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Ep 28 - Spanish GP Review - Grosjean's Gravitational Pull, and the Hamilton Bounce Back

It seems Haas are married to controversy in 2018, on this occassion Romain Grosjean provided the drama on lap one of the Spanish Grand Prix. Elsewise, Lewis Hamilton put the shine back on his silver arrow to make it two wins on the spin and a healthy championship lead.


Ep 28 - Spanish GP Review - Teaser

Romain Grosjean was at the centre of a first lap pile up in Barcelona, Let John talk you through each and every miss step along the way. Spanish grand prix review out soon!


Ep 27 - Spanish GP Preview - Development Wars, Catalonia vs Madrid, and 2018 is Wide Open

This is where F1 cars come to get fixed. . . When the circus rolls into Barcelona it generally means D-day for teams desperate to claw a few tenths back on the opposition. The first race in Europe is always highly anticipated. This year is no exception. On our preview episode John and David discuss McLaren's funny nose, Romain Grosjean's immenent come back, and we pick out our race winner from the top three teams. Also included in this show is a look back at the Spanish Grand Prix's...


The Driving Line: Episode 27 - Azerbaijan GP Review - Bulls Bash, Kill Gasly, and General Carnage

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix has proven once again to be the most thrilling on the calendar. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen spent the entire race nearly crashing into each other, then they did. Sebastian Vettel decided to join the rank drivers who would throw one down the inside, then threw away his championship lead. Valterri Bottas was about to take the initiative in the Mercedes garage and possibly the Championship, but then his tyre exploded at 200mph. And Pierre Gasly had a weekend...


Ep 26 - Azerbaijan GP Preview - Big Castles, Tiny Chicanes and the Fastest Street Track in the World

After a thrilling Chinese GP, F1 moves on to the scene of multiple crimes. This time can Sebastian Vettel keep his cool? Can Lewis Hamilton keep his head rest? And can Daniel Ricciardo somehow scale the heights of China and Baku last year? Things could hardly get better. . .could they?


Ep 26 - Azerbaijan GP Preview - Teaser

You there. Yes you. Could you do us a favour? Beyond brandishing our begging cap, we look forward to returning to the scene of Vettel's most heinous and dastardly crime. Baku is the place, Sunday is the time, and The Driving Line is the podcast. Preview episode will drop immimently!


Ep 26 - Chinese GP Review - Race of the Year, Mercedes Tyred Out, and Danny Ricc Overtakes the World

After David wisely panned the Chinese Grand Prix on our preview episode, the Shanghai Circuit only goes and produces a season defining race. Daniel Ricciardo wisely panned Valtteri Bottas after his failure to make a race winning move in Bahrain, sure didn't Ricciardo only go and stuff a host of world class manoeuvres on the field to take a famous victory. These astounding happenings and more on our review of the Chinese Grand Prix!


Ep 26 - Chinese GP Review - Teaser

Three races in and we have a candidate for race of the season already. It's panic stations at Mercedes who so far, are unable to extract consistent performance from their Pirelli tyres. They're probably not panicking but it's fun to imagine!


Ep 25 - Chinese GP Preview - Shanghai Smog, the New Eau Rouge, and Hamilton Poised

Does China lack character? Is Shanghai’s turn one the new Eau Rouge? And can Lewis Hamilton push back the red tide? Answers to these questions including a scandalous prediction of a Red Bull win are contained within. Chinese GP preview and predictions - enjoy the Grand Prix!


Ep 25 - Chinese GP Preview - Teaser

Where was Shanghai's marketing plan in all of this? John and David discuss the Chinese Grand Prix and the reasons it's not quite right. . .


Ep 25 - Bahrain GP Review - Strategy to the Fore, the Pecking Order, and a Look to 2021

Faith has been restored in the ability of the cars to overtake as we saw a strategy rich Bahrain grand prix play out under the floodlights. John and David pick through the key moments and decisions that lead to that half second win at the end. ... And we go on tour! To a pub!


Ep 24 - Bahrain GP Preview - Revisiting the Arab Spring, Backing Ferrari, and Doubting Mercedes (?!)

The F1 circus moves on to the desert of Bahrain, but should Formula One be there in the first place? David and John pick through the moral, ethical and sporting dilemma that is F1's calendar. . . Otherwise it's a preview of this year's Bahrain Grand Prix* *Caution: Includes predictions against a Mercedes win


Ep 24 - Bahrain GP Preview - Teaser

The F1 circus moves on to the desert of Bahrain, but should Formula One be there in the first place? David and John pick through the moral, ethical and sporting dilemma that is F1's calendar. . .


Ep 24 - Australian GP Review - Vettel Nicks it, No Overtaking Allowed, and Dodgy Graphics

After a Grand Prix that produced just five on track overtakes after lap one, David and John find the silver linings after F1's season opener. Sebastian Vettel pulled it out of the fire thanks to a virtual safety car, Mercedes fell into said fire thanks to a dodgy computer, and Liberty Media have some questions to answer regarding their graphics and their US "broadcast". Beyond these things, the lads evaluate the Halo, the midfield, and discuss the copy and paste accusation that Haas are...


Ep 22 - 2017 Season Review - Lewis vs Seb, Baku Magic, and Everything in Between a Vintage Year

As F1 2018 approaches, try to remember this time last year. . . Pessimism reigned as Mercedes were tipped to continue their depressing dominance over the F1 field. What utter nonsense that was. Join John and David as they recall a simply classic season of motor racing.


Episode 22 - 2017 Season Review - Teaser

With the 2018 season just around the corner, David and John cast their minds back to a magical Sunday in Baku - once more with feeling!


Episode 21 - Abu Dhabi Review - Stodgy Season Ender, Cyber Squatters, and Renault Win Millions

A truly pants Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is lit up by an unusually jovial and enthusiastic pair of presenters, school's out anyone? Elsewise, David and John swap places, we debate the the Renault/Force India corner cutting/millions winning controversy and Valtteri proves he's not so inert!


Episode 20 - Abu Dhabi GP Preview - Dramatic Finales, Bye-Bye 2017, and Driver of the Weekend Champ

Well that went fast. . .The curtain comes down on the 2017 season in Abu Dhabi this weekend. David and John recount last years' nail biter, they look forward to this years' rather less crucial (but still fascinating!) race, and most importantly, they reveal who the Driver of the Weekend Season Champion is!


Episode 20 - Brazil GP Review - Renault gets the claws out, Muggings and Alonso's next adventure

At a weekend filled with drama off the track, Renault decided to single out Toro Rosso as being responsible for its engine failures, a strange move to say the least. Elsewhere, Formula one staff were targeted by armed robbers, leading to a cancellation of Pirelli's tyre test after the GP. Thankfully no one was hurt. Fernando Alonso is confirmed to be racing at the Daytona 24 hour race and is currently trying to confirm the Le Mans 24 hour also John and David are here to dissect these...


Episode 19 - Brazil GP Preview - Honour thy Dead Drivers, Historic Brazil, and Ocon v Hamilton

In our Brazilian GP preview David and John recount last years' epic in the rain, they debate the idea of memorialising dead drivers, and Esteban Ocon is pitted against Lewis Hamilton - it's The Driving Line at its finest!


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