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Celebrating the power of hope!

Celebrating the power of hope!
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Celebrating the power of hope!






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Think Hope Podcast Fall Premiere: How to Schedule Hope into Your Life

On the Fall Premier of Think Hope Podcast Dr. Rosalind Tompkins shares how to schedule hope into your day by having Hope Breaks. These Hope Breaks will change your life as you become more hopeful about the challenges that you are facing. We will hear stories from those who have been taking hope breaks and seeing phenomenal results! Steps to Taking Hope Breaks: Schedule breaks into your normal routine in five-minute incrementsFind a quiet placeTake five to ten deep breathsThink about good...


Meet Dr. Brenda Jarmon (BJ) Citizen of Hope Extraordinaire

Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind and Dr. Brenda Jarmon have been long time friends and colleagues sharing their stories of hope and telling the good news of the Gospel in the United States and in South Africa as Dr. BJ was a part of the Hope Tour to South Africa in 2016. Dr. BJ, a Citizen of Hope Universe, has a powerful testimony that she writes about in her soon to be released book, "From G.E.D. to Ph.D." On today's Think Hope Podcast Hopeologist Rosalind has a hope chat with Dr. Jarmon and gains...


Meet Citizen of Hope Revivalist Dr. Steven Govender

Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins has an awesome hope chat with Citizen of Hope Universe Dr. Steven Govender about ways to keep hope even in the midst of crisis like what is happening with the immigrant children being separated from their families. Dr. Steven Govender ministers internationally in an apostolic dimension with a teaching thrust and a prophetic edge. His passion is to see God restore order in the Kingdom and equip saints to do the work of the ministry, and encourage them to...


Meet Awesome Citizen of Hope Dr. Edith Davis, Geophysicist

Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Tompkins is delighted to have Dr. Edith Davis as a guest on Think Hope Podcast. Dr. Davis is a wonderful Woman of God that Hopeologist Rosalind met on her radio hope tour during April, the National Month of Hope. She was interviewed locally by Dr. Davis at 94.1 FM Wave 94. Dr. Edith hosts a radio show on the station called Enter the Glory Zone and she has a Golden Nugget Podcast as well. There was an immediated cross pollination of purpose and destiny and Dr. Edith...


Meet Phenomenal Citizen of Hope Margy Otiato

A few years ago, my husband Kwame and I had the privilege of meeting Margy Otiato while on a mission trip with Dr. Patricia Bailey Ministries in Nairobi Kenya. We were there to support the South Sudanese refugees that fled to the refugee camps in Nairobi after the tribal upheaval. I then met Margy at one of the Sisters Empowering the World retreats in Los Angeles California and I told her about the hope campaign and how we are spreading hope. She was very interested and encouraging. Once we...


Learn How to Rest In Hope

On today's Think Hope Podcast, Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Tompkins explores what it means to Rest In Hope. She and the Hope Squad will reveal the importance and great benefits of living and dwelling in hope. We will see that once you learn how to Rest In Hope, your life will never be the same.


Create a better world through Hope

With so much mayhem and madness going on in the world all around us every day, it is becoming increasingly easy to give up hope and believe that things are going to always be the way they are or even get worse. On today's Think Hope Podcast, Hopeologist Rosalind will explore ways to create a better world through hope. If you don't like the world that you are living in, don't give up, create a better world. Dr. Rosalind will share how we can do that as she explores three ways to make Hope...


How to move from Despair to Hope

With the suicide rate on the rise it is clear that many people are living in despair. Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Tompkins will share seven steps that will help you or a loved one move from a place of hopelessness to hopefulness. It is from the place of hope that you can find lasting solutions to any challenge that you may be facing. These seven steps have been proven from Hopeologist Rosalind's personal experience as well as the experience of others who have moved from despair to hope. The...


Effective Hope Chats for Mothers and Others

Hopeologist® Rosalind and the Hope Squad honors mothers on this Think Hope Podcast by sharing Seven Steps to an Effective Hope Chat for mothers and others who have or work with young people. We will see how instilling hope makes all the difference in the world where often the motto is YOLO (You only live once) so therefore go ahead and live dangerously. Today's Think Hope Podcast teaches mothers and others to have successful hope chats because the suicide rate among young people is rising....


Celebrate 2018 the Year of Hope

Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins rolls out the strategy for keeping the campaign of hope moving forward. She will share lessons learned during the inaugural National Month of Hope and how the need for hope is so great until we will not stop here but move forward by declaring and decreeing 2018 to be the Year of Hope! We will also hear from Hope Squad members who share their perspectives and lessons learned during April, the National Month of Hope. April flowers bring May flowers and now...


