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The Deelishis (Flavor of Love) Episode

Deelishis of Flavor of Love, Radio Personality and Host joins us to debate are strippers the new Hip Hop Stars and are they Role Models. Plus we debate is Donald Trump still Winning, The Health Care Bill failure and more!


Ep17: Is President Trump a Liar? Is Cardi B a Role Model? Is Steve Harvey a Coon?

This is the best episode yet! We kick off Episode 17 discussing is President Trump still winning after there is no evidence of wire tapping. Plus we debate is Cardi B a Role Model? Our debate of strippers being the new hip hop stars has us asking can strippers such as Cardi B, Amber Rose,...


Episode 16: Is Donald Trump Winning, Prince vs. Michael Jackson, Is Will Smith Hip Hop?

Live from Engine Room Studios in NYC episode 16 breaks down if Nicki Minaj made any impact with her response to Remy Ma in No Frauds. We also debate is Donald Trump Winning and if Will Smith is Hip Hop? AND! Is Michael Jackson or Prince better?


Episode 15: Dr. Ben Carson, Chris Brown, Donald Trump & Where is Nicki Minaj?

Episode 15 is all about the Trump Administration! WTF! What is really happening with this administration!!! President Trump accusing President Obama of wire tapping and Dr. Ben calling slaves immigrants? WTF! Oh! We also discuss Chris Brown.


Episode 14: #shETHER Diss, Oscars Recap, Tom Perez and the Democratic Party

Episode 14 things are back to normal. Or are THEY? We kick off the show debating can Nikki Minaj come back from the shETHER diss. We also recap The Oscars and discuss the future of the Democratic Party. You will not believe who Maynard’s pick for best Diss Song of All Time is! #1982


Episode 13: Nick Cannon, The Grammy’s, and the Trump Administration

Maynard host episode 13 as we discuss the first 30 days of the Trump Administration, Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks! Plus we go in on Nick Cannon leaving America’s Got Talent. We give Bob Romanik The Cactus of the Week and we recap the Grammy’s! Let us know your thoughts on this episode...


Episode 12: Lamonte HATES Santa Claus

Episode 12: We have NO idea why Lamont goes off on Santa Claus. I mean he rips Santa Claus a new one! This episode we debate if Martellus Bennet from the New England Patriots is wrong for not wanting attend the White House Super Bowl Celebration. We also recap the Superbowl and Lady GaGa’s halftime performance....


Episode 11: Activist Ramona Africa from MOVE

Episode 11 we welcome legendary activist Ramona Africa from On A Move. Ramona breaks down the revolution of MOVE, police brutality, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Assata Shakur, Donald Trump and how black people can come together! Plus we debate our thoughts on President Trump’s Muslim Ban. Is it a ban or NAH? Lamonte gives rapper Wale some advice...


Episode 10: Kara Motley from The Messy Truth, Chrisette Michele, Spike Lee, Alternative Facts

Kara Motley from CNN’s The Messy Truth on CNN talks about her interview with Van Jones. Kara explains why she feels America is not ready for a female President and why she feels Donald Trump will unite black people. Kara also discusses her organization Mothers of Murder Children and how you can get involved. Plus...


EPISODE 9: Steve Harvey Jennifer Holiday Bishop Eddie Long

Episode 9 kicks off debating if black celebrities meeting with Donald Trump are standing up for the African American community or if they are selling out. We debate if Steve Harvey was right in saying black people should have a seat at the table or if DL was right for going off on Steve. ...


Episode 7: Hillary Clinton, Black Self Love, Kim Burrell & Homosexuality!

3 Black Guys with a Mic Episode 7 We kick off episode 7 talking about gospel singer Kim Burrell’s comments on homosexuality! We asked the guys should homosexuality be accepted in the church? Next we go in on Van Jones, Hillary Clinton and the future of the Democratic Party. Plus we weigh in on Dylan...


Episode 6: 2016 Recap, The Legacy of Barak Obama, Chicago Violence

Thanks for downloading Episode 6! We start off with the 3 Black Guys with a Mic Awards as we give out awards for the best and the worst people of 2016! Find out who we chose for the following categories: Album of the Year Person of the Year Most Remembered Person of the Year Idiot...


3 Black Guys with a Mic-Episode 5 w/Suga Rae

Radio Personality Suga Rae joins us to talk about Sex, The Dallas Cowboys going to the Superbowl, Donald Trump as well as Hip Hop’s Hottest MC’s and the Top 5 Rappers of all time! We kick off the show discussing the top 10 MC’s in the game. Plus we chop it up about the Dallas...


3 Black Guys with a Mic-Episode 4

Episode 4 kicks off with the role of the black church! Does the black church have a responsibility to the community. Plus we talk about NBA’s Chauncy Billups comment on the lifting the ban on weed in the NBA. We also talk about what we need to do about getting more African Americans out to...


3 Black Guys with a Mic-Episode 3 The Racism Episode

Episode 3 we ask can you be friends with a racist, is the problem with Black People…Black People? Is Shia Leboeuf the new great white rapper and the Grammy’s. We kick the show off with the controversy over Trevor Noah Tomi Lauren and Charlemagne the God. The question is can you be friends with a...


3 Black Guys with a Mic-Episode 2

Welcome 2 Episode 2 brought to you by our good friends at Wendy’s! This episode is FUNNY AS HELL! This week we go in hard on Kayne West and his rant against Beyonce and Jay-Z. Also why can black people use the N word and white people can’t! Should we stop using the N word...


3 Black Guys with Mic- Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of 3 Black Guys with a Mic. An Idea inspired by our own Maynard Scales. We are 3 guys who have know each other for more than 15 years and we would have deep conversations and Maynard suggested we do a podcast. And here we are! In our first episode...