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Beneath the Surface 030 – Hosted by KNOXZ

It’s time to get our DIRTY THIRTY on! Yes, Beneath the Surface Episode 30 is right here on the Best Drum & Bass Podcast! This weeks show is definitely a stacked one. Huge forthcoming tunes plus 2 brand new WIPS from KNOXZ. Lots of Techy vibes on this one finishing up with some amen rollers. Be sure to check out “Melissa’s Music Pick of the Week” as she features a beast from Redpill, “All about the gems” goes back for a RedLight release from 07, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson showcases a massive...


Podcast 205 – Bad Syntax & Composure

First off, I want to send out a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came to jam with me at the Bassrush / Pendulum, and also the Killahurtz / Xcellerated / Eatbrain party. I cant remember the last time I had that much back to back fun here in So Cal and the crowds are just killin it lately with support! This week we have Composure from the so cal label Divination on board to bring you an absolutely awesome mix, paired with your usual “Not so pleasant, but very intense” ( Copyright Noisia ) mix...


Beneath the Surface 029 - Hosted by KNOXZ & Empire X

Huge is an understatement! BTS 29 is full of fresh heavyweight tunes and one DEADLY guest mix from Empire X. We’re back with another live 3 deck mix from KNOXZ long side a huge mix from a true veteran in the game, the mighty Empire X! This week is definitely all about the vibes. “Melissa Music Pick of the Week” features a big tune featured on UKF, “All about the Gems” showcases a remix from 2001 that slays, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson introduces Empire X’s mix in “All Things D&B.” Tune in right...


Podcast 204 – Bad Syntax & E-Sassin

E-Sassin steps in for an EVIL guest mix to make sure the Halloween train doesnt stop! Big thanks to everyone who jammed with me last night at Bassrush / Pendulum, and I am looking forward to the epic night ahead tonight at the Eatbrain showcase! BOH! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Bad Syntax Tracklist "Bad Tunes" of the week E-Sassin Tracklist Follow...


Beneath the Surface 028 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Check out all these brand new Beats! Yes, Halloween is a upon us and Beneath the Surface 28 is perfect to get your fix of ghouls and goblins. Lot’s of epic and dark tunes and a great story to end with as news anchor Mr. Clark-Dickerson features a spooky tale in All Things D&B… KNOXZ’s live mix, Melissa’s Music Pick of the Week, & All about the Gems are full of more action than a group of college co-eds lost in the woods. So be sure to grab your chainsaw and...


Podcast 203 – Bad Syntax & StaceCase

BIG WEEK INCOMING! 3 shows on the horizon for my favorite time of year, Halloween! Extra darkness thrown in just to get you prepared for the coming festivities! With newcomer StaceCase in the guest mix, you do not want to miss this one! Catch Bad Syntax at these shows in the next week! Sun 28th- I LOVE LA EVENTS w/ Marcus Visionary + 3 rooms of bass Thurs 1st- PLEASE USE/SHARE MY LINK FOR PRESALES! Pendulum + 2 rooms of...


Beneath the Surface 027 – Hosted by KNOXZ

BDNB’s Produce Manager quotes, “Fully ripened podcast!” …Yes, that is right. We’ve got the freshest tunes forthcoming right here on, Beneath the Surface episode 27! Does the word juicy or delicious come to mind when BTS rolls through the feed? Well we’d like to think so! This week, along with all the great segments, KNOXZ showcases two brand new WIPS in the mix. Be sure to check out this weeks tracklist full of heat to cook up some goodness! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to itunes or...


Podcast 202 – Bad Syntax & Octane Amy

Massive thanks to everyone who came out to Spokane to jam with us in the cold! It was such a blast, and I look forward to the next time already. This week we have Octane Amy in the guest mix, alongside your usual Bad Syntax guest mix. And also…. CELEBRATING 10,000 + DOWNLOADS! In case you didnt read the update, we previously learned that there was bot activity on the stream causing a false influx of statistics for our subscribers. We have now stopped re-downloads and bots from being...


Beneath the Surface 026 – Hosted by KNOXZ

What a show! BTS 26 is full of fresh heavyweights tunes and one massive guest mix from XK. We’re back with another live 3 deck mix from KNOXZ long side a huge mix from XK. This week is definitely not short of vibes. “Melissa Music Pick of the Week” features a big tune on Viper, “All about the Gems” showcases a remix from 2007 you can’t deny, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson introduces XK’s mix in “All Things D&B.” Tune in right now, right here, on Best Drum and Bass! Ep 26 Tracklist *music...


Podcast 201 – Bad Syntax & Automated Prayer

Happy Friday all! The weather is cooling down, but the tunes are still hot as hell so buckle up, were in for a heavy session once again! Automated Prayer in the guest mix, and a slew of tunes fresh out of the inbox for you to enjoy! Catch Bad Syntax, Pish Posh & MC Dino in Spokane tomorrow October 13. Click here for event link! PREORDER YOUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ABDUCTED SHIRT NOW ( Ends October 15 ) Preorder link: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:...


