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Ep17: 1992 - Oy Vey Baby vs. Good As I Been To You or the Coen Brothersing of 1992

Hop out of the fire and right into the frying pan to join the meaty goodness of this week's podcasting Bouillabaisse, where the ingredients vary in quality but have all been somehow approved by the FDA for consumption by your ears. There's potatoes from a 1963 European trip (still fresh!); leftover mash from a second re-heating of Tin Machine (not as fresh!); a bland but nutritious casserole from Dylan (palatable!); and a redeeming, delicious seasoning of Mick Ronson, whose licks are so...


Ep16: 1986 - Labyrinth vs. Knocked Out Loaded or The 86'd 1986 of 1986

All aboard the Too-Little-Too-Later-Nadir-O-Rater! The year in question is 1986, and the only question seems to be just how low the boys can sink. But also just how long the official tour name ends up. Because presenting one podcast, tonight only, it's live in concert, banging those gated machine gun drums, as well as various shiny synths, it's: Charlie and Jake and David Bowie and Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and Dave Stewart and Iggy Pop and Tina Turner and Some Muppets and Los Lobos and...


EP15: 2002 - Heathen vs. The Rolling Thunder Revue (First Leg) or The Retracting Acting of 2002

And..the Grammy Award for...Original Duo Podcast Male Brothers Almost Non-Singing Pun-Filled Segmented Lightly Argumentative Enthusiastic Portrayal of Specific Year (2002) Amateur Until Someone Sponsors It Performance goes to...oh, I can't believe this finally happened for them, this is a real treat...BOWIE VS DYLAN EPISODE 15!!! Chaz: (panting) First of all, I'd like to thank David Bowie, for making a decent record in 2002 with a sort-of iconic album cover, and for providing a classy...


EP14: 1978 - Stage vs. Street Legal or Peter and The Clara of 1978

Chaz and Jake embark on an alimony tour while discussing the norm-core Bowie and the vaguely Elvis-esque Dylan in 1978, brought on by their acrimonious divorce over irreconcilable differences caused by their perception of how long the podcast is running. While they certainly agree that Mick Ronson is a saint who deserves a Mick Renaissance, and that Bowie's ambient live show opener sounds like a good idea, they absolutely cannot reconcile with the scoring of the Nadir-O-Rater, or what...


EP13: 2010 - SSSS (Surround Sound Station to Station) vs The Mono Recordings or the Deluxe Bouillabaissing of 2010

The renowned, multiple Obie-award winning off-off-off-off-off-off-Broadway show returns for a very special one-podcast episode devoted to the year 2010, but also 1959-1963, and 1962-1968, but also 1976 and 2003, and there's some talk about 1983 and 2013 for some reason. Elastic-voiced and androgynous hosts Chaz and Jake present to you in 3 surround-sound versions the epic goings-on of Bowie and Dylan as they do almost nothing at all in 2010, except maybe be stay at home Dads and get...


EP12: 1964 - Jones vs. Zimmerman vs. Bowie vs. Dylan, or the Secret Smackdown of 1964 and Before

It's a "Secret Origins" Episode of Jones vs. Zimmerman, so don't tell anyone, it's a want to recommend it to literally everyone you know across all social and media platforms so we can pump our SEO to the MAX ahead of our IPO. But maybe only share the part that's not a secret, which are the travails in 1964 for David Jones (still not Bowie) and Bob Dylan (continuing to be Dylan). Dylan releases ONLY two stone-cold classic albums and plays the New York Philharmonic,...


EP11: 1994 - Jump vs. Forrest Gump, or How I Learned to Rhyme in 1994

It's the first (and last?) edition of Bowie vs. Gump as Charlie and Jake explore the early teenage wasteland that is 1994. Jake buys his first CD player (and subsequent CDs), which quickly leads him down the long, strange, mystical trip that some of us call "ROCK N' ROLL" and others of us call "slightly edgier but ultimately mostly just his parents' music collection". Still, some of the "32 American Classics on 2 CDs" that comprise the seminal Forrest Gump Soundtrack happen to involve Bob...


EP10: Top 10 Collaborators, or How Many Beatles vs. How Many Micks?

Charlie collaborates with Jake, and Jake collaborates with Charlie to share the various luminary celebrity and/or musician collaborators that Bowie collaborated with AND the ones that Dylan collaborated with on this very special collaboratory "Collaborations" 10th episode of Bowie vs. Dylan. Unusually, no points are assessed, but just as unusually, much is revealed, such as the names and backstories of said collaborators in an alternating, list-style format that would have surely built...


