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The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.

The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.


Niagara Falls, Ontario


The best insider information on the music industry. Interviews with musicians, songwriters, producers, music experts and music industry professionals. Join Show Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine for the hottest information on Canadian music.






COVID-19's Impact on the Live Music Sector

Here's hoping everyone is holding up while holed up. On today's show, we bring you a candid conversation with Erin Benjamin, the president and CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association, discussing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the association's members and wider concert industry in Canada. Let's be clear: the situation is dire, and there's up-to-date data to prove it; however, the CLMA is working hard by advocating the government to recognize and help the industry through these...


Diggstown & How Music Enhances the Onscreen Experience

This week, we bring you a fun and interesting chat with Floyd Kane, the creator and writer of the CBC series Diggstown. Floyd and Mike chat about the use of music as a storytelling and emotional device in TV, how and when music comes into the TV writing process, how songs are chosen for the show, and some of the great independent Canadian artists whose music is featured in Diggstown. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the...


Lauv's Rise to Fame & Ruffsound's Well-Rounded Career

Mike sits down with visionary pop songwriter, producer, and singer Lauv, who has just dropped his highly-anticipated debut LP ‘How I'm Feeling.’ They discuss Lauv’s rise to hitmaker status for stars like Charli XCX and Celine Dion, and the transition to performing his own songs with the likes of Alessia Cara and BTS. He also delves into self-care and mental health and how his Blue Boy Foundation factors in. Before that, we chat with Marc Vincent, better known as Ruffsound. He’s one of the...


The Vital, Tough & Sometimes Strange Job of Tour Manager

Being a tour manager means being a logistics coordinator, accountant, event planner, human resources professional, crisis manager, and counselor. Everything that goes on during the tour - or leading up to it - runs through them. Really, it's one of the most important yet least-discussed jobs in the music business. That’s why Mike wrote a feature article for the March/April 2020 issue of Canadian Musician trying to make sense of tour managers’ responsibilities and share a few of their...


One-of-a-Kind Collabs: Glass Tiger Goes Electronic with Pineo & Loeb

Canadian rock icons Glass Tiger and high-energy EDM duo Pineo & Loeb recently collaborated on a re-imagined version of the former's "This Is Your Life," featuring guest vocals from Matt Mays. Glass Tiger's Alan Frew and P&L's Mitch Pineo join us this week to share what initially brought them together, why they each wanted to work with the other, how the track was recorded and assembled, and more. Plus, get an exclusive scoop on their next collab: a fresh take on one of The Beatles'...


A King-Making Queen of Canadian Country Music

Jordan Elliott (sometimes spelled Jordyn - you’ll hear why) got into the business of artist management when she was just 21 years old, signing a band to a major label contract while still in school. Since then, she’s continued on that path, working with artists like Meghan Patrick and Eric Ethridge and blazing a trail as one of the top female managers in Canadian country music. Jordan tells us the story of her fascinating career as she examines the unique relationship between artist and...


Unique Country, Unique Scene: The Business of EDM in Canada

Severine Erickson is the president of the recently-launched Triple A Talent, a Vancouver-based artist management and booking agency specializing in the electronic music scene. Severine explains how negative experiences with agents inspired him and the other Triple A co-founders to start their own company with a plan to do things differently. Severine also discusses the unique aspects of being an agent in the EDM scene compared to other genres, the health of underground EDM in Canada, and...


Defining Your Story: A Better Shot at Success

Having and relaying a clear idea of your identity, image, and overall narrative is vital to developing and maintaining a devoted fan base in today's super-saturated music business. But what should you be focusing on, and how should it be presented to make the biggest impact with your audience and the industry? Music industry veteran Steve Waxman has shaped the careers of some of Canada's best-known musical exports and joins us with answers to those questions. We cite well-known examples...


One-of-a-Kind Collabs: A Canadian Country Girl & An All-American Reject

For her latest single, "Say Too Much," on-the-rise Canadian country singer/songwriter Karli June teamed up with an unlikely ally in pop/rock producer and All-American Rejects keyboardist Scott Chesak. But while Chesak's success as a songwriter and producer largely stems from projects with the likes of Panic! at the Disco and Weezer, his first foray into country has been quite fruitful. Andrew speaks with both artists about how they first came together, what drew Karli to the song despite...


Twitch for Musicians - Boost Your Fanbase & Bottom Line

When Karen Allen told us about her book for musicians about the live streaming platform Twitch, she said: “I’ve been working in digital music for 20 years and have never seen anything so effective for artists.” That certainly piqued our interest. Lo and behold, there is a growing and prospering community of musicians on Twitch using the platform to engage new fans, turn casual fans into super fans, and make some good money doing it. Allen, a veteran of the digital music industry and...


