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Each episode brings a selection of my favorite songs related to a specific topic




Each episode brings a selection of my favorite songs related to a specific topic






Flannel Shirts & Ripped Up Jeans: Five 90s Songs with Fangirl Ashley

She is a married mom of 2, independent producer, writer, freelance editor and writing coach, as hell as one HECK of a cool podcaster. This week's Episode welcomes awesome Fan Queen Ashley for an in-depth discussion about one of her many passions: 1990s music!


Home Sweet Home

Being a nightshift worker AND autism parent, I pretty much stay home, isolated quarantine style just me and my little posse. In 2020 though the whole world joined me and freaked out for what was, to me, just a Tuesday. I feel for you all, I honestly do, but I was grateful for once to not feel sl alone in that situation, and that EVERYBODY could finally see for themselves what my life is day-in day-out. I also made me appreciate this little place of mine I call home, my old but...


With a Little Help: Money Revisited

In this special offshoot of After Midnight, I ask listeners and Netizens to suggest songs related to the topic at hand, then alongside a special co-host review and discover those suggestions. This time around, two amazing ladies I am fortunate to call friends, Cece and Heather, get off their high trucks and come downtown to help me sift through 18 listener-suggested song about MONEY!


Working 9 to 5

Disappointingly enough, no one ever asks why I chose "After Midnight" as a title for a music podcast, and since y'all insist on not asking, it is because I wanted to make the kinda of podcast that I want to listen to during my working hours which are at night. Therefore it is quite baffling, if only to me, that I never before thought of "work" as an episode topic. I truly do hope that after more than 2 years my little show found some, among my audience, for whom it has been a companion in...


Mother Trucker: 5 Personal Songs with a Legendary Friend

She is a former long-haul trucker, several times a mother and grandmother, an inspirational survivor, a warm and caring soul that can handle the toughest challenges and the meanest mofos, and someone I am profoundly grateful to be acquainted with. This week After Midnight discover the musical tastes of my admired friend Heather.


Drive My Car

The point of such a music podcast is to listen to the way our parents and grand-parents used to listen to music on the car radio while driving. Only makes sense, after 2 years, to finally do an episode all about it! Start 'em if you got 'em, and put on this fine set of 5 tunes about what we all experience behind the wheel!


With a Little Help: Drinks

Way back when I started this little venture I had no idea I would still be doling it 2 years later; I met amazing people, discovered awesome music and I cannot help feeling that the best is yet to come. For a while I felt I should let listeners in on the fun and have more of a voice, and let the music I play be their own choice. So over the next few months I will revisit the original batch of topics covered on the show, but this time... With a Little Help! In this special offshoot of After...


At The Zoo

"Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to," said Mark Twain. The writer often showed his characters in embarrassing situations they are entirely responsible for, in a declaration that people can be more foolish than animals in their actions and that they should be aware of their own foolishness. Doubtful that science took the time to test whether animals do blush when under significant stress, but they do help relieve our own greatly, especially in uncertain times when the collective...


Burning 4 You

Too often the villain of scary stories, Fire is the light that guides us through the night, the warmth that keeps us alive when the cold threatens to take us, the spark the fuels our brightest dreams and hottest desires. Enjoy this selection songs to keep the flame burning!


Nowhere Man

Now a Monthly offering rather than weekly, After Midnight is finally back from... Nowhere, really. So why not make that the topic of the... month!


Raise a Little Hell

Hey, if the whole world's gonna be on fire, might as well grab Ol' Scratch by the horns and sing about it. With this week's 5 songs, After Midnight is literally going to Hell.


Heaven Knows

Belinda Carlisle says it's a place on Earth, but hundreds of millions believe it's up there in the clouds. What matters its that artists believe it to be one damn good source of inspiration! After Midnight this weeks ascends 5 songs about Heaven!


We All Need a Smile - 5 Songs with Rising Comedian Buddy

More than ever we all need a break, a pause, a moment to stop all the noise and just ear someone funny say something that will bring an unconditional smile. This week After Midnight plays 5 songs selected by rising comedy podcaster & Youtuber Buddy!


Play the Game

We do not stop playing because we grow old, said Ben Franklin, We grow old because we stop playing. Whether its computer, tabletop, field or love, playing is a huge part of human nature. This week's After Midnight tinker with 5 songs about Toys & Games.


Death With a Good Beat: 5 EDM tracks with Youtuber James K.

A straight-talking Youtuber & Podcaster with deeply relatable insights to share, the incredibly friendly James Kreutzer this week introduces After Midnight to 5 of his favorite EDM tracks.


Roam If You Want To

Here's to the working parents for whom staycation is the only option, to the secluded whose window to the world is the one in their living room, to the confined whose prolonged isolation threatens to let despair creep in: Let these 5 songs about Travelling take you where your heart desires to.


Saltines & Pickle Ball: Positive Songs with Turtle Stack Joanne

It's always good to find a source or pure positivity, something you can always count on to give you hope, or just a smile. And some YEARS you need it more than others... After Midnight this week welcomes Joanne of the Turtle Stack with 5 songs meant to lift your spirits!


In the City

Some are romantic, some are historic, and some are just...ick. But they all have personality, and they crave to tell you their story. This week's 5 AFTER MIDNIGHT songs are all about famous cities!


Smooth Operators: 5 songs with 'Your Worst Friend'

One is long-rumored to have swallowed Pinocchio, the other describes himself as a cauldron of rage. But the real question is why on Earth they don't host a MUSIC podcast because they clearly know a bit more about it then the person who invited them on one. Matt & Shane from 'Your Worst Friend' are this week's main attraction where they duke it out to see which can put together the best playlist!



There once was a woman called Lizzie Whose family were thought to be busy In fact it was funny They'd rather spend money So much that it made one quite dizzy Yeah, anyway, five songs about Royalty, enjoy!