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A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.

A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.
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A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.




A Seasoned Adventurer: Steph Jeavons Comes Full Circle

Steph Jeavons left the Ace Cafe in London, UK in March 2014 on her Honda CRF 250L. And 4 years later, on a cold and snow-patched day in March 2018, she completed her trip when she arrived back at the Ace Cafe. When we last spoke to her, she expected to be on the road for another year, but what was supposed to be a three year journey ended up being four, as she dealt with health issues and more. Steph talks about what it’s like to travel on a small bike, and about how to deal with catching...


Rider Skills | Looking For Traction On and Off Road

Coach Ramey Stroud says that finding and using available traction is a critical part of riding. If you’re riding off-road or on the street, you need to understand how to find that traction. And in this episode Coach Ramey teaches the skills required to get the most from your motorcycle and become a better rider. About: Coach Ramey Stroud operates a world class motorcycle training centre from his 60 acre ranch in Oregon. He's a former desert racer, rally and enduro rider, has completed...


The Path Through the Jungle | Advocating for Wildlife From Her Motorcycle

Janelle Kaczmarzewski describes herself as an anti-wildlife trafficking motorcycle journalist and a motorcycle gypsy. Passionate about wildlife, she travels to far off places on her motorcycle educating and informing people about illegal animal poaching and trafficking. She’s equates motorcycles with freedom, living a minimalistic life on the road, when she’s not home visiting family. Having spent much of the last few years in Laos, she’s now in Colombia, investigating and writing about...


Sidetracked - Running a Few Years Late | Everything Overland

Taking Slow Travel to an Unbelievable Level In 1999, Ian Coates set out for an adventure that was supposed to be just four months. But, he got a bit sidetracked and was a few years late. He had no plan, no map, just the desire to explore and experience, and a positive, easy going attitude that literally took him places. He experienced cultures and people in ways that most of us miss as we rush from place to place. An incredible tolerance for things that go wrong and patience that is...


Choosing ADV Tires Needn’t be so Hard | Tips for Spooning Tires and Breaking Beads

If you ride 70 percent of your time on the street and 30 percent in dirt, you could be expected to buy, what’s called a 70/30 tire. But what does that really mean? And is it the right tire for your planned use for your motorcycle? Find out how tread patterns are designed, how the tire compound affects traction, why tire inflation may cause you to lose your blocks when we talk to Jeff Reid from Continental Tire in the USA. And David Petersen from BestRest Products talks about breaking...


Ace Cafe | Legends, Mods & Rockers | Mark Wilsmore

Mark Wilsmore at the Ace Cafe in London The Ace Cafe in London, England has a history going back as far as 1938. Beginning as a roadside diner catering to hungry truckers, it evolved in to a popular motorcycle hang out. Setbacks led to the shut down of the iconic motorbike meeting place when it was bombed in the Second World War and again with the evolution of the Austin Mini. Although it had been resurrected a couple of times, the Ace Cafe didn’t realize it’s full potential until Mark...


Rider Skills: Body Position for Ultimate Control & Comfort | Coach Ramey Stroud

Body Position Tips to Make You a Better Rider Learn how your body position on a motorcycle affects everything you do. Knowing why, how and where to move your body could be the difference that will see you through. Coach Ramey Stroud operates a world class motorcycle training centre from his 60 acre ranch in Oregon. He's a former desert racer, rally and enduro rider, has completed several IronButt events. He works with professional racers and endurance riders, as well as adventure...


Pasta Salad to Pikilily — Making Riding Safer for Tanzanians

In 2012, Claire Elsdon, who was a stockbroker for 8 years in London, England, went on a solo motorcycle adventure from London to Capetown. While in Africa she saw how the communities were lacking in motorcycle maintenance skills, which were needed for vital services. In a bold move, Claire moved to Mwanza, Tanzania in 2016 to set up Africa’s First Women’s Motorcycle Maintenance Workshop, called Pikilily. Here she has helped groups such as midwives learn the skills they need that make the...


#BlindManCan | The Blind Scooter Guy

Christopher Venter In 2013, Christopher Venter went on an adventure on a 150cc LML Vespa scooter with three other riders. They had set out on a charity ride for a local children’s hospital. His 32,000 km trip took him from Cape Town, South Africa to Dublin, Ireland, with some detours along the way. An illness he contracted while riding in Africa meant he had to make some changes to his route as he sought medical attention. And then being the adventurer that he was, he continued the trip,...


Motorcyclists — Simple Steps to Carving Your Best Corner

Walt Fulton is the lead instructor at Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops. He's logged on over 1,000,000 miles of motorcycling on the road and track. Walt's also been the editor of three major motorcycle magazines, a motorcycle journalist, a BMW Legends racer and a professional motorcycle accident reconstruction expert. On this episode, Walt teaches us some simple steps to help improve your cornering skills on the road. Streetmasters offers a Precision Cornering Workshop in California:...


