a unique approach to health that uses one's own specific biology rather than a standardized list of drugs, foods, supplements, activities, or procedures developed in a "one size fits all" mentality. Carlos M. Viana is an Oriental...


French Paradox: Enjoy food and stay thin w. Sally Asher

Sally Asher is a health scientist, weight loss coach and Francophile who has been featured in several radio shows, blogs and magazines. She wrote LOSING IT IN FRANCE: Les Secrets of the French Diet to share her story and help others discover the secret to living the good life while losing weight naturally. After four years living the sweet life in Paris, Sally now resides in Melbourne, Australia with herhusband and two children. Through her online weight loss coaching, she personally helps...


Bringing Attention To All of The Birth Options

Bonnie Mechelle discussed the documentary film, The Business of Being Born, with the film’s director, Abbie Epstein on the HealthTopia Radio show. Ricki Lake (who has a new tv show coming out in the fall 2012) was the 2008 film’s executive producer. Through this film, Lake wanted to share the life changing experience of giving birth to her baby at home in the bathtub of her New York City apartment, but she also wanted to bring attention to all of the birth options that women have available...


Holistic Health and Healing with Cee Cee Michaela Floyd

Natural Health Coach, Cee Cee Michaela Floyd is probably BEST known for her character of (Yvonne), the police officer and William's Fiancée, on the UPN hit comedy "GIRLFRIENDS", executive produced by Kelsey Grammer. She also played the role of (SIMONE) in the movie, "HAIRSHOW", starring along with Mo'Nique executive produced by Magic Johnson and has been seen on TBN's "PRAISE THE LORD"on numerous occasions. Join us for life changing healthy lifestyle tips that can improve your energy levels,...


Trauma of Prostitution and Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Young American girls are being raped daily for profit in communities we call home. Why? Because there are adults who demand to have sex with our children. This physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma often leaves children broken and scarred for life. Therapeutic services and residential programs like Living Waters For Girls are critical for many young girls’ survival, rehabilitation and restoration. Lisa Williams, founder of Living Waters for Girls will speak with host Bonnie...


The Caregiver Patient Dynamic Affects A Marriage

Dr. Diana Denholm has written The Caregiving Wife's Handbook devoted to the subject of caregiving. She has a 30-year private practice as a medical psychotherapist, specializing in helping caregivers and their loved ones navigate through the daily struggles of long-term illness and its damaging effects on family relationships. Updates and more at


Victory Steps Support Group Online #2 Victory Steps

Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching for Women offers free support group meetings by phone and online to help women overcome depression, stressful living and weight gain. Learn more at ( Special thanks to our sponsors at Floclaire Total Body Care (


Victory Steps Support Group Online

Learn more about the Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching for Women at or call (888) 509-8450 Ext 2 today.


From Self-Sabotage to Success

Bold Identity Coach, Becky Harmon came on Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie Mechelle to talk about how to have a BOLD IDENTITY and how to move from sabotage to success. Learn more at


How to do the Daniel Fast w/ The Soulful Slimdown

Maisha McGee-Childs is the author of The Soulful Slimdown, a 40 day journal designed to guide you through a successful Daniel Fast. If you ever had questions about how to fast or when to fast, this episode is just for you. Enjoy another enlightening episode of Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie Mechelle which also airs on Atlanta's WAEC 860 AM radio station 6:30pm on Fridays. Visit our webpage at and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for more inspiration and motivation to...


Benefits of Using All Natural Products with Rhonda Harlan

Rhonda Harlan is a Registered Nurse who stepped out on faith and started her own natural hair and body product line called: Yogachi Signature. She use some of the old recipes passd down to her by her mother, grandmother and great grandmother to build over 100 products! Rhonda used only $100 to get started and she's an inspiration to ALL WOMEN who need to build a buisness from their passion. Sign up for Bonnie Mechelle's monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our programs and health...


Transition to a Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw Food Lifestyle

( Healthtopia Radio® Today's featured guest is Victoria Moran. Whether she's writing, speaking, teaching a teleclass, or working with a client, she wants to help put more magic into your life. If you want to make peace with food and weight (she did that over twenty years ago, and if she can, anybody can); or come to terms with your age and look and feel better than ever. If you want to move toward a plant-based diet, or deepen your spiritual life in a way that works in...


Helping Homeless Teens+ Kids in Foster Care w/ Echo Garrett

Echo Garrett, is the co-author of WHY DON’T THEY JUST GET A JOB?: and MY ORANGE DUFFEL BAG: A Journey to Radical Change. We’re here to talk about the latter book, My Orange Duffel Bag, which is a story about the life of Sam Bracken -- who was once a homeless teen is now a successful executive -- and his self-help advice for success. Their non-profit delivers life plan coaching from certified life and executive coaches to youth who are in foster care, homeless youth and at-risk youth with a...


Natural Cure for AIDS Virus, Cancer, Diabetes and More...

Brenda Cobb said that she has seen people cured of the AIDS virus, cancer, diabetes and more... at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta. She has overcome breast cancer and cervical cancer herself WITHOUT the use of chemotherapy, invasive surgery or pharmacetical drugs by taking on a raw and Living Foods diet. Listen and learn from this power episode of Healthtopia Radio with Bonnie Mechelle and take The Atlanta Fruit and Veggie Challenge today:


Mission: Bold Identity with Becky Harmon

©Healthtopia Radio ( - Becky Harmon is passionate about equipping Christians to move from sabotage to success personally and organizationally. She has first-hand knowledge of the bitter root of rejection and dysfunction due to growing up in an alcoholic home, and what it truly feels like to inadvertently sabotage your own success. Determined to become an overcomer, Becky through the grace of God, has succeeded and is paving the way for countless others to experience the...


The Biggest Loser Contestant “Coach Mo” on Losing Weight

© Healthtopia Radio ( - The same Coach Mo from Season 8 contestant t.v. show ” The Biggest Loser” is now an inspirational fitness speaker and has opened Coach Mo-tiviation weight loss health and wellness center at 2501 Millers Lane in Louisville, Ky. Coach Mo guarantees success with weight loss, controlling diabetes, and high blood pressure. Coach Mo-tivation is spreading over kentuckiana like a wild fire and having amazing results throughtout the community. He...


Help for Single Moms with Jennifer Maggio

Jennifer Maggio is a columnist for Single Parents Town and founder of Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine, a free resource for single mothers. Maggio left her corporate successes behind to launch what is today one of the nation's largest single mom support groups. Her passion is to see single mothers and hurting women living the life God intended and has helped to launch programs all over the world. Sign up for our e-zine at


Singer Charlene Oliver's New Book "I've Never Been To Me"

© Healthtopia Radio ( - Charlene Oliver is an Artist who has touched the world with her haunting vocal style and quality. Listen as she opens up with Bonnie Mechelle about her new book titled "I've Never Been to Me." Charlene got her big break when she recorded a song called " Sweet Sad Clown", it was presented to Motown Records founder, Berry Gordy, who signed her within a month. It was then that she worked with many of the people she only dreamed of when she was a...


New Movie The Inner Weigh: A Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss Using The Laws of Attraction

© Healthtopia Radio ( - “The Inner Weigh™ is about tapping into the power of your subconscious mind to create the body and life that you want,” says the film’s Producer and Creator, clinical psychologist Dr. Dave Smiley, who has released 55 pounds by using the principles in this film. Join Dr. David Smiley, Bonnie Mechelle and Associate Producer Bronwyn Marmo as we candidly discuss this revolutionary new film where Twenty of the top experts in the fields of medicine,...