Inspirations, motivations, contemplations and conversations for and about runners.

Inspirations, motivations, contemplations and conversations for and about runners.


Oxford, MA


Inspirations, motivations, contemplations and conversations for and about runners.






Oxford, MA 01540


Fdip295: Dr. George Sheehan – Facing the Future

Its been almost two years since I produced an episode of this goofy little podcast featuring the thoughts and words of a man I admire a great deal: Dr. George Sheehan. Theres no specific reason for thatepisode 258 titled Dr. George Sheehan: Seeing was my reading of the final chapter of his book Running and Being The Total Experience, probably his best known work. Cardiologist, Philosopher, author and record setting marathoner, Dr. George Sheehan was diagnosed, in 1986, with inoperable...


Fdip292: Running in Time

The universe is different for runners, because we have a far more personal relationship with it. Non-runners can jump on a bike, in a car, on a boat, strap themselves into a plane or a rocket, and discuss the many miles theyll travel in shorter periods of time: but a runner has to work at it. A runner has to take her or his own body, with only the fuel pumping through our own blood streams across the distances of miles and many mileswe are creatures who move under our own power across...


Fdip284: My First Time

Today well hear from six fellow runners (including myself) who will relate to you their personal stories about Their First Times.


Fdip283: Life 2.0

Today is my 50th birthday. I was born at exactly 7:48 PM Eastern Standard Time in the maternity ward of Milton Hospital on Reedsdale Road and Highland Street in the town of Milton, Massachusetts on January 19th, 1962. Turning 50 feels good, because its good to be alive. The milestone reminds me to take a walk break in this race, and turn to look behind me to see how far Ive come. The past 50 years of life included great joy, terrible sadness, and the agony and ecstasy of blood, sweat and...


Fdip280: Summer of the Shark

In the summer of 1975 I was a 13 year old skinny, big eared, pimply-faced teenager with a frown full of braces and a head filled with big ideas. This was the first time I had ever been able to express my creativity to an audience greater than my immediate family, it was the first time I took a thought and converted it into something for others to experience. My words, my story, my imagines, my voice and that of my friends Andy and Jameswe created a movie that entertained our family,...


Fdip279: For Love of Wine and Pizza Part 2

Part two of a series of episode where we prepare ourselves to win an argument with a non-runner!


Fdip278: For Love of Wine and Pizza Part 1

In order to start the conversation that plants the seed of an idea into someones head that they might want to begin the process to adopt the running life style, you need the right ammunition: you need to commit to memory at least a handful of logical arguments that will make your proposal effective and produce results.


Fdip277: Existence and the Running Man

To be or not to be?, that is only the second question we have to ask ourselves: the first is: Are we? or Are we not? Do we exist or is this all just a dream? Descartes had something to say about all this, and its to Descartes that we will go, as we begin to contemplate that one thing that makes us appreciate the way it feels to run across the Earth, to feel the sweat, effort and joy of getting our miles in and moving these bodies that we either are or inhabit. Descarte can help us begin...


Fdip276: Henry David Thoreau Walker

In this episode I present for you an abridged for podcast version of Henry David Thoreaus essay A Walk to Wachusett. As you listen to these words, think about the excursion you might make wherever you live; knowing that you could cover the distance on a long run, but instead taking the time to walk and explore the world around you. This is one of the great lessons of Thoreau: that we should savor the journey and experience our environment. Its as Professor Nancy Etcoff said in my episode...


Fdip275: In Vino Veritas

Philosophers have been asking the question What is Truth for thousands of years, as they try to determine if truth is subjective, objective, relative or absolute. I think that we, as runners: have a special opportunity to both ask and, in some specific way, at least, answer the question for ourselves. Truth can be found in the hard work and determination we put into every mile; truth can be understood based on our personal experiences about what we can achieve and the goals we can...


Fdip274: The Pursuit of Happiness

I propose to you that running can bring you great happiness, and since I know that Im preaching to the choir here, Ill ask you to consider how running can bring happiness to those in your family, friends and acquaintances whom youll meet in your lifeand that no matter how sad or broken they and we may sometimes feel: we have an obligation and a certain unalienable right to engage in the pursuit of happiness.


Fdip273: The Morality of Quitting

In this episode we tackle the philosophical question Is it morally right to quit a road race?. For help in understanding the question en route to an answer, we call about the great minds of Professor Richard Dawkins, Immanuel Kant, Socrates, and Aristotle.


Fdip272: The Iron and Candy Anniversary Show

The 6th Anniversay of Phedippidations.


Fdip271: Team Poco Loco

This episode of Phedippidations is intended to recreate for you the experience of running with fellow runners and friends. On April 30th Team Poco Loco gathered in Boston Massachusetts to run a half marathon distance around the mighty Charles River.


Fdip270: When There’s Nothing Left to Burn, You Have to Set Yourself on Fir

This is the story of a fellow runner by the name of Katie who fought a good fight in that all too familiar way where all options are gone and the only thing left to do was to make a terrible agonizing choice: When you have nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire


Fdip269: el Poco Loco Curso

A tour of the Poco Loco Course


Fdip268: Duncan Rises

From where he tottered before the couch, on muscles immune to elongation and contraction, Duncan contemplated his next move. Opposite the lavatory, on the northern end of this dwelling, was his bedroom: unkempt and festooned with the discarded wrappings of many cakes, candies and snack treats; necessary supplements to his ongoing carbohydrate loading. This is the story of Duncan, a man without ambition or purpose who stumbles upon an idea that challenges his very existence and forces him to...


Fdip267: Running Varietals

The term varietal describes an elementary form of something. With wine, its the fermented product of a single grape. With running, the word varietal describes the specific practice of a training element. With running as with wine its important to understand the differences between the fundamental elements that go into the final product, so that when the harvest is released: be it after bottling or on race day: the end result can be savored over time; with rich expressive notes and a fine...


Fdip266: Running Builds Bigger Brains

We all know how running can improve our lives, our health and our disposition with the universe around us. We know that running is part of a healthy lifestyle and that it can improve the condition of our cardiovascular systems, and that we have evolved as homo sapien sapiens from Australopithecus Africanus to run across the savanna in search of the meat from fallen animals. The benefits of running are clear, and new evidence is being found that further supports this idea that we should be...


Fdip265: An Interval of Persistence

You and I are out on a run together. As were getting our miles in we start to talk to each other to pass the time. This is where we get to know each other, where we start to open up a little and reveal ourselves as the persons we really are. You and I are different, with different backgrounds, different beliefs and different understandings of the universe around us. I want to know what youre all about, and you might want to know whats going on in my teenie tiny little head. So today, lets...