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Rocket Songs the Original Song Marketplace, How To License Your Finished Songs to Be Covered

How To License Your Finished Songs to Be Covered? Today’s guest Jonathan Stone, Rocket Songs is the Original Song Marketplace. They are looking to disrupt and democratize the closely held music publishing game. Music publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been mostly undisrupted by the info-tech revolution. As you probably know, for every […]


Do You Know All Your Passwords and Who Has Access to Your Accounts?

Who Has Access to All Your Social Media Accounts? This week we discuss some real experiences we have had over the years with artists. Do you know all your passwords, to all your many accounts? We bet you don’t. Do you know everyone who has access to all your accounts? We bet you don’t. We […]


Kevin Breuner Talks About CD Baby’s 2018 DIY Musician Conference

The Music Convention Designed for the DIY Musician We are joined this week by Kevin Breuner to talk about the DIY Musician Conference. This summer, the DIY Musician Conference makes its way to Nashville once more! August 24-26th marks CD Baby’s 4th annual conference. Taking place at the Omni Nashville, CD Baby expects another standing-room […]


The Fan Pyramid, How to Identify The Five Levels of Being a Fan and Engage With Them

The Number One Thing Your Fans Want is Recognition This week we discuss the five levels of fandom and how to reach them. Think of your fans as a pyramid with your most devoted and loyal fans at the top. The number one things your fans want is recognition. They want to know you recognize […]


Genius is the Lyric Community You Need to Be Part Of!

The Best Lyrics Community Online This week we are joined by Ben Gross, Genius’s Chief Strategy Officer from The Genius community has grown into an influential force of over 2 million contributors, editors, and musicians who sign up to discuss and deconstruct their favorite songs with fans all around the world. As a result […]


David Turner Discusses the Business of Streaming Music

The Problems with Streaming Services Being Gamed This week we are joined by David Turner, author of the newsletter Penny Fractions. David joins us in a discussion about the business of streaming music, the issues to data standardization and the problems with the services being gamed. Subscribe to David’s newsletter at Visit Hypebot for […]


Self Service Playlist Promotion with Crosshair Music

How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlist Owners Garrison Snell CEO of Crosshair Music and Gyrosity Projects joins us this week to discuss their self-service platform, Crosshair Music, for submitting your music to playlists and influencers. The mission of Crosshair Music is to affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers […]


Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister Gives Us a Dose of Reality About the Music Business

Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister gives us a dose of reality about the music business. French is most famous for his role as the founding member and one of the guitarists of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. Since his first performances with Twisted Sister, French has played more than 9000 concert performances. Being […]


Music Industry Veteran Bobby Owsinski Talks Music, Marketing and Recording

Music industry veteran Bobby Owsinski joins us this week to talk about music streaming, smart speakers, recording and the general state of the music industry. Visit Visit Hypebot for music business news and insights. If you are interested in speaking with Michael about what he can do to assist with marketing needs message […]


Does Streaming Need a New Model for Paying Artists?

Are the Streaming Services a Level Playing Field for Artists? This week we are joined by Chris Rizik from This episode centers around a article Chris wrote “Spotify could kill Jazz, Soul and Classical music. Really.” You can read the article at Visit Hypebot for music business news and insights. If you […]


Inside the Business of Music Licensing, Placements and Samples with Deborah Mannis-Gardner

Inside the Business of Music Licensing, Placements and Samples. This week we dig into Music Licensing, Placements and Samples with Deborah Mannis-Gardner. Deborah Mannis-Gardner is the go-to expert for global music rights clearances, whether for samples for recordings; song usage in movies, television, and video games; or innovative applications such as the history of hip-hop […]


If All Your Social Media Posts Are About Selling Don’t Be Shocked When Your Fans Stop Talking

It Is Time to Stop Selling to Your Fans! Technical issues with Skype forced us to call a audible with today’s guest. Today Jay shares another you need help with your online strategy. If All Your Posts Are About Selling Don’t Be Shocked When Your Fans Stop Talking Visit Hypebot for music business news and […]


Nick Tieder from Frontiers Music, Your Biggest Problem is Indifference

Frontiers Music Tells Us What Artists Can Do To Help Get Signed Nick Tieder, General Manager North America Frontiers Music sits down with The Music Biz Weekly podcast this week. We cover a broad range of topics from music streaming, touring, social media, what artists can do to help take their career to the next […]


New Mobile App Gigroad, Airbnb for Concerts, Connecting Artists with Fans and Places to Play

Need Help Booking Your Shows? Gigroad Might Be the Answer! This week we are joined by Mark Mckelvie from Gigroad. Gigroad is something like Airbnb for concerts, connecting artists with fans and places to play. Venues on Gigroad may be professional, but they may also be just about anywhere, which enables artists to create gigs […]


We Answer Your Questions About Email Marketing Best Practices We Speak With

We Answer Your Questions About Email Marketing Best Practices Scott Englund General Manager of joins us this week to discuss email marketing. We discuss why you need a email list even now with all the various social networks. Why you shouldn’t be sending out email blasts using your Gmail account. How does FanBridge differ […]


Guiding Your Music Career Through the Evolving Music Landscape

Better Understanding of the Music Business Comes from Education We are joined by CandyShop Management co-founders, John Mathiason and Antony Bland. Johan and Antony share some great insight on how they have been able to pivot and guide the finances and careers of their artists through the ever evolving landscape of music revenue streams. They […]


Social Media Marketing 101: Content Calendars, How to Post & What to Do and What Not to Do

The Basics of Social Media Marketing, What to Do and What Not to Do. Katie Guastini from Blue Biscuit Digital to discuss the basics… Social Media Marketing 101. With 10 years of experience in digital marketing, branding, and the ever-changing landscape, Katie has worked both on the agency side, as a director of social media, […]


Don’t Panic the New Facebook Algorithm Isn’t the End of Your Page

How To Get Your Fans to Comment on Your Facebook Posts Lori Lewis, VP Social Media for Cumulus Media and Westwood One, joins us to discuss the new Facebook newsfeed algorithm. Lori wrote a article for called Let’s Be Clear – Comments Are The New Likes, you can read it at—comments-are-the-new-likes We discuss […]


Buy and Sell Music Rights and Copyrights with Royalty Exchange

How Songwriters Can Buy and Sell their Music Copyrights We are joined by Antony Bruno from Royalty Exchange. We discuss how songwriters can buy and sell their music rights and copyrights. Artists turn to Royalty Exchange to raise money and take control of their financial future. They connect them with private investors through the world’s […]


Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records, Advice for Bands Looking to Get Signed

Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records Discusses the Importance of Streaming This week we are joined by Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade Records. Brian shares his thoughts on the importance of social media and how important is social media when considering a band for a record deal. We talk about bands having to pay […]