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Where You From? World Mix

The earth is a big circle that we all live on. Some of us are able to travel on this circle while others might choose to stay exactly where they are. Thanks to technology, you can stay where you are and still travel the circle. So where ever you are, you can listen to all the artists that are rocking on this circle. Don't take it for granted. Enjoy... 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - Mufon (Italy) - Lil Vic 05:12 - For the Fame (Puerto Rico) - Cortez ft. Jay D Ink 08:32 - Children of The Stars...


Shit Don't Stop World Hip Hop Mix

First, R.I.P to all the victims of 9/11. Okay we got another dope episode of World Hip-Hop for you. Get you through the day, through the week, whatever. Bazarro doing the set, you know how I do. Like they say, the world keeps spinning, so I always yell out my slogan to the world "Shit Don't Stop". You know how life is?! As long as you're here you have to work, to eat, and have a place to sleep, that's basically it right? I know, it's more to life than just that, so then rock with me on this...


Back To School, Oh No! World Mix

Summer time is slowly creeping outta here. You feel that fall weather trying to fill it's way in? Back to shopping for new clothes, school is back and football season is on ya doorstep. So yeah, we wanted to bring that vibe in the mix. You start wearing a small jacket. Put your shorts away yet? LOL. We'll it's back to these fire mixes by Bazarro, no matter the weather. Shoutouts to everyone who came down to Tampa for the Hip-Hop event "Brooklyn To Tampa" 5th year anniversary. Great...


Twice Upon A Time In Bazarro's World

Welcome to my world. A place where we look for raw talent to rock on our world hip-hop show. Artists from around the world. It's not easy. It keeps you busy, sometimes you get dizzy, lol. Yep, right after the show I will be flying out late tonight to Tampa Bay, Fl. A showcase I put together with my friends Dj Casper & Tom B. We got Masta Ace & Marco Polo coming down to perform at the venue Crowbar in Ybor City, Saturday August 31st. Sept 1st, Talib Kweli & friends will be killing the stage....


Bazarro's Last Day In Paris World Mix

Yep, one more day in Paris. I've been out here for almost seven days, and it has been lovely. Out here on business and pleasure. Working on this deal between this label I can't mention yet and Da Dysfunkshunal Familee crew. The new album will be called "Mixed Emotions 2" (Super Bi-Polar). Produced by Crazy Dj Bazarro and Dj Joe Cool. Definitely be on the lookout for that. Paris, it's been lovely thank you. Now it's time to return home, back to the grind and back hitting the pavement hard....


Bazarro In Paris 4 Real World Mix

Yep it's true. I'm out here in Paris, France for a week. Got in last night on that long 8 hour flight but it's always worth it. Still have to work while I'm out here. So we bringing you the show via-satellite to the rest of the world. Rock with me yo! LOL, anyway. Out here on business & pleasure. Shoutout to everybody on the check in already. Shoutout to my boy Dj Mulouse out here. I think i put together a nice show for you out here. So let's go!!! Tell me what you think and enjoy your...


Summer Madness World Mix

Loving the vibe, living the life...oh yeah that summer madness. All the BBQ's, late night conversations and beer runs. You gotta love it. How ya'll doing out there? Enjoying your summer? I hope so. Never take good weather for granted. Shoutout to everybody I saw last Saturday at Von King park in Brooklyn. Smif and Wessun headlined an ill show. Napoleon Da Legend rocked. VVs Verbal rocked with Young Coke of Bucktown USA. It was a free concert. They served free food. And my boy LThaGod was...


Super Baz Out Of This World Mix

Super super blast blast!! Taking off. Hey there! You enjoying your summer? Of course my show ends on the last day of July, and you know the month of August is basically here. Bam!! Summer goes fast. Enjoy each day, even if it's super hot. Enjoy this new mix because it's super bad. New music by Napoleon Da Legend. He just dropped another album. Maybe his 5th album this year. Wow that guy can write. A book should be coming soon. Hey you never know. Ok let's go. Time to rock! 00:00 - Bazarro...


Hot Fun In The Summertime Mix

Damn near wanted to do this mix by the pool. It's hot. But I love it. No complaints. Just keep the ice water coming and leave the AC on all day. The electric bill will be high but it's worth it. If you want to sweat to this mix, be my guest. You can leave your AC off and sweat off some pounds. Yep, sweat the techniques I be spinning on . It's hot, hot like that Stevie Wonder album cover Hotter Than July. This mix is hot also. Lot's of boombap. You know how we do. Let the sun shine. 00:00 -...


On Top Of The North Pole Summer Mix

Yes, we're rocking on top of the world with the hottest show. Not trying to melt the polar caps on purpose, but when you're hot you're hot. World Hip Hop. Another hot episode. We're un-stoppable! Hot songs from around the world, united as one on one hot show. Got it? Get out the way or join us. Let's rock!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:45 - Murder MC's (Germany) - Black Moon & Jaguar ft. Mad Lion 05:03 - Golden Era (Germany) - Snowgoons, Ill Conscious, Jay Nice & Fredro Starr 07:45 - Fire...