Beneath the Surface 025 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Celebrating the 25th Beneath the Surface episode with only the freshest forthcoming tunes! Yes, KNOXZ dropping a heavy 3 deck mix full of heavy hitters. Huge tunes all around and even showcasing IHR’s new remix Lp forthcoming C4C recordings! Still all the great segments. “Melissa’s Music Pick of the Week” features a brand new one from Chase & Status, In “All About the Gems” KNOXZ drops a sick roller from his record collection, and “All things D&B” we’re playing and WIP from the host...


Podcast 200 – Bad Syntax & Esym

HAPPY EPISODE 200!! 200 weeks of brutal tunes, it seems like just yesterday I started this journey, even though it was about 3 years ago. This week we have a special extended guest mix by someone who is about to take the dnb world by storm (reference every time i’ve said that, and how often im right). ESYM is here and he is KILLING IT right now. It also includes a little preview of a tune we have in progress, so I hope you enjoy! PREORDER YOUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ABDUCTED SHIRT NOW ( Ends...


Beneath the Surface 024 – Hosted by KNOXZ & DJ K8

Ring the alarm! ..Action packed podcast right here with a brand new 3 deck mix from KNOXZ and the first ever BTS guest mix featuring DJ K8! Yes, we’re at it again over at Best Drum and Bass with yet another amazing Beneath the Surface episode! This marks number 24 in the series and once again we bring you nothing but big screen blockbuster vibes. Still all the great segments per the usual yet, this time for “All things D&B” we are featuring the very first guest mix by the amazing and...


Podcast 199 – Bad Syntax & Avok

Its friday again and we have a brand new look! Well, our Twitch stream does at least! If you have a chance, go check out the video and let us know if you dig it! ALSO a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came out and Jammed for DNB Tuesdays this week, what a blast it was! Seattle is always so awesome. This week we have So cal badman AVOK dropping some heat in anticipation of his forthcoming Abducted Records release (more on that soon). He has been making some massive tunes, and its grea tto...


Beneath the Surface 023 – Hosted by KNOXZ

What did you say? You need another BTS podcast!?! (Don’t lie) lol. Well, you ask and we deliver, Beneath the Surface 23 is here and if you don’t know the drill, once again, we are bringing you the freshest forthcoming drum and bass to date! Huge releases on this one and again busting out some fiya 3 deck action plus another special WIP treat from the man KNOXZ. As always great segments splitting up the live mix as well, don’t forget. Melissa’s music pick of the week, All about the gems, and...


Podcast 198 – Bad Syntax & Saxxon [Album Release Mix!]

Action Saxxon in the mix to promote his latest release he just dropped TODAY ( get it here: ) On the resident side, Bad Syntax bringing the usual heat in preparation for an epic stop headlining one of the longest running dnb nights in the USA, DNB TUESDAYS! More info below: THIS TUESDAY!!! Catch me in Seattle on 9-25 at DNB TUESDAYS. Event link: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Bad...


Beneath the Surface 022 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Oh that new car smell! Yes, BTS 022 is here with the freshness! That’s right, nothing but new and fresh tunes right here to keep your car or wherever you maybe new and fresh! Go ahead and check the tracklist and you’ll see we have nothing but major forthcoming releases along with some great segments this week for the Best Drum and Bass podcast series. “Melissa’s music pick of the week” guarantee’s a killer combo of vibes and vocals. “All about the gems” feature a monster remix of a...


Podcast 197 – Bad Syntax & Bus Bee

We are back, and what a crazy week full of banging tunes we have in store for you lovely people! We have Bus Bee in the guest mix, and as usual Bad Syntax bringing you the resident mix, so tune in and get ready. Its going to be a bumpy ride! JUST ANNOUNCED! Catch me in Seattle on 9-25 at DNB TUESDAYS. Event link: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Bad Syntax Tracklist “BAD TUNES” of the week Bus Bee...


Beneath the Surface 021 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Time to pop some bottles, BTS is 21 on the mighty Best Drum and Bass Podcast! Yes, Beneath the Surface finally hit episode 21 where here in the states, at 21, you can finally legally drink alcohol lol. So, with that said let’s raise a toast to all these amazing tunes in this weeks podcast! Don’t forget, besides this weeks live mix we have 3 massive segments for you guys. “Melissa’s music pick of the week” is nothing but killer upfront business, “All about the gems” showcases a big tune by...


Podcast 196 – Bad Syntax & Lank

HAPPY FRIDAY! We are back, and coming to you from the new studio. This week we have a very special guest, Multikill badman LANK in the guest mix tearing shit up! ALSO I am very happy to announce that youll be hearing a new Bad Syntax original on the legendary Close 2 Death Recordings some time in the future! Paired with a couple massive remixes from Stoner & Dottor Poison as well as Zaiaku, I cant wait to unleash these badboys on the world! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:...