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#399 Sex Toys with Katy Zvolerin

Bedroom activities are a traditionally taboo thing to talk about, especially in the southern Christian culture, which is why our guest today, sex expert Katy Zvolerin, is here to answer our uncomfortable and awkward questions about sex toys. But first, our college buddy White Carl joins to give us his review of the movie "God's Not Dead." Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Tooth and Nail: "5 Light Years" by Mae


#398 Do You Have a Soul?

If so, what does it contain, how do we know, and where is it? We get deep about dualism in this episode, and discuss whether or not we're the author of our thoughts and desires. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Zip Recruiter: Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN


#397 Beer and Baptists with Tripp Fuller

Tripp Fuller from the Homebrewed Christianity podcast talks about how his family were bad Southern Baptists, how he sees trends changing in the south, and his upcoming movie. Joey loves to teach about good old prayer, and Toby talks with Taylor and David about RYFO. What the heck is RYFO? Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: MeUndies:


#396 Matt Saves the Planet

Matt gives a science segment that could save the planet. Climate change and global warming is just one of the human-guilt issues discussed in this episode, and BC Club Manager, Taylor Adkins, joins for an update. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Tooth and Nail: "Northern Fires" by Silent Planet


#395 Benny Hinn's Nephew Tells All

What's the worst thing you've thought about Benny Hinn? Costi Hinn, Benny's nephew, spills all the uncomfortable details of his time in the ministry. Aaron Diello of Joshua Fest gets grilled by Joey, and of course, The Damn News brings more truth than ever. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Blue Apron: Joshua Fest:


#393 Nerds Are Dangerous

We heard the horrific news of the singer of a band we've shared a stage with being the leader of an alleged sex cult. This #metoo movement is definitely shining a light on the dark side of entertainment, but we still need to get more clarity with what consent actually is. Also Joey's leading a new segment this week called "Twisted Scripture." Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Solid State Records: "Avarice" by Earth Groans


#392 Christian Movies Have a Long Way to Go (with Ben Davies)

Matt says marriage expectations are a lie and no marriage has ever exceeded what you were told. Then, actor Ben Davies joins who has acted in many overtly Christian movies. He discusses his balance between the tension of art and moral boundaries within his acting career. We also discuss whether racial discrimination is an issue in Hollywood and why Christian movies don't deliver the same punch as mainstream film. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour:...


#391 You Call That God's Protection?

People get maimed for life "but at least God spared them." So he's a good protector? What about the many people who die in natural disasters or the ones he didn't spare? When good things happen, is it God delivering? If so, why doesn't he do it all the time? Matt brings a science segment, encouraging all of us to rebel against authority. Toby thinks Trump may go down as a good president, and Joey apparently shat himself during recording. Links &...


#390 Vegan Bros

Authors of "Vodka is Vegan," Phil and Matt Letten drop in to discuss their journey to becoming vegans, their unique approach to veganism, and anwer pointed questions about Biblical references to eating meat. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: code BADCHRISTIAN


#389 The God of Technology

Right wingers say God doesn't change. But we do. We have more information and ways to learn about God than we ever have. Maybe the Holy Spirit is moving through tech. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: MeUndies: Tooth and Nail: Fit For A King on Spotify


#388 Propaganda (Jason Petty) Reacts to Recent Episodes

Good friend Propaganda comes on to discuss some of his issues with the recent Owen Benjamin and Andrew Klavan episodes. We're fortunate he was able to come on to fill in the gaps of the black experience Jason found them to be completely unaware of. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Vocal Few Tour:


#387 Civilization is Two Steps from Pure Evil

Toby found that there's no hope for humanity if anything happens as simple as the water supply going out. Everyone will resort to pure evil. He does bring back the damn news for this episode with a couple articles about Biblical laws, and smelly prison guards. Links & Sponsors: Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN Emery Tour: Vocal Few Tour:


#386 Brian McLaren Drops in to Drop Truth (or Heretical) Bombs

Author, Speaker, Activist, and former Pastor, Brian McLaren talks about the changing theological culture of American Christianity. Religious leaders have less control now that their followers have unlimited access to other thought-leaders online, muddying the waters of religion. This episode covers a lot of deconstructive territory, from traditional dualistic lenses, to what Christians believe about LGBTQ, and trying to convert people from other religions. Links &...


#385 Matt Has Feelings Now

Matt's getting oddly sentimental feelings towards people and experiences that he doesn't know what to do with, but Joey loves it! Also turns out we're still Christians, even though Fundamentalists would call us Satanists. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Zip Recruiter: Tooth and Nail Playlist: Vocal Few Tour:


#384 The Low Point in Joey's Marriage

Joey's the happiest he can remember being his whole life, and shares some vulnerable moments about his marriage and how bad it really had gotten. We've heard a lot lately about the rising use of adderall, so we thought it'd be interesting to have our guests today on to talk about their all-natural supplement with similar effects to adderall. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: code BADCHRISTIAN Neurowl: code...


#383 Former Leader and Participant of Ex-Gay Program, Tim Rymel

Tim Rymel is an author, educator, and rethinker. He grew up conservative and was even a leader at an ex-gay program, after joining to convert out of his same-sex attraction. Now he's a social justice writer and advocate for giving a voice to the dissonant questions that reside in all of us. Matt recaps his trip to NYC with his daughter and Toby has an update on the new Emery album. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Tripping:...


#382 Commentator and Writer Andrew Klavan

Today's guest is host of "The Andrew Klavan Show" on The Daily Wire, and author of multiple books turned movies, such as "True Crime" and "Don't Say a Word." Our discussion mostly revolves around topics discussed on his show: political satire, cultural commentary, and mockery of modern absurdities. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Tooth and Nail Playlist: Texture: The Andrew Klavan Show:...


#381 Austen Lionheart: Transgender Christian

Austen Hartke, author of "Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians" joins us to tell his story and humors our ignorant questions. With a Masters of Arts in Old Testament Studies, Austen seeks to understand and share parts of the Bible that relate to gender identity and the lives of transgender individuals. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: Brooklinen: code BADCHRISTIAN Austen Hartke:


#380 Comedian Owen Benjamin

If you haven't heard of Owen Benjamin before, he's the comedian who got permanently suspended from using twitter. We talk with him about jokes, how they work, and why humor is important. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: MeUndies: Owen Benjamin:


#379 Celebrity Pastors Gone Wild

Joey recently heard some whopper of stories about famous pastors that seem to indicate them as entitled spoiled brats. Toby thinks Joey may be a bit too hard on them and believes it's crazy that we can't just say their names on air. What's a celebrity pastor anyway and are these stories incriminating no matter how you slice them? Oh, yeah, and YouTube takes over Matt's daughter and household. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour: