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Too Hot! World Mix

Home sweet home. Glad to be back in NY. Two weeks on the road felt like a year. Sometimes you just want to fall asleep in your own bed. No regrets though. I was in New Orleans for a week and then Tampa Florida for the next. I had the time of my life. But like Dorothy said from the movie "The Wizard of Oz," "there's no place like home". Back home, still have to work though. No resting or relaxing. Getting right back into the groove with my World Hip­ Hop show. You know what time it is, it's...


Bang! Bank! On Location In Tampa FL

We here man.. Rocking joints right out of Tampa Bay, Fl. On location once again. Last night I touched down from New Orleans. I'm telling you, one of the greatest weekends of my life. New Orleans and the Essence festival was insane. All day and all night partying & eating. Running into old friends and meeting new. I'm still on a natural high. But right now it's time for some great music. World hip-hop. Another episode. Let's go!! China Mac-Head of Us Shabaam Sahdeeq-Grown Man Rap Illa J ft....


July 4th World Hip Hop Mix in New Orleans

Yes, yes! How y'all doing out there? I'm out on location. New Orleans, baby! Doing the mix for the people around the world tuning in. I'm out here for the 2018 Essence festival. I flew in last night. Let me tell the airport was partying, that's how crazy it's going to be. The whole weekend will be non­stop performances by many legendary artists like Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Snoop Doggy Dog & more. In the meantime, I've got this dope mix for you. Let's go!!! Honey Cocaine ft....


Know Where You're From World Mix

Wooo, another dope episode of World Hip­ Hop music. Let's do it. You can cruise with it, jog with it, bop ya head to it. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. So tell your friends it never ends, top-flight music for your eardrums. We setting off with the legend Immortal Technique. Been a while since I've seen my dude. Shoutout to Poison Pen also. They travel around the world a lot, Immortal & Pen. They have been to places I can't even pronounce. Are y'all ready to rock though? Ok, hit that...


Temperature Rising World Hip Hop Mix

Global warming? No. We just hot!! Hot like the summer coming upon us. We here with some hot artists too. Another dope podcast from one of the greatest dj's in da world. Yep I said it. And we rock around the world. World hip ­hop show let's go. Spread the word. Get that new Napoleon Da Legend mixtape out now. "Steal This Mixtape Part 4. It's incredible. He's from East Africa so you know, support that world music. Just hit the play button. You'll see what i mean. Let's go!!...


Welcome Back Home World Mix!!

Oh yes, finally back home. I was in Las Vegas 3­4 days two weeks ago. Then I flew right into Tampa after Vegas and stayed for like a week. What a trip. Had a great time. It goes fast. All the great restaurants my friends took me too. Thanks. Food was great everywhere i went. I'm here though, exhausted but have to work. Another episode of World Hip Hop for you. So no rest for me. Let's go. Enjoy the music!! Play on! Knaan & SunSquabbi-Wave Your Flag MF Doom & WestSideGunn- Gorilla Monsoon...


World Mix Rocking Out of Tampa Bay

Yep, Vegas is the past now. Had a great time out there. Moving on to a new location. I'm lounging right now in Tampa Bay, Florida. Left some good weather to some more good weather woo!! Yeah we doing this world hip­hop show via­satellite to the rest of the world. Ya'll know how we do!! So let's get right into it. We also doing a mini tribute to the one and only Jean Grae. She has a new album out with her partner Quelle Chris called "Everything is Fine". Yeah go cop that. But let's rock...


I'm In Vegas Y'all

Well, look at this! Bazarro on the move again. Yes, y'all, I'm out here in Vegas. That's Las Vegas. Enjoying the bright lights and the insane heat. Woo! I love it. We doing the World Hip ­Hop show via satellite for you. So nice. Not missing a beat at all. It's Wednesday, baby. Check out the playlist. Press play and you'll see what I mean. Let's go!!! Vegas I'm here! NY, I'll be back soon! Maestro Fresh Wes ft. Lights-Desire Manz Rivalz-Love Shumba Youth & Leo Samson-Check It Out 00:00 -...


The World Blast Mix

We here!!! Another episode. First & foremost I want to shout out my boy Lord Sear, get well my friend. We miss you. I'm on the mix again. World Hip­ Hop up in the place. New MF Doom, Napoleon Da Legend & Jean Grae, they just dropped some projects too. Jean Grae with Quelle Chris, the album is called "Everything is Fine". Also check out Napoleon's new mixtape, "Steal This Mixtape 3." That guy stays working. We just did a show this past Saturday in Williamburg, Brooklyn with The Foreigners....


Bazarro's Birthday Month World Mix Volume 3

My Birthday Month continues on with Volume 3 of the Birthday Mix. Yep.. Next party at Friends & Lovers in Brooklyn, tomorrow night. 641 Classon Avenue. Starts at 8pm. We have some performers. Illa Ghee, Napoleon Da Legend, Vvs Verbal & Bucktown USA, Big Leto & Mazzi Soul Purpose. Let's go!! We got some treats on this mix too. More Jean Grae, new Ganga Lee. World HIphop man, we travel the world to give you the best. Now listen!! Vvs Verbal ft. Guappy-Fire Brewin China Mac ft. Dave...


