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Three musicians from very different backgrounds converge to discuss all aspects of the music life for players and artists that call the Bakersfield CA area home.

Three musicians from very different backgrounds converge to discuss all aspects of the music life for players and artists that call the Bakersfield CA area home.
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Three musicians from very different backgrounds converge to discuss all aspects of the music life for players and artists that call the Bakersfield CA area home.




Episode 9 - Mindfulness in Music with Zack Clark

Back from the our holiday break we sit down with BCHS Music Director Zack Clark to discuss his experience in teaching and the uniquely mindful perspective that he approaches music with. We weave back through to talk about the emotional response to music, with Zack dropping book titles and songs for us all to look into along the way. Intro Song - What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Performed by Zack Clark Outro Song - The Chicken Dance - The "Das Rheingold" Brass Quintet


Episode 8 - Doing Things You Suck At With Tony Rinaldi

We sit down this week with our good friend and musician extraordinaire Tony Rinaldi to discuss his work as a producer, composer, session musician, and man of many bands. We get to take a look at Tony's latest vapor wave release "Day Wave", he gives us some excellent philosophy for any musician to take to heart, and leave you with an exclusive unreleased song that you can only hear on The Bakersfield Sounds Podcast. Intro Song: Payaso - Wilfredo Cruz Jr. Feat. Viento Showcase: Day Wave -...


Episode 7 _ Serving Up Service With Drew Martin & Bakersfield Sound Co.

We sit down with co-owner of Bakersfield Sound Co. Drew Martin to discuss everything that sets BSCO apart from other music stores and how they can reach the and foster the community with a fresh perspective. Drew also gives us the origin story of the company, talks about the family aspect of the business, and using corporate skills with a local mindset.


Episode 6 - Living in the Moment with Brian Lee

This time we sit down with guitarist Brian Lee to discuss the value of live music, improvisation, and professionalism. We also discuss the various projects Brian is involved in, the intricacy of using "live looping" on and off stage, and how you he defines "selling out". Intro Song: Gadfly - The Situation Showcase: Brian Lee - Live Loop Outro Song: Ghost Dance - Lamentation This episode recorded, mixed, and produced by Emile Antonell and Grant...


Episode 5 - Institution and resistance with Art & Jeremy (Art & the Resistance)

We sit down this time with Art Machuca and Jeremy Bridgman of Bakersfield based band Art & the Resistance to discuss their upcoming release "Serenity", their favorite venues abroad, and business practices such as "pay to play"and their validity throughout different markets. We also discuss the band's experience of self recording, producing, and mixing their new material. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook : bakersfieldsoundspod


Episode 4 - Molding Minor Musicians with Anna Santiago

We sit down with local music teacher Anna Santiago to discuss elementary music education pedagogy. Topics include aural, oral, and kinesthetic methods of teaching. Just a few points of Anna's Level 3 Kodaly certification that we touch upon. We also have some fun instructional sing-alongs for everyone at home to join in on.


Episode 3 - Mento Breakdown with Matt Munoz

This week we sit down with influential local figure Matt Munoz to discuss his musical past and present. Matt also talks about the music community of yesteryear, seizing opportunity to create venues in a scarce environment, and the many musical influences that have contributed to the sounds of Mento Buru. Cat ninja attacks featured throughout.


Episode 2 - The Gigging Academic with Kyle Burnham

We sit down with local powerhouse musician, Professor Kyle Burnham to discuss the relation between his academic background and his extensive experience as a trade musician. Kyle also talks about his love of the working street musician, the influence of education on his musicianship, the BC commercial music ensembles class, and several other topics.


Episode 1 - Promotion In The Digital Age with Brad Gentry

We sit down with Brad Gentry to discuss his experience as it pertains to the topic and where it leads us. Such topics include local music promotion, his personal recording projects, previous work in the music scene as the head of a local label, and his brand new marketing and design firm. All music featured is from Brad's band Kaybab, off of their 2018 release "Habitats". Intro Song : Changer Feature Song : Burning Wood Outro Song : Habitats Emile:...