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Red Wed Mix

Yeah, I said it. Red Wed, because my eyes are red. Lol. Red Eye flights are tough, but I'm here rocking for you. Another episode of World Hip Hop. I just got back home from Tampa & Miami. A great trip. I'm worn out though. Sometimes just walking around & standing in the sun takes a toll on your body, even though you have a good time. It feels good to be back home because I have a lot of work to do. I'm rocking tonight in NYC at The Delancey on the LES side of Manhattan. Charity event for...


Jupiter VS Saturn World Hip Hop Mix

Yeah, all the people or aliens tuning in from around the universe, helloooo out there!! LOL. It's Wednesday baby! We're in that last chapter of the year, the 12th month of the year. Like I said in January, it goes fast. 2019 right around the corner, but before we get there, we have to take it one day at a time. Today is one of those dayzzzzz!!! Lol. Let's get right into it. Another funky mix. Battle of the planets, whatever. We're worldly! That's right, we're way out there now. Lets' go!!!...


Be Quiet & Listen Mix

Shhh, just listen. That's all you can really do coming off that big eating holiday. Leftover,s drinking & lounging. It's just time to unwind and listen. All the loud talking, gone. Just pump this World Hip Hop mix right here & enjoy. Check out all the artists from around the world right in your living room, or office, or outside while you're jogging. So much talent, not enough time to enjoy it! So just Shhh and listen. Bazarro on the mix. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - Gold...


The World Is Not Flat Mix

Yes, sir. On the brink of the holidays. This is one of my favorites, Thanksgiving. You get like 4 days off if you don't have to work. Well I'll be working this Friday, rocking my Latin Hip Hop show on Black Friday. Today I'm rocking these World Hip Hop joints. I know everybody rushing home to beat the traffic, get the food ready or last minute shopping. I just love that vibe. All for a good cause. Family & friends meet up. Reunions, good times & special moments you can't buy. Between all...


Bazarro 360 Degrees World Mix!

Ahhh man, it’s Wednesday already? Time man I tell you, it’s just not fair. Great times go so fast. Time for another dope episode of World Hip Hop. Make sure you check the whole mix. You won’t be disappointed. Shoutout to all the fans with the incredible support. I’m glad I can help get you through the middle of the week. I know some Wednesdays feel like they last forever. We're here for ya. Let’s go. Let’s rock. Blast the mix loud! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:59 - Da Real (Puerto Rico) -...


Bazarro Losing His Mind Mix

Ahhh man, I'm gonna lose it. Too many great songs out there, not enough time. Thank god for next week! A lot of talent on this planet. World Hip Hop, that's what we do. We do it for you. Artists you would have never heard of before. That's how we rock!! Hump day is here. Another dope mix. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:51 - Hold On (Puerto Rico) - Pearl Harba 04:55 - Side B (East Africa) - Dj Supa Dave ft. Napoleon Da Legend & Starvin B 07:58 - Look For Me In The Whirlwind (Toronto,...


Bazarro Back From Paris, Halloween Mix

Yes, yes, yes and yes!! Back home. Hold on, let me take a deep breath.....and release...Ok I'm good. Back home from Paris, France just in time to rock my World Hip-Hop podcast show and celebrate Halloween. It don't get no better than that. Shoutout to the End of The Weak crew. What a great weekend we had in Paris. Great music, great food and good times. The chilly weather didn't bother us one bit as we stood out all night last Thursday until 6am by the riverfront. I've been to Paris six...


Bazarro In Paris, France Mix

Yeah, yeah. Wooo Wee. This show is dedicated to all the great creative minds in Paris and Hip Hop artists in France! I'm out here working with my boys Mazzi & Soul Purpose. We out here promoting and doing some performances at EOW France. 13 countries in attendance. I can't wait to meet some of my fans and the group Dysfunkshunal Familee. I have a helluva show in store for you guys and the rest of the world. New joints by Ganga Lee & Napoleon Da Legend called "Let Me In". New joint by Marco...


Big Time World Mix

As we proceed, to give you what u need. You know we do it big time! Big time mix right here for all the World Hip Hop fans. Yes indeed, shootout to everybody! Check out Lanie J also with her new joint "Bounce To The Rack". She's from Jamaica. Salute to her. Also some bangers from Mazzi & Lil Vic. I mean the whole mix is just devastating for your ears. Had to rock a classic from Dizzee Rascal & Will.I.Am to represent UK. Shoutout to super producer Jaguar also. Anyway, lets rock. Go!! 00:00...


What Would Life Be Without Music?

Peace! Thank you for tuning in to another great episode of World Hip Hop. Yes! Non­stop great music from around the world. Brand new Milo Constintine, Napoleon Da Legend, Tona & more. Shoutout to everyone who been tuning in for like forever. We always bring the raw rukus. Press play.. Enjoy!!! Let's go 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - You Know My Mix (East Africa/France) - Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Scribe 04:29 - More (Toronto, Canada) - Supreme Ultra Radio ft. Theology 3 & Kenn Starr 07:38 -...


