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The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.

The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.
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The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.






After PledgeMusic, Is Crowdfunding Still a Viable Option for Artists?

Dave Cool, the director of artist and industry outreach at Bandzoogle, joins us to discuss the bankruptcy of popular crowdfunding site PledgeMusic and his company's subsequent move into the space. Bandzoogle is a Canadian company that operates globally and is known for its suite of website-building services aimed specifically at musicians. In June, Bandzoogle announced it was launching a crowd funding platform as part of its subscription services. That announcement, not coincidently,...


Skydiggers & Birds of Bellwoods

Josh Finlayson of heralded roots-rock outfit Skydiggers joins us to chat about the group's latest album, Let's Get Friendship Right. What started as a project based on the five stages of grief blossomed into something far more expansive and diverse. Finlayson tells us about how the album came to be, the significance of recording at The Tragically Hip's Bathouse Studio, how his creative partnership with bandmate Andy Maize has stayed so strong over the years, and more. Plus, Mike sat down...


A New CEO & New Era for Canadian Music Week

Danya Dixon is the new CEO of Canadian Music Week. Drawing on her 10+ years of experience with the country's marquee music industry conference and festival thus far, she's got some fresh ideas to ensure the event meets and exceeds expectations for its 2020 edition and beyond. On the conference side, she discusses the goal of reaching gender parity for invited delegates within the next few years and some of the timely and important topics they'll be focusing on with their programming. On...


StopGap on Tour - Making a Difference While on the Road

Tim Moxam has partnered with Toronto's StopGap Foundation, which builds ramps for community spaces to increase accessibility, and launched StopGap on Tour. Moxam collaborated with some fellow songwriters and crafters to build a series of special-edition StopGap ramps, pre-ordered and spec'd to accommodate the needs of non-accessible venues, cafes, record stores, and other community hubs that Moxam would be visiting on his recent East Coast tour. Hear about this cool initiative, how you can...


Do the Drake & Katy Perry Lawsuits Mean It's Open Season on Songwriters?

Sarah Falzon, a Toronto-based entertainment lawyer with Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP, joins us to chat about the recent slew of copyright infringement lawsuits hitting pop stars, including Drake and Katy Perry, as well as Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran. As Sarah says, it seems like the floodgates have opened in the wake of the infamous “Blurred Lines” conflict in which the estate of Marvin Gaye successfully sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for copying the “feel” and...


Sandy Graham on Living One of the Most Interesting Careers in the Music Business

On today’s podcast, we have Sandy Graham, the woman who has had maybe the most diverse and interesting career in the Canadian music business. Sandy is currently the owner and editor-in-chief of Cashbox Canada, but over her roughly 40 years in the industry, going back to when she was a teenager, she has been involved in nearly every segment of this industry and has been a true trailblazer. She began in music retail, before being one of the first women to work at a major label in Canada....


Canadian Stars Cover "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for Sudan

A group of high-profile Canadian musicians - including members of Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Stars, Blue Rodeo, Serena Ryder, and more - recently came together as Artists for Sudan to record a new version of U2's classic "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and raise awareness of the human suffering in Sudan. Darcy Ataman, a co-producer of the track and the man behind activist organizations like A4A Records and Make Music Matter, discusses the origins of the project, how the star-studded lineup...


Digging into Nielsen's 2019 Music 360 Canada Report

This week, we welcome back Paul Shaver, VP of Music & Radio at Nielsen Entertainment Canada, for what's always a fun and fascinating conversation about Canadian music consumption data. Nielsen recently released its latest "Music 360 Canada" report, which provides a thorough look at music consumption trends. Paul and Mike get into the generational divides between teens, millennials, and their parents with regards to music listening habits, why radio continues to be influential in music...


Music Law Basics for Canadian Musicians

Should you sign that contract? Can you remix or cover any song you want? What’s a split sheet? Chances are you’ve encountered a few tough questions related to music law, and if you haven’t yet, trust us. You will. On this week's podcast, Canadian music lawyer Byron Pascoe of Edwards PC Creative Law walks us through general music law FAQs that will empower you to make good decisions. We also cover common music law agreements - from producer to management agreements - and related...


The Decline of Newspaper Arts Sections & What It Means for Musicians

For our feature interview, Mike catches up with Ben Rayner (22:40), the long-time music writer and critic at the Toronto Star. He’s easily one of the best music writers in Canada and it’s obvious that his love of music, and writing about it, is as strong as ever. As local newspapers disappear and even the big newspapers like the Globe & Mail and National Post diminish their arts coverage and move music journalists into other beats, Ben is among the last of a dying breed. Mike and Ben chat...


