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Episode 31 - Austin Neal

From fabrics to unique designs, mid-level luxury street-wear designer Austin Neal joins the show to talk about his triumphant journey of health scare to success. Austin details his journey of early success in fashion in high school to forming his own brand, Neal Clothing. What They're Sayin.. Austin is a type of person that takes major action and loves to use his gifts to serve other. He is persistent and consistent, which allows him to stay ahead of most people. - Julian Dismute This...

Episode 30 - Eric Hutchison

The boys are on their best behavior this week as podcast sponsor Eric Hutchison of Loyal Sons Barber Shop pays a visit to the DRMN BG Studios. On this week’s episode we talk about Eric’s passions leading to opening his own shop, flat tops in the NBA and more. What They're Sayin.. Eric’s personality & openness to all people plays a huge role in his success. He enjoys talking with all people & has such a big array of topics he’s interested in — i think this is what makes his customers at the...


Episode 29 - Jayson Hinrichsen

Jayson Hinrichsen joins the show this week to talk about his journey as a promising young college baseball player and how a debilitating condition derailed his career. Little did he know, these struggles would lead to a new path of success. What They're Sayin.. Passion, drive, and consistency are three traits that make Jayson the creator that he is. I’ve honestly never met anyone in my life that’s so dedicated to doing the best work he can do at literally whatever he is doing. - Josh...


Episode 28 - Melissa Carlson & Rachel Abel

Melissa Carlson and Rachel Abel of 818, a tiny design empire, join the show to talk about their love for design, craft beer and how one happy hour turned their passions into a career. What They're Sayin.. Melissa and Rachel are both incredibly talented artists, but what's most-impressive is their level of organization skills. - Denika Almburg Passionate. Purposeful. And a super uncanny knack at finding the soul of a problem project or product and finding the right way to represent that...

Episode 27 - Katy Doughty

After 10+ years of adventure and fun outside of Iowa, Katy returns to her roots to form the Riverbend Sport and Social Club. On this episode we talk about Katy's inspirations and how she brought her idea to life. What They're Sayin.. Katy has the ability to interact and influence more people than she will ever know. She is humble and sometimes doesn't understand how good she is at leading people - Angela Melito Katy is a pure soul. Her love of life and adventures seeps through in...


Episode 26 - Anthony Maldonado

When it comes to mixing sounds, Anthony Maldonado is on a different level than most. Anthony realized his dream of becoming a professional audio engineer at a young age. On this week's episode, Anthony tells us about his journey. What They're Sayin.. His work ethic is pristine. If it needs to get done, it'll be done no matter the situation. Always respected him highly for that. - B.Well Something that makes Anthony special is his loyalty, he works very hard but always makes sure his...

Episode 25 - Brittney Ledford

On this week's episode, the DRMN BG crew samples amazing monster cookies and pie made by Brittney Ledford of One Sweet Kitchen. Brittney breaks down her journey of turning her passion into her living. What They're Sayin.. Brittney has always put others first which has aided her to become successful in business. I have never seen someone bend over backwards so far just to make a client or friend happy! - Biz Buckton Brittney lives by the mindset "second place sucks". If she is not going to...


Episode 24 - De'Andre Jackson

Former Iowa State Cyclone De'Andre Jackson joins the show to talk about his journey as a college and professional football player and applying the life lessons he learned towards founding his own restaurant, Winners BBQ in Dallas, TX. What They're Sayin.. De'Andre always embraced challenges and made tough situations his story instead of his excuse.. - Dan McCarney - Former Iowa State University Football Coach He's passionate about creating a legacy and using his platform to reach people...


Episode 23 - B2Wins

Walter and Wagner Caldas of the B2Wins join the show to talk about their fascinating story of growing up in a crime riddled favela in Brazil, turning to music and coming to Iowa to form their successful music group, B2Wins. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7Design, Bozz Prints, and Powers Media House.


