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Zander Hawley

Zander Hawley is an impressive young musician from Los Angeles whose bittersweet songs have an instant appeal. He honed his skills alongside the likes of Phoebe Bridgers (who appears on several songs on his album) and other young singer-songwriters, writing songs that feel years beyond his age. Zander (and friends) stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share some songs with us in this very special session. When I Get Blue is available now. 00:00 - Zander Hawley 00:24 - Don’t Call...



SPOUSE is an indie rock band that originated in 1995, led by frontman/singer José Ayerve. The project has gone through so many changes in its 2+ decade history -- including a hiatus or two -- that it’s easy to lose track of the fact that everything they’ve released is a near perfect piece of passionately poppy, catchy, indie rock gold. The New England-based band is in fine form these days, with a new EP and touring lineup featuring a stacked deck of musicians who nail every precise move in...



Monograms is the Brooklyn-based project of songwriter Ian Jacobs. Evolving from bedroom recordings to a loud and powerful post-punk/new wave/psych force of nature over the past few years, Monograms has been steadily growing their following and sharing the stage with NYC’s best (and loudest) bands. They piled into the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this fun session. The single “Sleep Cycle” by Monograms is available now. 00:00 - Monograms 00:23 - Pretty Exit 03:55 -...


The Beths

The Beths are an Auckland, NZ-based rock band, founded by lead singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes and guitarist Jonathan Pearce. Blending cool, catchy riff rock with fun vocals (from all four band members!), the band has a super likeable sound that's we’re sure you’ll find as addicting as we do! They stopped by Serious Business Music to share some tunes ahead of their debut full length record release. Future Me Hates Me from The Beths will be available August 10, 2018 from Carpark Records....



Colatura is a new NYC-based Garage Pop band. With classic pop vocals by bassist Jennica, shimmery lead guitar and backing vocals by Digo (The Teen Age), and powerhouse drums by Rich (Gunfight, The New Restaurants), the trio is poised to bring something a little different to the rock scene, offering both the grit of the underground and a mainstream-friendly sound. They stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us an exclusive look at their songs. Colatura’s debut EP, Spring Drew...


Saint Marilyn

Saint Marilyn is the Brooklyn-based synth duo of multi-instrumentalists Che Houston and Kevin Marksson (performing here as a trio along with drummer Jon). The band creates dark, danceable, surreal pop music with soaring vocals, accompanied by equally mesmerizing visuals. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this special performance of their new tunes. Tangle is available now digitally and on cassette via Really Great Gum. 00:00 - Saint Marilyn 00:24 - Burn Burn Burn...



Monteagle is the new project from Justin Giles Wilcox of the band Nassau. Slightly more ethereal than his work with Nassau, Monteagle works within the country-tinged Americana world, with a bit of a slower pace and more experimental approach to Wilcox’s songs. Desert Rose is available now from Fire Talk Records. 00:00 - Monteagle 00:26 - Midnight Noon 03:16 - Interview - Monteagle 06:30 - Master 10:20 - Interview - Monteagle 12:54 - Blue Mornin’ 16:45 - Interview - Monteagle 17:26 - East...



PowerSnap is a powerful young Brooklyn garage rock band whose roots go back to their core members’ home of Israel. They dreamed of releasing music here in the U.S. and now they're tearing it up with the best of them in Brooklyn’s rock scene, with the always-rocktastic King Pizza Records helping them out. It’s a wonderfully perfect match. The trio stopped by the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a taste of their tunes. PowerSnap’s debut EP, Delatency, is available...


Buck Meek

Buck Meek is lead guitarist and one half of the songwriting duo behind the band Big Thief. He’s now front-and-center with his debut solo release, which offers a sweet and casually smooth folk-songwriting style. Recently, he dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share an intimate sampling of his new music. Buck Meek is available now from Keeled Scales. 00:00 - Buck Meek 00:26 - Joe By The Book 02:11 - Interview - Buck Meek 05:48 - Fool Me 09:10 - Interview - Buck Meek 11:55 -...


Pale Ramon

Pale Ramon is a new NYC band formed around the core duo of Emanuel Ayvas (Emmanuel and the Fear) and Kevin Plessner (Oceanographer). With Ayvas’ memorable, kinetic songwriting and performance style atop driving rhythms, this project takes a leaner approach than what we’ve heard from him in the past -- and to great effect. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share some of their tunes. 00:00 - Pale Ramon 00:25 - Beat Punk 04:14 - Interview - Pale Ramon 06:10 - Oh Well...



