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Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.

Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.
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Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.








Lunchtime Minisode # 7 - Is Rock Dead?

Lunchtime is again upon us! Kris kicks things off solo (0:21) and gives a primer on the lunchtime format (0:39). We then get into the thick of things as we discuss the current state of rock music, and contemplate it's relevance in 2019 (1:47). Thanks again for listening, and don't forget to check out our Patreon!


Episode 13 - 1993 Part 2

The Dream of the 90's rolls on with 1993, episode 2! We kick things off by talking about Marty's 40th Birthday Party (1:06) Remembering Rick Ocasek (10:20) The Billboard top 100 (15:30) Marty reminisces on Miami Bass going legit (31:41) followed by introducing Kris to Paperboy's "Ditty" while Marty regales Kris with tales of hanging out at a teen dance club throughout his formative years (33:37) Kris shares a similar experience getting dressed down by a youth minister for playing They Might...


Episode 13 - 1993 Part 1

Marty and Kris go back to the 90's; get stoked for 1993! We start off with a some Swatch talk (0:45) Marty's trip to Ohio and the great record store crawl (2:25) Shout out to Cincy record stores Colemine Records and Shake It Records (5:22) A big Patreon announcement (9:35) Remembering Daniel Johnston (18:24) We then get knee deep into the waters of 1993, wading around in the year in music (33:31) Elvis' postage stamp (33:45) Oasis getting their first record deal (37:19) Prince changing his...


One Year Anniversary Special

Hold on to your butts, AOTYers, It's officially been 1 year! Marty and Kris reflect on the past year and pop open a new mystery box to celebrate the occasion. Thanks for listening!


Episode 12 - 2009 Part 2

The fun continues in 2009, episode 2! Marty, Kris, and Caitlin are back, breaking down the finer points of frozen custard (0:45) The charts (1:41) Caitlin and Kris revel in their disgust of Owl City (2:00) Marty struggles to find a favorite song (10:32) UB40 “Red Red Wine” strikes again (14:22) Caitlin reflects on her experience growing up in the shadow of 9/11 (15:35) Marty busting out his Christopher Walker impression (22:19) We then move on Kris’s pick for 2009, Phoenix and their...


Episode 12 - 2009 Part 1

WERE BACK!!! Welcome to Season 3! Marty and Kris kick things off by talking about our new merch (1:11) and share a listener email that’s very close to our hearts (3:27). Marty reminisces on the midwest and their “Taste Of” festivals (6:32) Marty and Kris seeing Parliament Funkadelic (7:32) and coming face to face with Fishbone ultra-fandom (8:32). We then introduce our special guest, Caitlin Wittlif, who regales us with some first-hand experiences on her time interning at Rolling Stone...


Summer Special

Beat the Heat with Marty and Kris as they break down some of their favorite summer music for the season 2 finale! We start off with a state of the podcast (7:57). Next, Kris picks 3 summer songs from each decade from the 50’s to the 2010’s, and Marty picks his favorite (16:57). Keep it chill this summer. Thanks for listening!


Episode 11 - 1984 Part 2

The 1984 cipher continues with 2 more classic albums! We kick things off with a deep dive into the billboard top 100 (1:46) Kris reminds Marty of a previous conversation regarding the movie “Blow” (5:16) Kris seeing Willie Nelson at Battleship Texas at 6 years old (8:50) More vital Huey Lewis talk (10:54) Key differences between “Dancing in the Dark” and “Dancing in the Sheets” (16:30) Kris tells a great story about The Cars and “city music” (24:40) An assembly Marty attended in 4th grade...


Episode 11 - 1984 Part 1

It’s time to dive knee deep back into the 80’s! We kick things off talking about Marty’s recent vacation to New Mexico (0:58) Marty understanding Kris on a deeper level after driving through the expanse of West Texas (1:20) Introducing our guest, singer-songwriter and Kris’s wife, Stephanie Wright (2:10) Comparing notes on Roswell (3:22) Marty adding to his gas station food repertoire courtesy of Allsup’s in Plains, Texas (4:45) Kris and Step visiting the Motown exhibit at the LBJ Library...


Episode 10 - 1969 Part 2

The wait is over! 1969 EPISODE 2 is here! We start out by talking about Kris going to see X and the Violent Femmes at ACL Live (0:40) Talking Heads concept album and movie “True Stories” (4:35) We then dive into the charts (5:57) Kris sounds off on bubblegum and talks about it’s lasting influence (6:17) Marty tells the story of the Amen break (11:53) “Smokin’ Grapevine” with Tony Joe White (16:30) Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto” and the racial context of the time (18:02) “In the year 2525”...