Bazarro's Birthday Month World Mix Volume 2

My Birthday month continues on with Volume 2 of the Birthday Mix. All over the planet, check the playlist to see if I'm dropping in on your country. Giving you these musical gifts like Santa Claus. Check out that new Jean Grae album that just dropped with Quelle Chris. Kosha Dillz on tour again, look him up. Mazzi & SoulPurpose just got back from South Africa, he's working on a new album. My actual birthday is tomorrow, May 10th. Tonight one of my parties will be at The Delancey in NYC....


Bazarro's Birthday Month World Mix Volume 1

My Birthday Month is here! Yeah, May, Taurus time!!! LOL. Let's go y'all! Some great tunes for your eardrums. World Hip­ Hop. We at it again. Volume 1 for this week. Come on down to my birthday celebration down in Brooklyn, NYC. Friends & Lovers Lounge. 641 Classon Avenue. I got some great performers & DJs. So far, Nina Azucar on the mix. Hitting the stage: Bankai Fam, Dysfunkshunal Familee, Illa Ghee, Napoleon Da Legend, Pearl Harba, VVs Verbal, Big Leto & maybe my homey Jean Grae. Right...


Global Cooling World Hip Hop Mix

Yes, sir. Back again. Oh yeah, if you're Brooklyn tonight come check me out at Friends & Lovers. 641 Classon Avenue. Free entry. 6pm to 2am. We play a lot of hip hop joints & other genres. I'll be rocking with Nina Azucar, Dj Will Gates & Eric L Beats. Nice atmosphere & always good vibes. Plus we have that barbecue on the grill. Woo!! World Hip ­Hop, another show. Some great joints on this playlist. You know how we do! Let's go! Jean Grae & Quelle Chris-Ohsh Saukrates ft. Andreena Mill-Hot...


Shhh! Don't Stop World Mix

The days go by fast. It's already April. The world keeps spinning. Another week and I'm right back with another episode of world hip ­hop for ya. Middle of the week. We help you get over that hump with a great Weds lineup. Damn, what would life be like without music? Super boring. LOL. Anyway we here for you. Music from around the world brought to you. Let's go!! Shh Don't Stop! Cortez ft. The High Rollaz-Hoes & Gangstas Napoleon Da Legend-Exhibit Z Vvs Verbal ft. Boone Bixby & Louie...


Spring Is Missing Mix

Now i travel a lot. Where I live though is in NYC. Today's date is April 11th. I know spring started a month ago. But where in da hell is that spring weather, LOL. Somebody kidnapped spring and won't give it back. I don't complain a lot, i just love that warm weather. Anyway just going to have to deal with it. I know it's going to here soon so spring please hurry up! LOL. In the meantime though. We got some hot spring world hip ­hop music for you. Artists from around the world mentally &...


World Rappers Delight Mix

Once again I hit the road and go to a hot climate type of city. I come back to NY and it's still winter. Go figure. Spring, where you at? I was in Miami & Tampa this weekend, just got back yesterday and it's still snowy, chilly willy out here. Glad to be back home though. Get to lay in my own bed. That's always a great feeling. Still, I have to work and bring you my World Hip ­Hop show. Awesome joints in the playlist. Napoleon Da Legend has another project coming out called "Steal This...


Hit The Road Jack Bazarro Mix

Yerp!! Hump day. Another episode of world hip­hop. Provided by me and Yes. April is like a couple of days away. Shout out everybody making their easter plans and spring break getaway. I'm getting away too. Ill be doing my latin hip­ hop show straight outta Tampa which is my second home. Saturday I'm in Miami hanging with my peeps Smif & Wessun while they performing at Sidebar. Yes it will be good times. So check out the show and enjoy!!! Let's go! Dysfunkshunal FAmilee ft....


We Everywhere Mix!

Uganda hitting me up? Uganda? Told ya'll we everywhere. World Hip­ Hop, you can't deny it or stop it. So just jump aboard. A crazy man like me, China Mac ripping up social media with his hyped lyrics. Napolen Da Legend with another project before you even sat down to think. He had some assistance from DJ Doom. Come on ya'll. Let's go. Just listen!!! Intell ft. Inspectah Deck-Word of Mouth Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Doom ft. General Steele-Devil & God PotatoeHead People-Mellowtunes 00:00 -...


Back In New York Mix

Back home in NYC. Had to leave the tour and come back home to take care of something. We had a whole week off from the tour anyway, so coming back home wasn't a problem. I got back in time to rock my World Hip­ Hop show on Check out some new artist: Lil Vic & Sees on the scene ... head bopping and feet stomping joints. Let's go!!! China Mac-Don't Play With Me Cortez-For The Fame Gangalee-0 to 100 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - Glass Home (Italy) - Lil Vic 06:36 - Which Side...


Rocking Straight Outta Vegas Mix

So um!! I got the dates mixed up with LA & LV. For those that don't know, Los Angeles & Las Vegas, lol. I forgot we had a couple of days off in Las Vegas. All good because it's all fun. Oh know I don't really gamble like that. I'm a loser when it comes to gambling but I'm still having a hell of a time with my tour mates. At the same time, I still find time to bring you my world hiphop mix to you. Yep via­satellite from Vegas to the world. After today we head to Long Beach to rock on Weds....