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Paul Lawrence Vann hosts The Wealthy Speaker Show, an exciting and entertaining empowerment radio show. Paul has interviewed hundreds of phenomenal and amazing guests including bestselling authors, social media experts, actors, actress, relationship guru's, wealth building strategist, creativity thought leaders, PR & media specialist and entrepreneurs.

Paul Lawrence Vann hosts The Wealthy Speaker Show, an exciting and entertaining empowerment radio show. Paul has interviewed hundreds of phenomenal and amazing guests including bestselling authors, social media experts, actors, actress, relationship guru's, wealth building strategist, creativity thought leaders, PR & media specialist and entrepreneurs.
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Paul Lawrence Vann hosts The Wealthy Speaker Show, an exciting and entertaining empowerment radio show. Paul has interviewed hundreds of phenomenal and amazing guests including bestselling authors, social media experts, actors, actress, relationship guru's, wealth building strategist, creativity thought leaders, PR & media specialist and entrepreneurs.






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Collective Voices Poetry Ensemble Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives. Collective Voices Poetry Ensemble ( Sistah Joy Alford, Ladi Di Beverly and Brenardo Taylor return to provide Wealthy Speaker Show, followers, fans and followers with poetic inspiratIons guaranteed to uplift...


Collective Voices Poetry Ensemble Share Their Gifts

Host Paul Lawrence Vann interviews the eccletic poetry ensemble known as Collective Voices Poetry Ensemble. This blessed, talented and gifted ensemble returns to the Wealthy Speaker Show to provide even more soul stirring poetry, spirit filled poetry and heartfelt poetry for all listeners in honor of Women's History Month. Joy "Sistah Joy" Alford, S.Dianne "Ladi Di" Beverly and Andre "Brenardo" Taylor are all native Washingtonians who embody and personify what excellence in poetry is all...


Collective Voices Poetry Ensemble Joins Us

Paul Lawrence Vann hosts The Wealthy Speaker Show and is inspired to bring positive messages to all listeners, inclined to elevate their wisdom and knowledge on life and living life more abundantly. Our guest for this episode is none other than Collective Voices. J. Joy "Sistah Joy" Matthews, S. Dianne "Lady Di" Beverly and Andre Taylor "Bernado" celebrate the majesty of poetry in celebration of Black History Month. Collective Voices continues to be on the cutting edge of the art form that...


Inspiration For Everyday Living

Certified Spiritual Coach Paul Lawrence Vann shares what it takes to navigate life today. Join Coach Paul as he discusses what you can do to negotaite life on your own terms. Many people are under stress, life challenges and the pressures of life as a result of venturing too far from their values. Be it the recent economic crisis, a bad marriage and or tough going, you can overcome the quicksands of life by increasing your faith in God. Join Coach Paul Lawrence Vann as he provides you with a...


Dr. Will Moreland Shares Expertise On Identifying Your Genius

Dr. Will Moreland is America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer, he visits The Wealthy Speaker Show to share expertise on tapping into your genius. Paul Lawrence Vann host this episode to provide listeners with a dynamic show that speaks directly to maximizing your human potential. The dynamic Dr. Moreland has spoken to over 1,700 audiences over the course of his speaking career and he delivers with passion and purpose. Having overcome the odds in life, Dr. Moreland went on to serve his country in...


Dr. Robert Fenell Is A Renowned Chiropractor and Wellness Expert Extraordinaire

Dr. Robert Fenell visits The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio Show, Wednesday, July 15, 7:00 PM (Eastern) to share solution based chiropractic expertise and Essential Oils wellness insight, he will be interviewed by host Paul Lawrence Vann. Dr. Fenell leads Tulsa, Oklahoma's Full Body Chiropractic Care Clinic Let it be known listeners will be tuning in to listen to the best Tulsa, OK Chiropractor – Fenell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic is a Full Body Chiropractic Care™clinic, located in the heart...


Music Artist Vince Tomas On His Passion For Music & Release of Single "Selfie"

Music artist extraordinaire, Vincent (Vince) Tomas visits The Wealthy Speaker Show with host Paul Lawrence Vann. Vince shares his passion for music and releases his new single, "Selfie," featuring Devon and Vernac. He rose to instant fame in Europe, as the youngest member of the Multi-Platinum Boy Band US5. US5 toured throughout Europe and Asia, including performances at Wembley and O2. As a member of US5 they won countless awards, Bravo Golden Otto, Best New Pop Group, Nickelodeon Kids...


DeLores Pressley Motivates Listeners To Live Bigger, Bolder & Braver Lives

DeLores Pressley, International Keynote Motivational Speaker and Confidence Expert is the honored guest of The Wealthy Speaker Show. DeLores is dedicated to helping people live bigger, bolder and braver lives. Paul alawrence Vann interviews DeLores, she CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and Founder of the Up Woman™ Network, a network and movement to empower and elevate women in business and she does it with passion. Wealthy Speaker Show fans, followers and friends will discover how DeLores...


Renaissance Woman Yvette Maynard's Book Gluten Free Cooking at Your Finger Tips

Speaker, author and media darling Yvette Maynard is guest of The Wealthy Speaker Show with host Paul Lawrence Vann. Yvette is author of the book, "Gluten Free Cooking" at Your Finger Tips and she is from the beautiful island nation of Barbados. In the category of we are what we eat, there is a diversity of food that is good for some and not for others. This is where Yvette's book comes into play, her book was birthed to assist gluten-intolerant individuals – like herself – relatives and...


