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Motorcycle Adventure Woman Jacqui Furneaux

Some time ago, Kojii Helnwein rode out on her Royal Enfield with Becky from Full Throttle Ireland on her ER6F. They journeyed 90 miles from Tipperary to Dublin and sat down with Jacqui Furneaux to bring you Episode 8 of the Motowitch Chronicles and Full Throttle Ireland’s Motovlog 5. Jacqui Furneaux is a woman who has learned to go with the flow and follow her heart while travelling the world on her motorcycle. Having found adventure on two wheels later in life...


Danger Dames Alexi Fisk on being the only female motorcycle group in South Korea

Alexi Fisk moved from Brooklyn, NY to Seoul, South Korea in 2016 and little did she know her life was about to become more full than she could ever dream. Through her new found love of motorcycles and the search for more like-minded women she inadvertently founded South Korea’s only all-female motorcycle group which grew to become a movement unto itself. Alexi chats with your host, Kojii Helnwein about how Danger Dames was born, motorcycles, a clash of cultures, sexism and accidentally...


Adventure Riding with Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle is a solo motorcycle adventure rider, photographer + videographer who has explored the world while inspiring others via her honest look into life on the road through her Youtube and Instagram Channels @rosiegabrielle In this episode Rosie chats with your host Kojii Helnwein about how she started out in adventure riding, what equipment she brings with her to capture such awe-inspiring imagery, how she ended up travelling with her bestie, Winston the Dog and even tips for new...


Five Decades of overlanding with Linda Bootherstone-Bick

Linda Bootherstone-Bick chats with your host Kojii Helnwein about her 50 years of adventure riding, how she got started, tips for people considering hitting the road themselves and the psychology of coming home to everyday life after an adventure. A three time author, an artist, a wonderful folk musician and one of the most experienced Adventure riders out there, Linda Bootherstone-Bick brings us an episode that cannot be missed. Want to keep up with Linda? Check out her website here:...


Shasta Smith, Classic Bikes, Business and The Vintage Monkey

Shasta Smith, Designer, Motorcycle builder, Entrepreneur and owner of The Vintage Monkey in Sacramento California, shares her many years of experience in not only riding motorcycles but also building them. She talks us through her Television career, her background in Interiors and Architecture and how that all lead her to open an incredible classic bike repair shop, motorcycle exhibit, venue and now learning space for local bikers. You can connect with Shasta and The Vintage Monkey at their...


Janelle Kaz Motorcycle Journalist fighting illegal wildlife trade.

Janelle Kaz has ridden solo across the USA, Laos in South East Asia, and currently in Colombia. She is adventuring alone on her motorcycle to promote anti-wildlife trafficking and poaching while educating people about wildlife and their environment in remote villages. Listen in as she talks about why she chose to do this by motorcycle, why she feels it's an important issue to fight and her thoughts on life as a solo female adventurer. If you would like to follow Janelle's journey, she...


Imogen Lehtonen, Rock 'n' roll Motorcycle Dream-life

You may already be familiar with Imogen Lehtonen either through her family’s business, The Great Frog, whose stunning silver jewelry adorns the likes of Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, or Motley Crue, to name just a few OR her beautiful instagram account that gives us all a peek into that LA, rock 'n' roll motorcycle life. Maybe you know her from that time she rode alongside Norman Reedus on his TV show “Ride”. Imogen Lehtonen talks to our host Kojii Helnwein about all things Great Frog, how her...


What is Motowitch Chronicles all about?

In this episode, Kojii Helnwein, the Founder of Motowitch Collective introduces herself, her love of motorcycles, and what you can expect from your subscription to this podcast. You'll hear why she started the Motowitch Collective, when it will launch and what is coming next. Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK