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#16 - The Power of Your Struggle + Creating Domination Jars

The Sweet Ass Domination Deck: Enter this week's giveaway: The Sweet Ass Journal: Ask a Question or Leave a Comment on the show: **Leave a review on iTunes and I will donate $2 to the HELP INTERNATIONAL foundation in Uganda, and I'll share it on the show.**


#15- The Secret of Doubt, Dedication to the Self, and Previous Life Death w/ Nikki Armstrong

Enter this week's giveaway: Ask a Question or Leave a Comment on the show: **Leave a review on iTunes and I will donate $2 to the HELP INTERNATIONAL foundation in Uganda, and I'll share it on the show.**


#14- Digital Education, Entrepreneur Marriage, and the LamCam w/ Ray Blakney

Ray and I have a fireside chat about the importance of authenticity in a relationship, the state of the digital world, and the secret life of Paul Lam on the LamCam. We also discuss mind strength techniques, the value of martial arts, the importance of being curious, exploring what excites you, and how to make a difference in the world. -- Enter this week's giveaway: Ask a Question or Leave a Comment on the show: Visit the...


#13- The Power of the Possible - Creating the Ryan Banks Academy w/ Valerie Groth

In 2016 I stumbled upon Valerie Groth at The World Domination Summit in Portland, OR- watching her accept an award she won for a life scholarship for her project, The Ryan Banks Academy. She was eager, bright eyed, and compassionate on all cylinders, and I knew that she was going to do big things with her journey. Enter this week's giveaway: Ask a Question or Leave a Comment on the show: Visit the podcast shownotes:...


#12 - The Answer is Unconditional Love: An Ayahuasca Exploration w/ Mary Shores

It’s not easy to open up discussion about personal trauma, hardships, or the feeling of life ‘falling apart.’ As humans, it’s more comfortable to retreat, hide, and busy ourselves with bullshit in place of confronting the obstacles. Lately, there has been a glorious explosion in the exploration of Mother Ayahuasca in the western world, and although many have flocked to the medicine without intention, preparation, or even respect for the power, the Mother is awakening mass healing in those...


#11: The Power of Creating over the Creation

In this episode, I discuss a gremlin that attacked my personal life, and how the act of creating is actually more valuable than the creation. Relationships. Authenticity. Communication. Enjoy Shownotes: Enter Giveaway: The Sweet Ass Domination Deck: The Sweet Ass Journal:


#10- Boosting Men’s Olympic Rowing w/ Female Power & the Magic of Challenging Your Fear w/ Whitney Powell

Every once in a while, I walk away from a conversation feeling like I have fear in an everlasting headlock. This sense of energy is infectious, and I believe that the power of feeling it, absorbing it, and sharing it is my high purpose. But, I cannot just create this energy internally and share it. It comes from the source, and the source is shared with me through the magical impact of others. We are all one big sexy grid of energy. Sometimes, the grid goes down for a few hours while the...


#9- How to Overcome Your Darkness (+ Reflection Lists)

You are surrounded by miracles, yet why don't you see them? In this sexy episode, I free-ball to show you WHY things seem so bad sometimes, and how to reframe your approach to absorb light and not darkness. Our Kickstarter is 122% funded. Check out The Sweet Ass Domination Deck.


IT'S HERE! The World's Best Way to Motivate Your Sweet Ass

The Kickstarter is FINALLY live :) Or, search Rage Create or Sweet Ass Domination Deck on Kickstarter! Early Bird Rewards now Available!


#8- Open Curiosity, Sharing Your Gifts, and Bridging the Gap Between Low and High Frequency w/ Amelia Broughton

This past December, I stumbled upon a magical force of energy in Nicaragua at The Unconventional Life w/ Jules Schroeder and 75 other beautiful beings. Among them was a super attractive authenticity princess named Amelia Broughton who had an approach to conversation that I couldn’t ignore. Amelia gave a simple speech on the different levels of conversation, and she really put off a beautiful vibrant energy throughout the whole trip. In this episode, we re-connect for the first time in a...


#7- From Idea to Product, Kickstarter Wisdom, and Rage Creating w/ Jason Berwick

In 2014 I met Jason Berwick through an automation funnel. His twitter bot responded to my twitter bot, and we immediately engaged with the double-sided trolling. Little did I know, he would end up showing me how to buy and resell things on, and that it would eventually lead to the creation of Rage Create and The Sweet Ass Domination Deck. Since 2014, we have both cleared more than $1.5 million in sales online separately, and we are now working towards authentically motivating the...


#6- Zero to Travel, Free Radicals, The Value of the Journey, & Community Power w/ Jason Moore

When I first started pursuing my dream of owning my own business, traveling the world, and living a freedom lifestyle, I was inspired and motivated by certain people who seemed to randomly drop into my life when I needed them the most. I didn’t know it then, but when you open up your mind to just ‘flow’ and say yes to the world, that is when the magic happens. Setting a goal is easy, but actually achieving a goal can be a whirlwind of poo. It CAN be easy, but it’s entirely dependent on how...


#5- Airplane Gremlins, Setting a Vision, and Creating a Sacred Space

Do you ever have trouble actually achieving the goals that you set? Or, are you the type of person that sets resolutions in the New Year only to procrastinate actually achieving them until the year is almost gone? After interviewing 100+ creative entrepreneurs on my last podcast, I discovered a nifty way to set up and actually achieve visions in a short, effective time frame. This episode kicks off with a dissection of why vision is so important and then takes a dive into the magic behind...


#4- Overcoming Adversity vs. Feeding the Ego, Cleaning Human Files, and Channeling Sacred Geometry with Bri Seeley

Some people are fake and love eating cakes, and others are real and love eating thrills. Bri is one of the rare gems that glows with authenticity, and I have mad respect for her vibes. She is the author of Permission to Leap and diddles in many entrepreneurial endeavours. We first tangoed back in 2016 when I interviewed her on my old show, The Artsy Now Podcast, and she was a huge influence on my visualization practices that allowed me to create this freedom lifestyle. Because only gangsters...


#3- Unexpected Disaster, Near Death Spirit Interventions, & The Unconventional Miracle named Jules Schroeder

In 2017, Jules Schroeder was named the top female entrepreneur changing the world by Inc. I felt called to join her down in Nicaragua an Unconventional Life event in November, and nothing but magic exploded. Jules and I joined forces for episode 3 of The Never Stop Peaking podcast launch, and the dopesauce was flowing like the Nile. If you are into dopesauce, you should definitely put this episode in your eyes, ears, and butt. Enter this week's Giveaway to win a copy of Jules’ album Love...


#2- Strange Vibes on a Plane, Imprisonment in Rwanda, Contagious Entities, and Emotional Magic w/ Jared Angaza

In 2008, I blindly met Jared Angaza on an airplane traveling towards Texas. He was fresh off extradition by the U.S. from Rwanda where he had been imprisoned daily for 4 months, facing forces of blackmail, corruption, and high-tension accusations. Jared asked me a question on that plane ride, and it planted a seed that would change my life forever. Enter this week's giveaway at Ask a Question or Leave a Comment to be aired on the...


#1- How to Never Stop Peaking, 4 Tips for Creating Your Freedom Empire, + Podcast Launch

About me: I’m Heath Armstrong. I smash resistance gremlins with my books and this podcast. I never stop peaking. About you: You’re into ridiculous rants, authentic convos, and sweet ass motivation. You want to learn how to never stop peaking. Plus, everyone loves a little comedy, all wrapped in a used condom. Twinkle Twinkle, space-ape. Enter this weeks giveaway at Leave a message or ask a question for the show at Read my full story...