Episode 10 - 1969 - Part 1

Better late that never, people! Marty and Kris have another heater on the stove for you! We start out by talking about going to the Austin Record Convention (0:51) Buying really weird 45’s (1:10) How Discogs has changed the game and makes it harder to find deals (2:56) Introducing the year we’re covering in the next 2 episodes (13:30) Recapping 1969 in music (15:35) Altamont and the impact it had on popular culture moving forward (15:55) The Beatles rooftop concert (22:45) Yoko Ono arguably...


Lunchtime Minisode # 6 - Producers

Hello Friends! Another lunchtime episode is upon us! Kris kicks it solo for a few to tell you about our topic for this lunchtime episode-producers! (0:24) Beefing about rock bio-pics (2:47) Marty reveling in his midwestern roots by impersonating the documentary now spoof “Gentle and Soft” (5:42) What we feel being a producer means (7:30) Producers in Hip-Hop (13:30) How DJ’s moved the art of beat making and scratching forward by working together (16:31) Kris breaks down his love for Phil...


Episode 9 - 1996 - Part 2

The wait is over! 1996 PART 2 is upon us! Marty, Kris, and the Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm are BACK! We kick it off by hotly debating who has better fried pies (2:24) A breakdown of the 1996 billboard charts (5:32) starting with strict delineation of the Macarena, Thomas’ pick for favorite song (5:59) Marty remembering a huge regional hip hop hit that he didn’t realize was regional until he moved to Texas (7:36) Kris doing parenting right by exposing his daughter to Busta Rhymes at a young...


Episode 9 - 1996 - Part 1

The dream of the 90’s is alive… Album of the year Podcast! Marty kicks things off by accepting his fate as a big, sweaty polack (0:32) How we spent the Easter Holiday (2:39) We then introduce our special guest (8:02) Thomas, the “Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm”, who blesses us with stories based on his long history with Kris growing up in Belton, Texas (9:03) Marty tells the story of the fateful evening at the Leander Beer market (20:58) Kris breaks down a change to our format, then the...


Lunchtime Minisode # 5 - Mystery Box

We had a blast doing this lunchtime episode, the mystery box! We check in with a quick intro (0:55) explaining what’s inside the “mystery box:, Marty going full “Big Sweaty Polack” mode (2:05). We then break the mystery box open and sift thru the good, the bad, and the ugly (3:24) of a variety of 45 RPM records ranging from the 50’s all the way up to the 80’s. No more time stamps, because that would be cheating! Thanks as always for listening!


Anthology Episode # 1 - Stevie Wonder

The wait is over…Marty and Kris present the first ANTHOLOGY episode on the great STEVIE WONDER, listen to us as we span his legendary career! We kick it off by doing a brief monologue (1:20) The battle we’re waging against oak and cedar pollen allergies (2:45). Moving on, Kris tells a story about his wedding (10:22), followed by a head-first dive into the formidable and illustrious career of the one and only Stevie Wonder! Marty talks about some of the first things that come to mind when he...


Episode 8 - 1972

Man, do we have a hum-dinger for y’all! Kris and Marty kick it off by revealing Marty’s last name (0:30) Kris talks about his recent trip to Houston (1:37) A fateful trip to Hard Rock Cafe (5:57) Marty getting a chance to do a short DJ set (18:04) Kris helping Marty pick a DJ name (20:42) An introduction of the year we’ve decided to uncover for this episode, 1972 (22:35) Breaking down the charts (25:30) Kris on the sensational aspects of musician/band biopics (30:47) Remembering Dick Dale...


Lunchtime Minisode # 4 - Nostalgia

Come one, come all, to the first minisode of season 2! We start out with a short introduction, followed by some serious "pro audio" (2:01) Introducing our topic (3:05) The Neurological exploits of nostalgia (5:39) Reminiscing on Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill in the Cincinnati suburb or Kenwood, Ohio (11:50) Kris coming up with an interesting buzzfeed list (17:40) Which member of the krautrock scene we are (18:16) Nostalgia as entertainment (22:16) Kris's experience in music school...


Episode 7 - 2002

In season 2, episode 2, Kris and Marty are back to talk all things 2002! We kick things off with some talk about record stores, Marty admitting he’s never been to a tower records (1:10) We then switch gears and give a shout out to some friends that started a podcast of their own (1:57) Next, we discuss the flashpoint of popular music and the internet, and how audiences began to fracture because of it (6:03) Kris being ahead of his time suggesting to the members of his first band they should...


Episode 6 - 1988

Hold on to your butts-It’s the Album of the year Podcast SEASON 2 DEBUT! We start off by recapping how we spent our holiday season (1:06) Marty talks of binging pierogis in Tennessee with his family (1:26) Kris’s Norwegian heritage delicacy, Lutefisk, (2:15) Marty visiting the Moog Synthesizer factory in Asheville, NC (5:10). Charging forward, we introduce our special guest, James Rawson! (8:21) James tells us a bit about himself and his music background playing in his band, Timonium, and...