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Searching for Paradise on the Dance Floor. Est 2013. Booking & Demos:

Searching for Paradise on the Dance Floor. Est 2013. Booking & Demos:
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Searching for Paradise on the Dance Floor. Est 2013. Booking & Demos:






Acid Camp Vol. 106 — Eoin

Follow @eoin-dj Over the past 6 years Eoin DJ has slowly but surely become a regular fixture in Irish nightlife, holding down club residencies at Electric and Izakaya and hosting a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio. Eoin is also a familiar face on the Irish festival circuit, and has been booked to play further afield in clubs like Loftus Hall in Berlin. As booker, promoter and DJ at numerous parties in both Galway and Dublin, the West coast native has honed a sound that takes in the...


Acid Camp Vol. 105 — Akumen

Follow @akumenmusic Dj/Producer and curator of Made to Move, Akumen, has been DJing in the Los Angeles music scene for the last five years but has been a musician most of his life. Working out of his home studio in LA’s Chinatown, Akumen produces music that can be uplifting and harmonious or brawny with a melancholy undertone. His sounds ride the line between house, techno, and disco. Depending on the track, Akumen uses everything from a TR8S or SE-02 to his live bass guitar to create his...


Acid Camp Vol. 104 — Lárus

Follow @laurencemcaulay London based Glaswegian Laurence McAulay, aka Lárus, is a DJ and promoter of the party Vicious Creatures. Formerly plying their trade from the world renowned Sub Club where the likes of Job Jobse, Ellen Allien + Spencer Parker made appearances you can now find them running bi-monthly nights at London venue The Waiting Room.


Acid Camp Vol. 103 — Hysteria

Follow @imhysteria, @patternsofperception Sydney born and now Berlin based, Hysteria is a product of his surroundings. Alongside friends and resident DJs, he co-created Patterns of Perception in 2016. Through their carefully curated parties at OHM Berlin, About Blank and the mix series, the platform has established itself as a destination for a more contemporary approach to techno. As a creative director in his day to day, he always has an eye on aesthetics and narratives, a skill he uses to...


Acid Camp Vol. 102 — Tony Rainwater

Tony currently lives in NYC, but spent the majority of his adult life in Chicago having a lot of fun clubbing. When he is not doing stuff with electronic music he is pursuing a career in social work and fashion. At the moment Tony is addicted to breaks. He hopes you enjoy this mix of moonlit music. Follow @anthonyabbadessa


Acid Camp Vol. 101 — MarceauxMarceaux

MarceauxMarceaux is a Memphis-based, New Orleans-born DJ and producer. His style is an eclectic blend of electronic soundscapes and rave friendly techno that feels right at home on dark dance floor. As a producer his music patches together electro, house and techno with distinctive and exciting experimentation in sound design. Marceaux is on a breakthrough run in 2019, sharing billings with Octo Octa, Horse Meat Disco, Honcho and more. Follow @marceauxmarceaux


Acid Camp Vol. 100 — Furtive

Manifesting techno as a warped and acerbic tangle of textures, Furtive hesitantly insists on blazing his own trails of unconventional sound design, trying to reconcile techno’s brutal, implacable presence with glittering & playful flourishes, both in his studio work and in DJ sets. Furtive is a member of SEQUENCE, a colorful collective organizing and promoting some of the District’s zaniest warehouse techno parties. Follow @furtivetrax Tracklist: 1. Loumar - Loaded 2. 214 - Field Studies 3....


Acid Camp Vol. 99 — Aresibo

Arys, born in Almaty, Kazakhstan found a new home in Tbilisi where they could immerse themselves in a flourishing dance music community. We are honored to share this mix under their alias Aresibo. "A playful mix of Chicago and Acid house with a slight Spanish touch – the type of music I would normally play at the queer raves here in Tbilisi." Follow @aresibo


Acid Camp Vol. 98 — Leesh

Alicia Greco, aka Leesh, is a Chicago based DJ and head of community focused @daisychain_podcast. Daisychain showcases woman-identifying and nonbinary DJs and artists, a focus which has cultivated a global community. She also runs @enterthesequencer, a web magazine exploring underground house and techno. When asked about music, she says, “To put it simply, music helps me understand. When I'm playing music that means something to me, hearing it out loud can bring me to tears. Everything fades...


