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Episode 136: Wes Period

Wes Period Talks Growing Up in Orange County, Being In Bands For the Last 10 Years, Finding God, and performs “Big Bag” Live In Studio Wes Period is a product of the nondescript Orange County suburb tucked between Whittier and Fullerton. La Habra is one of those places that people ask “where’s that?” It’s probably why folks from the OC just say their from Orange County. The only other person I know from La Habra is Jonwayne. I only know that because of La Habra’s Wikipedia page. But Wes...


Episode 135: Childish Major

Childish Major Talks Juggling Producing and Emceeing, Getting His First Big Placement, Crashing on Couches, and Premieres “Aim High” Live in Studio I’ve tried booking a Childish Major episode for a hot minute. Found him around 2015 as a rapper that I knew made beats. By the time we had J.I.D. on the show, I knew I had to reach out (I assumed he was part of Spillage Village). But I honestly wasn’t aware of this man’s pedigree. As it turns out his production credits are about a mile long....


Episode 134: Caleborate

Caleborate Talks Growing Up With a Playwright Father, Giving Up Hoops For Raps, Real Person, and Performs “4 Willem” Live In Studio Caleborate continues a counterintuitive trend in my listening habits. He’s a rapper influenced by J.Cole that I personally find more listenable than J.Cole. I guess that specific generation is starting to gain traction. KN alums like J.I.D. and Deante’ Hitchcock are prior examples of the phenomenon. Caleb breaks breaks our ongoing theme of bad dad...


Episode 133: Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson Talks Touring With Macklemore, Being a Seattle Skate Rat, Spoken Word Accomplishments and Performs “Need You” Live in Studio Travis Thompson has been on my radar subliminally for many years now. Upon first hearing his music I was sure his name seemed familiar, but didn’t research it. Then I saw Macklemore announce his recent Key Arena shows only to realize Travis follows me on Twitter. When the tracklist for Gemini was released, where he’s featured with KN alum Dave B., I...


Episode 132: Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle Talks TV Show Writing, His Never Ending Drive, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, and Performs “(How Could Anybody) Feel At Home” I met Mike in 2005 at a Project Blowed anniversary show. Our mutual friend invited us to join their crew onstage for a big cypher during their set. The dj for the set was supposed to switch instrumentals for each rapper. He ended up blending the instrumentals completely off beat in the middle of people’s verses. In turn everyone sounded like they...


Episode 131: Reo Cragun

Reo Cragun Talks Growing Pains, Leaving Costco in WA for Music in LA, Signing to Virgin, and Performs “On My Way” Live in Studio Reo Cragun first popped up on our radar in January (2017). He dropped “Inconsiderate” seemingly out of the blue. His polished song writing, confident delivery and unique vocal tone instantly caught my attention . We started making arrangements to be on KN way back then. Serendipitously when I reached out via DM he was already following us. Turns out, being from...


Episode 130: Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae Talks Growing Up On The Southside of Chicago, Touring at Age Fifteen, Working On Her New Record, and Performs “Spice” Live In Studio Ravyn Lenae is a phenomenally talented singer from the South Side of Chicago. She’s part of Zero Fatigue crew with the likes of rapper Smino, producer Monte Booker, and others. Consequently, her sound has a familial feel next to her musical comrades. Her angelic falsetto, story telling lyrics, and the chosen bouncy on-beat-off-beat rhythms create...


Episode 129: Cuco

Cuco Talks Being a Multi-Instrumentalist, His Meteoric Ascension, Being Open About His Feelings and Performs “Lo Que Siento” Cuco celebrated his 19th birthday with us in the studio. The young singer / songwriter / composer / multi-instrumentalist is having quite the year. He’s in the middle of an initial explosion that’s seen his following double in only a couple months. That’s because his sugary sweet pop ballads can melt the heart of a teenage girl, or catch the ear of a jaded mid 30’s...


Episode 128: Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole Talks Growing Up in Charlotte, Social Issues and Race Relations, Getting Involved With Activism, and Performs “Lost” Ivy Sole is a wonderful talent out of Philadelphia by way of Charlotte, NC. Ivy’s a very thoughtful and self-aware person, it is apparent in her music and this conversation. Her latest EP, East, is a quick listen packed with poetic bars and soulful melodies. Her deep smokey voice is an outstanding tool for delivering hooks that won’t leave the back of your head....


Episode 127: Nedarb

Nedarb Talks Being a Hockey Prospect, Being the Spoon That Stirs The Pot, and Going Back to College Just to Live in the Dorms Finally sat down with the legend: Nedarb. This dude’s name regularly gets brought up on the show. Not only is Ned racking up production credits, he’s one of the most prolific connectors in the LA underground. Truly a “guy behind the guy that did the thing” type of guy. We go way back. Ned used to reach out about working on KN. Oftentimes folks reaching out pretty...


