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The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.

The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.
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The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.






Reimagining a Hell of an Album with Matt Mays

On his latest offering, revered East Coast rocker Matt Mays has revisited and reimagined his 2017 LP, Once Upon a Hell of a Time. Aptly called Twice Upon a Hell of a Time, the release finds Mays and a group of close and trusted collaborators offering intimate, stripped-down takes of the more robust album tracks. He and Andrew dissect the process and talk about why he decided to tap one of Canada's top hard-rock producers for the project, bringing new musicians into the fold, how this...


How the Toronto Star & CBC Exposed Ticketmaster's Secret Scalper Program

Robert Cribb Marco Chown Oved This is a conversation we’re really looking forward to sharing. Toronto Star investigative reporters Robert Cribb and Marco Chown Oved both join the podcast to discuss their joint investigation with the CBC into Ticketmaster’s deceptive sales practices, as well as its close business relationship with scalpers and how that has evolved. Robert and Marco, together with their partners at the CBC, have been investigating the ticket scalping industry for a couple of...


Michael Kaeshammer & Royal Wood - Two Artists, 176 Keys

It's a pair of artist interviews for this week's show. First, Royal Wood joins us to talk about the making of his latest album, Ever After the Farewell, and the life-changing events that inspired it. The album is the product of the emotional roller coaster Royal experienced between father’s death and falling instantly in love with his now-wife just a few weeks apart. As well, Royal explains the unique writing and recording process for this record, often recording songs the same day he...


The Four Pillars of Success in Country Music

Mike sits down for an in-depth chat with Louis O'Reilly, the VP of country music powerhouse Invictus Entertainment and the manager for Brett Kissel and other country stars. They discuss the ins and outs of artist management and building an artist's career in the modern music industry, what informs Louis' decision to sign an artist, the transition into the streaming era, and what he sees as the four key ingredients for a successful career. As well, we have a bonus conversation with...


Why Sam Feldman Is Still Optimistic About the Music Biz

Sam Feldman is one of the best-known and most respected figures in the Canadian music industry, thanks in large part to his work with the companies - The Feldman Agency and Macklam Feldman Management - bearing his name. Over the years, he's played an active role in the careers of artists like Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, and many more. In this wide-ranging interview, he weighs in with his thoughts on the health of the live music business, how artist...


Studio Stories from a Recording Icon - Mark Howard on Bob Dylan, Neil Young & More

When Mark Howard was a teenager growing up in Hamilton, ON, his high school councilor predicted he’d be “nothing but a criminal.” Instead, Mark has enjoyed a legendary recording career, engineering and producing classic albums by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, REM, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Tragically Hip, Lucinda Williams, and many more. But in recent years, Mark has been battling for his life. In 2017, he was diagnosed Stage 4 melanoma and the time since has been more than...


Generating (Equal) Opportunities for Artists & Industry Members

In late August, BreakOut West made the formal announcement that it had reached its pledged goal of gender parity in both its artist showcase and industry conference programming - four years ahead of schedule. The event's 2018 edition, happening Oct. 10-14 in Kelowna, BC, will feature 50 per cent female/female fronted acts and 57% female industry professionals speaking during the conference. WCMA Executive Director Robyn Stewart joins Andrew this week to talk about that goal, any...

A Digital Pioneer on the Future of Music

Mike has a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with Tamir Koch, the CEO of eMusic. eMusic launched in 1998 as the first legal, digital music store. As the industry pioneer and champion of independent labels and artists, eMusic serves 47 million music fans and has sold nearly one billion downloads. It relaunched in 2017, evolving from a discount digital music store into a full-featured digital music service. Now, eMusic is launching a blockchain-based platform that it says will...


Keeper of the Axe: The Life of a Veteran Guitar Tech

On this week’s podcast, we give a preview of Thursday’s webinar with long-time touring instrument tech Jeramy “HooGie” Donais. HooGie has spent the last 20 years on the road as a guitar/bass tech for Gob, Shinedown, Sam Roberts Band, Finger Eleven, Theory of a Deadman, Staind, Lamb of God, and many more. This Thursday, Aug. 23, he will join Andrew for a free webinar entitled “Keep Your Guitar or Bass in Top Shape.” To register, go to In this conversation with Mike,...


The SOCAN & SODRAC Merger & What It Means

Two weeks ago, performing rights organization SOCAN made the major announcement that it was merging with reproduction rights organization SODRAC. Now, for the first time in Canada, a single organization – SOCAN – will be able to license, track, and distribute all royalties for both music performing rights and mechanical rights. To explore the details of the deal and what it’ll mean for the organizations’ members, as well as the greater music rights industry in Canada, we caught up with...

