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Do you like opera? Yeah- we do too. You like the stuffy, pompous way people talk about it? Neither do we! Your no BS guide to what it's all about!

Do you like opera? Yeah- we do too. You like the stuffy, pompous way people talk about it? Neither do we! Your no BS guide to what it's all about!
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Do you like opera? Yeah- we do too. You like the stuffy, pompous way people talk about it? Neither do we! Your no BS guide to what it's all about!






Geoffrey Agpalo, Individuality, Hierarchy

Episode 30 is the end of season one! Donate to help the OR for season two here https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-or-help-you?sharetype=teams&member=105860&rcid=r01-152531936908-3628471392154340&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w - Geoffrey Agpalo discusses life as a solo singer and chorister at the Lyric in Chicago. Katie and Nicole talk about being yourself. Bobby opens up his rough draft to save the opera world through a hierarchy. It's the OR!


Met Semis, Josh Blue, Marco Cammarota

Episode 29 opens a major debate between the three OR hosts regarding the MONC. Josh Blue joins the podcast to speak about his experience singing in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Semi-Finals. Marco Cammarota is this week's guest, discussing his time, in detail, spent at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia! This is the OR!!


Jennifer Williams; Singer Fees; Reviews

Episode 28 brings Jennifer Williams on the program to discuss audience engagement and sexual harassment in the business. Nicole speaks regarding reviewers and their uncanny ability to rip into singers. Bobby talks about a conversation with his colleagues, prior to the podcast, about singer fees. It's the OR!!!


Caroline Koelker and Opera Turmoil

Episode 27 covers the turmoil with world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko. Caroline Koelker comes on and talks about her life as Executive Director of Opera Maine, formerly known as PORTopera. This is quite the OR, I do declare... ;)


Jennifer Panara in Germany

The OR talks singing in Germany with mezzo Jennifer Panara. Bobby rants about sharing food and drinks with colleagues. Katie discusses a newly discovered Verdi opera. Nicole is sick again. IT'S THE OR!!


Cosi at the Met and Steven LaBrie

Steven LaBrie joins us on the OR! Bobby is both overly complimentary and playfully combative. Steven talks about being a part of a festival season and how he found his way to opera. Nicole explains the shenanigans that happened in the audience during the Met's production of Cosi fan tutte. The OR discusses the Shoperatic article about Layla J. Felder written by Eugenia Forteza. It's the OR!!


Witty headlines and Rachelle Pike!

Episode 24 has guest Rachelle Pike on the program talking about moving to the United States and the process that goes into that move as a foreigner. Bobby comes up with headlines regarding a certain firing at the Met. Katie and Nicole take full control of the interview. It's the O.R.!


Work is Work!

Episode 23 invites a great conversation with the wonderful Ellen Schlaefer who is from the University of South Carolina and is the general director of FBN Productions in Columbia, SC. Bobby, Katie, and Nicole discuss the top 25 operas performed in Canada and the US in the 2016-2017 season. Nicole attended the ARE Opera production of Romeo et Juliette and Katie and Nicole talk about the Metropolitan Opera Eastern Regionals. It's the O.R.!!


The Fight and Rob Ainsley!

Opera Reality has the one and only Rob Ainsley as its guest. Rob speaks about his life, what he looks for in Young Artists for Washington National Opera's young artist program, and he discusses the American Opera Initiative. Eugenia Forteza and Bobby engage in a heated dispute over singing. Nicole and Katie side with Eugenia. Nicole dreams of doing the outro and succeeds. It's the O.R.!!


A New Donizetti Opera? Tom Muraco! MORE FEMALE CONDUCTORS!!

Episode 21 is full of great stories, insight, and laughs with Maestro Thomas Muraco on the program. The O.R. adds a new co-host to the mix by bringing back Katie Papa. Nicole relaxes knowing her responsibilities have dropped even more. Bobby is excited about having someone to actually talk to on the podcast. Katie talks about a new Donizetti Opera that was recently discovered. Bobby makes up a Napoleon named French Emperor. The group discusses a lack of female composers and conductors in...


New Company Heads, Adam Diegle, Mattresses

In this week's episode, Nicole and Bobby discuss the new Music Director at the Met, the new General Director, Artistic Director, and Music Director at Santa Fe Opera, and the new state of the art admin location for Seattle Opera. Of course, tangents galore, Bobby and Nicole talk about mattresses for far too long. Adam Diegel is the guest, and he discusses how his career as a singer took shape, his thoughts on the profession, and how he is enjoying his new role as the Artistic Director of...


