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You Learn Me Something Teacher!

Elementary school years tend to bring up fun memories. I found it to be one of the best times of my life. As I move towards my senior years. I pull my early childhood school days closer and closer to me. In doing so. I discovered how an event during that period. Helps me seek to learn much more in present day and to teach whatever I've learned along the way. Of course. Once again. Music was in the background.



There are times when life drives you nuts! It happens to us all. When I've had my fill of present day. I have to get away! I want to share with you what I do when life gets to heavy.



When I look back on my childhood. There are so many events that come to mind. My grandmother and her crazy antics. Memories of running from my dad at "top speed" because I was about to get a spanking of a lifetime. Then there's that one event that beats them all! My brother Marc and I were always doing things we had no business doing. You know, like that big bag of fireworks my dad brought home one year. We decided to celebrate the fourth of July a month early. The idea I came up with was...


April 11th 1976

Life, it throws everything imaginable at you. Our entire emotional system is triggered by every event in our life. Good, bad, joyful or tragic it does not matter. The average person has one event in their life that brings out their deepest pain. I've learned. It's how we handle these painful events that shape our lives. I'm fortunate. I've had several painful events! Grab your Kleenex. The story I'm going to tell you. Is about the first worst day of my life.


Blue Skies

In 1972. "I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash spoke to me. Being so young. I did not understand the lyrical meaning of the song. Thirty years later. After "allowing" life to take me down a painful path for over a decade. "I can see clearly now" came on the radio while driving. The emotional effect it had was so overwhelming. I pulled over just to cry! Tears of joy.


The Power of Words

Words have meaning. They create. Words are powerful. I learned a lesson back in the day, when a childhood friend gave me a compliment. Her words made me feel I could do anything. It was later on the following year that a family members words and truth changed that direction. I allowed those words to effect my life for most of my professional career.


Story Teller's

Storytelling is something we all do. We tell our story. It tells people who we are, where we've come from and how we've arrived at present day. Your story creates your life. Often it's filled with joy and pain. It can keep you stuck in the past, or motivate you to move forward. Our stories live in the music that artists create. The stories in their music parallel the stories in our lives. It's what connects our heart and soul to song. Master story teller's.


Me and My Bass!

I got my first "real" bass guitar in 1977. Up until that time. For an entire year. I had been playing the four bass strings on my sisters acoustic guitar. At the same time. A new funk band who called themselves "Slave," released a song called "Slide." That song became my bass playing anthem! I drove my family crazy plying that song. And how I learned about Slave and the song was even crazier! Listen up! I get to play a little bass for you.


The Queen of Soul

This episode. I introduce you to Nana. My grandmother, my dad’s mom. “Nana” stories are never ending! Along with my parents. Nana was a major influence in my life. A few months ago. My brother and I were talking. Often he and I talk about our childhood. It’s impossible to discuss those days and not have Nana come up. During one of our recent conversations. We confirmed that one day when we were very young. Nana did something that shocked my brother’s, sister and I. I had to tell this...


To Cry or Party?

There are moments in life that we experience as being bad and painful. During those times. We're conflicted, can we smile, laugh or do anything that might suggest having fun during those "bad" moments. And what will others think? Pam Griffin's story tells how she learned from her mom that there's no shame at all.


Am Radio, Blankets and Tape!

Like most young men. Their first car is their pride and joy. I was no exception! But I quickly realized. Owning this car was a disaster. One sentence from my grandfather about the car summed it all up and taught me a lesson which I continue to benefit from to this very day. When I hear the song "Africa" by the band Toto. It reminds me of my car and the year-long nightmare it was!


You Just Think He's Cute!

During the courtship between my sister Kristina and her husband Rob. He identified a song that she loved and used it to put a smile on her face, as well as establishing what has become a very close and loving relationship.


I Hated This Song!

There were not many songs that I did not like back in the day. This one was an exception! It hit me in an odd way back in 1980. I was like YUK! Who likes this? One morning getting ready for school. My little sister and I got blasted by my mom because of this song!


The Ice Cream Truck

What happens when the Good Humor truck comes down your block and he's not there to sell the kids ice cream? It ends up being a "Little Rascals" story!


1977 Pt2




1977 was one of the best years in music, great song after great song kept playing over the airways. 1977 was one of my favorite years! It was the year my grandparents bought me my first bass guitar! In this episode of Back in The Dave. We go back to 1977. Hang on it was a crazy year. Remember?