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Professional coaching and expert interviews for singers and speakers who want to grow their skills and careers. Host Judy Rodman has 5 decades of success in the music and voice industry.


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Professional coaching and expert interviews for singers and speakers who want to grow their skills and careers. Host Judy Rodman has 5 decades of success in the music and voice industry.








Metamorphosis of Runaway Home - a New Musical

In this interview with my co-creator Darren J. Butler, we talk about how our musical Runaway Home has metamorphosized from a couple of monologues to a staged reading by headliners for heads of the entertainment industry in the middle of New York. We're hoping it's the room where 'it' happens - so full productions in major venues is next. Find creative team and actors bios and more at the musical's website: Darren's website: My website:


A New Approach To Manual Therapy for Voice: Walt Fritz Interview

In this episode, we sit down with renowned physical therapist Walt Fritz. As the author of 'Manual Therapy for Voices... a Person-Centered Approach,' Walt shares his expertise in empowering patients to actively participate in their healing journey. He discusses how this patient-involved approach can lead to more effective and lasting results. Furthermore, Walt extends his expertise to train other healing arts professionals - vocal coaches included - enabling them to integrate this patient(student)- empowered approach into their own protocols. Join us as we explore the transformative power of this approach and discover how people can heal better through active involvement in the therapeutic process. LINKS: * Walt Fritz website * * "Manual Therapy for Voice and Swallowing" book: (Please note this is my affiliate link) #ad *Judy Rodman website:


Vocal Strain: 18 Causes & Fixes For Your Tired Voice

Vocal strain, also known as vocal fatigue, is the leading cause of vocal problems, limitations and vocal damage for both singers and speakers. In this episode, I'm going to give you the top 18 causes of vocal strain that I see, and tell you how to fix what's making your voice so tired. I'm also going to share the audio of a short vocal lesson I did where my student's vocal fatigue was eliminated immediately after I put her at the wall. Links mentioned: The full video of Silvana's vocal lesson My ebook on Vocal Health Voice TechniqueInterview with Gina ThurstonInterview with Angela McCuistonMy story of vocal recovery DISCLOSURE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Get Fit, Not Hurt! (Chat With Angela McCuiston of Music Strong)

Getting physically injured can temporarily stop or permanently end a music career. My guest Angela McCuiston, founder of 'Music Strong', has developed a specialty career in fitness training and rehabilitation exercises for music makers of all kinds. Listen to this interview to hear Angela and I discuss some vital fitness strategies that can improve muscle balance, endurance and strength. A musician herself, Angela understands the stresses of our vocations and the stakes involved!


Singing On The Road? 12 Tips for Touring

Singing on the road can be a dream come true or a vocal nightmare. Here are 12 tips to help your voice end up stronger and freer of vocal fatigue after your gig or tour than before! Whether you're just doing one gig out of town, or a whole season of concerts, this advice plus using great vocal technique can make a huge difference to your voice. Links mentioned include: * The Hall Sisters: * What To Eat Before You Sing (blogpost/podcast) * Tabata exercise (do an internet search to find several Tabata timer apps for phone or computer) * Information about my vocal lessons: *Sign up for my 9 page e-book on vocal health plus newsletter here:


Successful Music Career Secrets - Vinnie Potestivo Interview

In this episode, I interview Vinnie Potestivo, a renowned music and brand consultant who advises artists, major media, and corporations on the latest trends and strategies for success. Over the years, the music industry has undergone significant changes, and Vinnie Potestivo has witnessed many of them first hand. In our chat, he generously shares some successful music career secrets that are working now. Vinnie also tells some behind-the-scenes stories of people he's worked with that illustrate the advice he gives, and some will have you laughing. Vinnie has his finger on the pulse of the music industry, and his advice is invaluable to anyone who wants to make it in this dynamic industry. LINKS: Listen & subscribe to All Things Vocal Podcast on iTunes ... on Spotify ... or anywhere else.


Choose Your Vocal Genre Strategically!

Have you ever wondered if the style you're singing is truly best for you? In this episode I give you some practical factors to help you choose your vocal genre strategically, which will help you be creatively fulfilled AND more successful in your vocal career. And yes, it may be that for YOUR vocal goals, you need to choose more than one style to master. Listen to the end for some case studies of singers whose vocal genre outlier choices resulted in success! Find me at While you're there, be sure and download my 9 page report on vocal health!