Met auditions, Young Artist Programs, Surviving as a Singer

In this episode, Bobby and Nicole discuss the Metropolitan Opera National Council District Auditions. The discussion gets very real as the role of a young artist program comes up; are they really servicing young artists? This week's guest is the resident stage director at ARE Opera, Jessica Harika, who speaks with the O.R. about her path and what it is like to be involved in opera and survive in NYC all at once. Nicole denies being a pessimist and claims she is just a realist. Bobby learns...


Theo Hoffman. Enough Said.

Nicole returns to the O.R.!!! She's back and is only giving 19% and being proud of it. Bobby complains about Tuba Day as a kid and Nicole claims that Bobby playing the tuba makes perfect sense. Bobby and Nicole then invite Theo Hoffman on the podcast to discuss everything he can think of under the sun. We discuss everything from being young and successful, handling criticism, travel, and what it is like to work with Bobby Mellon on an opera. Nicole doesn't say much, but are you surprised?...


Knowledge, 360 of Opera, Dona Vaughn

Bobby and Katie are back again this week to discuss 360 of Opera and Shoperatic with Eugenia Forteza. Dona Vaughn joins us in a two-part interview talking about how her career started and what led her to become not only a successful opera director but the head of opera at Manhattan School of Music and the artistic director of Opera Maine. Bobby loses his cool about audiences not knowing standard repertoire at the Met. Katie reasons with Bobby like a human being. Nicole is missing out. This...


What to Wear to the Opera, and Stage Management

In this episode, with Nicole out because of the flu, Katie Papa steps in doing a fantastic job as guest co-host. Brian August sheds some light on the world of stage management and gives great to dos and not to dos for singers from the SM standpoint. Bobby loses his cool over what is appropriate garb at the opera. Meyerbeer has new light shed on why his music is forgotten. Mo Rocca to write the libretto for a new opera? Opera News nailing it?!? ALL THIS WEEK ON THE O.R.!!!


Dominic Domingo and Happy Holidays!

Episode 15 of the O.R. has Dominic Domingo on the podcast from LA Opera and Operalia talking about auditions, life, and how to best represent yourself. It's truly a phenomenal interview with great insight! Bobby is alone this week and has a moment of thanks to Nicole, his friends and family. Tune in, you don't want to miss this one!! We'll see you in two weeks!! THAT's THE O.R.!!


Finance and Leaving Opera

Bobby and Nicole invite Samantha Korbey on the podcast to talk about leaving the world of singing and pursuing a new career. She discusses why she doesn't miss opera and what aided her decision to leave. Chris Enns joins to discuss his business, "Rags to Reasonable" and speaks about financial stability as a singer. Bobby finds out that Calgary is in Alberta, not Manitoba. Nicole still uses words that only Chaucer would use (Agreeance) and Samantha quietly observes in her lumberjack garb....


One week later

Bobby and Nicole dissect what seems to be the end of the fiasco at the Metropolitan Opera. Bobby deals with the fact that he was once only known as Rob. Nicole wonders about the first man that ever milked a cow. Dr. Carleen Graham talks life in academia and the transition to working for a major opera company now that she is at Houston Grand Opera. Bobby also lashes back at his friends for their nasty comments on his Rossini Petite Messe Solennelles post on Facebook. IT'S THE O.R.!!


Tough pill to swallow...

With the breaking news at the Metropolitan Opera, Bobby and Nicole try to dissect and understand what is going on with the limited information and intense amount of speculation surrounding these recent developments. Bobby sees Le Nozze di Figaro at the Met and you won't believe who his favorite voice in the production is and Nicole eats pasta on the air and lets us all hear it while it's happening. It's the O.R.!!


Pizza, Agents, and Apologies

This week on the O.R. Nicole and Bobby have Justin Werner on the podcast to talk about the business from an agent's perspective. Luis Orozco stops by to set the record straight on how attractive he is. Nicole didn't know Wendy's gave out salt and pepper. Bobby makes Luis pay extra for the pizza they bought because it had pepperoni on it and when all else fails just talk baseball and everything will be ok.... sort of. IT'S THE O.R.!!!