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Hop Along, GBS Tequila Limon Beard Oil, Bud Light Orange

In what may very well be the final episode of Beats, Beards & Brews—the FBI is probably on its way to Dan's house right now—the gang reviews the latest release from indie rock band, Hop Along. Bark Your Head Off, Dog's dissonant sound may not be for everyone, especially if your name is Eric, but it's definitely something different. Ahead of Cinco de Mayo, Evan, Eric and Dan all give their take on Grave Before Shave's Tequila Limon Blend Beard Oil, which Evan thinks smells like movie...


Kacey Musgraves, Getting Healthy, Dogfish Head

Good news! Eric, Evan and Dan all survived the Irish Tour Bus episode and they are back for a more "normal" episode of the podcast. The gang goes a little bit country and kicks things off with a review of Kacey Musgrave's third studio album Golden Hour, not to be confused with "Golden Shower," which will hopefully be her fourth studio album. Kacey seems to bring a little more pop and a little less outlaw to the table this go-round and everyone finds it to be inoffensive listening. Eric...


THE IRISH TOUR BUS, Black Rebel Beard Co., Judas Priest

"Nobody should do the f****ing Tour Bus. It's godawful." Welcome to a special "live" edition of Beats, Beards & Brews in which long-time friend of the pod and Irish Tour Bus inventor, David, joins us on the mic for a raucous episode recorded on St. Patrick's Day. What is the Irish Tour Bus? Three shots of Irish whiskey: Jameson, Bushmill's and Tullamore Dew. Followed by a pint of Guinness. There are only a couple rules involved with the Bus. You should drink the Guinness last. And you...


Company of Thieves, Beardbrand Utility Balm, Irish Blessing and Dead Irish Poet

In a very special St. Patrick's Day edition of Beats, Beards & Brews, the gang enjoys some Irish-themed craft beers. Dan drinks the Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout from Finnegans in Minneapolis, while Eric and Evan taste the Irish Blessing Oak-Aged Coffee Stout from Boulder Beer Company (aged on Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Soaked Oak Chips). Beyond the beer drinking, the three compadres drop a long review of a very short EP from Company of Thieves titled Better Together. What we really want...


Visigoth, Zeus Beard Wash, Ska Brewing Sours

Get ready to embark on Beats, Beards & Brews' most excellent podcasting adventure yet, as Eric, Evan and Dan go on an epic quest to ace their history tests and save the babes ... OK, maybe that's not what happens in this episode, but the gang does review Visigoth's second album Conqueror's Oath. Eric loves it. Dan and Evan do not. Dan surprises everyone in this episode when he reveals that he actually took some notes and he also drops a review of Zeus' "Beard Shampoo Wash" in the...


Calexico, Jotunn's Brew, Blackout Stout

When no one can agree on what new album to review, Dan throws a wildcard into the ring with Calexico The Thread That Keeps Us. Evan and Eric think the Tex-Mex inspired seven-piece's music is a little underwhelming—unless you're a Dad (or Dan). Then you're going to 100% love this record. Eric shares his thoughts on Jotunn's Brew beard oil and balm, a Nag Champa and sandalwood inspired incense scent by Mad Viking Beard Co. It may just be Eric's new signature scent. The price is right...


Joe Satriani, Winter Beard Care, Juicy Haze IPA

And so it begins. The Beats, Beards & Brews crew kicks off the first episode of 2018 with a review of (probably immortal) guitar legend Joe Satriani's latest album What Happens Next. What has the Satch aka 'ol laser eyes been up to after all these years? Tune in to find out! Next up, Dan and Eric drop some bearded knowledge on listeners suffering through the dead of winter with their tips on "How to Winterize Your Beard." It's actually pretty informative, if you can get past the intense...


New Beard's Resolutions, 2017 Album Highlights, Rogue Holiday Beers

As 2017 winds down, the Beats, Beards & Brews crew gets together once more to celebrate another glorious year of podcasting, growing beards, listening to lots of music and drinking plenty of craft beer (and the occasional mainstream ale). Eric, Evan and Dan share their "New Beard's Resolutions" for 2018. Dan describes his brief time being shaven and why he is already growing back the beard. Eric vows to dedicate 2018 to loving his beard and himself. All in healthy moderation, of...


Episode #48 - Malcolm Young Tribute, Kingsmen Beard Club, Foster's Lager

The Beats, Beards & Brews crew is late to the game with their tribute to legendary AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young—who died on Nov. 18, 2017—due to more technical difficulties on Dan's part. A lesser trio of podcasters might have given up and moved on ... but Malcolm deserves more than that, so Eric, Evan and Dan decided to day drink on a Saturday afternoon and re-record the episode. Everyone lists their top three favorite AC/DC albums and Dan reminisces about listening to the song...


Episode #47 - Master of Puppets, Movember Update, Fire, Skulls & Money

On Episode No. 47 of Beats, Beards & Brews the gang mixes things up and checks out Metallica's Master of Puppets Remastered (Deluxe Box Set), well at least the Spotify version of this deluxe release. Listen to the boys wax nostalgic about the legendary Tallica album and 11+ hours worth of riff tapes, demos, auditions and live sets. They also discuss whether box sets are worthwhile or a money grab. Next up, Dan gives an update on his goofy Movember mustache and Evan discusses his...


