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#444 Chad of Kings Kaleidoscope Wants to Bring Zeal Back to Christianity

Chad Gardner, front man of Kings Kaleidoscope, wanted to send a message with his new album "Zeal" to all the naysayers like us to stop being so negative and bring some joy and faith back to Christianity again. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch: Eight Sleep: Legacybox: Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN


#443 Legendary Tooth & Nail Band's Struggle with Heroin

Russell Holbrook of Joe Christmas, one of Joey's favorite Tooth & Nail bands of all time, shares his experience with heroin and other addictions. Escapism is so easy through drugs, alcohol, and even social media, that being present is the hardest thing to do. Check out Russell's new book "Heroin is the Answer: A Memoir of What I Can Remember." Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch:...


#442 How Nonprofits Work

President of Renew the Arts, Justus Stout, sits down with us backstage at the BC Con to catch up on the documentary they're helping to fund us making called What Would Jesus Sell, and talk a bit about the world of nonprofits. Help fund our documentary! For the next two weeks, Renew the Arts will double your donation for What Would Jesus Sell: Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch:...


#441 Richard Rohr

There's only a few interviews we've done that leave us with a feel of awe and inspiration. This was definitely one of them! We had the privilege of talking to Richard Rohr about his upbringing, what Universalism is all about, and where Evangelicals are getting it wrong. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch: code BADCHRISTIAN Tooth & Nail: "Unbound" by Demon...


#440 Pastors, Politicians, and Power

Matt's back! We talk about his new baby until that gets out of hand, then move on to discussion of the different mechanisms by which politicians and pastors acquire power. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch: Tooth & Nail: "Breathing Underwater" by Mike Maines & the Branches


#439 Can it Really be This Good? with Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren, author of "The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to be Christian," has had a massive impact on Joey's belief updates, so he was very excited to talk to him today and even call him a mentor. Something about Universalism just seems a little too good to be true for Toby to jump on board, so at the end of the episode, he sets it straight again. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows:...


#438 Bonnie Lewis at the BCxCon

Author of the new Timshel Bible translation and pastor, Bonnie Lewis, was one of our favorite guests at this year's conference, so we wanted to share her interview with Dan Koch with you all. We also have a sex challenge for all you couples out there. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch: code BADCHRISTIAN Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN


#437 Confessions of a Funeral Director

Funeral director and author, Caleb Wilde, gives his up close and personal account of living surrounded by death and how American's detachment from the reality of death isn't helping anyone. Links & Sponsors: Emery Tour & Acoustic Shows: Emery's Twitch: Postmates: Postmates app code BADCHRISTIAN Quip:


#436 JD Hall of Pulpit and Pen Discusses the Clayton Jennings Fiasco

Prominent celebrity pastor Clayton Jennings had a meltdown on social media this weekend because of some accusations that have come out against him by JD Hall of Pulpit and Pen. Hall joins to explain where these accusations are coming from, and the history of his relationship with Jennings. Links & Sponsors: Emery: Emery's Twitch: Tooth & Nail: Demon Hunter "More Than Bones" Pre-Order Now


#435 Tommy Green Ran Across Utah

This episode's about second chances. Sleeping Giant's Tommy Green opens up about his affair as a young adult that left him with unreal guilt, but gives him a unique perspective on issues like Tim Lambesis. He's also passionate about helping women leaving the sex trade, and started a non-profit called Run Against Traffic, and even ran across the entire state of Utah for the cause. Run Against Traffic: Links &...


#434 System Update: Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie of Underoath couldn't make the BC Conference, so Matt caught up with him to get a "System Update" on how his faith, mind, and outlook on life has changed and updated over time. Links & Sponsors: Emery: Joybird: code BADCHRISTIAN Zip Recruiter:


#433 Goodbye to Free Sex

Candice and Katie from the Free Sex Podcast join for one last hurrah to recap their experience doing the podcast, and what led them to ultimately move on. Links & Sponsors: Conference: Emery: Labeled Showcase: Marriage Supply: Quip: Hims: Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN


#432 Andy Mineo vs Christianity Status Quo

Andy Mineo is not satisfied with the typical Christianity status quo. Luckily for hip-hop fans, he's pushing to break some barriers in that space, and shares the philosophy behind some clever lines on his new album. Andy Mineo: Links & Sponsors: Conference: Emery: Labeled Showcase: ProFlowers: code BAD CHRISTIAN Shari's Berries: code BAD...


#431 Weekend Special

We thought we'd hit you with an extra episode this week! Matt and Toby give you an update on a new business venture, we kick you a club-exclusive episode, and have a clubber on for another interview. Links & Sponsors: Conference: Emery: Labeled Showcase: Tooth and Nail: The Drowned God "Less Than an Exit"


#430 Three Ingredients for Mass Manipulation

Matt likes everything Jordan Peterson says; which leads him to the conclusion he needs to stop listening to him. Joey brings a earth-shattering hypothesis that the band Mineral is on par with the restaurant Applebee's. Links & Sponsors: Conference: Emery: Labeled Showcase: Pro Flowers: code BADCHRISTIAN Brooklinen: code BADCHRISTIAN Shari's Berries:


#429 Ryan Rado, Tourette’s, Weed, and Authenticity

Ryan Rado has been a big part of the Christian punk/hardcore scene for the last two decades through managing and getting several Tooth and Nail bands signed. He is also a visual and musical artist himself. Ryan also has Tourette's Syndrome and one of the most fun personalities out there. He came by Toby's house the other day with Aaron Lunsford, and we discussed all this, weed, his new album called "Make It Perfect" and possibly got drunk. Links &...


#428 You Have Permission, But You Don't Need It

Dan Koch joins to discuss the subtle difference between having permission, versus not needing permission, to change your mind, and where that permission comes from. Links & Sponsors: Conference: Emery: Zip Recruiter: Quip: Indochino: code BADCHRISTIAN


#427 Joey Thinks Toby Saw a Ghost

Over Christmas break, Toby saw something he can't explain. Joey's convinced it was a ghost, but Toby thinks there's a 100% chance it wasn't. We're also stoked to announce that Mae will be headlining this year's BC Con Show, supported by Emery, Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, and Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime! Links & Sponsors: Emery: HIMS:


#426 Joey says this Book has been More Important than the Bible

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" has been extremely beneficial to Joey's mental health. We're seeing the pressure to believe something even if you don't actually believe it move its way into mainstream culture's true seekers. Can't we all just stop giving a fuck, and be honest with others and ourselves about what we actually think about ourselves and the world? We're the ones who live in our reality anyway, so might as well enjoy what we've created for ourselves. Links &...


#425 Christians Want to Put Lauren Daigle on That Weird Asteroid That Passed Earth

Christians are having a fit after Lauren Daigle went on the Ellen Degeneres show. Matt brings a science segment about a weird asteroid that seems to be outterstellar, and who knows, maybe even a piece of an alien spaceship. Links & Sponsors: Emery: "Eve" Available Now Labeled: Legacybox: Tooth & Nail Records: 25% off Christmas Sale Storewide