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The Dream Chaser Show is a movement dedicated to providing education and motivation to people who desire to live a full life on their own terms. Created by Will Lane, the goal is to create a community that is inspired to dream and live big. He'll be sharing his knowledge as well as interviewing everyday people who are living the life of their dreams.

The Dream Chaser Show is a movement dedicated to providing education and motivation to people who desire to live a full life on their own terms. Created by Will Lane, the goal is to create a community that is inspired to dream and live big. He'll be sharing his knowledge as well as interviewing everyday people who are living the life of their dreams.
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The Dream Chaser Show is a movement dedicated to providing education and motivation to people who desire to live a full life on their own terms. Created by Will Lane, the goal is to create a community that is inspired to dream and live big. He'll be sharing his knowledge as well as interviewing everyday people who are living the life of their dreams.




The Art of Selling High Ticket Masterminds with Dan Lok

One of my personal definitions of money is - the measurement of value created. When I think of money this way it inspires me to create my own worth instead of looking for someone to give me anything. Using this perspective I'm more inspired to get into action and make things happen. It gives me energy knowing that I'm creating as a contributor to the "machine". On the other hand when I'm looking for people to give me anything it drains my energy, it doesn't empower me. When it come come to...


Creating A High End Consulting Practice with Tim Conley

Context: There are a lot of changes taking place in the economy right now and it's happening very quickly. The job market is shrinking and the newer jobs that are becoming available are paying less. As an entrepreneur this is great news because change creates problems and entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. As you know one of the fields that I'm really enthusiastic about is business consulting. I like it for a number of reasons but here's just a few... About Tim Conley: My...


How To Think Like A CEO with Ben Williams

I attended a marketing event called Monetization Mastery almost a year and a half ago down in Miami... I always tell people if you want to change your belief system around money and what's really possible then go to an internet marketing event. When you're surrounded by people who are on the internet making thousands of dollars (and some even tens of thousands) per day it has a way of shifting the way you think about business. I've also discovered one of the truths about building a...


How To Become A Location Independent Entrepreneur with Austin Distel

A few weeks back I attended a networking event here in Atlanta while there I had the pleasure of meeting my guest on today's episode, Austin Distel. At the age of 24 Austin is a digital entrepreneur who has already created and sold an offline business and launched his own digital agency. As if that's not enough he's also one of the founders of a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs called The Entrepreneur Alliance. The Entrepreneur Alliance is an online training hub and community for...


Understanding The Sport of Entrepreneurship with Kerwin Rae

One of the things that I love about entrepreneurship is it's the closest thing that you can get to being a professional athlete. You'll get direct feedback on whether you can really play or if you stink... but no matter what the market says about you, there's always room to improve and get better. Here's the cold truth... The job market is shrinking, with technology replacing human labor and capital funding becoming more and more scarce since the 2008 meltdown business owners and CEO's...


5 Keys To Creating Confidence & Social Influence with Myke Macapinlac

Have you ever met someone who said that they couldn't use a little more confidence? Nah, me either. Confidence is one of those qualities that most people would like to have a little more of. On today's episode I'll be talking about the secrets to developing bullet proof confidence with Social Confidence coach and author Myke Macapinlac. Myke is the creator of I think this is something this is a subject that everybody should study at some point, especially if...


7 Principals For Growing Personal Success with Tony DADA

One of the things that I've always made an effort to be is someone that can lose everything and then turn around and get it all back. I say that because I believe that a truly wealthy man isn't wealthy because of his money or the value of his possessions. He's wealthy because of who he is. My guest today Tony Dada is one of those people. At his lowest point Tony found himself homeless with nothing to his name. It was also during this time that Tony began what he calls "His Great...


Decoding The Secret Language of Money with DC Cordova

I recently became interested in the study of Etymology, which in case you're not familiar is the study of the origins of words. When you truly understand the essence of a word, where it comes from and its true meaning you’re able to better apply the concept of the word to your studies and your life. Conversely one idea and concept that is probably more misunderstood than any other is the concept of money. Interestingly enough most of us dedicate most of our lives to making money for...


The Science of Thought Hacking with Rob Scott

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my all time favorite actors. A while back he played a character named "Cobb" in the movie Inception. If you've never seen it check it out, it was a pretty heavy movie. It's one of those movies that makes you think about what you're thinking about. In the movie Cobb was stealing corporate secrets and planting ideas by entering a "target's" dream. Being able to steal secrets was good but the real power was being able to plant an idea that would cause his "target"...


