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Beneath the Surface 001 - Hosted by Knoxz

Best Drum & Bass would like to welcome our next host, KNOXZ! Knoxz started his solo project a little over 3 years ago and hails from South Florida, USA. He’s already had quite a few major releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human Imprint, and Flex recordings. Expect nothing but high quality entertainment with this new weekly series of podcasts for Best Drum and Bass! Within this podcast series Melissa’s music pick of the week, All about the gemz, and All things d&b are some of the...


Podcast 176 – Bad Syntax & Octane Amy (+ 2 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS!)

Lets get right to business, I am EXTREMELY happy to announce our new host KNOXZ ( Renegade Hardware / Human ) is joining the Best Drum and Bass podcast with a new show that will be airing every Tuesday, and he starts NEXT WEEK! Downloads will be available through the podcast feed you are already subscribed too, so if you’re subscribed, you will get them automatically. If you aren’t, WHY THE FUCK NOT? Announcement #2 – Catch me at I Love LA 420 this sunday! This weekend I am playing what...


Podcast 175 – Bad Syntax & Simpa

First off, MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who locked into the last podcast! Shit was ultra rowdy, and all the MC’s & DJ’s killed it. We took away some solid “live show” podcasting lessons, and the next one will be bigger than ever, im 100% sure of that. This week we have a super smooth liquid mix by SIMPA in the guest spot, and you know you have the usual nonsense from me as well, sound card problems and all! lol. If someone wants to donate a new computer my way, i will trade you 1000 high...


Podcast 174 – Bad Syntax & Deadzone (+ MEGACAST INFO 4 THIS WEEKEND!)

HAPPY FRIDAY! We are back with your weekly dose of red hot fiya! Deadzone drops in for the guest mix paired with the usual Bad Syntax madness for your weekend soundtrack! ALSO, DONT FORGET THAT WE ARE GOING OUR NEXT LIVE MEGACAST TOMORROW (APRIL 7) AT 2PM PST LIVE ON TWITCH! If you dont catch it live theres a chance you wont get the full experience as some audio may get paused post stream by the copyright demons, and youll also miss out on interacting live with everyone as we are jamming!...


Podcast 173 – Bad Syntax & Taos

WOO! What a crazy week of new music. I don’t recall a week where i had more fresh new tunes in that I was excited to play. Pair that with one hell of a wicked guest mix from Taos and you have a recipe for something amazing! Lock it in, and lets jam! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| Stitcher Bad Syntax Tracklist This weeks “Bad Tunes” aka Out now aka GO BUY THEM! Taos Tracklist...


Podcast 172 – Bad Syntax & Trimer - Official MC Coppa "Poetry in Motion" Podcast

IT HAS ARRIVED, MC Coppa’s legendary level album “Poetry in Motion” on AudioPorn was just released, and its skyrocketed to the #1 position. With producers like Benny L, Current Value, Shimon, Trimer, L 33, Muffler and tons more, this release has something for everyone. I HIGHLY suggest you go check it out, as its awesome to see one of the best MC’s in Drum and Bass have a proper spotlight to push a full album. Buy Poetry In Motion LP by MC Coppa: Official...


Podcast 171 – Bad Syntax & Pledge of Resistance

WOO what a week! Thank you to everyone who came and jammed with me at Organized Grime in San Diego, as well as the nearly 600 people who locked in LIVE for our mega podcast event last weekend! This week we have an awesome guest mix by Pledge Of Resistance paird with your usual Bad Syntax badman biz. I know youre gonna love it! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| Stitcher Bad Syntax...


Podcast 170 – Bad Syntax & Manta

2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! 1- You can catch me in San Diego THIS MONDAY at Organized Grime playing alongside the Euro badman MARX ( progRAM / Technique ), I’ll be shutting the place down with some high impact dnb style. and 2- This SATURDAY at 2pm on TWITCH we are doing a very special LIVE broadcast from Huntington Beach featuring Legion, The Voss, Direct Feed, Seebass, Destro, Werd, One Mic MC & Aero D! Whew, thats a lot going down, but certainly this weeks mix will get your blood pumping. One...


Podcast 169 – Bad Syntax & K-Dawg

PODCAST HISTORY! First time we have had to re-record an episode, and it only took 3 years. Thanks to everyone for being patient, but I promise this weeks offering was worth the wait! We have a world premier, as well as the usual massive stack of new and unreleased tunes. Pair that with a super silky smooth mix by K-Dawg and we will get you through the work week proper! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play |...


Podcast 168 – Bad Syntax & Salaryman (+ Show Announcement)

Ram Records and Mayan Audio badman Salaryman is here to promote his most recent release, and it is a BANGER! Alongside the resident mix by Bad Syntax you know this weeks podcast is about to blow you out of your seat. ALSO, show announcement below! ATTENTION: THIS SATURDAY YOU CAN CATCH BAD SYNTAX ALONGSIDE REID SPEED IN THE OC email us at to get on the discount list! event link: Subscribe to the podcast on...


