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A Podcast Where Extraordinary Fans Salute This Extraordinary Band






S4E8 - Top 10 Bands That Harness The Sound of AC/DC

Get ready to rock as 'AC/DC Beyond the Thunder' shakes things up with a special Top 10 episode that counts down the bands that best harness the thunderous sound of AC/DC. From Melbourne to Switzerland, Barcelona to Van Nuys, over 75 bands were nominated, representing 20 different countries, but only 10 could make our final tally. With exclusive insights, electrifying tracks, and even an interview with Joel O'Keeffe from Airbourne, don't miss out on this high-voltage ride through the top bands inspired by the thunder down under as voted by you, the listeners! Are you ready?


S4E7 - Fifa Riccobono

This landmark episode celebrates AC/DC's 50th anniversary with a woman who was there from the very beginning, Fifa Riccobono. From secretary to CEO at Albert Music (the first female music exec in Australian history) take a trip down under with a key member of the AC/DC family who regales listeners with tales of Bon Scott's off-color premiere performance, meeting Brian Johnson years before AC/DC had even heard of him, and why she's the ultimate ballbreaker.


S4E6 - GayC/DC

Chris Freeman, flamboyant founder and front man of the world's 1st and only all-gay AC/DC tribute band, sits down for a loud & proud edition in celebration of GayC/DC's 10th anniversary. Formed in LA, Chris discusses everything from their tongue & cheek covers (Whole Lotta José, Let There Be Cock), to Doug Pinnick & Sebastian Bach joining the band onstage and even AC/DC's origin connection to gay culture, this fabulous episode just may have the biggest balls of all.


S4E5 - PowerTrip Live! (Special Edition)

In this electrifying on-location episode, AC/DC Beyond the Thunder takes listeners on an epic journey into the heart of the scorching California desert with a 3 day blow-by-blow account of the legendary PowerTrip festival in Indio, featuring performances by Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, Judas Priest, Metallica, Tool and the triumphant return of AC/DC. This podcast captures all of the excitement, camaraderie, and even a trip to the remarkable pop-up AC/DC High Voltage Dive Bar where fans from around the globe gathered to celebrate their favorite band.


S4E4 - Greg Billings

How did Brian Johnson's BFF and fellow Floridian, Greg Billings, get the frontman for the biggest band in the world to sing again? From Power Up to PowerTrip, Billings talks to 'AC/DC Beyond the Thunder' about their kindred spirit friendship, multiple soul-infused duets, and AC/DC inspiring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


S4E3 - Harvard University

Ready to get your PhD in AC/DC? Then turn up your brain control, because AC/DC Beyond the Thunder goes back to school for a masterclass with Mark Jude Tramos, MD, PhD, former Director of the Institute for Music & Brain Science at Harvard University. Not only will this guy school your ass on why our brains love AC/DC so much, but he'll also blow your mind with his cerebral breakdown of how their classic track, 'You Shook Me All Night Long' is like going to church. Amen!


S4E2 - Jesse James Dupree

Push comes to shove, there's no other rock 'n' roll outlaw out there like Jackyl's own, Jesse James Dupree, the southern hard rock frontman and star of Full Throttle Saloon, a TV series set in South Dakota featuring the world's largest biker bar—but more importantly one of Brian Johnson's earliest collaborators and confidants (not to mention one hell of an AC/DC fan and vocal doppelgänger). Better grease up that chainsaw, 'cause this episode about to get locked and loaded!


S4E1 - Cosmo Wilson

Season 4 kicks off with one of the most award-winning rock lighting directors / designers in the world, who since 1990, has worked on more than 700 shows for AC/DC — plus countless others, including The Stones, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, and a list that is simply unrivaled in the industry. Listen in as Cosmo sheds light on what it takes to makes this electric circus the greatest show on Earth. The late, great Bon Scott, once said 'Let there be Light', but we're changing it to, 'Let there Be Cosmo!'


S3E11 - Behind Beyond The Thunder #3

Go “behind” Beyond the Thunder with this special bonus episode which wraps up Season 3 by answering listener letters while unearthing never-before-heard interviews with NASCAR driver and AC/DC super-fan Clint Bowyer, who joins the show to share his insights on the band's impact on the racing community, while Canadian heavy metal legends, Anvil, reminisce about meeting the original AC/DC lineup backstage, including a semi-sober Bon Scott. But that's not all – Australian children's entertainers, The Wiggles, also make a surprise appearance to discuss their unexpected love for the band, including an exclusive live performance of an AC/DC beloved classic from their big red car.