Bruce Cockburn on His New Album & Accidental Career

“I’ve never thought in terms of a ‘career.’ I’m uncomfortable with the word. I don’t use it because I’ve never approached what I do that way." One of the greatest Canadian songwriters of the last five decades, Bruce Cockburn, joins us on this week's podcast. An inductee into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and member of the Order of Canada, Bruce is about to release his 34th (!) album, which is an all-instrumental collection entitled Crowing Ignites. In this wide-ranging...


Closing the Value Gap & Saving the Creative Middle Class

Music Canada recently shared its latest report, “Closing the Value Gap: How to Fix Safe Harbours and Save the Creative Middle Class.” As the title suggests, the report examines the gap between revenues derived by online entertainment platforms - particularly YouTube - and the revenues returned to artists and labels, then offers five recommendations on how to address the issue. On this week's podcast, Mike and Graham Henderson, Music Canada's President and CEO, dive into the report before...


Honey Jam: Fostering Canadian Female Artists

Recognizing a need to develop new and valuable opportunities for female performing artists and music industry professionals, Ebonnie Rowe launched Honey Jam back in 1995 as an artist showcase and professional development program dedicated entirely to female performers. In the years since, she and her collaborators have worked tirelessly to encourage more women to step up and over the barriers limiting their potential and empowered them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to do so. This...


The Northern Pikes & Sawdust City Music Festival

The Northern Pikes are one of the classic Canadian rock bands of the late '80s and 90s with iconic songs like “She Ain’t Pretty,” “Teenland,” “Things I Do for Money,” and “Girl with a Problem.” They’re back with a new LP, Forest of Love - their first new release in 16 years. Mike sat down with the full band, including newcomer Kevin Kane of Grapes of Wrath, to chat about songwriting, how making and releasing an album in 2019 compares to their past experiences, how age and maturity have...


Snotty Nose Rez Kids & The Rock Doctor

Ahead of their set at NXNE 2019, Mike caught up with Darren "Young D" Metz and Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce of acclaimed hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids. Hailing from the Haisla Nation in Northern B.C., the Polaris Prize shortlisters are one of the most exciting groups in Canada, producing straight-up bangers that get crowds pumping while also going for the political jugular with impactful lyrics that shine light on the experiences of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Here, the guys talk about...


Educating & Empowering Women+ in the Studio

The Producer's Lounge is an initiative designed to elevate female and non-binary-identifying music producers, engineers, and mixers from B.C. The program brings participants into some of the province's top studios to work with and learn from some of the industry's best and brightest audio pros, including internationally-heralded studio vet Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Alysha Brilla, Rae Spoon, Elisa Pangsaeng, and others. Jane Aurora, the program's founder...


Royal Mountain Records: Prioritizing Mental Health for Musicians

Earlier this year, Toronto-based indie label Royal Mountain Records (PUP, Mac DeMarco, Alvvays, U.S. Girls) created a first-of-its-kind fund to support its artists’ mental health. Each act on the label now has access to $1,500 each – completely confidential and non-recoupable – to use on mental health wellness and addiction treatment. The label is run by Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg, who joins us this week to talk about the fund’s creation and, more generally, mental health in the...


A New Era: ole Blazes on as Anthem Entertainment

In November 2018, Helen Murphy was appointed as the new CEO of ole Media Management, one of the world's leading music and entertainment content and services companies. On June 5th, ole announced a sweeping brand overhaul that finds the company blazing forward as Anthem Entertainment. Anthem is comprised of a music publishing division, record label, production music division, and an audio-visual secondary rights management firm. It counts offices in Toronto, New York, L.A., London, and...


Roxodus Music Fest: The Story So Far...

Aerosmith. Nickelback. Skynyrd. Kid Rock. Alice Cooper. Roxodus Music Fest and its heavyweight lineup seemingly came out of nowhere and, considering it's a first-year festival, brought its share of skeptics with it. But that hasn't stopped the team behind this mid-July mega-fest from pushing forward with big plans and big ideas. This week, Roxodus co-founder and co-producer Mike Dunphy chats with Andrew about where this idea came from, how the lineup took shape and the challenges of...


Are You Primed for a Spotify Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a company that specializes in pitching indie artists’ songs to third-party Spotify playlist curators. George Goodrich, the founder and CEO of Playlist Push, joins us on this week's podcast to discuss how the streaming playlist ecosystem works and its growing influence in the industry. He explains the inner-workings of a playlisting campaign, the delicate relationship between playlist pitchers and Spotify itself, why certain songs succeed on playlists, and more.