No Shame In Ya Game World

No shame right here. We bring nothing but the dopeness. Yes sir!!! How yawl doing out there? Prepared for another world take over? Yes! Ok because that's how we do it over here. Prepare to launch ya mind into other areas of the world. Non­stop music from around the globe. We call it, "World Hip Hop". Check it out right now!!! We're here every Wednesday. 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:45 - Sudden Death (Iran) - Mazzi & SoulPurpose 04:38 - 5 Years (West Indies) - Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Dynasty...


Fall in Line World Mix

Once again it's on. Another one for the ear drums. Another dope show right here. Ahhh man! New joints by Napoleon Da Legend, as always. New joints by Ganga Lee, Minx from London, Mazzi & also Mellow Man Ace. Wow!! Tune in. See for yourself. Also, Oct 25th ­- 29th, Mazzi & Soul Purpose, Crazy Dj Bazarro, that's me & Bushwick Bullie will be in Paris, France. EOW France. Come check us out Paris...Ok enough talking, Let's go!!! Fall in line.. 00:00 - Bazarro intro 02:00 - Moment of Truth (East...


That Hot Humid World Hip Hop Mix!

Woo Wee! How you doing out there? Glad you could tune in once again for another dope World Hip ­Hop mix, right here on Make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend. Got some power joints today. Shoutout my boy David Cox from Canada, he sent me some bangers to rock. I've got some upcoming trips in the near future. I'm looking at Paris, France in October with my boy Mazzi & SoulPurpose. And in November I might be hitting up Germany. Then in December it's back to Miami with my...


Famous Around The World Mix

Back from the Brooklyn Invasion & Brooklyn to Tampa Festival part 4 in Florida. Yes, I put this event together along with my boys Dj Casper, Dj Fader & Tom every year. Thanks to everybody who had input on the event. Shoutout to Craig G, Rockness Monsta, Illa Ghee, Vvs Verbal, Napoloen da Legend. You can Google all the names and check out the artists on your own. Right now we have a great mix for you to bump. Let's go 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - Lone Wolf (Toronto, Canada) - Tona ft....


Work Hard Get Results Mix

Hello! Hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend. It goes fast, right? Tell me about it. We just have to go with the flow. The flows of many artists from around the world for your listening pleasure, conducted by me -- the crazy one. Take a listen to another dope world show. You work hard, so you deserve some good music. We gotcha, I gotcha. Let's rock!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:30 - La Patrulla (Puerto Rico) - Rebel Diaz ft. King Capo 06:05 - Exhibit Z (East Africa) - Napoleon Da...


Loyalty World Mix

Loyal to the music? Or just do whatever and don't care about the music, just wanna make a quick buck? Not me. I've been DJing since I was 14. And you know I know great music when I hear it. Stay loyal to great music like we rock here at You get it? World Hip Hop for you right here. Artists from across the world! Let's go!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:53 - Dear Hip Hop (Canada) - Dan EO 05:16 - Cocunut (Israel) - Cohen@Mushon 08:09 - Still The Motto (Spain) - CJ Fly & Cookin Soul...


Yeah, Yeah & You Don't Stop World Mix

Yeahhhhh!! Finally back home. It feels good to be back. I had a great time on the road. A cruise to Cuba with family -- shout out to the city of Havanna. I also visited Savannah, GA & Jacksonville, FL. Good times, man. One minute it seems like forever then boom you're back home to pay bills & get your life back to normal. I'm back, back on the turntables & mix. Got some dope joints for you. Check out the new joint by Mazzi ­The Disc Jockey. He talks about how some of his favorite DJs...


Nonstop Mix Out Of Savannah GA

I'm just coming back from Havanna, Cuba. Had a great time. Great people, great food & music. All I can say is good times. Cuba thanks for having me. Another stamp on my passport that I will never forget. Right now I'm in Savannah, GA visiting some family. But I still have to work and bring you some great music from around the world. I'm living up to the shows name. World Hip ­Hop. Playing music from around the world and traveling at the same time. Let's go!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:44 -...


We Stay Ozone Mix

On the road again. I'm back down in Tampa ... Okay I know you whispering to yourself \ "AGAIN?" . Yep I'm here. On an actual vacation though. Then if it works out. I'm off to Havana, Cuba for a quick visit. Yep, Cuba! Then head to Jacksonville, FL for some promotional appearances then head up to Savannah, GA. I told you. I don't stop ... I'll be back down in Tampa, Sept 9th for the Brooklyn To Tampa mini festival. Performing with Rockness Monsta of Heltah Skeltah, Craig G of the Juice Crew...



Time to to rock. Ahh hell yeah let's go!! Another dope mix of music from around the world. Not just from around the block. We do big tings not little tings. New joints by Pearl Harba. Had to throw in a classic by Dj Krush from Japan. Napoleon Da Legend dropping projects like a game of jacks. This what we do...We hotter than the humidity in NYC. Boom! Go! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - 2 Clips (Puerto Rico) - Pearl Harba 04:43 - Explosives (Montreal, Canada) - PotatoeHead People ft. Moka...