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Garcia Peoples

Garcia Peoples are a band from NJ who filter their love of the Dead thru their punk and rock musical backgrounds. The result is a jammy, melodic, awesomely riffy sort of indie rock that actually works exceptionally well. They dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to jam it out for us. Cosmic Cash is available now from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. 00:00 - Garcia Peoples 00:37 - Hangin’ On 04:57 - Interview - Garcia Peoples 07:11 - Show Your Troubles Out 11:31 - Interview - Garcia Peoples...


Spooky Cool

Spooky Cool is a band from Richmond, Virginia, fronted by Zac Hryciak. The group’s music is difficult to define. They certainly draw on familiar sounds from rock, classical, punk, and pop, but the result is a unique creation all their own. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us an exclusive look at how they craft their sonic surprises. Every Thing Ever is available now from Citrus City Records. 00:00 - Spooky Cool 00:30 - Bad Night At Bamboo 05:40 - Old Hair Mine...


A Deer A Horse

A Deer A Horse has been bubbling up in the local Brooklyn scene for the past few years. When we first encountered them back in 2015, they were only just starting to show signs of what would come in the following years of writing, recording, living, and touring. Now, with several extensive tours and life changes behind them, the trio is working a full metal tilt -- heavier, darker, and far more intense than ever. The “Double Wide” single is available now. 00:00 - A Deer A Horse 00:33 -...



MOURN is an impressive, young four-piece post-punk band from Barcelona. On their latest release, they exorcise the demons of a difficult two-year period in which their former record label nearly destroyed their career, but the group fought through it and put that frustration, anger, and discovery into a near-perfect record that’s at once biting and beautiful. Comprised of dual lead singer-guitarists Carla Pérez Vas and Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, along with brilliantly tight drummer Antonio...



Looms are a Brooklyn indie rock band made up of Sharif (vocal, keys, guitar), Harry (guitar), Andy, (bass), Louis (drums). The group’s versatile sound weaves from groovy, chill vibes to full on psychedelic assault seamlessly. They stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to show us how it’s done in this session. How It Has To Be is available now from Little Dickman Records. 00:00 - Looms 00:26 - From A Roof 03:43 - Interview - Looms 06:54 - Dead Time 10:16 - Interview - Looms 11:10 -...


Navy Gangs

Navy Gangs is a rock band based in NYC, but with midwestern roots. Formed in Brooklyn by singer Matthew Tillwick and guitarist Noah Kohll (both from Omaha, NE), the band has carved out a strong niche for themselves in the local scene with catchy, sing-along-worthy basement rock anthems. The guys dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn ahead of their debut full length release to give us a taste of their jams. Poach is available now from Modern Sky USA. 00:00 - Navy Gangs 00:32 - Wide...



Dumb is a Vancouver post-punk quartet, whose clever, groovy, punchy tunes take a critical look at the world. They dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to show us how they do it. Seeing Green is available now from Mint Records. 0:00 - dumb 00:34 - Romeo 05:22 - Interview - dumb 05:25 - Artifat 08:20 - Interview - dumb 09:55 - Roast Beef 13:23 - Interview. - dumb 15:07 - Party Whip 17:10 - Interview - dumb 17:50 - Soft Sea 19:55 - Outro 20:16 - Finish


Little Junior

Little Junior are a refreshingly poppy and charming garage rock band from Toronto. Power pop songs with shout-singing choruses and catchy buzzsaw guitars are the norm here, for a band whose performances will certainly leave a mark. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to show us how they do it! Hi by Little Junior is available now from Grand Jury. 00:00 - Litte Junior 00:30 - Denial 03:52 - Interview - Little Junior 07:56 - Crooked Tooth 10:45 - Interview - Little Junior...



DEZORAH is a post progressive metal band from McAllen, TX formed in 2014 by guitarist Eric Martinez and vocalist Danica Salazar. We were immediately blown away by their intensity, musical skill, and pure passion, which they brought to the studio at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this heavy session. Creando Azul is available now. 00:00 - Dezorah 00:25 - Aware 06:13 - Interview - Dezorah 12:34 - Las Semillas 17:27 - Interview - Dezorah 20:07 - Intención 23:53 - Interview - Deborah...


Neighbor Lady

Neighbor Lady have already made quite an impression on us here at BTRtoday with their debut album, snagging a top artist of the week nod in June and continuing to get love on our various podcasts. The Atlanta-based band plays incredibly likeable, reverby, country-tinged indie rock with the secret weapon of lead singer Emily Braden’s incredibly powerful vocals. We just can’t get enough of this band - check out this special performance recorded live at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn! Maybe...