Episode #46 - Cannibal Corpse, Movember, Pumpkin Beers

It's Movember aka No Shave November aka [insert other tagline here]! A time when the non-bearded decide to stop shaving their face and/or upper lip region for an entire month! Seriously though, it is for a good cause, raising awareness for men's health issues, more specifically as related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. Naturally, the Beats, Beards & Brew crew decides to review the newest Cannibal Corpse album Red Before Black, and they also decipher the hidden...


Episode #45 - The Darkness, Halloween Costume Ideas, Size 7 IPA

Get ready to enter a time machine and travel back to ... 2003. On Episode No. 45 of Beats, Beards & Brews (RIP Episode No. 44), Eric, Evan and Dan review The Darkness' latest album Pinewood Smile. The boys are a little divided on this one, but there are a few key points they can agree on. 1) The album art for Pinewood Smile is atrocious. 2) Permission to Land is still awesome. 3) Never go full Queen. When Dan accidentally makes an off-color joke things get weird and the episode rapidly...


Episode #43 - QOTSA, Artius Man, Baby Groot

Evan, Eric and Dan return once more for Episode No. 43 of Beats, Beards & Brews (Eric cleaned up his act for this one). The gang kicks things off with a review of Queens of the Stone Age's latest album Villains. They also reminisce about 2002's Songs for the Deaf. For the beard portion of the podcast, Dan and Eric review the Beard Care Starter Kit from Artius Man in Citrus Fire Scent. Evan provides his review of the Mountain Air scented beard oil from the company. Lastly, Evan gives 515...


Episode #42 - Arcade Fire, 1740 Beard Balm, Oktoberfest Beers

Eric should have went to bed after a raucous, after-hours work event, but instead he joins Dan and Evan on the mic for what is probably the most quotable episode of Beats, Beards & Brews yet! Evan held the previous record for drinking the most pre-pod, but Eric shatters that record and hits the mic with a vengeance. To Eric's credit he still hasn't completely sabotaged an episode. In Episode 42, incorrectly identified as Episode 41, Eric trashes on Arcade Fire's latest record Everything...


Episode #41 - Best of 2017 So Far, Bossman Jelly Beard Oil, Juice Factory Pale Ale

It's that time of year again, where Eric, Evan and Dan each pick an album that has not yet been reviewed on the podcast that they thoroughly enjoyed. Evan and Dan both pick the same album, Pet Symmetry - Vision, which Eric likes better than Into It. Over It. Even if the emo revival is something that should not exist. Dan ends up selecting Dan Auerbach's Waiting on a Song instead. Evan and Eric agree that it's an inoffensive music record—with some hooks! Eric goes with The Night Flight...


Episode #40 - Dying Fetus, Health Benefits of Beards, Dankbot IPA

Eric, Evan and Dan are back for Episode 40 of Beats, Beards & Brews, in which they review the latest album, Wrong One to Fuck With, from underground death metal darlings Dying Fetus. Naturally, several f-bombs are dropped in this episode. Dan and Eric then ponder the evolutionary and health-related benefits of having a beard, including its ability to protect from sickness, allergens and the elements. They may be full of shit, but damn if they don't make a compelling argument. The three...


Episode #39 - Benjamin Booker, Beard-A-Whirl 2017, Botanical Blonde

The gang is back for another round of reviewing things, including the second album, Witness, from blues/rock/soul artist Benjamin Booker. It may just be the least offensive album of 2017, perfect for some summertime group listening. Eric and Dan go to a beard competition (again) and they fail to win (again). The bearded duo describe their wet experience at Beard-A-Whirl 2017 in Minneapolis. They also share some valuable takeaways for those who choose to compete. Dan also sent Eric and...


Episode #38 - Paramore, Burton's Beard Oil Revisited, Des Moines IPA

Welcome to Beats, Beards & Brews 2.0. We've got a new logo, thanks to Aaron Shekey out of Minneapolis, and have updated our look on the main Libsyn page and across social media (Twitter and Instagram). Follow along at @bbbpod. On Episode 38 of the podcast, the gang FINALLY GETS A FUNCTIONAL CODE for 30% off your order at Just head on over to the website, select your products and type in BBBPOD at checkout (not case sensitive). Listen to the beard portion of the podcast...


Episode #37 - Night Demon, Beard Balm Brush, Beatnik Sour

Eric, Evan and Dan are back once more, to review Night Demon's latest NWOBHM throwback album, and second full-length release, "Darkness Remains." Evan gets lost in the heavy metal nostalgia, while Dan isn't as easily impressed. Dan and Eric then give their take on an innovative, and slightly perplexing, new product called the Beard Balm Brush (aka #spongebowser). It's more balm than brush and it definitely smells good, at least the bearded duo can agree on that. Finally, everyone reviews a...


Episode #36 - Body Count, Black Tie Beard Oil, Hog Heaven

Body Count's in the house! As promised, Eric, Evan and Dan review the latest release from Ice-T's metal outfit, Body Count. Bloodlust is the band's heaviest offering to date, though at times Ice-T goes a little too off the rails (just like this podcast), and the hip-hop legend inspires a grammatical debate on the correctness of the term "bustin' a nut" and Dan then attempts to start an Internet rumor involving The Wallflowers' '90s hit single, "One Headlight." For the beard portion of the...


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