S3E10 - Jim Parsons

Although he does have a degree in Biochemistry from Manchester, this is not the guy from The Big Bang Theory…it’s the other Jim Parsons who is certainly a much, much bigger AC/DC fan, and plays a much more important role in the band’s history than Sheldon Cooper could ever fathom—including bringing to life the fan favorite AC/DC TV performance on VH1’s Uncut! In this season finale, we dive into Jim's 30+ years as a producer & director who's gone shootin' with everyone from Metallica, McCartney, U2, Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers & Rolling Stones—not to mention his Grammy Award winning Led Zeppelin concert film and the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert featuring Brian Johnson.


S3E9 - Simon Wright (Part 2)

After Simon Wright's career with AC/DC 'blows up', he goes on to sit behind the drum kit for even more rock 'n' roll heroes, including Ronnie James Dio, Rhino Bucket, Michael Schenker & UFO, John Norum of Europe, Geoff Tate's Queensryche and Metal Gods with Tim "Ripper" Owens, the ultimate ode to Dio & Judas Priest. Through divorce, death, and decades of drumming, Simon's musical journey continues.


S3E8 - Simon Wright (Part 1)

In this very special two-part, skin-bashing, foundation-shaking edition of 'AC/DC Beyond the Thunder', we sit down with veteran stickman, Simon Wright, the drummer for AC/DC who kept the band’s heartbeat alive throughout the '80s. After being plucked from obscurity and into the eye of the storm, Part 1 allows listeners to be a fly on the wall, from Simon's audition, to meeting Stephen King, and playing Rock in Rio...before things blow up when he decides to leave AC/DC for Dio.


S3E7 - Hayseed Dixie

This finger-licking episode takes us to Nashville, TN to visit the four-piece bluegrass phenomenon—Hayseed Dixie, capturing exclusive moonshine-inspired renditions of both 'T.N.T.' and 'Let’s Get It Up' performed by the classic band lineup. The Southern boys also discuss how AC/DC became fans of the band, listening to Hayseed Dixie before shows and even hiring them to play an AC/DC end of tour wrap party.


S3E6 - Susan Masino

On the day Elvis Presley died in 1977, 21-year Wisconsin native, Susan Masino, was assigned to organize a meet and greet for an unknown Australian band by the name of AC/DC. She not only remained lifelong friends with the band, but was also inspired to write two books about AC/DC, becoming the first female to do so. Masino discusses everything from recent tour rumors, thoughts on Axl Rose, her own ‘Suzy’ name-drop in “Down Payment Blues” and even the ghost of Bon Scott.


S3E5 - Kathleen Edwards

What do we think about Canadian singer songwriter, Kathleen Edwards? Well, to quote Bon Scott—she’s got balls! We first fell smitten with Kathleen after hearing her reimagined version of AC/DC’s highest charting U.S. single of all time, “Moneytalks”. Then we witnessed her share the same bill with AC/DC at Toronto Rocks. But she really had us when she said Brian Johnson's vocal style is as hard to sing as…opera!


S3E4 - Solo Dallas

The latest episode of AC/DC Beyond the Thunder, features Filippo “SoloDallas” Olivieri, telling a story spanning four decades, three continents, and eventually a summons to the recording studio from Angus Young. During the show, the inventor and obsessive music fan describes how he discovered the secrets behind the highly coveted AC/DC guitar tone that may have otherwise been lost forever.


S3E3 - The Night Stalker (with Philip Carlo)

Did AC/DC drive the serial killer known as 'The Night Stalker' down a personal 'Highway to Hell'? The podcast's first foray into the true crime genre unearths a chilling posthumous interview with Philip Carlo, author of The Night Stalker: The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez.


S3E2 - Jonathan Kraft (Super Bowl Edition)

The New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls, conference championships, division titles and overall games than any other NFL team in history. The man instrumental in the team's success, President Jonathan Kraft, also plays more AC/DC on game day than any other sporting venue in the world. Coincidence? We'll let him tackle that one!


S3E1 - Darryl McDaniels (DMC)

Talk this way! Season 3 kicks off with Darryl McDaniels emceeing, the DMC portion of the greatest hip hop group of all time, Run-DMC. The rap pioneer professes his love for the thunder down under and discusses everything from producer Rick Rubin sampling 'Back in Black' for the Beastie Boys, overcoming drugs and depression through the power of music, and even a proposal to reunite Run-DMC to play the Super Bowl Halftime show...with AC/DC!


S1E11 - Behind Beyond The Thunder #1

Often told by many, including the people being interviewed, that their own "behind the scenes" adventures were just as interesting as their main objective (to find out why AC/DC matters), in this 1st installment and bridge between seasons, engineer Eric Kielb sits down with co-creators, Gregg Ferguson & Kurt Squiers to discuss the origins of 'Beyond the Thunder', how the duo were shot down in flames, the unlikely metamorphosis into a podcast, and what to expect for Season Two. Maybe it is the journey and not the destination, after all?