Pearl Charles

Pearl Charles has been hard at work since last we saw her in Austin in 2016. The Los Angeles-based folk musician released her debut full length earlier this year and has been performing and touring ever since. Her catchy alt-country songs have an incredibly sweet Americana sensibility with an edge, which is served well by the huge rock sound of her recording and live band. She stopped by with the whole gang for this session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Sleepless Dreamer is...


The Black Black

The Black Black are a Brooklyn punk band in transition. Previously known for their heavy punk sound, the band’s groove-loving tendencies have pushed things so far that they’ve landed closer to the fast-paced, high-energy, post-punk dance party territory typically occupied by the Brooklyn band’s of the early 00’s (Radio 4, Liars, The Rapture, etc). The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share a look at some of their fiery new tunes in this session. The Black Black will be...


Kris Gruen

Kris Gruen has done quite a bit of touring and writing since he last visited us at BTR Live Studio 6 years ago. His latest album was primarily written in California, though still strongly represents his New York roots and long-time home of Vermont. It involves plenty of strong collaborators as usual, but here Gruen drops by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for an intimate solo performance. Coast and Refuge is available now from Mother West. 00:00 - Kris Gruen 00:25 - What Brings You...


Kittel & Co

Kittel & Co. is a contemporary string quintet fronted by Brooklyn musician Jeremy Kittel -- formerly of the GRAMMY award-winning Turtle Island Quartet. Drawing on folk, bluegrass, jazz, and classical, the group blends time-tested acoustic techniques with modern sensibilities and masterful precision to craft mesmerizing, original tunes. The group stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn in trio form for this raw, intimate performance. Whorls is available now from Compass Records. 00:00...


Benjamin Jaffe

Benjamin Jaffe may be familiar as half of the group HONEYHONEY (his musical partner in that band, Suzanne Santo, is no stranger to us here at BTR Live Studio). Here, though, he sets out on a solo path that drifts from familiar rootsy territory towards a super smooth, indie/alternative sound. He stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share some songs with us. Oh Wild Ocean Of Love is available now from Diamond Family Records. 00:00 - Benjamin Jaffe 00:24 - Everlasting Peace 03:32...



Quichenight is the project headed up by Nashville-based musician Brett Rosenberg, blending cool, quirky pop with catchy rock for those tasty laid-back grooves. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this cool-as-heck session. Cooler Heads is available now from YK Records. 00:00 - Quichenight 00:24 - Lay Down 03:17 - Woman Tonight 07:24 - Interview - Quichenight 08:37 - Know Your Mind 11:24 - Interview - Quichenight 13:04 - Marijuana User 16:21 - Interview - Quichenight...


Zander Hawley

Zander Hawley is an impressive young musician from Los Angeles whose bittersweet songs have an instant appeal. He honed his skills alongside the likes of Phoebe Bridgers (who appears on several songs on his album) and other young singer-songwriters, writing songs that feel years beyond his age. Zander (and friends) stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share some songs with us in this very special session. When I Get Blue is available now. 00:00 - Zander Hawley 00:24 - Don’t...



SPOUSE is an indie rock band that originated in 1995, led by frontman/singer José Ayerve. The project has gone through so many changes in its 2+ decade history -- including a hiatus or two -- that it’s easy to lose track of the fact that everything they’ve released is a near perfect piece of passionately poppy, catchy, indie rock gold. The New England-based band is in fine form these days, with a new EP and touring lineup featuring a stacked deck of musicians who nail every precise move in...



Monograms is the Brooklyn-based project of songwriter Ian Jacobs. Evolving from bedroom recordings to a loud and powerful post-punk/new wave/psych force of nature over the past few years, Monograms has been steadily growing their following and sharing the stage with NYC’s best (and loudest) bands. They piled into the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this fun session. The single “Sleep Cycle” by Monograms is available now. 00:00 - Monograms 00:23 - Pretty Exit 03:55 -...


The Beths

The Beths are an Auckland, NZ-based rock band, founded by lead singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes and guitarist Jonathan Pearce. Blending cool, catchy riff rock with fun vocals (from all four band members!), the band has a super likeable sound that's we’re sure you’ll find as addicting as we do! They stopped by Serious Business Music to share some tunes ahead of their debut full length record release. Future Me Hates Me from The Beths will be available August 10, 2018 from Carpark Records....