Podcast 167 – BABEMIX 2018

BABEMIX 2018 IS HERE! If youre unfamiliar with this series, this is a special tribute to drum and bass from the ears of my wife. Every track is hand selected by her, and mixed by me as an annual tradition for our love for each other, and for drum and bass! It doesnt hurt that her tastes are fantastic either! Enjoy this special edition extended podcast mixed LIVE, and if you enjoy please make sure to give it a share and drop a comment! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:...


Podcast 166 – Bad Syntax & Jazzatron

Special guest Jazzatron from The Dreamers steps up with an absolutely beautiful mix. Paired with your usual nonsense from resident Bad Syntax this is sure to have something for all lovers of dnb. Sit back and enjoy, and make sure youre checking out my recommended recent releases! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| Stitcher Bad Syntax Tracklist Bad Syntax recommended tunes you need...


Podcast 165 – Bad Syntax & Mustache Riot

One of my Cali favorites Mustache Riot ( AudioPorn, PlayMe, Multikill, Propa Talent, Heavy Artillery, Noctem ) is back on the podcast to deliver a straight banger of a mix! Pair that with the usual Bad Syntax mix, and also announcing the Wresker and Kilobite EP that just dropped this week on Abducted LTD (You should go support!). Biggup and enjoy! Bad Syntax Tracklist BONUS TWITCH CONTENT – Current Bad Syntax approved releases you need to go buy Mustache Riot Tracklist Support Mustache...


Podcast 164 – Bad Syntax & Strex

This week we have a new comer to the podcast. UK badman STREX steps up for a mix of current and classic DNB gems. Paired with your usual resident mix by Bad Syntax, and a slew of fresh tunes, this weeks podcast is just the right level of heat to get you through the cold weekend! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| Stitcher Bad Syntax Tracklist Strex Tracklist Follow...


Podcast 163 – Bad Syntax & Contraversy

This week we have another deadly B2B session with first timer to the podcast Contraversy bringing a mix full of awesome music and some great edit / VIPs as well. As usual Bad Syntax opens things up for you, and also at request from a few fans, we have added Tip / Donation options (linked below) to the podcast for those who would like to help us be able to keep growing and bringing you awesome music every week! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now...


Podcast 162 – Bad Syntax & Phrantik

WOO BOY! This weeks session is high impact, full throttle in your face drum and bass! Phrantik brings a brutal mix of heavy dnb for a nicely melded session b2b with your host Bad Syntax on the normal resident duties. Tons of big tunes, and precision mixing. I know youre gonna love this one! ALSO, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Were not on Google Play, iHeartRadio, Tunein & Stitcher! (links below) Spotify podcasts soon as well, but we are still in negotiations for that one! Subscribe to the podcast on...


Podcast 161 – Bad Syntax & Glitch

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are back for another bass filled year of madness! This week to kick things off, we have the NY techstep badman GLITCH with an all original tune showcase that is sure to blow your mind! B2B with your usual antics from your host Bad Syntax, this is a week you are sure to love! Biggup to everyone, and lets make 2018 the biggest year yet! ONE LAST NOTE! We have moved our weekly live broadcast to TWITCH! Every Thursday at 9pm PST we will be broadcasting live at the...


Podcast 160 – Bad Syntax & Sinister Funk [2 HOURS ALL LIVE - LAST PODCAST OF THE YEAR!]

WE’RE BACK FOR THE LAST PODCAST OF THE YEAR!!! Thanks so much to everyone for your support through 2017, we have went from roughly 1-2k downloads a month to a steady 10k+ downloads every month, and were still growing! We are ringing in the new year by switching to a more robust podcast provider to bring you even higher quality streams on your podcasting networks, and as well we will be switching the LIVE streams to TWITCH very soon! This week we have the legendary Gone Jah Man Crew...


Podcast 159 – Bad Syntax & HammerZz

Happy ALMOSTCHRISTMASYAYNEWSTARWARSFUCKYOUFCC Friday! The new podcast is here and ready to blow apart your speakers! TONS of new tunes this week as usual, as we prepare for the holiday madness! Thank you so much to everyone for the constant support of my latest release on Abducted LTD, its STILL rocking on the top 100 which is pretty fucking awesome I think! Just a heads up! We will be taking the week off next week unless we magically come across a studio to do a live broadcast from in...


Podcast 158 – Bad Syntax & MAU

WOW!I am at a loss of words, and immensely thankful for all the support I’ve gotten on my new EP “DARK PLANET” that just dropped this past Monday. Hit the charts on day 1, and is currently sitting at #27! For my first official EP id say thats pretty damn good, and wanted to make sure to express my sincere grattitude! This weeks episode is a SCORCHER! I have a ton of new bits fresh off the press, and MAU turns the tempo down, but keeps the heat up! Its a big one this week folks,...


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