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Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.

Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.
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Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.








Lunchtime Episode # 3 - Christmas Special

Hold on to your Santa Hats, people, Marty and Kris are back with another lunch( dinner) time episode! We kick things off with some extra holiday cheer added to our intro (0:00) and get right down to business with another themed beverage (2:11) Shout out to some listeners (4:45) Kris gives Marty a gift (6:03) Tales from Christmases of Marty and Kris’ past (12:05) Our earliest memories of Christmas music (21:30) Kris’ thoughts on Irving Berlin and how Christmas music evolved (21:45) The most...


Episode 5 - 1979

For our 5th episode, Marty and Kris are tackling a very pivotal year in music and popular culture-1979! We kick things off with some Whataburger evangelism (0:45) followed by some esoteric fast food talk (3:40) X-Men romantic character arcs (8:18) Marty and Kris recap what they did over the Thanksgiving holiday (10:10) Kris taking his daughter to a playground built in the 1950’s (10:56) Marty’s encounter with the Record Store Day reissue of the Gravediggaz 1994 classic “6 Feet Deep” (15:40)...


Lunchtime Minisode #2 - Thanksgiving Special

Hey Team-Get’cha cornbread ready, Marty and Kris are back with a Thanksgiving-themed minisode! We kick it off by taking an opportunity to frame the episode for those out there that might not be familiar with the lunchtime format (2:45) then get straight into it-Kris introduces the minisode theme (6:43) Shout out to our listener(s) in Bosnia (10:14), and a brief breakdown of what a “Turkey” really is within the context of the episode (11:52). Next, we finally put the Spin Doctors conversation...


Episode 4 - 1985

Hold on to your hats, fam… we got another banger for ya! Marty kicks things off by doing his best classical radio station DJ impersonation (0:44) Breaking down the setlist from the Breeders ACL night show at Scoot Inn (5:50) naming inspiration for Kris’s first band (7:57) The last time Marty saw GWAR live (14:03) Kris’s weird side project band, The Martian Armpit Orchestra, and their big hit “Mars is Made of Chocolate Fudge” (18:25), Marty reading the Bob Pollard/Guided by Voices...


Lunchtime Minisode #1 - Mixtapes

It’s time to knock ‘em out the box with the first Lunchtime Minisode! Kris starts things off for a change (0:22) Then Kris and Marty talk a little bit about our first minisode, “Mixtapes” (0:48). After that brief intro, we jump right in to our first minisode with a brief recap of seeing the Breeders the night before (5:32) Introducing the topic of the first minisode (9:37), Kris making his first mixtape while still in preschool (11:33) Recording songs off of the radio (19:58) Marty’s foray...


Episode 3 - 2013

Marty and Kris are back with another heater! Episode 3 is all about 2013. We start with tackling Marty’s birthday weekend exploits (0:50) Kris gives Marty a birthday gift (4:40) Marty visiting the Cranbrook art museum in Detroit and checking out the Punk Graphics exposition (11:10) Breaking down the year of 2013 in music and what was happening on the billboard charts (22:46) Marty reveling in how much he hates Florida-Georgia Line (30:51) and Kris’s old band getting inexplicably booked for...


Episode 2 - 1990

For episode 2, Marty and Kris make the cosmic shift almost 30 years past 1963-to 1990. I start out by recommending to Kris some obscure Korean psychedelic pop from the 50’s (1:02), corrections corner from episode 1 (8:43), Marty getting dressed down in the middle of Kmart by his older sister for trying to buy De La Soul is Dead on cassette (11:55), Kris making Marty an offer for an OG K-NACK psycho baby sticker (16:00), The somewhat-known Austin rumor that record execs used to call Daniel...


Episode 1 - 1963

It's the inaugural episode of the Album of the Year podcast, and for 1963, Marty and Kris have swung for the fences with two classic albums! Starting off with a quick update (0:00) and moving on to introductions (4:25), Marty and Kris then delve into the premise and genesis of the podcast itself (13:41) Why we started at 1963 (17:59), Marty Spending his allowance money on Kriss Kross "Totally Krossed Out" (39:00), Kris's dad playing in a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass knockoff band...