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Podcast 193 – Bad Syntax & DJ Bear

HAPPY FRIDAY! Twitch stream or no, the show must go on! This week we bring you the Twitch only segment, my weekly “Bad Tunes” of the week which is my choice cuts from the last week of releases that I think you should go check out! ALSO we have the one and only Portland badman DJ BEAR in the guest mix, and this week is EXTRA SPICY! Check it out! ATTN: You can catch me headlining the side room of Innovation in LA: 3 rooms of DRUM AND BASS this Saturday! Check the event page here:...


Beneath the Surface 017 – Hosted by KNOXZ

More new tunes incoming! The latest and greatest new releases right here on Best Drum and Bass… It’s that time again, Beneath the Surface episode 17. Yeah, BTS is coming in strong this week with a bunch of new forthcoming tunes and some brand new released bangers! This week Melissa puts the spotlight on Enei with her pick of the week, KNOXZ grabs a gem from Tech Itch that is must for anyones collection, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson previews a work in progress from none other than Best Drum and...


Podcast 192 – Bad Syntax & Subtension

WOO, one of my favorite guests to date is here, the man they call SUBTENSION! I know you’re going to love this mix! Tech madness abound this week, and make sure to check it out! ALSO, my new tune with Tobax just dropped on the mighty MAYAN AUDIO! Check it out here: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Bad Syntax Tracklist “Bad Tunes” of the week Follow my “Bad Tunes” of the week playlist on Spotify (newest at...


Beneath the Surface 016 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Fresh Forthcoming Features right here on Best Drum and Bass! Yeah, the triple F no doubt! Nothing but the hottest forthcoming tunes right here. So, if you want to catch up with whats new, check out this podcast! As always, we still got ‘Melissa’s music pick of the week’ thats killing it over at UKF, a gem this week in ‘All about the gems’ is by far one of the coolest collaborations in d&b, and in ‘All things D&B,’ Mr. Clark-Dickerson showcases a brand new tune by Gray Code and Ray Uptown....


Podcast 191 – Bad Syntax & Dumbsteppaz

IM BACK! What a crazy few weeks its been, and were not slowing down one bit! This week we have my good homie from Dumbsteppaz here to promote his newest release thats out now on Multikill, as well as a gang of fresh new heat to get you through your weekend if you’re like me and not able to be rocking with the world at Let It Roll this weekend. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Bad Syntax Tracklist “Bad Tunes” of the week Follow my “Bad Tunes” of the week playlist...


Beneath the Surface 015 – Hosted by KNOXZ

This week is all about the HITS! Yes, big tunes all around. Def grabbed some of my favorites over the past few years and went in. Check out the tracklist and you might find a few that ya missed! Don’t forget we still got Melissa’s pick of the week that proves there’s two sides two every coin, a nostalgic gem is featured this week in all about the gems that will definitely get you asking the wareabouts of the man, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson showcases a brand new tune by the badmon called, The...


Podcast 190 – Meraki & Current Value

Bad Syntax is away in Las Vegas for the weekend, so we have our resident review badman Meraki stepping up on host duties, and one of the pinnacle producers in the game, CURRENT VALUE! This weeks podcast is nonstop fuego, so download and enjoy! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Meraki Tracklist Current Value Tracklist Follow Current...


Beneath the Surface 014 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Mixtape’s so hot they put it on the scoville scale! No need for hot sauce with your Tuesday tacos today. We are bringing the heat right here on! Melissa has a killer pick from 2015, All about the gems features an iconic tune from the ones like Vicious Circle, and Mr. Clark-dickerson takes a sick day when we preview a brand new WIP from KNOXZ! Once again an action packed week even the ladies from GLOW can appreciate. Do give a like and a share if you feeling the vibes....


Podcast 189 – Bad Syntax & Evol Intent (BDAY PODCAST)

YO! Its my birthday! And ill party if I want too. Its about to be a crazy weekend as I prepare to assault the east coast, but for today you get a slew of amazing beats from the one and only EVOL INTENT! Tune in and be ready for the assault, because this one is a monster of a podcast! ALSO if you want to celebrate in person, catch Bad Syntax this weekend on the East Coast! Saturday July 21 – Pittsburgh: BOTG: DLR (UK) & Bad Syntax! Event page: Sunday July 22 –...


Beneath the Surface 013 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Nothing but the new new! Check out the freshest forthcoming D&B tunes right here: Yes, definitely a big show this week! All new tunes forthcoming on some serious labels. Also, Melissa has a nice throwback for her pick this week, All about the gems features a Legend of the genre, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson has some serious thought on cross genre producing! Lock in and give it share! – Respect. Ep 13 Tracklist *music separate from mix. Follow...