For The Aliens World Mix

Yes or no? LOL. We're shouting out the aliens today. They travel from far far away and get no credit. So if they can read or hear this mix. I'm dedicating this mix to them. I mean come on, to be traveling through space like that, you have to be bored out of your mind or homesick. So why not tune into and kill some time. Instead of just the world, let's go farther than that. I'm sure they are listening. They wanna know how I do it. Put together some great mixes. They're...


The Day B4 Da 4th of July World Mix

Yeahhh, going to be a lot of boom, boom and bang bang tomorrow. As we celebrate our independence, you know we need fireworks, food and music to go with the celebration. Just be careful out there with the fireworks. To add more bang, pump up this mix loud wherever ur at! BoomBap for your head dome. Fire up the grill. Let's have fun. Enjoy your 4th and super long weekend.. LOL, Go! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:55 - Keep it Movin (Canada) - Saukrates ft. Xzibit 05:16 - Honesty & Hard Work...


Rise of The Rich Travel Agent Mix

Yes, the way we travel around the world looking for great artists, it ain't easy and it's costly, lol. Frequent Flyer miles help out a lot. We put a lot of work searching for quality artists. Be grateful please, lol. Anyway we're here to rock for you. Another dope episode of world hip-hop. New music by Drop D. Oh man she gets crazy on this one, straight outta Israel. She's real with it too. Also China Mac letting you know he's nice. Click that play button, you'll see what i mean... 00:00 -...


Been Around The World 10 Times!

A couple of more days from now, summer will finally be here. I don't know what it is about the summer, but my adrenaline gets to flowing on 10+. Anyway, with that flow, it's time to rock another episode of World Hip Hop. Yeah, man. Brand new Willie The Kid joint featuring Napoleon Da Legend called "Nectarine." They're going in early on the lyrical tip. We had to rock that one first. Great lineup of artists for you to hear. Let's get ready to rock. Boom!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 -...


Just Live World Mix

Yeah, that's it. Just live! Enjoy every moment. Life goes fast. So in the mean time, enjoy this dope podcast. Another one by the crazy mastermind, Crazy DJ Bazarro. Yeah for you. Spread the word to ya friends and familia. It ain't hard to do. Tell ya you favorite DJ also so he can quit wasting peoples time with his own mix. LOL. On that note, let's get it cracking!!! Enjoy... 00:00 - Bazarro intro 02:10 - Departure (Iran) - Mazzi & SoulPurpose 05:51 - Honesty & Hard Work (Germany) -...


Journey To The Center Of The Earth Mix

Today we journey to the center of the earth, with headphones on or speakers blasting in our ship. You know it's a major event. I told you, we travel everywhere looking for great artists in places you'd least expect. Worldly expeditions down the vast oceans or above the clouds is how we get down to find these musical gems. Greatness is everywhere, but some people will have you thinking it only comes from one location. No, we search and find and get down to the nitty gritty. Tune in. See for...


Somebody Stole My World Hip Hop Music Mix

Dude tried to steal my hard drive. Why? What are you going to do with it? Take over the world? LOL. You can't sabotage my World Hip Hop show. Never. Shit Don't Stop!!! That's the slogan. LOL. Anyway, what up peoples? Got some nice joints for your eardrums. Call your peoples over or share the link. This is a classic one. Feel the vibe from NY all the way to China. Heaters, bangers, Snowgoons & Saukrates. Yeah. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:55 - Magnificent (Canada) - Moka Only ft....


World Slama Jamma Hot Ones Mix

Ahh man!! Back home from another beautiful trip. Yep Tampa, my second home. Had my 4th birthday party of the month celebrating it out in Tampa & Orlando. Oh well, time to get back to work with the music mixes. I know you're ready for a new show so let's get it. Shout out to all my peoples, DJ Casper, DJ Fader, DJ Deacon, DJ Sandman & DJ Toshi. All my homegirls, Shadina, SneakerChic, Moca, Tameeka, Precious and the fans who came out to see me and DJ Amir rock…New show. Let's go... 00:00 -...


Rocking At "The Dock" Tonight, Pensacola Beach

Oh yeah, tonight catch me @ The Dock on the beach. Hell yeah, Pensacola Beach is where it's at. So if you wanna holler at me or DJ J-Boogie come on down. The address? 4 Casino Beach Boardwalk. Yeahhhhhh! Well, I've never been to this part of Florida before. My first time and the weather is already knocking 83 degrees at noon. It's beautiful out here. Shoutout to DJ J-Boogie who's been holding me down for the past two days. So in this mix, I try my best to get you the chillout mood from...


On Top Of The World Mix

Yes, I'm feeling on top of the world. In two days my birthday drops. About to celebrate the whole month of May. Yep, May 10th, a little bit older and a tad bit wiser. Tomorrow on May 9th I will be rocking in Brooklyn at the Koda Lounge, 985 Flushing Avenue, free entry. With DJ Psycho Les of the Beatnuts, Dj Evil Dee of Black Moon, Dj Sky & Dj KoolkGee. You don't wanna miss this one. In the meantime, we're rocking right now to the sounds of World Hip Hop. Always gotta work. Check out some...