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#12 - Suck Less, Think Better with Dr. Jacques Dallaire

"Nobody in the history of performance based settings has ever said - I want to fail. I really want to suck at this, could you show me how to be worse than I already am?. The more we invest in understanding how we think, the more likely we are to control the way we think. And that has a huge impact on performance." In this episode we were able to sit down with mental performance expert and author of Performance Thinking, Dr. Jacques Dallaire during the 12 hours of Sebring race event in...


#10 - The King of Send: Bucky Lasek

This week we're pumped to sit down with skateboarding icon - 10x X-Games Gold Medalist turned rally driver, Bucky Lasek. Bucky is most known for his success in vert skating, but in 2012 made the move over to Global Rallycross with factory supported Subaru Rally Team USA. He talks us through where his love of cars began and the crazy journey it took him on. We also dive into how de copes with overcoming fear, the challenges athletes face, and bridging the gap between both sports. Awesome...


#9 - Winter is Coming

Chris and TJ reconvene to banter the latest shortcomings many drivers face as we pop into the start of the season. Picture this: 2017 season concludes mid September - triggering the start of the 2018 season for most drivers. Early? Seemingly. Premature? Already late. As the offseason kicks into high gear, many drivers go into racing hibernation - scavenging for sponsorship, rides, and ultimately a direction. Once the driver has a plan, a solid team to run with, then comes the execution (go...


#8 - Talent vs Hype

The dichotomy - talent vs hype. Why can the ultra talented athletes, performers, or artists go unnoticed, while the viral performers get the major notoriety? We unlock the secrets to social media in sport leading to success finding the link between gaining hype while cultivating sporting success. Show joined by racer Jorge Cevallos and Social Media Analyst/Expert Alan Cevallos. If you'd like to support the podcast, click through our amazon portal on: Subscribe to Cafe...


#7 - Gas Half Full

BREAKING NEWS!! Driver quits job to travel the world. Join the Cafe Machina podcast as host TJ Fischer and stand-in Jorge Cevallos break the news on Joey Jordan quitting/retiring as a Porsche driving coach -breaking the shackles of conformity to document his worldly excursions with Flaco (the van), exploring the natural beauty of cultures and their connections to cars and racing and just life. It's a beautiful show. We talk in depth of Joey's 'Gas Half Full' approach to life and the...


#6 - Porsche Christmas Special

Join the Cafe Machina crew from the Speedster Cafe at the Porsche Experience Center LA for the Porsche Christmas Special show. Featuring drivers Joey Jordan and Armen Aghakhan on the podcast to talk through what it's like to teach people to become racing drivers in 90 minutes or less. We deliberate the common denominator in why people tend to overestimate their "talent" behind the wheel, Armen's secret to linking sim driving to real racing, and how culture has shaped the demographics found...


#5 - The Shocking Truth About Autonomous Cars

Hosts Wehrheim and Fischer take the plunge into the fifth, unravelling the mysteries of a very near future in automation. The real-life trolley problem: once a philosophical thought experiment, now the gate between moral goods and evils, resting in the coding parameters of a computer engineer behind a screen. The question is - have you done enough lately for the car to protect you? We address: * How close are we from truly driverless cars? * The realities of our roadways with Autonomous...


#4 - Reverse Engineering the Best in the Business

The only time real breakthroughs in your game are truly made - in the silent burrows of the offseason's whispering sounds of defeat. This is the time to re-evaluate your swing, take a look at your jump shot, analyze that failed proposal and ultimately find solace in going back to the fundamentals. The cafe machineers talk learning how to learn, ridiculous humans with ADD, sucking at NASCAR, procrastination, and most importantly… TRAIL BRAKING IS EVERYTHING. How do you stay focused in...


#3 - Why Cultivating Opportunity is the New Luck with Erik Valdez

Cafe Machina’s Chris Wehrheim and TJ Fischer are joined by former racing driver turned actor Erik Valdez to banter the most recent GP in Brazil, identifying the intangibles, car culture’s role in motorsport, the disconnect for today’s fans, and breaking through comfort zones. A racing driver is faced with so many layers of challenges and sometimes luck evades the best of us. The greatest asset becomes the skill to cultivate opportunity. Learn it. Live it. Be it. If you liked the show, let...


#2 - Rise of the Sim Driver

Cafe Machina hosts Chris Wehrheim and TJ Fischer delve into the intricate differentiators between real racing vs. sim racing. What truly makes a sport.... sporty? And what impact does the development of VR have on sports in the future? Further to the banter... how does an up and coming driver raise the funds necessary to make ends to a mean? All that and much more, this time in a much better studio!!


#1 - Exploring Limits with Gustavo Menezes

The Cafe Machina Podcast kicks episode 1 off with a flyer. Hosts Chris Wehrheim and TJ Fischer are joined by 24hr Le Mans Winner and WEC World Champ Gustavo Menezes to enlighten the viewers of various topics intertwined in racing.


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