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Episode 23 - Mike Pafumi

In this episode, we talk with Mike Pafumi. Mike has spent nearly 19 years working for the Connecticut Department of Corrections. He shares with us the importance of being yourself, not letting any stresses from work follow you home, having a good attitude, and the traits that he looks for in the people who he has to rely on. Enjoy!


Episode 22 - Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

In this episode, Jason discusses how failing to plan ahead and be prepared can lead to greater failures. This episode proves as a perfect example to that point. Hear what we failed to do, and how we plan to improve moving forward. We also get an eye opening example as to why we should respect the limited amount of time that we have on this earth. We look forward to turning this weeks lemons into lemonade and providing even more value for you, our listeners, moving forward. Thanks for...


Episode 21 - NO Year’s Resolutions

In this episode, our first of 2018, we talk about why we will NOT be making any New Year’s resolutions. We also perform some mental math, discuss how to successfully set and work towards your goals, and talk about a few good sources for motivation. Happy New Year!


Episode 20 - Dan Warren

In this episode, we speak with Dan Warren. Dan is a Western MA native, a graduate of Springfield College, and is currently stationed in Anchorage, AK where he serves as a Combat Rescue Officer on a Pararescue team. Join us as we discuss Dan’s path to Pararescue, some of his memorable deployments, and the traits that he finds most valuable for those looking to succeed. Enjoy!


Episode 19 - The Season of Giving

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when at Jason’s house… You get the idea. In this episode, our last one before Ol’ Saint Nick arrives, we discuss a few ways that you can give back to those who are less fortunate. Pull out the wrapping paper, get out the milk and cookies, and have a listen to this episode while you make your last minute holiday preparations. Thanks again for spending some of your time with us. We appreciate you so much! Happy Holidays, John, Don, and Jason


Episode 17 - Tis The Season

In this episode, John and Jason discuss the upcoming holidays. They also react to a story in the news about a police officer who went above and beyond the call of duty, family traditions, last minute Christmas shopping, and Don considers jumping off of a mountain after watching people on YouTube do awesome things. Enjoy!


Episode 16 - The Value of a Smile

In this episode we talk about how we spent our Thanksgiving holiday, giving back and showing people that you care, the value of a smile, hope and encouragement through the holiday season, and our word association exercise. Enjoy the chat!


Episode 14 - Nick Ahmed and Pete Fatse

In this episode, we speak with Pete Fatse and Nick Ahmed. Pete is the founder of the Advanced Performance Academy, which specializes in the developement and management of professional and amateur athletes. Nick Ahmed is a long time AP Academy athlete and Major League shortstop with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Join us as we discuss Pete’s business and the story behind AP Academy, Nick’s journey to becoming the starting Shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks, how a positive...


Episode 12 - Our Most Valuable Asset

In this episode, we talk about the most valuable asset that we have and how to make the most of it. Two new babies are born (NOT on-the-air) which causes us to dive into a discussion about parenting. Oh, and John gets stern with Don. Enjoy!


Episode 10 - Craig Rivest - Your Everyday Dad

In this episode, I talk with YouTuber Craig Rivest. Craig creates vlogs as “Your Everyday Dad” and features himself and his family going about their day to day lives. You can watch them as they make slime, race bicycles, share jokes, and more. Check out Craig’s channel, Your Everyday Dad. Enjoy the chat!


Episode 8 - Claude Silver - Chief Heart Officer

In this episode, I visit Vaynermedia headquarters in New York City to chat with Claude Silver. Claude is the company’s Chief Heart Officer and “works for” more than seven hundred employees. I can tell you first hand, she is the type of person that you just want to be around! Tune in to learn more about what a Chief Heart Officer does and enjoy the chat!


Episode 7 - Liam Hannon - Delivering Lunches of Love

In this episode, I visit Liam Hannon and his father Scott. Liam is a ten year old young man who decided to help some of the homeless population in his hometown of Cambridge MA. He started a project called Liam’s Lunches of Love and spent his summer making and delivering bagged lunches for those in need. Please consider helping Liam broaden his reach by donating to the Liam’s Lunches of Love campaign. Enjoy the chat!


Episode 5 - Jason D. - Hashtag Positivity 101

In this episode, I share a brief history of Hashtag Positivity. As always, thank you for taking the time to tune in. I appreciate each and every one of you who chooses to make Hashtag Positivity a part of your life. Enjoy the episode!


Episode 3 - Cornelius Edison - Atlanta Falcons

In this episode, I speak with Cornelius Edison. Cornelius is an NFL player with the Atlanta Falcons and spokesperson for Hashtag Positivity. Hear how he is giving back by sharing his talent and passion for the game with young athletes. Click HERE to follow him on Instagram. Enjoy the chat!


Episode 2 - John C. Martin - Educator and Motivator

In this episode, I speak with John C. Martin. John is a school counselor, coach, and motivational speaker who is striving to inspire people to live in a way that not only makes them successful, but SIGNIFICANT. Click here to be INSPIRED. Enjoy the chat.


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