Podcast 188 – Bad Syntax & KarmasynK

Cause4Concerns newest badboy KarmasynK is on the podcast. He has been making some amazing tunes, and youve pretty much heard all of them on the podcast before, so you know I had to make this happen! ALSO, LOTS OF ANNOUNCEMENTS, SO BARE WITH ME! TOMORROW ( Saturday the 14th ) we are doing the next MEGACAST live on Twitch for my birthday celebration in Huntington beach! 1pm – ??? as usual, and it will be a lineup full of surprises. Lock it in and jam with us! My actual birthday July 17...


Beneath the Surface 012 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Ay, gun fingers in the air! Best Drum & Bass Podcasts is at its 200th episode! Now, I’ve only done 12 shows here but I couldn’t pass up the acknowledgement. Big up Bad Syntax for keeping it nonstop and I’m happy to join in. Now, with that said we are going full force in this weeks podcast. HUGE pick of the week by Melissa, An amazing gem that you should all add to your collection, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson informs you of yet another FREE tune! *Side note – there’s actually 2 FREE tunes in...


Podcast 187 – Bad Syntax & Deeb

Podcast 187 – Bad Syntax & Deeb 0 BY BAD SYNTAX ON JULY 6, 2018 MIXES, PODCAST This week we have our very own Deeb pon the guest mix bringing you some fresh jump up flavor! Paired with your usual Bad Syntax biz the duality of this weeks session will keep you rocking through the whole weekend. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| Stitcher Bad Syntax Tracklist “Bad Tunes” of the...


Beneath the Surface 011 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Every tune in this weeks mix is FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE sh*t!?! That’s right. Right here on you can get every tune in this weeks mix for free. All the download links are there for you to easily grab em all. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this weeks awesome mix, find all the tunes you like, and go download them all for FREE! Don’t forget we still have a packed show with Melissa’s music pick of the week, All about the gems, and some informative news...


Podcast 186 – Bad Syntax & Moody Moore

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and jammed with me last week at I Love LA, it was an absolute blast and its crazy having so many talented artists all in one spot! This week we have Moody Moore in the guest mix with some soulful drum and bass, as well as your usual madness from myself, including a first ever listen to an unofficial remix i did of one of my favorite tunes that is likely to never be released. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast now available...


Beneath the Surface 010 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Leave the cheese for the tacos today, we’re getting serious over here! KNOXZ is fully focused on todays show bringing a beast of a mix! What’s the secret ingredient too such a tasty podcast? Well Melissa spices it up with her pick of the week this week with a huge tune, another gem gets your home made with tlc feelings tingling, and can you believe it!?! Mr. Dickerson may not be consistent but; his news this week is fresh and hot off the grill in “All thing D&B.” So come on down to your...


Podcast 185 – Bad Syntax & Blacklab

This week we have a soulful mix from one of my favorite American DNB artists, Blacklab. They have a forthcoming release on Soulvent that is absolutely beautiful, and I highly suggest you go check it out. Pair that with my not so soulful mix, and you have a potion for partying the weekend all the way through! ALSO this weekend, youll be able to catch me LIVE at I LOVE LA. Check out the event page here: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:...


Beneath the Surface 009 – Hosted by KNOXZ

What!?! You need another BTS mix on Best Drum and Bass? Look no further! KNOXZ is consistently dropping top quality mixes with an upbeat show you cant miss. Melissa has the Midas touch picking another amazing pick of the week, KNOXZ pulls a driving force for tech step from his record collection, and did we just make a national holiday in “All things D&B?” You’ll just have to lock in and listen on this weeks Beneath the Surface mix series episode 9, only on the Best Drum and Bass...


Podcast 184 – Bad Syntax & NLIC

NLIC is back with a vicious guest mix! Soon to be taking over some regular Twitch broadcasting duties for Best Drum and Bass this is just a little taste of what is to come. I am happy to say the Bad syntax lab is back in full working order, so that means Twitch is back in full effect, and we have also added a new Spotify Playlist to keep up with our “Bad tunes” of the week! You can follow that here: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Podcast...


Beneath the Surface 008 – Hosted by KNOXZ

Yes, more tunes and more tacos! Tuesday is upon us and KNOXZ has delivered the hot sauce once again! Tons of brand new forthcoming tunes in this mix to keep your radar on, Melissa picks a badmon tune worthy of any elitist, an epic gem has been selected from KNOXZ’s record collection, and Mr. Clark-Dickerson seems to be somewhat unaccounted for during “All things D&B.” Find out more by clicking on any of the player links below and don’t forget subscribe to the itunes to get it first! Ep 8...