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Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.

Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.
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Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.






Episode 65: Oobliette Sparks - Tsunami Bomb

My sister and bandmate, Oobliette Sparks shares stories about her start in Spacebaby with Tsunami Bomb bandmate Gabe Lindeman and to my surprise… me! How that lead to Tsunami Bomb, which was going to be a weird super hero rock opera (no seriously). What it was like to be in a headlining band while in High School. The first time we sold out The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA for The Invasion From Within album release show, and the moment we brought out new material for the first time in a...


Episode 64: Robert Burke Warren

Robert Burke Warren talks about the first band he’s played in was at the age of 14. Playing in New York in the early eighties in a band with RuPaul, and another time while playing with The Fleshtones in France at a show that ended up spilling out into the street. Performing a Leonard Cohen cover set that was the stuff of legend. Then that one year performing Mountain Jam as Uncle Rock… Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com Host: https://www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 63: Mountain Tamer

The members of Mountain Tamer show up to talk about their first show being a pool party, and how one of the best shows ever was after moving to LA, and playing a show with Mondo Generator. Then the many, many misadventures in Las Vegas. Official website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Host: https://www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 62: Alexandra Morte & Cheyenne Avant - Night School

Alexandra Morte and Cheyenne Avant from Night School pop in to tell us about their first show playing the Rickshaw Stop and after struggling with bass problems, they found their old guitarist making out with some random guy. Playing Noise Pop opening for a band they loved at a sold out show at Bottom Of The Hill in SF. Then that one time they headlined a hardcore show…and half of the band got a bit too drunk to play. Official website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host website:...


Episode 61: Mike Terry - The Jukebox Romantics

This week Mike Terry, vocalist and guitarist for The Jukebox Romantics stops in and talks about playing mostly cover songs in 8th grade with no mics, before a real show at a community center that a few hundred people showed up to! The state of the punk rock scene, and how 2017’s performance at THE FEST 16 with a bunch of wrestlers was one of the best shows ever, but a house show at a meth house…was not so great. It’s also very hard to hide a fight on stage. Official Website:...


Episode 60: TJ - The Bar Stool Preachers

Tom McFaull, vocalist for The Bar Stool Preachers sits down with 3 Gigs Podcast to tell us stories about driving 6 hours across Britain to impress a booking agent for only 7 pounds 50 for 15 minutes in front of 13 people, and blew out two tires and a speeding ticket on the way home, How it feels in that moment when your music touches someone personally and effects their life, and why we are dedicating this show to the Chris’s and Alex’s of every band. Official website:...


Episode 59: Isaiah J. Radke III - Radkey

Isaiah from Radkey, hops on the phone for a quick chat (our shortest episode yet) to share the stories of his first, best, and worst shows of all time. From thinking they were famous opening for Fishbone, to the crushing reality of only drawing two people to a show, the life of a performer is at the very least interesting. Official Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/



For our second Halloween special, our host Dominic Davi tells a haunting tale of an encounter with the paranormal while on a paranormal investigation at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA in 2010. What was down in the dark room under the stage? Did the EVP actually say what he thinks it said? We leave the answers up to you, but the story is told here, exactly as it happened all those years ago. Happy Halloween! Official Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/


Episode 57: Chuck Staton - Senior Discount

This week we sit down with Chuck Staton from Senior Discount. The interview is from when Tsunami Bomb played with them in Boston earlier this year. He shares stories about struggling with a locking tremolo guitar on your first show ever, having a great show when the bassist quit on stage the night before but making the best of it. The science of being a funny band. When someone yells at your to “turn down your plates!” you pretend to masturbate on stage. Official Website:...


Episode 56: Bonnie Bloomgarden - Death Valley Girls

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS’ frontwoman Bonnie Bloomgarden takes time to talk to us about the dilemma between playing their first show or go see The Rolling Stones. The joy of seeing your talented band mate kill it in another band. The fun things you find on the road. The one two punch of the difficulties of performing in the day time, followed by being terrified by the paranormal in San Francisco that evening. Exploring the paranormal across the country. Website:...