Filming Motorcycle Adventures: Sterling Noren

If you're in to motorcycles, you've likely seen at least one motorcycle related film. And there's a lot of choice out there, especially as adventure motorcycle travel is a growing industry. But who is "behind the lens"? Sterling Noren of Noren Films is the producer of over a dozen award winning adventure motorcycling films. And Sterling is one of those people who is dedicated to the rigors of not only riding the trails or roads, but putting the time in to filming, editing and producing the...


Rider Skills: Dropping Your Bike | Jim Hyde

RawHyde Adventures is one of the leading motorcycle off-road training schools. Founded by Jim Hyde in 2002, he started offering training programs in 2004. On this ARR Rider Skills episode Jim Hyde talks about RawHyde Adventures, and about dropping your bike. Learn how to drop your bike safely and how to get over the embarrassment or emotional hang-ups associated with it. Topics Discussed; Courtesy Jim Hyde: Website: Show Sponsors: Max BMW BestRest...


A Scientist, a Pillion, a Racer and a Long Distance Rider: On Staying Alert

According to the Motorcycle Council of NSW, Inc in Australia, the symptoms of fatigue for drivers of enclosed vehicles may differ from a fatigued motorcyclist. It’s important to recognize these signs. *Driver Fatigue Symptoms include: •loss of concentration •drowsiness, yawning •slow reactions •sore or tired eyes •boredom •feeling irritable and restless •making fewer and larger steering corrections •missing road signs •having difficulty in staying in the lane •having...


Where She Wants To Be: A Motorcycle Journey of Self Discovery

Jacqui Furneaux lived a conventional life in her home in the UK, she was happily married, had two daughters and worked as a nurse. And then when circumstances in her life changed, she made a decision to take her Royal Enfield motorcycle on a trip, leaving with no set plan in place. She travelled through many countries on her motorcycle for seven years, experiencing many ups and downs, challenges, learning lessons, and in the end, she says it was love that ended her years of travel,...


Long Distance Riding: Iron Butt Rally Competitor

After 25 years as an electrical engineer, Bob Lilley quit his job and started working at a motorcycle dealer. Bob’s been in to motorcycles since a young age, he says he grew up in the perfect environment that encouraged him to ride, a magical childhood. Now Bob is in to long distance and endurance motorcycling, having competed in multiple Iron Butt rallies. What's the thrill of riding long distances, alone, looking for clues and gathering points for 11 days straight? Who would want to do...


From Start to Finish: Determined to Cross the Line

Dimitrios Tournas was born in Greece, moved to the Netherlands when he was 29 and now lives in the United States. If you’ve seen the movie Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey, then you’ve already got a pretty good insight in to Dimitri. Although he is more sensible about the lengths he will go to, he does like to seize opportunities to complete tasks that are achievable. In 2004, when visiting Greece he had a motorcycle accident that left him with the realization that life was not infinite, and...


Motorcycle Grip Strength: Rider Skills | This Year on Adventure Rider Radio

ARR RIDER SKILLS: Hand Strength & Stamina Instructor: Bret Tkacs Having a strong grip is an important part of motorcycle riding to ensure you have proper control when it comes to the front brake, clutch and throttle. And when we stop riding for the season in the winter, or for other reasons, we need to make sure to maintain the strength in our hands, or when it comes time to ride again, you may experience weakness or hand cramping, especially in heavy traffic or when riding off-road....


Ending On a High Note - Mixing Motorcycles, Music and Travel

At 72 years old, Linda Bick, a folk music musician, has a truly inspiring attitude when it comes to travel. Born in the UK, she now calls Australia home, and it’s the base she returns to after her adventures. She has a unique thought process and method of travel which every person should try to aspire to. The author of three motorcycle travel adventure books, she’s been riding a motorcycle for over 50 years. Linda recently returned from a 3 month trip to Uganda, where she bought a...


The Motorcycle School of Life: David, Emy & Mattea Woodburn

David Woodburn is from Australia, and he’s been doing trips on a motorcycle since he was 17 years old. In 1986 he met Emy in the Philippines, where they worked together doing volunteer work. They married, returned to Australia and managed to pull together enough money to buy a well used motorcycle. Soon Amy discovered she was pregnant, and their daughter, Mattea was born. Finding it difficult to find work, the loaded their motorcycle with a sidecar and started their journey in 1990. They...


Where Do You Go When You Have Motorcycle Travel Questions?

30 Years of Horizons Unlimited: Grant & Susan Johnson This year marks the 30th anniversary of Horizons Unlimited, a resource for adventure travellers, especially motorcyclists. Founded in 1987 by Grant and Susan Johnson, their website, forum and events around the world, inspire people to follow their dreams and travel to far away places. Grant and Susan have touched so many people, making a huge difference in their lives, bringing like-minded people together. They’ve travelled...


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