Award Winning Music Executive David C. Linton On The Magic Of The Music Industry

The Wealthy Speaker Show is honored to host and interview David C. Linton, an award winning media professional and senior marketing executive. Host Paul Lawrence Vann states, "This episode of The Wealthy Speaker features a man who operates from a position of excellence in everything he does and listeners are going to be the beneficiary of expertise, wisdom and knowledge of the music industry unlike anything they've experienced before." Who is David C. Linton? David was the head of Urban...


Speaker & Best Selling Author Paul Lawrence Vann On Living An Inspired Life

Make no mistake about it life can be quite challenging at times, however if we're to live an inspired life it takes passion. Paul Lawrence Vann provides a behind the scenes look at what it takes to live an inspired life. Paul provides expertise to assist Wealthy Speaker Show fans, followers and friends to gain a greater appreciation of what it takes to achieve success, but thats not all, he provides steps to get there. It's important for people not to quit so easily, after all if life was...


Cynthia Simmons Empower Listeners To Embrace The Health Benefits Of SOZO Coffee

Wealthy Speaker Show listeners the honored guest for the next episode of our show is the phenomenal Cynthia Simmons. Cynthia is CEO of the Coffee Biz and is an Independent Consultant with SOZO. While Paul Lawrence Vann interviews Cynthia, listeners are going to discover more about SOZO and Cynthia's role in delivering wellness products to clients around the world. In 2009, a functional beverage called SOZO® that boasted a jaw-droppingly high antioxidant capacity was developed. Under the hood...


Kiyla Fenell Provides Expertise On Healing With Essential Oils

Kiyla Fenell is a phenomenal and empowering woman who lives to help others be all they can be and more. This entrepreneur knows how to position others to succeed in business and exceed their expectations. During this live broadcast, Kiyla provides listeners with expertise on the transformative power of essential oils to help children and adults improve their physical well being, health and emotional state of mind. This is one interview you don't want to miss because Kiyla is going to share...


Allyson Byrd's Interview Moves Audiences From Mediocrity To Excellence

Allyson Byrd is our featured guest today. Allyson shares expertise, gifts and talents to assist organizations and individuals to live a high level lifestyle professionally and personally. Allyson is a mover and shaker and drives her clients to become Money Movers. She is CEO of The Byrd Agency: Speaker; Author. Helps leaders unapologetically monetize their purpose and invent extraordinary lives of power. If you want to discover how to accomplish your biggest goals in life, tune in to listen...


Jan Plourde On Educating A New Generation With TAPCIN

Jan Plourde visits The Wealthy Speaker Show and dialogues with host Paul Lawrence Vann about an amazing and creative learning technology. She is a Boston area passionate educator and entrepreneur who champions quality learning and teaching. Tapcin is the culmination of the many common threads of Jan's life. As an early childhood education teacher, founder of a nonprofit literacy program, and director of Developmental Teaching (Tapcin’s parent company), Jan has dedicated her life to improving...


An Empowering State Of Being With Paul Lawrence Vann

Producer and host Paul Lawrence Vann leads a lively discussion on living "An Empowering State Of Being." Given crisis after crisis at home and abroad, quite a few people are in a state of overwhelm. During this episode, speaker, author, certified professional life coach Vann help listeners discover how to traverse system overload, position them to live "An Empowering State Of Being." Now more than ever, with wars, rumors of wars, aircraft being shot from the sky and day to day life...


Novelist & Screenwriter Wade Cox Provides Insight On His New Book & Films

Wade Cox visits The Wealthy Speaker Show with host Paul Lawrence Vann to share the backstory to his recent novels and film work. Wade's first novel is titled, Bootleg Spirits. His second novel is a collection of short stories called Splintered and his new book is titled Carribean Danger. This remarakble novelist has traveled extensively and recently lived in the Caribbean. His literary influences include Stephen King and Jimmy Buffett. That's not all, Wade also works in film, on both sides...


Villa Powell Provides Expertise On Your 30 Day Journey To Transformation

CEO and author Villa Powell visits The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio Show to provide expertise on cementing your intentions and actions for creating the life you desire. Paul Lawrence Vann interviews Villa who is CEO of Powell Opulence Group and author of the book, Thirty Day Journey Toward Transformation. Listeners will be inspired by Villa Powell, she has been empowering people for the past 25 years. She is an agent of transformation and her experience as Executive Director of several...


John McCaskill Brings History Alive

John McCaskill visits The Wealthy Speaker Show to share expertise on the importance of understanding and embracing history and leadership. Host Paul Lawrence Vann interviews John, who is from Washington, DC. Not only is John a Park Ranger with the National Park Service, he also teaches school groups that come to DC from around the USA. Listeners receive a behind the scenes look at how Park Rangers travel around the Washington, DC area teaching history at historic points of interest, such as...


Jazz Guitarist Robert Wmamba Returns To Blues Alley & Discuss His Debut Album

Robert Mwamba makes a return guest appearance on The Wealthy Speaker Show with host Paul Lawrence Vann, Robert will be discussing his highly anticipated debut album, as he makes his second appearance at the legendary, Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington, DC., on Tuesday, July 22, 8:00 & 10:00 pm. Robert is a Zambian born musical artist, he studied music at Baruch College in New York and after graduating with a double major in Finance and Economics, Robert worked in management and investments...