Episode 55: The Sold and Bones

Host Dominic speaks with The Sold and Bones, the new project by Billy Bones, the legendary front man of The Skulls and the band The Sold! Sharing how the band came together by accident, and how much fun it is to do. Stories of the Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana, and what to do when your instruments go flying? Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Website: https://dominicdavi.com/


Episode 54: Jabber

This week we talk to the Oakland, CA/Portland, ME based, JABBER! We hear about their first short but sweet set in the “Yellow Room”, first time show jitters, cover sets at The Fest in Florida, how the band is more like a vacation, and spitting is gross. Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Host Website: https://www.dominicdavi.com/


Episode 53: Tabbert Fiiller - The Public Image Is Rotten

This week on 3 Gigs, we chat with director Tabbert Fiiller, about his documentary on John Lydon and Public Image Ltd., The Public Image Is Rotten. We talk about his transition from cinematographer to the director's chair for the first time and the best time! As well as some of the struggles as being a cinematographer working with inexperienced directors. Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host: www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 52: Amy Taylor - Amyl And The Sniffers

We are back! Season 3 started with a website only special article episode 51 with Sean Yseult of WHITE ZOMBIE, but our first regular podcast episode picks up with the fantastic Amy Taylor, vocalist from Amyl And The Sniffers! Website: www.3gigspodcast.com www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 50: Arturo Barrios & Jason Camacho - Audio Karate

Audio Karate stops in for our season 2 finale, and Art Barrios talks about his first show at 14 years old, at an abandoned house, and filling in for Audio Karate (called The Goons back then) as their singer, while Jason Camacho joined The Goons to play a talent show, though they lost…they still had everyone dancing. Then they both agree that one of the best shows was Manchester in 2003 supporting The Ataris while they were wasted. Jason talks about how one of his worst shows was a show at a...


Episode 49: Commander Angel Nova & Leftenant AR-7 - The Phenomenauts

Commander Angel Nova & Leftenant AR-7 from The Phenomenauts stop by to share the origins of the band as street musicians, and Leftenant AR-7 being built for a Christmas show with The Vandals in San Diego with a mystery opener. How the best show ever was a tiny bar in Germany. Though the Metal Festival in the Black Forest was pretty epic too. They also share the art of “Commando Shows”. Then finally, the SF Weekly award show, where just no one helped and the time AR-7 just wanted to give...


Episode 48: Shawn Peter - Ghost Town Rebellion

Shawn Peter, vocalist and guitarist for GHOST TOWN REBELLION shares with us the difficult path the band took to come together, and a first show that was also was kind of the worst show, since they surprised a crowd that may have expected something different. How their best show was one of two great moments... Official website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Host website: https://www.dominicdavi.com/


Episode 47: Enon Gaines - Unlikely Heroes/PhenomENON

Enon Gaines stops by 3 Gigs Podcast to tell us stories about their first show was at the LA TIMES FESTIVAL at USC, and it wasn't what they expected. Then his best show was performing at Oakland, CA FIRST FRIDAY Festival on his birthday! Finally his worst show was when he discovered you can get WAY too drunk on red wine and waffles before playing a show in SF on a rooftop. Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host Website: www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 46: Justin Pritchard & Patrick Drury - Kid You Not

Kid You Not's vocalist/guitarist Patrick Drury and bassist/backing vocalist Justin Pritchard stop by 3 Gigs to talk about their first show ever that happened to be opening for the band, Face To Face! Learning the hard way why white shirts don’t sell. How some of the best shows ever have been the times they played The Fest in Florida. As well as a sad tale of a crazy show where they realized a member had to go. Official Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host Website: www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 45: Guli Remondi - Sketchy

Guli Remondi, guitarist of Sketchy stops by and tells us about being 14 years old and terrified while playing a backyard show. Getting paid the headlining bands pay by mistake. Bringing his family to see him perform at Punk Rock Bowling in front of 2500 people, and having them all wish his 4 year old sister a happy birthday. Then some stories of how bad it gets when everything goes wrong, and what you do when the promoter of the show tries to run away. Official website:...