EP09: 2013 - The Next Day vs. Another Self-Portrait, or the Mysterious Iron Sculpturing of 2013

Jake and Charlie return from a 10-year absence to discuss Bowie and Dylan in the year 2013. Chaz is so enveloped in mystery, in fact, that he doesn't give one interview or one concert for the entirety of the podcast, while Jake paints yet Another Self-Portrait. Bowie has so many videos and singles for Chaz to discuss that Jake heads out on a never-ending tour and comes back The Next Day to find out the score. Dear listener, you too can self-mythologize and act like you're listening on this...


EP08: 1971 - Hunky Dory vs. Greatest Hits Vol. II, or the Liberating Androgyning of 1971

Picture yourself in the the year of magic and wonder that was 1971: Dylan has enough greatest hits to warrant a Vol. II, while Bowie furthers the process of one day warranting his own Vol. I with the release of Hunky Dory. Chaz, Jake, Mick, Woody, AJ, Leon, George, Alan, and the rest of the androgynous cast and crew pull on their pantsuits and shout to the heavens the anthemic battle cry that defines the times: "FREE BOB DYLAN!!!" And when asked to clarify, some of them shout as loudly,...


EP07: 1989 - Tin Machine vs. Oh Mercy, or the Crack Deadening of 1989

Jake and Charlie try very hard not to be a-holes with b-holes for brains in this hard PG/soft PG-13 episode of Bowie vs. Dylan, but can't make any promises as they take a ride on the Nadir-O-Rater in the year 1989. Bowie heads back to high school to start a socially-conscious rock band with his mates, while Dylan lets Daniel Lanois turn his late 80's song output into something actually listenable. Dylan and the Dead somehow further tarnishes Bob in his worst decade; and nothing compares to...


EP06: 2004 - Shrek 2 vs. The Songs of Warran Zevon, or A 10th Bootleg Reality Check of 2004

It's a podcast of contrasting moods, as Charlie and Jake's conversation surrounding Bowie and Dylan in 2004 alternates between somber/bittersweet and zesty/nugget-filled. Dylan releases his "autobiography" Chronicles Vol. 1, which is met with great fanfare by other writers whose own work they recognize. Look for Volumes 2 and 3 coming to a store near you, never! Bowie continues his biggest tour ever, replete with Bon Jovi Comeback Hair (patent pending), healthy, well-nurtured skin,...


EP05: 1983 - Let's Dance vs. Infidels, or The Great Dance-Off for the Soul of 1983

Charlie and Jake are still standing in the wind, but they never wave bye-bye as they examine Bowie and Dylan in 1983. Chaz makes absolutely sure to enunciate Bowie's massively successful year by doing all the cocaine that Bowie apparently gave up in '83, and drives his verbal yacht at impressive and dangerous speeds for the duration of the podcast. While DANCING. Jake has trouble scoring Dylan's "non-religious" record Infidels, but asks Bowie, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, Ric Ocasek, and...


EP04: 1997 - Earthling vs. Time Out of Mind, or the Gothic Comeback Kings of 1997

Jake struggles to impart the weight of history as Dylan has his most monumental and important year since 1975 with the release of his universally acclaimed studio album "Time Out of Mind". Marvel at how Charlie manages to hijack Bob's victory lap by giving credence (and more alarmingly, POINTS) to Bowie's endless stream of singles from that same year. The brothers bicker like it's actually 1997, but nonetheless share a special moment when identifying the components of late 90's industrial...


EP03: 1969 - David Bowie (ver. 2) vs. Nashville Skyline, or the Odd Space Crooning of 1969

Jake and Charlie discuss Dylan crooning his way through the 27 minute magnum opus Nashville Skyline, while Bowie releases his minor novelty single, "Space Oddity", and spends the remainder of his second self-titled album trying to imitate a Bob that Bob himself had already moved past. Bowie mimes his way onto the scene while Bob gets busy making the one truly great creative contribution that he ever managed to muster: the conception and virgin birth of his 5th child and pop music's truest...


EP02: 1976 - Station to Station vs. Desire, or the Thin White Thunder of 1976

Charlie and Jake make their first statistically relevant episode, adding up points to determine artistic dominance for the year 1976. Did dedicated Englishman Bowie know or care that it was America's bicentennial? Did Dylan? Bowie was the Thin White Duke and Dylan was just thin and white, and although both released great albums, only one came out on top for the year. When you're done listening, check out the 1976 BOWIE VS. DYLAN playlist on Spotify at


EP01: Introduction

In the inaugural episode of BOWIE VS DYLAN, real-life brothers (and 33% nemeses) Charlie and Jake attempt to introduce and explain their podcast. They also bore each other to tears trying to briefly detail their history and love of their respective favorite musical artists. Charlie likes Bowie; Jake looooves Dylan. Who will history deem the greatest of them all? Between only two choices, using a convulated and constantly-changing points system, and based purely on the opinion of grossly...