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Alice Merton Previews New Album 'Mint'

You know "No Roots" but do you know what's coming next? The English-born, German-raised artist chats with host Chris Payne about the forthcoming jams on her debut album 'Mint' (due Jan. 2019). She also details the quick ascent of her debut single -- all good advice for up-and-coming artists looking to do the same.


The Get Up Kids Talk Upcoming 2019 Album

The Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic chat about all sorts of things, most notably the new LP they're working on for Polyvinyl Records with Peter Katis. Also, plenty of behind-the-scenes reminiscing from the glory days of '90s emo. Here's a link to Jim's charity event we talked about: https://thundergong.org/


Join Meg Myers On Her 'Spiritual Journey'

It took her almost a decade to get her debut album out, but soon after 2015's 'Sorry,' Meg Myers was dropped by Atlantic Records. The alt-rock artist explains how she found her artistic identity, a new label (300 Entertainment), and took control of her mental health. Her new album 'Take Me to the Disco' is out tomorrow (July 20)!


nothing,nowhere.'s SoundCloud Rap & Emo Alchemy

Joe Mulherin -- aka nothing,nowhere. -- makes striking, visceral music combining impassioned, emo-inspired vocals over trap beats and hazy guitars. We chat with him and his producer JayVee about working with Chris Carrabb and Travis Barker, battling anxiety and depression, being inspired by Juice WRLD, meeting a bear in the Vermont wilderness, and much more.


Quizzing the Wonder Years on Their Oldest Set Lists (And More!)

We asked Dan Campbell and Matt Brasch to name the songs and other random details from Wonder Years shows in 2010, and their responses were kinda incredible. Also, hear us discuss the most emotional moments of their new album 'Sister Cities' and what lies ahead as the band members stare down real adulthood.


You Thought You Knew James Bay?

We talked the talk with James Bay, delving into why he'll never make the same record twice, what it's like backstage at "SNL," his love of Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane," and the random guy who filmed in performing in a pub one night, and wound up getting him signed by Republic.


Shinedown's Past, Present & Future

IT'S ABOUT TO GET HEAVY. Frontman Brent Smith and bassist Eric Bass get deep and personal about Shinedown's new album, their insane streak of top-five radio hits, and what it means to be one of their era's most successful rock bands. They also dropped news about their future at Atlantic Records and upcoming albums.


Underoath Loses Religion on Fiery Comeback Album

Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain and drummer-vocalist Aaron Gillespie were remarkably frank and open, discussing the Florida-based rock band's decision to regroup after a two-year hiatus, dropping its long held "Christian" label, getting over addictions and judgements, and crafting this year's excellent "Erase Me" -- their first LP since 2010.


mewithoutYou Talks New Album Onboard Paramore Cruise

While out at sea as performers on Paramore's Parahoy! cruise, mewithoutYou guitarist Michael Weiss and drummer Rickie Mazzotta join host Chris Payne for a deep-dive on the one-of-a-kind Philly band's long, shape-shifting history. We battle seasickness to talk about the new album they're recording with Will Yip, how Paramore became such big fans, how they wound up on a Christian rock label, and more.


Storytime With the Walkmen's Walter Martin: Writing Kids' Tunes, Opening For Fugazi & More

Walter Martin has seen a lot, and he's got stories to tell. These days, he's an affable, well-adjusted dad whose solo work explores art history, kids' songs about zoo animals, and a particularly lonely solo Australian tour, which he turned into a barber shop quartet extravaganza at a recent NPR Tiny Desk Concert. But the events that brought him here are a whirlwind three decades' worth of American rock 'n roll lore.


Albert Hammond, Jr. Just Played His Biggest Show Ever

New York City rock icon Albert Hammond, Jr. swung by Billboard's office last Thursday morning, just hours after playing the biggest solo headlining show of his life. Of course he'd played to massive crowds around the world with the Strokes, but this one was special -- a sold-out gig on his home turf playing only tracks from his decade-plus solo career. We talked about the killer new LP 'Francis Trouble,' his role in the popular book 'Meet Me in the Bathroom,' why he's always kind of wanted...


Preoccupations Are Glad People Are Focused On the Music Again

The new LP from Calgary-bred post-punks Preoccupations is one of the best alternative albums we've heard so far this year. They also have a great story about playing Third Man Records while Jack White attempted one of his patented vinyl experiments. Join Matt Flegel and Scott Munro as the band formerly known as Viet Cong recounts how it got fans to start looking past their controversial old moniker.


BØRNS Tells His Best L.A. Stories, Plays a Top-Secret Demo

Alternative pop troubadour BØRNS has stories for days. This includes: trekking from his native Michigan to play ukulele songs for Max Martin in L.A., hanging with Halsey at a Playboy Mansion party, serenading Taylor Swift's #squad with "Electric Love" at Coachella, collaborating with his pal Lana Del Rey on his new album "Blue Madonna." He also plays us a voice memo off his phone which may or may not make it onto his third LP.


Pop Punk High: The Indie Musical Where It's Always 2003

We heard about the up-and-coming indie musical Pop Punk High and had to get them on the show. The New York City-based show combines all the touchstones of early 2000s pop-punk culture -- suburban high schools, Avril Lavigne, skateboarding, dick jokes -- into an awesomely original production that we think "has legs" (that's what they say in theater right?) They're going places! Here's our chat with three of its stars.


Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba's Life of Punk Rule-Breaking

Here's the legend himself chatting about many, many things: getting his start in the Florida punk scene, the labels that shaped him, what went on in the 2000s emo boom, and new album 'Crooked Shadows,' the first Dashboard Confessional album in 9 years.


Tonight Alive Tears Down the Rules of its Major Label Past

Jenna and Jake from Syndey, Australia's Tonight Alive discuss coming of age on their brand new fourth album, "Underworld." This line from Jenna sums it up: "The more polished our sound became, the less polished my image became.”


How Jeff Rosenstock Surprise-Released 2018's First Great Rock Album

First episode of the new year! Our weekly podcast (new one every Thursday!) kicks off with a chat with punk cult hero Jeff Rosenstock. We discuss how he's been using all resources available to him -- online and off -- to release music on his own terms for almost two decades. This includes his new LP 'POST-', released on New Year's Day and the tunes he's been working on for a new Cartoon Network series. We also talk about Alkaline Trio and ska a lot.


Washed Up Emo's Tom Mullen Talks New Book 'Anthology of Emo'

For our last episode of the year, we go deep on all things emo, welcoming Tom Mullen, who has ran the blog/podcast/DJ night Washed Up Emo since 2007. We chat about interviewing the likes of Dashboard Confessional and the Get Up Kids for his just-released book 'Anthology of Emo, Vol. 1' along with plenty of other tales from defining and defending the genre the past 10 years.



Weaves are an awesome Toronto punk band who like their guitar riffs weird and their mosh pits friendly. Frontwoman Jasmyn Burke and guitarist Morgan Waters chat about their killer 2017 LP 'Wide Open' -- "a classic rock road record, but filtered through a female point of view," as Burke puts it.


The Front Bottoms Insist 'You Are Who You Hang Out With'

Front Bottoms singer-guitarist Brian Sella chats about his band's decade-long DIY success story, and all the friends he's made along the way. We'll talk about new album 'Going Grey,' keeping the old fans happy, going to a barbecue at Mark Hoppus' place (!!!), and plans for a new addition to the band's "Grandma Series." We swear the state of New Jersey did not sponsor this episode.