Interview with Songwriting Legend Dave Loggins

In this rare interview, hear the stories of the journey and the creative process of Dave Loggins, one of the most gifted singers and songwriters that’s ever put pen to paper or mic to mouth. Besides putting a ton of music into the world that people remember their lives by, he has been my friend, collaborator and mentor for decades. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did having the conversation. Find Dave Loggins music wherever you listen to songs. If you love music, or need songwriting inspiration, you'll want to buy some. Find me at


Gena Thurston Interview - PT for Voices

Gena Thurston, PT/DPT/CIDN has worked with all kinds of voices, including the cast of Hamilton. She has a unique, hands-on, highly effective approach to vocal issues that she shares with me on this episode. I trust her enough to be the only one I've ever let manipulate my own larynx! Kravitz Physical Therapy TheVocalPT Find me and my services for your voice at PLEASE SHARE: If you like, please share this episode with a friend who could use the information, too! PLEASE REVIEW:


Vocal Exercises To Smooth Vocal Glitches

Listen as I demonstrate a weird but highly effective vocal exercise that helped me get my voice back, and that I use with my students to smooth out glitchy areas in their vocal range. My thanks to vocal coach Mark Thress for sharing the scale with me, which I find best to do in this slow-motion way, morphing the syllables into each other to create flexibility and stability in the vocal apparatus. Find out more about my services for your voice at


Interview with Barbara Kite - Acting Technique for Voices

Barbara Kite is a speaking and acting coach. In this episode, she generously shares some secrets from the acting world that can help speakers, singers and even songwriters deliver messages that hit the mark. Links:


Why Listen To All Things Vocal Podcast?

Learn in 30 seconds what this podcast is about, who it's for and why you should listen. All Things Vocal is available on Spotify, Apple and most other podcast apps. Listen and subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Bonus: Here's where you can join the discussions in the Facebook Group: All Things Vocal Blog & Podcast


Mat Kearney Interview - Making Pop Music Matter

Mat Kearney went from skater kid/soccer playing/free-style rapper to multi-platinum selling pop artist with over 2.5 billion streams. One of my earliest vocal students, Mat took his voice and his messages seriously, and has become one of the best live performers out there. Listen in and be inspired to dig in deep to your own creative expression. Find Mat at Find out how I can help you with YOUR voice at While you're there, download my free 9-page report on vocal health! I also invite you to join me for discussions about all things vocal at the Facebook page for this podcast.


Raising and Lowering Larynx - Should You?

How high or low should your larynx be when you sing? Get my nuanced answer to this controversial topic that can help you sound great without straining your voice. Links mentioned: Lisa Popiel Molly Webb articleAnatomyZone video of larynxPower Path & Performance vocal training coursesJudy Rodman vocal lessons Find me at Join us for deeper discussions in the All Things Vocal Facebook Group.


Doug Smith Interview: Voltage Bros to Mercy Club, Working Night Shift

In my interview with Doug Smith you'll learn how this gifted music maker working with R&B icons including Millie Jackson, Nikka Costa and Prince quit it all one night. Called to the ministry, he traded the limelight to be a flashlight working with the homeless, planting gardens in 'food deserts', and working 'the night shift' to help rescue and change lives. And he's back with music, too! Now Doug (aka 'Truth') and fellow former Voltage Brother Paul Scott (aka 'Pjaye') write, produce and perform as 'Mercy Club'. They let me include a little snippet for you! Doug's Links: Find me at Join us for deeper discussions in the All Things Vocal Facebook Group.


An Artist’s Job by Salem Jones

Salem Jones suggests a fresh, radical look at the job of an artist on the deepest and most valuable levels. Salem is one of the best female rock vocalists on the planet, and graciously allows me to share her thoughts on this podcast. Short, sweet, and utterly profound. full interview episode here Things Vocal Facebook group.


Chat with Roger Ryan - Storied Producer of Music for the Soul

Want to hear stories of a Nashville-based producer from Trinidad who has worked with the likes of Take 6, Whitney Houston, and CeCe Winans just to name a few? Listen in to my chat with 8 time Dove, Grammy-nominated and Juno award-winning producer Roger Ryan. Find Roger... Want to chat with me? Connect at... Like this? Subscribe so you don't miss an episode!


Costly Mistakes in Your Speaking Voice Technique

Does your speaking voice ever get tired? Is the sound of your voice weak, harsh, thin, muddy, monotone or otherwise difficult to listen to? Does your mind focus like a flashlight beam (aka NOT focused!) when you talk? You may be making some of the mistakes this episode covers. Listen as I give you the audio of lesson #2 in my new course 'Speaking Voice Technique'. If you're interested, you can find all 13 lessons at QUICK: Get 30% off if you act by Friday August 5th! Use code LAUNCHSALE at checkout.


How Valuable Is Your Voice? A Van Gogh Perspective

Wonder what your voice is worth? To help you find out, I take you through a small study of Van Gogh's shoes, and other worthless pieces of art. Join me! After listening, I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories. Join us for some wonderful discussions in the Facebook page for this group - 'All Things Vocal Blog & Podcast'. As always, you can find me and my products and services at


The Benefits of Practicing Character Voices

One very effective type of vocal exercise is imitating character voices. In this episode, I demonstrate some of these crazy exercises and explain the why and how behind the training so you can try them, too! Links mentioned: Are you a good mimic?' mimicing vs imitating'Voice Breakdown' All Things Vocal Blog & Podcast Group For more or to contact me, go to