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Michael Raine, the editor of Canadian Musician Magazine, brings you in-depth conversations & insider information on timely topics from around the music industry. Listen and subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Casts & more. For more information contact us at:

Michael Raine, the editor of Canadian Musician Magazine, brings you in-depth conversations & insider information on timely topics from around the music industry. Listen and subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Casts & more. For more information contact us at:


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Michael Raine, the editor of Canadian Musician Magazine, brings you in-depth conversations & insider information on timely topics from around the music industry. Listen and subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Casts & more. For more information contact us at:






Why USS Is Quitting While They're On Top

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker's (aka USS) Ashley Buchholz and Jason Parsons Join Mike for an open and earnest (and sometimes comical) conversation about why they're breaking up, their last album, and how they've grown as artists and people. After little more than a decade together, and having achieved a level of worldwide success that is far beyond anything they expected, the Canadian electro-rock duo USS (or Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) are calling it a day with one final album, Einsteins of...


Julian Taylor’s Long, Tough Journey to ‘The Ridge’

Two decades into his career, Julian Taylor's star is on the rise because of his masterful album, 'The Ridge.' It may have been the perfect album for these times, but a lot of anguish went into writing it. “When something like that happens to you, I think you just get stunned,” Julian Taylor says on this week’s podcast about the immense loss that planted the seeds for his album, ‘The Ridge.’ “I just started reciting whatever was on my mind on a video on my phone as I walked through the...


The North Sound’s Forrest Eaglespeaker on Songwriting, Sobriety & More

For this last episode of 2020, Mike is joined by Forrest Eaglespeaker, the leader of Saskatchewan-based roots-rock duo The North Sound. They recently released their sophomore record, ‘As the Stars Explode,’ a deeply personal album that straddles two eras in Forrest’s life. Some of the songs were written while Eaglespeaker was in the chaos of alcohol addiction, while some in the more grounded and “new” life of sobriety. In this conversation, Forrest speaks honestly about those long struggles...


What’s Happened to Canada’s Indie Music Sector & How Can It Recover?

CIMA Pres. Stuart Johnston dissects a new report on COVID-19's impact on indie artists & labels On this week’s show we have outgoing CIMA President Stuart Johnston joining Mike to talk about the widespread, and often uneven, impact the pandemic has had on Canada’s independent music sector. The basis of the conversation is a new report commissioned by CIMA and conducted by Nordicity that shows the Canadian music industry lost $280-million this year. Stuart explains how the indie sector,...


How Melissa Lamm Funds Her Music with Twitch + Blind Singer-Producer Mattmac

Pop singer-songwriter Melissa Lamm how she funds her music career by performing on Twitch, plus Mattmac explains how he make his melodic pop-trap beats without eyesight First up, Mike chats with Mattmac about his incredible story and music. He’s blind musician, singer, and producer from Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba, and though still very young, Mattmac is gaining a ton of attention with his first album, 20/20. He’s been blind since birth, which makes the pop-trap production in music...


Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Plus COVID-Safe Concerts with Hotels Live Canada

Samantha Martin on songwriting, performing & more, and then Rob Cyrynowski on his unique & COVID-safe concert format First up, Mike has a lovely conversation with Samantha Martin (5:20) about her pandemic experience and making her latest, barn-storming record with her band, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar. The new album, The Reckless One, was released in November via Gypsy Soul Records, and features swirling Booker T-inspired organ, a swaggering horn line and Samantha’s trademark...


The Life & Legacy of Rush

Author & critic Martin Popoff on the career of the Canadian prog-rock icons We’ve got a fun chat on this week’s episode! Martin Popoff, the incredibly prolific rock critic and author, joins Mike to talk about the music, business, and legacy of Canadian icons Rush. Martin has written a three-book biography of the band, with the first two installments – Anthem: Rush in the ‘70s and Limelight: Rush in the ‘80s – now out, and the third book expected in the spring of 2021. Martin is obviously a...


Innovative Approaches to Touring & Financing Your Music

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald on how he toured through the pandemic & Sound Royalties founder and CEO Alex Heiche on music royalties, licensing, and specialty finance for music artists. In our two interviews on this week’s podcast, we’re looking at a couple unique ways musicians are approaching their careers, whether that’s financing or touring during a pandemic. First up, Mike catches up with singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (3:00) to find out how he managed to keep touring for...


The Story of 'Studio Monk': How Junia-T Almost Quit Music & Instead Made a Masterpiece

Junia-T’s story seems almost too perfect. After a decade of promising highs and frustrating lows, he was in a rut and feeling pressure to quit the music industry. At that moment he found himself in a life-changing creative environment and emerged two years later with Studio Monk, an album that sounds, simultaneously, so original and classic that he’s being showered in critical adoration and artistic admiration, including being shortlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize. For the new issue...