Deeper are a Chicago-based post-punk band who’ve been steadily crafting their sound and conceptual attack for the past few years, in preparation for the release of their current self-titled debut. There’s a touch of anxious nostalgia to their guitar tones, with groove-loving beats and vocals stabbing thru the sound, recalling the best of 80’s and 90’s bands riding the line between art and rebellion. It’s a feeling that sounds just right these days, and the band stopped by Serious Business...


The Rizzos

The Rizzos are those cool rockers you might’ve known in high school -- the friendly older kids who are kind of tough, but also total sweethearts who look out for you when the school bully throws you in a trash can. We’ve all been there, right? Meg on vocals/guitar, Bettina on drums, and Justin on bass will light you up with a smile just when you need that dose of straight up garage rock they do so well. They stopped by the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share some new...



LANZ, aka Benjamin Lanz, is a talented musician who somehow finds time to craft his own unique quirky pop music when he isn’t playing with indie rock’s biggest names (The National, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens). He brought his current project to the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this special session. Hoferlanz II is available now from Brassland. 00:00 - LANZ 00:26 - Auckland 04:44 - Interview. - LANZ 10:25 - In Holland 14:38 - Interview - LANZ 19:05 - 125 BPM 23:45 -...


Fort Gorgeous

Billy Libby is the Brooklyn-based songwriter and guitarist at the center of the band Fort Gorgeous. With a sound as beautiful, complex, and mysterious as their Maine-based namesake (and island fort in Casco Bay, just off the coast of Portland), the group crafts perfectly composed, heartfelt songs that effortlessly cruise from breezy to epic. The band stopped by the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to show us how they do it. The Bottom Of The Sea EP is available now....


Bodies Be Rivers

Bodies Be Rivers is a Brooklyn-based band, formed around the songwriting team of Lauren Smith and Thomas Stephanos. Their intimate songs are incredibly lush thanks to the musical talents of Summer Stephanos (vocals), Jason Lawrence (drums), and Matt Moon (bass). Formed in 2014, the band has just released its debut full length LP, and joined us in the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this session. Things I’ll Tell You When You’re Older is available now 00:00 - Bodies Be...


Trace Mountains

Trace Mountains is a band started by songwriter Dave Benton. His name and voice may be familiar from the band LVL Up, but unlike that project, here he takes the lead on crafting and singing songs, though Trace Mountains is ultimately a collaborative effort. Benton’s music is often soft and gentle, with crisp grooves and a smattering of fuzzy guitars and keyboards supporting his unique, endearing slight drawl as he sings tales that come across like secrets. The band stopped by Serious...



Yazan is a versatile musician from New York City whose refreshing vibrancy and positivity shines through the music he makes, whether it’s his own or that of several other bands he’s involved with. With a dynamic vocal range and true chops of every sort, we were lucky to have him drop by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this session. Hahaha is available now from Exploding In Sound Records. 00:00 - Yazan 00:24 - Do You Wanna Go 03:29 - Interview - Yazan 07:42 - Howlin 12:00 - Interview...


Donovan Woods

Donovan Woods is a Polaris Prize and Juno Awards-nominated Nashville songwriter, originally from Sarnia, Ontario. Writing pop and country songs for some of the industry’s best-known performers, he’s developed a highly enjoyable and refined style that’s garnered wide acclaim for his own performances and recordings in recent years. He brought his band of totally pro players to the live room at Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn to share some tunes with us! Both Ways is available now. 00:00...


Kino Kimino

Kim Talon is the force behind the project Kino Kimino. There’s no question that the project’s connections to Sonic Youth (recording at their studio with members of the band on the album) often gets them in the door, but it’s truly Talon’s powerful performance and intriguingly quirky delivery - wavering between cute/playful and artfully obtuse - paired with that familiar no wave-originated roil, that drives things here. With a band rounded out by some of the Brooklyn scene’s most...



Varsity is a Chicago band with an especially shimmery take on indie pop, drawing on classic rock ‘n roll grooves without sounding derivative of anything in particular, which is rare and highly appreciated these days. The band’s hooks run deep, with the sort of catchiness you can’t shake for days, so dig in and get ready to spend some time with these songs. They stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn while on tour to share some tunes with us. Parallel Person is available now from...