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Musicians play exclusive sets and chat about their craft and experiences with our team of hosts, each a veteran of their music scene with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering. Maia was the show's longtime host and producer, leaving in 2020. Her 14 year run is something we'll always be proud of!

Musicians play exclusive sets and chat about their craft and experiences with our team of hosts, each a veteran of their music scene with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering. Maia was the show's longtime host and producer, leaving in 2020. Her 14 year run is something we'll always be proud of!


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Musicians play exclusive sets and chat about their craft and experiences with our team of hosts, each a veteran of their music scene with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering. Maia was the show's longtime host and producer, leaving in 2020. Her 14 year run is something we'll always be proud of!





"HOORSEES are an indie pop band from Paris, who just released their debut full length record via Kanine Records here in the US. The band recorded an amazing live performance for us at a venue in Paris called Supersonic, and we caught up with Alex, Zoe, Thomas, and Nicolas to chat about their record and this almost-live show. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:01 - "Get Tired" - HOORSEES 04:21 - HOORSEES interview 35:27 - "Hurts" - HOORSEES 38:20 - "Pitfall" - HOORSEES 42:26 - Outro 43:35 - END. "


Jonas Carping at Home

"Jonas Carping is a folk songwriter from the southern part of Sweden. For this session, he took a trip to the country to perform outside in the cold winter weather - along with his wife Sigrid on vocals - for a song from his new record plus two more songs not found on the new release. He joins us for a conversation about the album, his history as a musician, and finding (or not finding) space to work on music while raising children. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:20 - "This Whole World's On...


Lindsay Reamer at Home

"Lindsay Reamer is a Philadelphia-based artist who started writing and producing over the past year. In this episode we chat about her background, experience making the debut EP, Lucky, and her process for songwriting. 00:00 - Sponsor + intro 00:55 - Lindsay Reamer 26:00 - "Lucky" - Lindsay Reamer 30:23 - "Spring Song" - Lindsay Reamer 34:02 - "Today" - Lindsay Reamer 37:08 - outro 37:53 - END. "


OK Cowgirl at Home

"Ok Cowgirl is a dream-rock project fronted by singer/songwriter Leah Lavigne, currently splitting time between Detroit and Brooklyn. For this episode, the band delivers a memorable rooftop performance, and joins us from Detroit and Brooklyn for a conversation covering their musical past (full of meet-cute stories), and the challenges of relaunching a project during a pandemic. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:07 - "Don't Go" - OK Cowgirl 04:23 - OK Cowgirl interview 29:21 - "Get Gone" - OK...


Bruisey Peets at Home

"On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Bruisey Peets stops by and plays some of his new tunes. Bruisey Peets is the brainchild of Ben Usie formerly of Pree and Br'er. Jen discusses with Ben his songwriting process, the role of queerness in the project, and the shifting of gears to running your own project plus a new record label, Yall Star Records. 00:00 - Intro 01:09 - Bruisey Peets 05:25 - "U Already Know" [BTR Live Studio 2021] - Bruisey Peets 09:02 - Bruisey Peets 12:52 -...


Thick at Home

"Thick released their debut full-length album, Five Years Behind, on Epitaph Records a few days before Covid-19 shutdowns hit the states. While the timing was less than ideal, their tours were postponed and press opportunities all pivoted to digital, the band hasn’t let it get to them. In this episode we will be chatting about how time away from the road has allowed them to focus on writing for their next album. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio/Intro 3:06 - Thick 15:09 - “Lyfe” - Thick 17:44 - Thick...


Hollyy at Home

"Hollyy is a refreshing retro-soul garage rock band from Chicago. In this episode, the band delivers a super high quality performance and talks about their writing and recording process, and how they've adapted to working on music remotely over the past year. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:04 - "What A Shame" - Hollyy 03:55 - Hollyy interview 30:39 - "Turn It Around" - Hollyy 35:56 - "Nobody Loves You Like I Do" - Hollyy 39:59 - Outro 40:55 - End "


Tiye Phoenix at Home

"There are a billion hip-hop artists in the world today, how can you stand out to make a name for yourself? Ask the lyrical MC Tiye Phoenix. Been doing her thing since like forever in the hip-hop game, Tiye Phoenix makes it look easy. She can also sing on the mix. She's in tune with the universe, sun, moon and stars. Her instagram page stays active, she talks to her fans almost on a daily basis. Life, politics, fashion and almost every other day music is the center stage for this creative...


Tommy Sherrod at Home

"On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, dc based music Tommy Sherrod, of Lotion Princess, Sean Barna Band, and the Sherrod Brothers stops by and plays his new solo project. Tommy discusses the differences working on a solo venture vs full band, some fond memories of working with bands in studio as a producer, and his songwriting process. 00:00 - Intro 05:31 - "Day By Day" [BTR Live Studio 2021] - Tommy Sherrod 08:42 - Tommy Sherrod 12:48 - "Moonlight" [BTR Live Studio 2021] - Tommy...