Lessons from Dave Guenette's Secretly Fascinating Life in the Music Industry

Dave Guenette is a Canadian artist manager and label co-owner who has had an extremely fascinating life and career, though you won’t find much about him online. He is the co-founder of label and artist services company Pirates Blend, which has worked alongside Junia-T (who Dave has known since they were kids), A Tribe Called Red, Zaki Ibrahim, Saul Williams, Young Empires, and more. The label was co-founded with the members of Bedouin Soundclash, who Dave previously managed since they were...


The State of Canada's Live Music Industry

This week Mike welcomes back to the podcast Erin Benjamin, the president and CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association. The CLMA advocates on behalf of Canadian concert promoters, festivals, presenters, venues, agents, ticketing companies, industry associations, and suppliers. Mike and Erin spoke in late April about the immediate devasting impact the pandemic was having on the live music industry. Now, six months later, Erin is back to offer an update on how things have panned out, what the...


Ron Hawkins & Peter Katz

First up this week, Mike chats with Ron Hawkins (2:50), an icon of the Canadian indie rock community and incredible songwriter who fronts The Lowest of the Low and Ron Hawkins & The Do-Good Assassins. Ron chats about recording the new Do-Good Assassins album, 246, on a vintage analog four-track recorder, shunning the option to release the album on a major label, the pros and cons of indie and major labels from his experience, the difference between good and bad political songwriting, and...


How to Build a Creative Community

On the podcast this week, Mike welcomes Oliver Johnson, the founder of Soleil Sound (formerly – and still lovingly by many – called The Hive), which is a music and post-production studio complex in Toronto that has been an instrumental part of the Toronto creative community for more than 20 years. In fact, in a recent conversation, Polaris Prize-shortlisted producer Junia-T told Mike that Oliver is one of the unsung heroes of Toronto music community and credited the uniquely creative and...


The How & Why of Businesses Using Music Videos

We’ve chatted on the podcast and in the magazine a few times about how companies use music, from restaurants to gyms to retail shops and more. Today, we’re focusing on how and why many of these same types of companies are using music videos. Our guest for this conversation is Luke White, the director of content at Loop Media, which provides customized music video channels for businesses. Luke is also the head of operations and marketing at U.S. label Parts + Labor Records, all on top of...


Behind-the-Scenes in Music & Government During the Pandemic

On the podcast this week we have Patrick Rogers, the interim Co-CEO and VP of Corporate Affairs at Music Canada. It’s a fascinating and wide-ranging chat as Patrick takes you behind-the-scenes as the music industry grapples with the scope of the pandemic and its conversations with government. Given his many years spent in the federal government, including being the Director of Public Policy at the Department of Canadian Heritage, Patrick offers a lot of insight into government’s...


What Has the Pandemic Done to Music Listening Habits?

For this week’s chat, Mike is joined by Glenn Peoples, the lead data analyst atBillboard. Glenn and Mike get into a fascinating conversation about how music fans’ listening habits have shifted during the course of the pandemic. They dissect early declines in streaming numbers and how it’s recovered, what genres have gained the most, the future of vinyl and CDs, the influence of smart speakers, and even if it would be in the interest of both Spotify and the music industry to phase out free,...


COVID’s Impact on Indie Artists

For this week’s podcast we welcome back Darryl Hurs, the founder and CEO of Indie Week and CD Baby’s Director of Market Development for Canada. Darryl and Mike chat about Indie Week’s plans for a virtual artist-focused conference from Nov. 10-14, and then dig into a number of pressing topic and some good advice for indie musicians. Darryl explains how indie artists should be preparing for the eventual post-COVID industry, why he thinks that there will be a big return to focusing on local...


Laila Biali, Jeremy Drury & Romana

This week, we're bringing you a special trio of artist interviews. Revered jazz vocalist Laila Biali joins us to discuss her re-imagining of the track "Revival" for her ongoing "Quarantunes" series, as well as the song's powerful and still-timely lyrical themes. We also touch on her latest LP, Out of Dust, her experience releasing and promoting an album amidst the pandemic, and how a bit of optimism can go a long way these days. Before that, we hear from Jeremy Drury about stepping out from...


Country Talk with Lindsay Ell & Petric

For our feature interview this week, Andrew chats with Canadian country star Lindsay Ell, who followed up her breakout LP The Project with another hugely successful effort, Heart Theory, in mid-August. American Songwriter magazine called it a "career-altering album" in their high-profile cover story, and we ask Lindsay how she feels about the remarkable reception in addition to discussing the making of the record, balancing her prowess as a singer and guitarist in the studio and on stage,...


The Indigenous Music Industry Is on the Rise

Coalition Music has partnered with the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) to launch Red Music Rising (RMR), an Indigenous music company that is the first in Canada to be owned, managed, and operated entirely by Indigenous individuals. On today's pod, we have Toronto-based artist manager Matt Maw of Chippewas of the Thames, who has been brought in to be the first leader of RMR. Matt and Mike discuss the mission and plans for RMR, how it came together, launching a music company at...