Trust Your Hustle with Anthony Trucks

I believe the true essence of entrepreneurship is having the ability to recognize an opportunity. An opportunity to take a product or situation of lower value. Enhance it. And then turn around and offer it back to the world at a higher value. This process of alchemy can be applied to anything; real estate, cars, clothing, services and what you'll learn in conversation today is that it can even be done with your story. My guest today is Anthony Trucks, Anthony became an entrepreneur against...


Vision, Entrepreneurship & Invisible Empires with Mark Hoverson

Your words and your imagination are the tools that you will use to either create your wildest dreams or the nightmare of your poverty. Once you become conscious of the fact that the questions that you are asking yourself NOW are literally creating your reality you will find that what you want to experience while here on this planet is 100% up to you. My guest for today's episode is Mark Hoverson. Mark has created has created a business empire and his dream lifestyle by simply asking...


How To Build A Real Online Business with Eric Louviere

I'm a big-big-big fan of sales. Why? In a world of rapid change and instability its the one skill that once mastered will give you the best chance to maintain some degree of control over your financial future. And when it comes to selling online there are few people that can show you how to do it better than Eric Louviere. Eric has been creating businesses online since 2004 and has generated well over $15 million dollars in revenue over the last 12 years. He's created many 6 figure...


The Secret To Becoming An Industry Expert In The Media with Terri Trespicio

Does your career have you feeling uninspired and burnt out? Have you recently thought about quitting your job and changing careers? Would you like to know how you can go into any industry and quickly be seen and respected as the go to expert? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you're going to learn a lot from my guest today. Terri Trespicio is a branding and marketing consultant who helps businesses and entrepreneurs build highly visible brands that stand out dominate the...


How To Create Passion & Profit with Bobby Cappuccio

How to Find Passion and Profit with Bobby Cappuccio The world is waking up slowly but surely. We’re leaving an era where cash rules and entering one where the most valuable assets are time and freedom. If you’re in a rut or you’re trying to figure out exactly what you should be doing with your life then you’ll definitely want to check out this interview with Bobby Cappuccio. Bobby is a corporate consultant, author and international speaker. What struck me the most about Bobby the...


How To Create Power and Abundance with Peter Sage

My guest today is Peter Sage. If this is your first time listening to a Peter then you will almost certainly experience a shift in your way of thinking by the time you're finished listening. He's quickly becoming a household name in the arena of human potential and personal development. I came across Peter recently while listening to some podcasts on a 12 hour drive from Atlanta to Philadelphia. As you'll soon agree, I was blown away with his profound level of clarity and wisdom about...


How To Recreate Your Life with Ruben Gonzalez

Why would any sane person want to jump into a sled and get pushed down the side of a mountain going over 80 mph? Well my guest today made an Olympic career out of doing just that. When Ruben Gonzalez was growing up he had the goal in mind of becoming an Olympian. When he was 21 he decided to make that goal a reality so he took it upon himself to learn the sport of luge. Even though all of his critics told him that he was a too old to start as a beginner and compete on a professional level...


How To Buy An Online Business with Justin Gilchrist

No question about it, having an online business is the best kind of business you can have. Think about it...there's no real estate to maintain. No equipment to buy. No rush hour traffic jams to deal with. And best of all you can keep it open 24/7 and allow it to make money for you while you sleep. My guest today, Justin Gilchrist, has purchased and sold so many online businesses that he's widely considered to be the foremost authority on online business acquisition. Purchasing an online...


How To Create Transformational Change in Business and Life with Chris Winters

Great show today ladies and gentleman, this interview right here is right up there as one of my favorites. I like this one so much because it's not so much about money, success or business. It's really just 2 guys talking about life. My guest today is Chris Winters. Chris is a 7 figure digital nomad. After listening to Chris's story what you'll find is that it's not really so much a story about him as it is a story about all of us. No matter how much success you've experienced or how low...


The Art of Business Flipping with Ace Chapman

The key acquiring great wealth is to increase the number of 000's that you work with. Most of us know or have at least heard of someone who's made a lot of money in flipping real estate, but have you ever heard of someone who flips businesses? Well my guest today, Ace Chapman, has flipped over 50 businesses and he's made a nice piece of change doing it. I came across Ace on another podcast a few months ago. The concepts that he talked about made a lot of sense to me. Curious to learn...


How To Think Like A Serial Entrepreneur with Aaron Rashkin

Ever talk to someone who seems like they're connected to their source on a deeper level than most people? A few days ago I had a great conversation with one of those kind of people, internet rockstar Aaron Rashkin. I've learned a ton from Aaron over the years and I've watched a lot of his content. As a matter of fact I've consumed so much of his content that it was kinda like I already knew him before the interview (Has that ever happened to you? Weird, right?). For those of your who...