Holy F*** on Deleter & A Convo on the Art of Music Videos

Holy F** frontman Brian Borcherdt joins us to talk about Deleter*, the band's brand-new record that dives further down the rabbit hole at the intersection of technology and humanity. We talk about the evolution of their hybrid sound, how the various members' work playing in and producing other projects advances what they do collectively, and a lot more. Then, Mike has a fun and fascinating chat with Prism Prize Founder Louis Calabro about the industry and art of music videos. They talk...


Data, Royalties & Rights: A Decade-Plus at Re:Sound

In December 2019, with just a few months left before he steps down from his post as president of Re:Sound, Mike had a wide-ranging chat with Ian MacKay about his 11 years with the performing rights organization that represents labels and performing artists. Ian discusses how Re:Sound’s mission evolved over the decade, how the rise of streaming and its ocean of data impacted its work, evolving relations between music industry organizations, Entandem’s performance thus far, and more. Mike...


Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis (Holiday Special!)

Happy New Year and hope everyone has had a great holiday! Like we did last episode, and before we get back to our usual programming next week, we're switching things up for one more special episode with an interview that originally aired on The Music Life Coach Podcast, featuring host Jo Janzen interviewing Canadian Musician Senior Editor and CM Podcast co-host Mike Raine about his article, "Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis." With Jo, Mike discusses his research and reporting for...


The Era of the Artistpreneur (Holiday Special!)

Happy Holidays! We're switching things up for this special episode with an interview that originally aired on The Music Life Coach Podcast, featuring host Jo Janzen interviewing Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief and podcast host Andrew King about his article "The Era of the Artistpreneur." Andrew has valuable info for artists about what it means to be an entrepreneur in today's music business, how "do it yourself" doesn't necessarily mean "do it alone," how artists can assess risks and...


The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History

For today's episode, Mike had a chance to sit down for a lively, fascinating, and fun conversation with Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman, authors of the brilliant new book The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History. Covering from the mid-1800s all the way to 2000, the book offers a comprehensive and incredibly interesting history of Toronto’s live music scene, all illustrated with images from Daniel’s massive collection of concert flyers spanning over a century – from minstrel troupes...


Ajungi - Amplifying the Artists of Nunavut

Ajungi – pronounced AH-YUNG-EE – is a Nunavut-based music collective made up of up-and-coming artists from across the territory. The concept was created by artist and entrepreneur Thor Simonsen, the creative director of Hitmakerz, an Iqaluit-based record label that delivers music workshops to remote communities across Nunavut and records, produces, and releases music by many Inuit artists. Simonsen joins us to talk about the project's inception and goals, what the workshops and recording...


Insights & Advice from a Music Life Coach

This week, we welcome Joanne Janzen, an Edmonton-based music life coach who also hosts her own podcast, fittingly titled The Music Life Coach Podcast. In this enlightening conversation with Jo, she teaches us what exactly a music life coach does and how she became one while also navigating her own career as a professional musician. We then get into career development, psychology, mental health, live performance, and how Jo's work differs from and complements that of an artist manager. She...


The Good Lovelies Talk Christmas, Delaney Jane Talks Collabs & More

We're thrilled to have both The Good Lovelies and Delaney Jane on this week's pod! Heralded folk/harmony trio The Good Lovelies just dropped their second Christmas collection, Evergreen, and are now set to embark on their annual holiday tour. We catch up with Sue Passmore to talk about the evolution of their acclaimed holiday show, the art of writing a quality contemporary Christmas tune, their Good Lovelies Forest initiative, and more. Then, the same morning that her debut LP, Dirty...


Streaming Playlists - How They Work & Do They Matter?

Fresh from their panel at Indie Week’s Indie101 Music & Tech Conference, Mike sits down with Erin Kinghorn, the co-founder of playlist-pitching company Digital Promotions Group (DPG) Canada and founder of artist development company eEK! Productions. Together, Mike and Erin chat all about streaming playlists and how songs find success on them. Erin explains how the playlist ecosystems works, the data and analytics that matter, the differences between the various streaming platforms, how a...


AEMCON & The State of Electronic Music in Canada

AEMCON - the Alberta Electronic Music Conference - is Canada's largest professional gathering of electronic music industry insiders, bringing together those who want to learn, teach, inspire, connect, and dance. Five days of panels, workshops, and night events will showcase 125-plus artists and speakers, with over 3,000-plus attendees expected. The fourth edition of AEMCON takes place in Calgary from Nov. 13-17, 2019, and we've got Co-Founder Andrew Williams and Marketplace Coordinator...