Revealing Secret Symbols of Hope

On this Think Hope Podcast, Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins shares secret symbols of hope that can help us to receive hope and keep hope even in hopeless situations. She will discuss the importance of these symbols with the Christ Vision Tribe Hope Squad and how they use them in their lives. Dr. Tompkins will also share more responses to the Mothers In Crisis Survey of Hope where she talked with many people who revealed what hope means to them. Stars are a universal symbol of hope. Stars...


What is Hope and why do we need it to live?

Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins shares some of the results of the newly launched Mothers In Crisis Survey on Hope asking four very important questions: What is hope?What brings you hope?What are some things that zap your hope?What do you experience when you experience hope? The answer to these questions will help to frame the Hope Campaign well beyond April, the National Month of Hope and find solutions to turn the Hope Crisis that the world is facing around. On today's podcast she will...


Hope is Ice Cream for the Soul

Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins' "hope thought" for today is Hope is ice cream for the Soul. On today's podcast we will talk about how to enjoy a big bowl of hope during this National Month of Hope. As the saying goes, "You scream, I scream, we all scream, for ice cream." Today we will look at how many people are screaming for hope. With the suicide rate for Americans up by 24% we need to learn how to serve hope to the hopeless. Learn how to "think hope" and "make hope connections" on...


Introducing the first National Month of Hope Learn 7 Steps to finding Hope

Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins and the Hope Squad will share about the importance of April being designated as the first ever National Month of Hope. Today's hope thought is "Seek and find the hope, look for it and it will appear." Learn seven steps to seek and find hope in every situation. Research studies have found that people who are hopeful excel in life, live longer and live well. But sometimes hope needs a little assistance that is why we are spreading the message of hope and...


Meet the Hope Squad and Hear their Powerful Stories of Hope

One person cannot accomplish greatness alone. As Mothers In Crisis launches the first ever National Month of Hope in April 2018, Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Lewis Tompkins introduces the Christ Vision Tribe members who stand with her and helped to birth the Hope Movement. On the podcast today, Millie Poulos, Nettie Palmore, Juanita Thompson, and Kwame Lewis will each share their peronal and powerful stories of hope. You will see that no matter how challenging the circumstances may be, there is...


Discover Three Ways to Make Life Changing Hope Connections

On this episode of the Think Hope Podcast, Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins reveals how to make life changing hope connections. Hope connections are needed today now more than ever with so many challenging things happening around the nation and world. Times like these require hope. Discover three ways to make life changing hope connections. Hope connections occur when you share and receive hope. In honor of April the National Month of Hope, Mothers In Crisis is unveiling the Hope...


Think Hope and Change Your Life

With the National Month of Hope (April) only weeks away, Hopeplogist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins shares the #Hopechallenge and tips on how to "think hope" and change your life! For more information about April National Month of Hope and the Hope Challenge please visit Think Hope Podcast explores how thinking hope can lead to lifechanging hope connections and how thinking gloom, doom, and defeat leads to isolation and failure. Call in and join the conversation and...


Premier of Think Hope Podcast with Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins

Hearing all the news reports of senseless killing and mayhem can leave you downright discouraged and hopeless if you are not careful. Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins will shed light on how to turn that frown upside down as you learn to "think hope!" In this Premier broadcast of Think Hope, Dr. Rosalind outlines the stragegy for the first ever National Month of Hope coming in April 2018. As we count down the weeks, listen to the podcast and get prepared and equipped to Think Hope and Make...


The Hope Report HOPE Not Hate Campaign

Happy Hope Universe Day! Dr. Rosalind shares the tenants of the HOPE (Helping Others Practice Empowerment) Not Hate Campaign. She also shares a part of her interview on the Ed Tyll Show that she did today where she was talking about the HOPE Campaign. With so much hatred in the land it is time to be active and proactive to help the Hope Movement go forth bringing hope and stamping out hate. Join the movement today! Please visit and...


The Hope Report shares Exciting Breaking News of Hope

Happy Hope Universe Day! Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Y. L. Tompkins shares breaking news on the hope front. There Is always Hope as long as you are breathing. She will share about the upcoming television show, "Where Is Hope?" that will air on CTN every Sunday at 7:00PM EST. "Where Is Hope?" will answer the question through the Word of God. Dr. Rosalind will also share about the upcoming National Month of Hope. Listen up and find out when it starts in 2018 for the first time in history, as a...