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What To Do and Not To Do When Working with a Producer, with Reto Peter

Reto Peter who has been actively engineering and producing music for 20 years at prestigious studios. You are going into the studio for the first time with a producer, are you ready? We are joined by Reto Peter who has been actively engineering and producing music for 20 years at prestigious studios in Boston, New […]


Your New Album is Released in One Week, What Should You Be Doing?

What should you be doing a week before your album is released? Michael is flying solo this week as Jay had something come up at the last minute. Today Michael is preparing for his client Jason Becker’s album release on December 7th. So, what should you be doing a week before your album is released? […]


The Basics of SEO and How to Not Get Scammed

We bring the topic of SEO down to a level that we all understand. This week we tackle the topic of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO and how is it different than SEM, Search Engine Marketing. What makes up good SEO. What is black hat SEO, what question should you ask a SEO […]


This Is Not a Marketing Plan for Your Next Release

Why it is so important that you have a real plan, not a bunch of tools. Do you have a marketing plan? I have a marketing plan! Do you really have one? A Playlist Is Not A Marketing Plan. A record label is not a marketing plan. A digital distributor is not a marketing plan. […]


The Major Label Machine with Dave Lopez from Flipsyde

The Ups And Downs Of Being A Major Push On A Major Label Dave Lopez lead guitarist from the band Flipsyde joins us to share the band’s story of being discovered and signed by Jimmy Iovine to Interscope Records.How one song got them discovered and signed. Looking back 13 years later Dave shares the ups […]


Spotify Invests in DistroKid, We Have Many Questions

Spotify Makes A Minority Investment In DistroKid A couple weeks ago Spotify announced you would be able to upload your music directly to Spotify. This week it was announced Spotify is making a minority investment in the distribution service DistroKid and you would be able to upload your music to Spotify and distribute it to […]


If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is

There Is No Shortcut To Success. This week it is all about… BEWARE! There are lots of experts, lots of people who have figured IT out. People with guaranteed methods to get there faster. This week it is all about the old saying… if it’s too good to be true, it is. There is no […]


Bandzoogle Provides the Tools for All Your Website Needs

Need a Website for Your Band? Check out Bandzoogle! This week we are joined by Stacey Bedford, newly named CEO of Bandzoogle. Bandzoogle is an online platform which provides tools for musicians to build a professional website, promote their music, and sell direct-to-fan for a flat monthly fee. It includes a built-in store, mailing list […]


Upload Your Music Directly to Spotify, What Does this Mean to the Artists

You Can Now Upload Your Music Directly to Spotify Bruce Houghton from Hypebot sits down with us this week and the first thing we discuss is the just announced news from Spotify that artists will be able to upload their own music directly to the service. What does this mean? What about Soundcloud? What about […]


This Week INgrooves on Why You Need to Be on Streaming Services

What is Important When Pitching Your Music We are joined by Taylor Blasko, Label Development from INgrooves. Taylor discusses what makes INgrooves different from other distributors. What is important when pitching your music. Why you need to be on streaming services… and so much more! Visit Visit Hypebot for music business news and insights. […]


We All Need Free Help at Times, Understand the Limitations and Issues of Free Help

You Get What You Pay For When You Use Free Help This week we discuss free help. Everyone at one point or another has used free help. Often it is your only option for help. But, you need understand the issues that go along with free help. Don’t end up in the situation that you […]


Level the Playing Field of Knowledge for Music & Technology

How are Smart Speakers Changing the Music Industry Cherie Hu joins us this week. Cherie is entrepreneurial journalist passionate about documenting and propelling innovation in music, media and entertainment. In September 2017, she received the Reeperbahn Festival’s inaugural award for Music Business Journalist of the Year. Here’s what Cherie is working on now: Columns for […]


Rocket Songs the Original Song Marketplace, How To License Your Finished Songs to Be Covered

How To License Your Finished Songs to Be Covered? Today’s guest Jonathan Stone, Rocket Songs is the Original Song Marketplace. They are looking to disrupt and democratize the closely held music publishing game. Music publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been mostly undisrupted by the info-tech revolution. As you probably know, for every […]


Do You Know All Your Passwords and Who Has Access to Your Accounts?

Who Has Access to All Your Social Media Accounts? This week we discuss some real experiences we have had over the years with artists. Do you know all your passwords, to all your many accounts? We bet you don’t. Do you know everyone who has access to all your accounts? We bet you don’t. We […]


Kevin Breuner Talks About CD Baby’s 2018 DIY Musician Conference

The Music Convention Designed for the DIY Musician We are joined this week by Kevin Breuner to talk about the DIY Musician Conference. This summer, the DIY Musician Conference makes its way to Nashville once more! August 24-26th marks CD Baby’s 4th annual conference. Taking place at the Omni Nashville, CD Baby expects another standing-room […]


The Fan Pyramid, How to Identify The Five Levels of Being a Fan and Engage With Them

The Number One Thing Your Fans Want is Recognition This week we discuss the five levels of fandom and how to reach them. Think of your fans as a pyramid with your most devoted and loyal fans at the top. The number one things your fans want is recognition. They want to know you recognize […]


Genius is the Lyric Community You Need to Be Part Of!

The Best Lyrics Community Online This week we are joined by Ben Gross, Genius’s Chief Strategy Officer from The Genius community has grown into an influential force of over 2 million contributors, editors, and musicians who sign up to discuss and deconstruct their favorite songs with fans all around the world. As a result […]


David Turner Discusses the Business of Streaming Music

The Problems with Streaming Services Being Gamed This week we are joined by David Turner, author of the newsletter Penny Fractions. David joins us in a discussion about the business of streaming music, the issues to data standardization and the problems with the services being gamed. Subscribe to David’s newsletter at Visit Hypebot for […]


Self Service Playlist Promotion with Crosshair Music

How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlist Owners Garrison Snell CEO of Crosshair Music and Gyrosity Projects joins us this week to discuss their self-service platform, Crosshair Music, for submitting your music to playlists and influencers. The mission of Crosshair Music is to affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers […]


Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister Gives Us a Dose of Reality About the Music Business

Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister gives us a dose of reality about the music business. French is most famous for his role as the founding member and one of the guitarists of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. Since his first performances with Twisted Sister, French has played more than 9000 concert performances. Being […]