Rise of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence is changing music creation

This week, Mike chats with Amper Music CEO and Co-Founder Drew Silverstein. Amper Music is at the leading edge of the artificial intelligence revolution in music. Amper's AI is designed to instantly produce royalty-free production music that matches the length, genre, and mood that the user dictates, while also allowing the user to collaborate with Amper as if they're sitting in the studio with a composer. Frankly, the results are pretty impressive, and Amper is just one of many...


Hip Hop's Evolution - In Conversation with Shad & D.O.

Canadian MC Shad joins us to talk about Hip-Hop Evolution, the highly-anticipated documentary series now on Netflix that he narrates and hosts. The four-part series explores the history of hip-hop from the late '70s to early '90s, taking viewers on the journey from DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa, through Run DMC and Public Enemy, and ending with the rise of gangsta rap with NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac. Shad tells us about the making of the doc, recalls his...


Redefining Folk - In Conversation with The Once

Are they a Newfoundland band or a band from Newfoundland? Heralded folk trio The Once find themselves wrestling with this and many other questions about their artistic and sonic identity, though that's not stopping them from making the music they want to make and subsequently watching their audience grow. Geraldine Hollett and Phil Churchill chat with Andrew about the unique, theatre-based genesis of their band, how they've made a name for themselves, their approach to live performance,...


Quitting the Day Job - Rachel Beck Takes Music Full-Time

On June 10th, Rachel Beck posted a message to her Facebook artist page announcing that she wouldn't be returning to her job as a schoolteacher in the fall, and would instead be dedicating her efforts to further developing her music career. The timing seemed fitting. Just three months prior, after closing the first chapter of said career as one half of heralded folk duo The Beck Sisters, she released her self-titled debut album to much acclaim, earning rave reviews and watching the single...


A Career Like No Other - One-on-One with @ThatEricAlper

Everyone’s favourite publicist, radio host, blogger, and social media personality Eric Alper (aka @ThatEricAlper) takes us through his remarkable music career, from starting his own label in the mid-‘90s to moving into PR and working with Smithsonian Folkways, Koch Entertainment, and eOne Music to then becoming his own boss. Through it all, he’s worked with countless artists, from the emerging to the legendary, including the likes of Ringo Starr, Ray Charles, Jerry Garcia, Nickelback,...


How SOCAN Gets You Paid - A PRO Primer

If you create original music, SOCAN wants to put money in your pocket. It’s that simple. This week, SOCAN's Melissa Cameron-Passley and Aidan D'Aoust join us to simplify the world of performance and neighbouring rights and explain how SOCAN members can make sure they’re getting every cent they’re entitled to. We touch on how to become a SOCAN member, how the organization collects and distributes royalties, general info about royalty rates from various media, and more. Even if you're...


Cavendish Beach & The Many Facets of Summer Festivals

Despite taking place in a small community in Canada's smallest province, PEI's Cavendish Beach Music Festival has been attracting mega-headliners to its massive stage for 10 years running. This year's edition has expanded to four nights and beyond its typical focus on country music, with pop superstar Shawn Mendes headlining the final day of an event that will also welcome Luke Bryan, Brett Eldredge, Chris Young, and Dallas Smith. Jeff Squires, who heads up CBMF producer Whitecap...


The Dandelion Initiative – Standing Up Against Misconduct in Live Music

Toronto musician and Dandelion Initiative Founder Viktoria Belle joins us to discuss the tough topic of sexual misconduct at music venues and festivals. Viktoria is a survivor of sexual violence and founded the Dandelion Initiative (formerly the Sexual Assault Action Coalition) to help other survivors and address the problem with real solutions. The Dandelion Initiative provides training for venues’ staff to help them identify, prevent, and deal with sexual assault and...


Singer, Songwriter & Survivorman - Les Stroud on Music & Activism

Environmentalist, musician, and filmmaker Les Stroud has long used his groundbreaking TV show Survivorman as the principal vehicle to convey his message of celebrating and protecting nature. Now, he's combining his love for the environment with his other passion: music. On his fifth album, Bittern Lake, the Canadian singer-songwriter issues an urgent call for environmental preservation with a collection of original songs and covers by Joni Mitchell and J.J. Cale, produced by Mike Clink...


Crack of Dawn - The Barrier-Breaking Band Canadian Music Forgot

Mike sits down with a figure of Canada’s musical and cultural history. Rupert Harvey is a guitarist and founding member of recently-reunited funk/soul/R&B band Crack of Dawn, who signed with Columbia Records in 1975, making them the first black band to be signed by a major record company in Canada. The group sold more albums and concert tickets in Canada throughout the ‘70s than Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Earth, Wind & Fire. Rupert recalls the burgeoning R&B and soul scene in...