Episode 22 - Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson (Co-Owner of Krave Gym) joins the show this week to talk about realizing his passion for fitness at a young age. He has since turned that passion into a career of helping people through fitness, community and team building. We dive into Tyler's story and also talk bodybuilding, finding motivation, goal setting, nutrition and more. What They're Sayin.. I think that so much of Tyler's success comes from his ability to reach and relate to people. This kind of personality...


Episode 21 - Bridget Schneider

From joining a gym as a way to meet new people (we'll, sort of) to professional dead-lifting champion to opening her own gym, Bridget Schneider is a bad ass and her mission is to help empower people, not only in the fitness world, but in life. Memorable Quotes "Roadblocks are never really road blocks. You're still on the same path but the course you're taking might be different" "Everybody thinks they have their ducks in a row but one of us is always going to have a duck flying into the...


Episode 20 - Made in DSM

Derek Jensen and Andrew Peterson of Made in DSM have dedicated the last 2 years to highlighting the talented people of Des Moines. It's about time we shine the light on them and find out more about how Made in DSM was formed and where it's headed. Memorable Quotes "We want to be involved with your lives because were generally interested in it" "You put in the work and people notice and good things happen" "It's not what you do, it's how you do it" What They're Sayin.. They genuinely...

Episode 19 - Dani Ausen

The incredible queen of all things design related, Dani Ausen, joins the show to talk about how she makes the most of her talents in working at a prominent university, launching her own custom designed jewelry business and her prominent role in making Market Day what it is today. Memorable Quotes "Eat the elephant one bite at a time" "Don't think you can't do it, you can, you just have to start somewhere" What They're Sayin.. "You empower many people – including me – to do bigger and...

Episode 18 - Karen Meat

Arin Eaton and Dana T of pop rock project Karen Meat join the show to provide an inside look at pursuing a career in music, life on the road and a run-in with Eddie Money. Memorable Quotes "Inevitably, if you do what you wanna do and you work on it, you're going to get better. how good you get doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy it" "You'll never know what you're capable of if you don't try it" What They're Sayin.. "If people aren't fans of her yet, that means they haven't yet...


Episode 17 - Cullen & Evan Powers

Cullen and Evan Powers of Powers Media House, the tallest media company in the world, join the show to talk about Cullen quitting a successful family business and joining forces with brother Evan to form their own media company. We also talk adventures, photography and a dust up in Tucson. Memorable Quotes "Count your blessings not your failures" "It's your outlook on life, not embracing the bad stuff and just enjoying the good stuff" What They're Sayin.. "Never giving up on pursuing...

Episode 16 - John Bosley

From designing toys for The Walking Dead to head designer at RAYGUN to launching his own company specializing in illustrating well-known cities, landmarks and geographic icons, John Bosley is a machine! In this episode, John talks about following his passion for art, illustration and design and making that passion his career. Memorable Quotes "I wanted to stop building someone else's castle and build my own." "If there's something you're intersted in doing, just do it, you've got nothing...

Episode 15 - Brad Argo

A big dreamer and an executor, Brad Argo has moved houses, formed a successful adventure company and turned his passion for ping pong into a beloved game lounge for all to enjoy. In this episode, we explore how Brad takes big ideas and successfully brings them to life. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7Design, Bozz Prints, and Powers Media House.

Episode 14 - Patrick Tape Fleming

From performing on picnic tables in small-town Iowa to a national concert tour, Patrick Tape Fleming of Gloom Balloon and The Poison Control Center joins The DRMN BG Podcast. In this episode, Patrick shares his stories from the road and explains how his love for music led to a successful career in songwriting, performance and production. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7Design, Bozz Prints, and Powers Media House.

Episode 13 - Tony Watson

From small town Iowa to the World Series: Season 2 of The DRMN BG Podcast kicks off with our friend, Major League Baseball player Tony Watson! In this episode, Tony explains how he turned his biggest dream into reality, his formula for success and gives us an inside look at life in the big leagues. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by P7Design, Bozz Prints, and Powers Media House.



A quick update on what is now the DRMN BG Podcast. Season 2 is coming soon!