Episode 126: Dave B.

Dave B. Talks Growing Up In Seattle, His Theater Experience, Going To “Not That” Columbia For A Year, and Performs “Right Here” Dave B. is another phenomenal talent coming out of the Seattle scene. In a city known for supporting local rap acts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the next heir to the Seattle throne. His latest record, Tomorrow, is a collaborative effort with Soulection’s Sango (another Seattleite). The record brings the best out of both of them, and bottles up Seattle’s vibe...


Episode 125: Gizzle

Gizzle Talks About The Constant Need To Create, Writing For Some Of Our Faves, Battling On The Set Of Usher’s “Yeah” Video, and Performs “Oh Na Na” Gizzle is currently working on an expansive self-assignment. She plans to release four tapes she’ll record in four different cities by the end of the year. Each will be seven songs, representing the seven days she’ll spend there catching the vibe, writing, and recording. So far she’s released the first in the series, 7 Days In Atlanta. 7DIA...


Episode 124: SpeakPanther

SpeakPanther Talks Moving to Mexico, the Collaborative Process, Alt-Right White Rappers, and Performs a Medley of “Trap 3d” and “Distill” This week we welcome back two friends of the show that went on to form a group together. Speak is an unpredictable and mischievous rapper that I’ve watched grow up. We met when he was just seventeen on a road trip to a rap battle in the Bay Area. Since then I’ve watched him adapt and readjust to the ever changing rap scene. He moved to Mexico after a...


Episode 123: EarthGang

EarthGang Talks Atlanta Gentrification, Atlanta’s Underground Scene, Forgoing Fun in College to Work on Music and Performs “Metropolis” Live In Studio EarthGang is comprised of rappers Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot. The duo’s been putting in work for the better part of a decade and the payoff seems inevitable. They’ve been brought up on show by guests multiple times. Their crew, Spillage Village, includes KN alum J.I.D. who recently signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville imprint. So needless to say...


Episode 122: Deante’ Hitchcock

Deante’ Hitchcock Talks Viral Successes, College Culture Shock, Skating Like Bow Wow and Performs “No Secret” Live In Studio Deante’ Hitchcock’s song “No Secret” blew me away on the first listen. That led me to his slept on 2016 release “GOOD.” It’s a solid and consistent effort that slipped under a lot of people’s radar. He’s got bar-heavy heady raps any backpacker would love. But he has the confidence and swagger only a Southside Atlanta native can emit at the same time. This episode...



Buttress Discusses Art School Snobs, Flying Lotus’ “Kuso,” and Stripping Buttress is an in-your-face character. She doesn’t hold back as a performer, an artist, or as a conversationalist. Born to a strictly religious mother and attending Christian schools throughout her youth, she was once “punched in the gut by God” during a Pentecostal ceremony. While many would’ve […] The post EPISODE 121: BUTTRESS appeared first on KINDA NEAT.



Jay Worthy has led a brazy life. Raised in Vancouver, but packing up to Los Angeles as a young man, he decided to forgo college and get his education on the streets of Compton. While hustling and banging in Compton he saw his sister Grimes‘ music career sky rocketing. After making strong industry connections at various festivals, he […] The post EPISODE 120: JAY WORTHY OF LNDN DRGS appeared first on KINDA NEAT » Podcast Feed.



This week we sat down with Ottawa’s Night Lovell. The baritone voiced teen was a phenomenon from the jump. The first song he released (with an accompanying iPhone music video) quickly gained traction, garnering millions of views in no time. Meanwhile, the quiet and shy student was still in high school, his classmates none the wiser to his meteoric […] The post EPISODE 119: NIGHT LOVELL appeared first on KINDA NEAT.



Kenny Segal has a long and colorful history with Los Angeles rap. He’s been a part of the underground scene in one way or another for 20 years now, dabbling in everything from Drum n’ Bass, Turntablism, Blowdian rap production, to the current beat scene. He’s had a rebirth of sorts in the last few years working […] The post EPISODE 117: KENNY SEGAL appeared first on KINDA NEAT.



wifisfuneral is just getting off the road after his first headlining tour. The 19 year old Palm Beach rapper has a breadth of knowledge about classic rap that could make you think he was twice his age. He’s experienced hardships (from abandonment to addiction) that have helped him achieve a maturity beyond his years. His music maintains […] The post EPISODE 116: WIFISFUNERAL appeared first on KINDA NEAT.