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Join my weekly discussions and interviews on Personal Branding | Personal Development | Publishing | Providing inspiration and teachings on branding, social media and authoring. I'm your host Bernard Kelvin Clive.

Join my weekly discussions and interviews on Personal Branding | Personal Development | Publishing | Providing inspiration and teachings on branding, social media and authoring. I'm your host Bernard Kelvin Clive.




Join my weekly discussions and interviews on Personal Branding | Personal Development | Publishing | Providing inspiration and teachings on branding, social media and authoring. I'm your host Bernard Kelvin Clive.






Brand Positioning: King Already? Lessons from Shatta Wale

What Do you say: King Already? Traits of Outstanding Personal Brands In our personal branding session today, let me share with you one of the traits of successful Brands using a Ghanaian artist. If you’ve been a follower of my branding lessons, from any of the platforms, be it radio, TV, blogs, or social media you would have noticed one name stands out in most of my examples. That name is Shatta Wale. Google just ‘Shatta’ and his name and works surfaces. His songs and Brand has become a...


How to Create a Brand Name

What is your name? “It’s what you invest in the name that makes the brand relevant” Names trigger emotions, they evoke memories and they inspire actions. Out of the billions of people on earth, everyone has a name. In West Africa, names are so important to the extent that names they give to children always have a meaning associated with it. It’s the meanings that define the names and consequently impact the lives of the bearers. Examples from Ghana; a third-born male child of the Akan Tribe...


How Brands and Entrepreneurs Can Thrive in Difficult Times – Mike Zeller

Selling is Service The Current pandemic has totally impacted every aspect of life and business, in this episode my guest Mike Zeller, shares strategies to help brands and individuals to survive and blossom in-spite of the challenges. Mike Zeller is a mentor and speaker who, at his core, is most passionate about helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders gain clarity on their zone of genius while unleashing their potential to make money and impact. Through that process, they also learn how to...


Brands: How to Become a Market Leader in Times of Crisis – Edwin Dearborn

How Brands can become a market leader in times of crisis “Tell a story that makes the customer the hero or potential hero of the story – Edwin Dearbon Key tips Market Research Tell Stories Empathize Value Creation Be Agile Move fast My Guest: Edwin Dearborn The Orange County Register featured Edwin Dearborn as a true “Marketing Expert”. Edwin has also been featured in Entrepreneur, CBS MoneyWatch, Social Media Today, and other national media outlets. Edwin has appeared as a keynote speaker...


Tools and Platforms to Promote your Brand and Make Money

Apps, Tools, and Services I have compiled a couple of tools and services for promoting your brand and making some money on the internet. 3 Keys to Carry Along I have identified three key things/ tools to help you in promoting your brand and doing business online. The first is to invest in paid adverts, yes, the free lunch is over, it is going to cost you some dollars to rake in more dollars. You must be willing to invest in paid ads to get desired and targeted reach in most cases. I highly...


Branding Lessons from Granny’s Kitchen

Ingredients to Spice Your Brand I wish I could cook scrumptious meals effortlessly like my grand-mum. Well, if wishes were horses… However, I learned some things about cooking from my grand-mum which can be translated into the branding and business fields. You may be in the kitchen of your brand, cooking what you hope to be one of the best meals – delicious, mouth-watering, yummy and nutritious. What would be a good spice for this meal? Today, we are using the kitchen and cooking as...


How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from Your Competition

Making Your Brand Stand Out from Your Competition When you are running your business, you will find that there will be a lot of other businesses providing the same services as you. This leads to a fierce competition as you’ll all be fighting to secure customers. The good news is that there some great ways that you can make your brand stand out from your competition from providing new products and services to trying new marketing strategies and more. Find out some of our tips in the article...


Email Branding: Making the Most of Your Emails

Emailing Branding Strategies Making the most of your emails. “In the world of digital communication tools, email has become the king”. According to Statistica, there were about 293 billion emails sent daily in 2019 and the number is expected to hit about 347 billion by 2023. ( Electronic mails referred to as emails, one of the earliest digital marketing tools, (and)have become so powerful over the years. Emails have become a primary communication tool on the internet. One...


Personal Brands: Building your Digital Presence on a Shoestring Budget

Building your Digital Presence on a Shoestring Budget Tools, Tips, and Strategies Seasons and times will compel many to chart unknown waters, others out of curiosity and necessity. Regardless of the trigger, having an online presence and brand has become a must-have in this age. More so, the pandemic has propelled and created a sense of urgency to digitize. Over the years I have noticed that several people struggle with getting started with their digital presence, where to begin and the...