MC WhiteOwl at Home

"MC WhiteOwl joins DJ Wayne Ski for this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home! 00:00 - Wayne Ski Intro 01:13 - Deep Shadows Remix - MC WhiteOwl 04:34 - MC WhiteOwl Interview 27:36 - Origami Remix ft. Smooth B - MC WhiteOwl 31:12 - Burkina - MC WhiteOwl 33:42 - Wayne Ski Outro 34:47 - Finish "


Comfy at Home

"Comfy is the super endearing, earworm-inducing project of Rochester-based musician Connor Benincasa. Joined by a virtual army of musical friends and co-conspirators, the “band” crafts a malleable array of genres from pure power pop to bedroom grooves and indie garage bangers. Here, I chat with Connor about the project and we've got a low-key, ultra-cozy exclusive performance (joined by Aurora Case). Volume For is available now from Dadstache Records. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:05 -...


Electric Grandmother at Home

"On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, satirical synth duo Electric Grandmother stop by. Pete and Mary Alice discuss the process of creating "Space Phone", remembering the days of calling each other over the car phone, and the process of turning it into a stop action music video. 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Electric Grandmother 07:25 - "Space Phone" - The Electric Grandmother 10:11 - Electric Grandmother 16:08 - "Shuttle Dance Night" - The Electric Grandmother 20:07 - Electric Grandmother...


Sanya N'Kanta at Home

"Sanya N'Kanta is a Jamaican-born musician currently based in Charlotte, NC who writes, performas, and produces songs with a wide range of musical influences and styles. Ahead of the release of his new EP, These Are The Days, he recorded a stunning, stripped-down performance of two songs from that release along with another brand new track, and we had a great conversation about music and life. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio intro 01:12 - "North Carolina" - Sanya N'Kanta 05:17 - Sanya N'Kanta...


Thunny Brown at Home

"Take a ride to Brooklyn if you're from out of town and trust me, somewhere in the conversation the town Brownsville will come up. Brownsville, Brooklyn has let loose some of the hardest hip-hop artists for years. Well check it, here are two more artists from the Ville. First up, Thunny Brown aka Thundah God aka Thundah Foot who hails from almost everywhere and Brownsville. His partner Stuck B is from Brownsville also. We all hear how tough it is to grow up Brownsville. You become a man...


Gold Connections at Home

"Will Marsh of Gold Connections joins us to talk about the band's latest EP, self-producing, and more, plus we've got a great exclusive remote performance of three song from the band! 00:00 - Intro 01:10 - "Stick Figures" 04:06 - Gold Connections interview 34:18 - "Slow Diving" 37:49 - "Fortune" 41:10 - outro 42:10 - End "


Erin Frisby at Home

"On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, DC based singer songwriter Erin Frisby, of the OSYX, plays some of her latest tunes off her solo record Ecdysis. Erin speaks with Jen about the making of the album in a pandemic, her growth while creating the album, and her love of the craft. 00:00 - Intro 01:06 - Erin Frisby 14:52 - "Count to Ten" [BTR Live Studio 2020] - Erin Frisby 18:31 - Erin Frisby 30:54 - "Yellowjack" [BTR Live Studio 2020] - Erin Frisby 34:37 - Erin Frisby 40:51 - "It...


Crazy DJ Bazarro's 2020 Live Studio Recap

"2020 is outta here. What a year, I mean what a year. Hopefully 2021 will be so much better. I mean, 2020 did have some bright highlights. A new president & vice president. A vaccine that will help in the fight against coronavirus, and some of the great artists that performed at home on BTR Live Studio. I went back in time to grab some tapes of the footage and converted it to audio, just for you. These are my top picks that came through in no particular order. Mazzi, Juxx Diamondz, Nejma...


Bryan's 2020 Live Studio Recap: Part 2

"In this episode, we're taking a look at the musical performances from some of my favorite BTR Live Studio at Home episodes from the second half of 2020! Thanks to all the artists who joined us on the show this year, all the various hosts, engineers, and video production people who made it happen! 00:00 - sponsor + intro 01:15 - "Bring Back That Which Is Kind To You" - Thanya Iyer 04:55 - "More" - Mock Suns 08:57 - "White Lightning" - Nasimiyu 12:30 - "Disarray" - Jeff Beam 18:00 - mic break...


Jen's 2020 Live Studio Recap

"On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Jen Meller ranks the top 10 funny moments on the show in 2020, as well as our top 5 favorite performances. 00:00 - Intro 02:11 - BRNDA 02:39 - Xanthe Alexis 03:38 - "Hey Drew" - Pree 07:09 - Elizabeth Moen 09:13 - Pree 11:12 - "Wild" - Adriana Lucia Cotes 14:16 - Lotion Princess 15:49 - Adriana Lucia Cotes 20:43 - "In the Summer" - Lotion Princess 25:02 - Sean Barna 27:56 - Erin Frisby 29:15 - "Sharing Light" - Kin 33:12 - Raye Zaragoza 34:34 -...


Bryan's 2020 Live Studio Recap: Part 1

"In this episode, we're taking a look back at the music from the first half of the year, including sessions recorded at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn with Travis Harrison, and the first batch of BTR Live Studio at Home sessions! All of these episodes were hosted by Maia Macdonald. 00:00 - Sponsor + Intro 01:47 - "Fun In the Afterlife" - Jelly Kelly 05:42 - "Vacation" - Honey Cutt 09:22 - "Earth Angel" - Activity 13:59 - "Soft Skin" - Frankie Valet 17:08 - "Sun" - ing 19:41 - "Actress" -...