Acid Camp Vol. 97 — Nicole

Through the acclaimed performance for Boiler Room at Bassiani during the political raves in Georgia, Nicole has been referred to as one of the leading female Dj & Producers from the Tbilisi club Scene. Batumi born artist has appeared under the name of duo Body Thrills when she was only 18 years old. Soon she has decided to go solo and has cultivated her very own personal approach to Djing. She has already performed in most of Tbilisi's clubs and has gained a highly-respected reputation for...


Acid Camp Vol. 96 — Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom is a Brooklyn-based DJ and the resident of the party HARDER NYC. You can find him spinning around the U.S. and international. When we crossed paths at B Party sparks flew. We couldn't be happier to share his glowing energy, captured in this mix, with you. Follow @eric-bloom-2


Acid Camp Vol. 95 — Grant

We love the music produced by Grant, an artist situated in France. Grant runs Duke's Distribution and has quite a bit of music coming out this year. We are looking forward to his work under his Camarade moniker with Dan Pui set to release in May. Soak it up! Follow @grant-la-1


Acid Camp Vol. 94 — Szinzan

Today we received a data packet from a nearby solar system. It was a mix by Szinzan, sent all the way from spacecraft Humon Muzak, a member of the Cool Room alliance. This mix is inspired by the many life forms encountered on and beyond Earth. Tracklist: SC: @humonmuzak FB:


Acid Camp Vol. 93 — Kyle WEC

Thanks to Kyle from West End Communications for recording our next mix. "A record label showcasing local talent. No musical boundaries, based in Glasgow, UK." – W.E.C. Follow: @west-end-communications Gian - Subdimensional Drift (Fleet Mixx) DJ Normal 4 - La Arabia Hadamard - The Capitalist Shawlands Arcade - Laughing Buddha Jesus Phallus Aisha - Asseb Mass DJ Guy - Thats CDiif 1997 Side B - TRK 2 DJCJ - …Anditsover DJ Stingray - eRbB4 (Kon001 rmx) The Maghreban - Eddies (Batu rex) Neil...


Acid Camp Vol. 92 — Aaron Davis

Recorded in Niigata, Japan at the Acid Camp x Panorama festival on Aug 11, 2018. After a beautiful tour of Japan, it was a pleasure to play one last show with Shingo Suwa and friends. Thanks again to Uchu for hosting a great event! Looking forward to the next one.


Acid Camp Vol. 91 — DSKE

We are welcoming in the new year with the joyous sounds of DSKE! The lovable resident and host of Motorpool, a regular party at Contact in Tokyo. This mix will surely warm your soul and, if not, DSKE's smile will. Follow @dske


Acid Camp Vol. 90 — Teruu

Our good friend and longtime travel companion, Teruu, has made us a special mix. Inspired by our escapades through the cities and the countrysides of Japan and Vietnam. Thank you for the scooter rides through the bustling streets of Saigon and the tour through the majestic shrines of Nikko.


Acid Camp Vol. 89 — Kentaro Kmg

After playing at Savage in Hanoi we stumbled into the extraordinary lives of a few newcomers to Vietnam, one of them was Kentaro Kmg. We were invited to an intimate house party with a few of his friends, housemates, and boxes of vinyl records that he brought with him from Japan. Follow @kentaro-kmg


Acid Camp Vol. 88 — Ms. Ed

We are pleased to announce Acid Camp's newest resident dj, Ms. Ed. After years of honing her tastebuds for dance music and specifically, Techno, she has truly proved herself as an outstanding mixer and selector. "As these sound waves hit your eardrums, signals travel via the auditory nerve to the brain, and the adrenal gland will flood your bloodstream with adrenaline." — Yuval Noah Harari Follow @ms_ed


Acid Camp Vol. 87 — Ajiki

Here is the second live recording from the Panorama x Acid Camp festival in Niigata, Japan. This set by Ajiki, who organizes Quest, an open-air party in the Yamagata Prefecture, was very unique and brought great energy to the party. All vinyl, enjoy! Follow @ajikinaoyuki