Social Media Strategies – lessons from Jesus

“The 21st Century Christian/Church must rethink ministry via the lens of technology. A powerful tool in the hands of the believer.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive Here are Eight(8) Strategies to implement! 1. Give them something worth their attention. What would they see and read? Ensure that your intention for their attention is clear. you know exactly what you want to offer, Jesus was offering salvation ― life (John 10:10). ‘When they saw the miracles Jesus had performed…they followed!’ Your brand...


Doing Business in Africa; Lessons from Building Africa’s Amazon

In this episode you would learn about branding, cultural and businesses barriers and benefits in doing business in Africa. You will discover: Culture of Business Lessons from the Chinese How to survive in an unknown market My guest, Marek Zmysłowski is a Polish-born entrepreneur and executive, focused on online businesses in Frontier and Emerging Markets. He co-founded Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group and – a Travel...


Personal Branding from the Inside Out with Kami Guildner

Building your personal brand in a digital age… what to do and what not. In this episode, my guest Kami, through more light on how to build an authentic brand. Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A success coach for women. Kami’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked by the breath of a horse over a decade ago. This magical epiphany moment led Kami to discover her purpose of leading change-maker women to give voice to their most important messages and...


Growing your Business in Hard Times with John Armah

“This is a good time to ask yourself, what skills are you lacking?” – John Armah The impact of this pandemic has been frightening. ‘…these are not ordinary times for Business Owners, Employees and Households, these are indeed not ordinary times.. the bigger question has been, what is the impact and risk of COVID-19 on Business and what factors can help mitigate this risk What do you do as an entrepreneur or business owner? In this episode my guest John Armah shares strategies to help you...


The Power of Personal Videos for Business Growth

Video is a huge lever to bring the human element back to business. My guest today is Matt Barnett the CEO of Bonjoro who walks us through how to effectively use personalized videos in your business communications. Listen learn and share. Resources: 30 ways to use video for leads, conversions and creating referrals Awaken the Giant in You CEO Branding Goals Are Dead! Branding Beyond Visuals Business Networking Made Easy Rebrand: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding


Personal brands: Making the Most of your Quarantine Period (Solitude)

How to maximize your ‘Stay-at-Home’ Season “It is reminding us of how important our family and home life is and how much we have neglected this. It is forcing us back into our houses so we can rebuild them into our home and to strengthen our family unit.” – Bill Gates Here are a number of ideas and activities you can consider to maximize the moment. 1. Introspection: sit back and review your life, take stock of where you’ve been, what you’ve done and where you are going. It’s a good time to...


The Invisible Forces of Brands

“Branding is more of a perception than a product(service).” – Bernard Kelvin Clive Beyond colors, logos and all the visually appealing attributes of brands, there are other intangibles that trigger their success. Today, I will share with you what I call the invisible forces of brands. In countless instances, I have seen a number of individuals and businesses placing so much emphasis on their brand tangibles at the expense of the intangibles? Visuals play a very critical role in branding....


How Brands Can Stay Woke in Crisis

How Brands Can Stay Woke in Epidemics “To have your brand deep-rooted in the hearts of clients & customers requires empathy – humanize your brand” – Bernard Kelvin Clive Life happens! Life is filled with the unaccepted, regardless of how carefully and practically you plan, sometimes things may just go off unannounced and unexpected. What you do in times like that is as relevant as your plan. In the wake of the current alarming epidemic, a number of brands have suffered losses and others are...


Developing Right Mindsets for Your Brand

Here are key Mindsets to develop for your Brand The truth is that every brand will be tested at a point in time, if not most of the time. Ground Mindset: This is having the fundamentals of your brand right. Don’t jump the initial stages of defining and reasons for your brand. The ground rule is to know ‘your ‘why’ for your brand. Develop your brand and business purpose into one simple statement that you can share with others easily – let’s call it, your elevator pitch. Answer these...


How to Publish your Book in 60 Days with Michelle Vandepas

The best time to write and publish a book is now. Yes! No matter how busy you may be, there is a way you can have a book in your name to share your ideas, establish your expertise or grow your business. In this episode my gust Michelle Vandepas, The CEO of Grace Point Publishing walks us through the process of getting your books published. Listen, learn and share. Download, listen, learn and share Resources: CEO Branding Goals Are Dead! Branding Beyond Visuals...


Advantages Personal Branding Offers You

Benefits of Personal branding Are you known, unknown or too-known? Growing up in Sub-Sahara Africa, it was quite uncommon for successful people (experts) to toot their horns, it was seen as bragging, being boastful and proud. Rarely did I hear or see someone beat their chest and raise the head up high to declare their expert status. They would rather do their great deeds quietly and let others praise them for it. A culture which I think had hampered many great talents who would have shot up...